The Visit

A short story by Sam Lelliott
Copyright 2013
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The wind howled across the land but Agoo had to somehow take off on his mission. At 12 years old he was like all his kind proficient in interplanetary flight. This was to be yet another mercy mission to the planet Earth where his kind, without the knowledge of earthling adults, helped and saved young children from abuse and harm. Little was done on the planet by the Earthlings themselves except when it won votes or made money for the very wealthy who controlled it. It was not a nice place for many children.

On Agoo's planet Xerxes children were considered equal with adults. All people earned the same income once they reached 16 years old. If you were married and had children you got a special style of extra money which you could only spend on the children. Children were cherished all over the land and were treated with respect as they in return respected their elders. Business was all run by families alone. If you needed to expand then the state would give you the money to do so. No person was allowed to own a part of another's business. The main industries were run by the parliament, everyone was equal.

The Earthlings at one time had a system close to it called communism but that never worked because of the greed of powerful people. On Agoo's planet people who ran the system earned exactly the same as a worker. Earthlings' would never make such a system work because their make-up included greed, a trait non existent on Agoo's people.

Agoo's parents watched with pride as their son increased the power of the small ship. This was not his first trip as time was different there, and although in earth time his trips lasted six months, it was a mere two days there. Slowly the ship rose into the air and with a whoosh it was gone. Agoo's parents looked at each other and had a hug, difficult with four arms but they managed.

In what seemed like a second in time Agoo landed silently in a hidden place in Surrey, England. Before he could alight to the planet Earth he had to make some changes. The morphing took twenty minutes as he changed from the alien he was to look like an Earth boy. Once that was over he dressed like an Earth boy of the time and switched on the invisibility screen that would hide him and the ship from prying eyes. Agoo's first stop was two miles away at a very expensive looking house. The boy who lived there was 12 years old and only saw his parents when they deigned to come home, which was very rare. Yes, Adrian had all he wanted in material terms. What he didn't have was a parent's love, or any love for that matter. He had a nanny who lived in; he had toys coming out of every nook and cranny in the house. He went to the best local school and a home tutor to boot. Loneliness is a terrible thing, and because of his insular life at home he didn't mix well at school so had few, if any real friends. Agoo was here to change that. He could teleport in seconds to anywhere on Earth. He teleported to the house and started to watch the occupants. He walked about the house with ease watching all that went on for an hour. He saw how glum Adrian was and how the nanny tended to ignore him or any question he asked. The tutor arrived and was little better. He set a study programme and then immediately ignored the boy until the time was up. He then collected the work book and with a curt 'goodbye, and see you tomorrow' he was gone.

It was now 7pm earth time and Adrian went to his large room and picked up his laptop. He opened it and went to a chat programme and started to chat with his online friend Peter. "Hello Peter."

"Hello Adrian, How are you tonight?"

He replied, "Bored as usual."

The couple had been chatting for some time and Adrian thought Peter was the same age as he hadn't seen a photo despite asking him. In fact Peter was fifty years old and not at all what he seemed. He was a creep who fed lonely boys a load of lies just to lure them somewhere. Agoo knew this and with a finger pulse blew up Adrian's laptop. He then transported to an address a hundred miles away. He went in to find a man sitting at his PC trying to reconnect to Adrian. Agoo sent a vision to the man who's online name was Peter that showed a picture of 'Peter' looking at a grave with his real name on it dated in two weeks time. Agoo enlarged the name and then gave Peter a violent shock from his finger. He then let 'Peter' see another picture of himself as an old man and in good health. To that picture Agoo added a mind message to not use the internet any more, so violent that 'Peter' passed out. When he came round he looked at the PC and couldn't remember what it was for.

Agoo then went back to Adrian. He showed him some mind pictures of what could have happened and Adrian broke down and cried. As if by magic a number of phone numbers appeared on a piece of paper. They were numbers of ten children Agoo had helped and at the bottom the words, 'call me I am your friend. Just say Agoo.' Adrian then felt as though someone was hugging him and felt a warm feeling flowed through him and he felt happy, relaxed and safe.

Agoo's task with Adrian himself was finished. His next stop was the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Seconds later he was standing alongside a swimming pool of a 5 star hotel next to an attractive lady lazing in the sun, by her side an expensive cocktail. He walked into the bar and saw the man leaning on the bar quite drunk telling a man next to him about his son.

"I never wanted a child myself. Having a brat spoils the fun, if you see what I mean Gerald?"

"Yes old boy, pain in the 'ask' kids."

"My wife and I see him alright though, plenty of money and presents. I think she cares for the boy, but does what I want. He must be what, 10 now, I don't know really. His nanny and tutor say he is a happy boy so no problem."

That statement made Agoo really upset. He realised the father was the problem so set about changing his thinking. A mass of cockroaches suddenly appeared and crawled all over the man. They went everywhere, in his ears, and other places that made him cringe and to his surprise, scream so loud his wife came running. She saw the cockroaches and screamed herself. Of course there were no insects, just a mind play. Standing looking on was hilarious as they both were brushing the man down and screaming blue murder. Agoo smiled to himself and changed the mindset to a picture of Adrian alone and crying in his room. He could be distinctly heard to say, "why don't they love me, what have I done wrong, my parents hate me."

Agoo upped the anti on the vision and showed Adrian lying drowned in the swimming pool at home. Then he showed Adrian's funeral with a big sign on the hearse, 'my parents killed me,' in big red letters. That did the trick. Adrian's mother screamed at her husband. "Come on we're going home, right now!" He, also shocked by the visions, didn't argue. They were packed and on their way home on the next flight. Agoo considered it, job done but would check back later.

