Agoo and Albert Return.
(Continued from 'The Visit'.)

A short story
by Sam Lelliott
© 2013
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Agoo saved Albert from abuse on Earth. Took him home to Xerxes his home planet, and made him his brother. This is their first adventure together on Earth.

Albert had been on Xerxes for 6 months of their time and had bonded with all the town residents, mainly the children. His new mum and dad seemed strange for a while. It took him some time to get used to four arm cuddles but soon found four arms made for fun cuddles because you could get both tickled and hugged at the same time. Agoo, his new brother, having now passed 13 years, was teaching him how to use his mind to control others, but for only good reasons. He loved the way everyone spoke to each other. Nobody spoke down to anyone, no matter how old or young they were. The other strange thing that started to happen after some practice was, he could talk to Agoo without saying anything, and they just spoke with thought. Agoo said it would take more practice before he could do the same with others.

They walked together to the ship with their parents, hugged them goodbye and entered the ship. Albert had been learning all the procedures for the pre flight checks and set about completing them. Meanwhile, Agoo checked all the other aspects for the flight. They were soon finished and Agoo put Albert in sleep mode, as if he was awake, his body would not yet be able to survive the trip.

Agoo hit the flight button and they were off to Earth. They would land at the same place that Agoo did on the last trip to Earth, in the Surrey Hills.

In apparently no time, the ship landed and Agoo firstly cloaked it and changed himself to an Earth boy. Then he awakened Albert from his sleep. Albert stretched and looked at Agoo as an Earthling and smiled to himself. He thought. 'I prefer you as a Xerxes boy.' but said nothing and forgot that Agoo could read his thoughts.

"I am a Xerxes boy, Albert and if I don't change, there might be one or two screams."

Albert agreed and they went to the ship door. Agoo cloaked them and they let themselves out into the wet and murky Earth day.
One thing Albert had not missed on Xerxes was the Earth weather and was not overjoyed to be back seeing it again. Of course, with the cloaking on he didn't feel it, but the sight of it made him sad. Agoo saw this and made light of the rain, saying that they were there for only a short while and would soon be home.

They had the first call all planned out and made their way to the children's home where Albert had had such a bad time. The staff and bullies needed to be shown the error of their ways. They transported to the East End of London to the home. When they got there, they found two more young boys and a young girl had been placed there since Albert had been rescued by Agoo. The girl was in the kitchen and looked about 9 years old and was being made to do all the washing up on her own. The dishes were piled high and it would take the poor girl a long time to do them all. Agoo read her mind and saw she had to do this every night. He thought transferred to Albert 'we will get it done for her' and with that, the dishes moved as if by magic and were cleaned and stacked in minutes. The little girl stood with her mouth open in wonder, as she saw the dishes flying around, seemingly on their own. Albert had to laugh to himself as he looked at the girl. He turned to Agoo and asked. "Can we take her home Agoo?"

"I will read her mind to see if she is totally alone, Albert. Wait a minute." Agoo set about finding out about her. It turned out she was all alone in the world and had recently lost her parents in a walking accident. They had fallen down a cliff and sadly died. The girls name was Alicia and she was a bit older than she looked. She was in fact 10 years old.

Agoo passed the information on to Albert and agreed that Alicia should be taken with them when they went home if their plans didn't work as they hoped.

Agoo and Albert moved into the lounge where the staff were hogging the TV, despite it being time for the children's program. Agoo sent mind instructions for the young children to go to their rooms for a while. None of them understood why, but they obeyed without question.

As soon as they were gone, Agoo sent a mind message to Albert to watch. Albert just stood back while Agoo did his thing. He made the question master on the TV disappear and leave a blank screen. The fat staff member got slowly out of the armchair, huffing and puffing and went to fix the TV. As he went to touch it, a horrible scream came out of the speakers. He jumped back, well waddled really, and as he did so, the screen made very rapid different coloured screens. Slowly, with Agoo talking in their heads, they were hypnotised into taking all their clothes off and going out into the pouring rain naked and throw mud at each other. Agoo then put a thought into the head of the home to look out of the window. When she saw her two staff in the nude playing with mud, she had the urge to go and join in the fun. In less than a minute, she was in the same state as the men and in the garden throwing mud with the others.

The children had to be shielded from the staff and what they were doing, so Agoo put an invisibility screen over them. He then put the children's TV programme on and brought the children back to watch it in peace. Agoo and Albert then went to the office and looked up who was in charge of the home. They got the phone number of his office and put in a call. Twenty minutes later, they saw the car and uncloaked the staff members just as the owner drew his car to a stop.

What followed was a sight for sore eyes. The owner got out of his car and screamed at the staff to stop and get indoors and get back to work. What really happened, was that he was pelted with mud as well. He spluttered and puffed a lot but in the end, he just got in his car and drove off.

Agoo then let his control end and the staff all looked around totally bemused for a second or two, until suddenly the head of the home screamed and ran indoors, then realised her clothes were on the ground and ran back to collect them, then ran inside again, still screaming. The men looked each other up and down, grabbed their clothes and ran inside the home.

Inside, the head of the home's office, the telephone rang. She picked the receiver up still shaking and said, "Hello?"

The voice the other end spoke very loudly. "You're all fired as of now! Get out of my children's home."

Agoo heard the short conversation and jumped up and down with delight. He told Albert, who joined him. Agoo had just the person to run the home, but for the moment, the children needed help. Agoo and Albert uncloaked and went into the TV room. All the young children were enjoying Scooby and his antics. Agoo decided to cook a special meal for them all and left them to enjoy the TV. Agoo noticed an absence of the older boys and girls, but thought nothing of it at the time and went with Albert into the kitchen.

