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18 - Afterword

The story of 'Jamie' that you have just read, is based upon the true-life experiences of a real young man. Many of the events described actually occurred (with suitable adjustments for dramatization and privacy), while others were inspired in general terms by what took place. The main characters in the story aside from Jamie (i.e., Graham, Kathy, Frank, Jason, Dave, and Pony) are composites of the various people who were involved.

The author would like to salute the real-life young man upon whom the story is based. In the author's eyes he truly embodies the virtues of courage and bravery.

Although the story ends here, the real-life inspiration for 'Jamie' continues to live on with his new family and friends. He has gone on to accomplish many wonderful things along with his life-partner 'Jason'. While still troubled at times by the past, it grows continually weaker and dimmer as the years go by. Even though as all survivors of abuse can attest it never completely leaves, the shadows and demons are no longer in control. Jamie has moved far beyond anything he ever expected he might accomplish and continues to impress those of us privileged enough to know him each and every day.

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