Agoo had one more trip this visit. His next stop was to a council estate at Carshalton in Surrey. There was an eight year old girl almost starving. It was not because her one parent mother, we'll call her Jenny Green, didn't have the money it was because she spent so much on herself. Her rent and council tax was paid and the little girl Amie got school dinners. Her mother received £220-00 a week to keep them which she drew from the post office on Monday morning. Her first port of call was for her cigarettes. A bill of £120-00 then she got 10 scratch cards for £10-00 she won £2-00 back and spent that plus another £8-00. Later in the pub she spent £10-00 on alcoholic drink. That was to be £70-00 a week. A total spent on her self of £208-00p and that was without the cost of her Sky TV. So, she was already in debt. Amie's dinner consisted of a packet of crisps. This lady had to be shown the error of her ways and so Agoo made a few things happen to her. His first contact with her was in the pub. Jenny was on her third pint when she felt sick, very sick. She never made it to the toilet and threw up all over the bar top. The landlord wasn't best pleased and told her to leave, whereupon she threw up again.

Agoo threw her a mind vision of her and her daughter laughing and having fun at the seaside immediately followed by more sickness. All the way home he kept throwing the woman mind signals followed by a thought of being sick. All the mind signals showed her spending all her money on herself.

By the time she got home she was so weak that she fell onto the settee exhausted. Then Agoo really went to town on her mind with really ghastly scenes that almost scared the silly woman to death. Her daughter came home and seeing her mother looked unwell went next door and called an ambulance for her. After they arrived the woman woke up and the change in her was wonderful to see. She hugged her daughter and cried and cried. From that day on she never smoked, gambled or drank alcohol. Within weeks Amie was putting on weight. Jenny found life much happier treading the straight and narrow of being a real mum to Amie. All her old cronies drifted away and Jenny made new friends to replace them. This time they were nicer folk. Agoo foresaw that both Amie and Jenny would not return to the bad times, another success.

Two weeks later Agoo went back to check on Adrian to see if his life had changed for the better.

He was overjoyed to see Adrian in the swimming pool with lots of friends. Some from school and some were the children from the list of phone numbers. Adrian's father had left the family home and Adrian's mother had become a true mother at last. She had employed a butler named James who treated Adrian like a son. The nanny and tutor were sacked and not replaced.

After 3 months on Earth Agoo was due to go home but something deep in his mind was nagging at him. He was drawn to a children's home in East London. He arrived there at seven pm to find some boys playing in the outside playground. All seemed calm until suddenly he heard a scream from amid some older boys. Being invisible he went into the circle of boys. There in the middle was a boy of about 11 years of age, being forced to do sexual things to the other boys. Agoo sent out a force field that knocked all the bigger boys over and while they were in confusion he cloaked the young boy and spirited him away. A safe distance away he uncloaked himself and the boy.

"Are you alright young man?" He asked

"I am now yes. They made me do it 'cause I am the smallest. They always make me do it."

Agoo pried into the boys mind and found out he was only 8 years old and his name was Albert.

"How long have you been in the home Albert?" Agoo asked.

"Only three weeks, since my mum and dad died. Nobody wanted me so they sent me here."

Agoo sent out mind waves and heard the staff talking.

'Bloody kids, I'll be glad to get home and let the night staff loose on the brats.'

Agoo made a note that on his next visit he would change things at the home but for now, his parents would be expecting him home.

He made a decision. He would not let Albert go back to the home and he had nowhere else to go. There were a few Earthling children that had been rescued and living happily on Agoo's planet with families, children who had been thrown on the heap on Earth. He made a quick decision. He re-cloaked himself and Albert and transported back to his ship. Before he did anything else he put his hands on Albert's head and the boy was asleep and would remain so for the journey home.

Agoo reformed to his normal self and checked that his transformation was correct. Finding that all was well he started the engines, removed the cloaking and pressed the 'Xerxes' button.

Agoo's parents were waiting for him at home and as the ship doors opened and he walked out they all hugged together.

His parents asked if his visit had been successful and he told them it had. He then told them about young Albert who he had brought home with him. He said to his mother. "It would be nice to have an Earthling brother, can he live with us?"

"What a lovely idea Agoo." His father said. Show me where he is and I will do the mind adjustment so that he won't be frightened when he sees us as we really are. In another 6 months Agoo you will have the power to do that yourself son. I remember my change at 13. It was a very exciting time."

Agoo went into the ship with his father who placed his hands above Albert's head for a few seconds and then he woke Albert from his deep sleep. As Albert became alert he saw the two four armed creatures before him and his mind told him that although they looked different he knew they were friends.

Agoo held out his four arms and Albert ran into them and got a four armed hug.

"Hello little brother, I am Agoo and this is our dad. Mum is waiting outside to see you and welcome you home.

Albert went to his new father and said, "Hello dad I am Albert." The two hugged a while and then went outside to see his new mother. He ran to her and hugged her. She bent and kissed him with her big lips and he felt so welcome.

During all this happening, word had spread around the town and a large crowd had gathered of the families with an Earth child to welcome the Earthling to his new home. It turned out to be a party with everyone bringing something for a feast. Albert had never been so happy and in future would travel with Agoo on his trips to Earth.

The end

More adventures of Agoo and Albert to follow

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