The front door slammed, as the sacked staff left, one by one. While Agoo was cooking, the home owner came back. He saw the youngsters in the TV lounge happily watching it and moved on to the office. When he arrived, there was a large note with the name and phone number of a lady called Mrs. Jenny Green in Carshalton, Surrey. He had an irresistible urge to call her and employ her to run the home. His hand moved as if automated to the phone. Picked it up and dialled the number. Jenny answered and asked who was calling. The conversation was short and Jenny along with Amie, would be moving to a new job in two days.

Agoo and Albert finished the cooking and as if by magic, the table was laid. Agoo called the youngsters and as they walked in, he could sense other presences close by. Suddenly, the older children came in from wherever they were. They saw Agoo and wanted to know who he was.

Agoo said. "I am not your friend. I saw you six months ago forcing Albert here to do bad things with you older boys, while you girls looked on."

The oldest boy then explained. "The staff members made us do it. They wanted films and pictures to sell to bad people. We have been hiding as much as possible, so we didn't have to. We saw them all leave and so returned here. We are sorry, Albert."

Albert could see they were close to tears and told them he forgave them and messaged Agoo. 'I believe them Agoo.'

Agoo then messaged the older children that they must look after the smaller children. They promised they would do that all the time in future.

The owner returned and told everyone the news about Jenny coming to look after them. One of the older boys, who was 17 years old, was told he would help Jenny run the home, as her assistant in a paid job, if he wanted it. The boy leapt for joy and accepted immediately. The other older children would be responsible for laying the table and washing up, looking after the younger children, and would get some pay for doing it. The younger boys and girls would all receive pocket money, according to their ages.

The owner and older children sat down with the already seated younger ones to eat and then Agoo with Albert served the food.

The atmosphere at the home was now as it should be, friendly, happy, and free from fear. Agoo and Albert, later that evening, high fived with each other on the success of their first combined adventure. They quickly spoke of Alicia. "Should we still take her home, Albert, now that the home is happier?"

"I think we should wait and see now. We can look again when we come back again."

Agoo agreed and they decided it was time for them to disappear again. Agoo cloaked them again and they made their way back to the ship. Once inside, they consulted their plans for the next place to visit.

This would be a difficult one. Two drug dealers were using six young children to sell their drugs at night on street corners. The children were only seven and eight years old. They all came from addicted parents who were agreeing to the children doing the trading to get free drugs for themselves. Albert and Agoo had worked out a plan to bring down the dealers and rescue the children.

Leaving the ship where it was, Albert and Agoo cloaked themselves again and set off for a London suburb. They went to the area where they knew the boys would be controlled by the adult dealers. They stood and watched for a while and then moved into action. As Albert couldn't bend minds yet, Agoo started on the bigger of the two men. First, he made him give three of the boys all of the money he had on him and told them to go home. Then he had the dealer walk to the local Police Station and start to offer drugs to the police Officers going in and coming out of the Station. It wasn't long before he was arrested and put in a cell.

Having taken one off the street, he honed in on the second one. He said to Albert. "Kick him hard on the shins. While he is hurting, I will get all the drugs and replace them with the yucky smelling powder made up on Xerxes. It looks like heroin, but smells like the worst thing you could ever imagine. Albert, still cloaked, kicked the man while Agoo swapped the packets. The man looked around not understanding what happened. After a while, he settled down to his usual trade. Five men came up to him in less than a minute, each paying money in exchange for what they thought were drugs.

An hour later, a lot of men had gathered around the dealer demanding their money back and pouring the stinking powder over him. Now, the powder as well as smelling awful, once it was on you, it took over 2 weeks to remove from a body. Under the cloaking both Albert and Agoo were laughing their heads off. They waited for the drug dealer to run away. It was likely he would stay away forever, as he owed a lot of money to the gangsters who would be looking for both men.

It was time to go and see what all the boys were up to at their respective homes. It took most of the night to visit all of them. They were all happy to be free of the two drug dealers, but were worried about their mothers. Agoo could not help all drug addicts, but he could help all the mothers involved. He mind melded with all of them and worked very hard on making the addictive part of their brains to shut down. It took a week to achieve, but in the end, all the mothers had discarded all their drugs and had started to regain their health. Money was no longer a problem, Agoo and Albert had been visiting the dealer's houses and collecting up all the money they had salted away from their ill gotten gains. This, they shared between the families. The boys were all happy again and were enjoying school.

Happy with their results, they decided that before returning home, they would pop back to the children's home to see how good the changes were.

Cloaked as they were, nobody saw them on their day visit.

All the children, both young and old, were dressed in new clothes and seemed more than happy with Jenny running things. It looked as if she and the owner were courting.

Amie was in clover with so many new friends to play with, especially Alicia. They had become like sisters.

Agoo and Albert started to tire after a long day and decided to retire to the ship. Once inside, Agoo changed back to his Xerxes form and gave Albert a four armed hug. Albert found himself slowly fall asleep and the next thing he knew, he was back on Xerxes, looking up at the face of his mother and father. "How was your first trip back to Earth, Albert?" his father asked.

"Oh dad it was fantastic. We were able to help so many people and to bring justice on some criminals"

"Your mother and I are very pleased for you, Albert, son. Next time, you will be able to help Agoo more, as you learn more and more about mind control."

"Thank you both." Albert said. "But mostly thanks to Agoo, my brother."
Agoo hugged his brother and mind told him he did very well.

More Agoo and Albert to come.

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