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Chapter 4

I have done many hard things in my life. I had risked my life flying in to wild fires. I had risked my wealth on risky deals. But waiting for word about my son was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I sat in the waiting room with Dylian on my lap. Donnie was asleep with his head in Miles lap. Dylian was very quiet and still. After about an hour and a half a nurse came out to talk to me.

"Mr. Thomas, Dr. Edwards asked me to come out and let you know what is going on. First off, Simon is doing great. The surgery is going very smooth, however, they have found more scar tissue then they had thought going in. Dr. Sanders is taking his time to clean out as much scar tissue as possible. This will insure Simon's voice comes back strong. It shouldn't take much more then another 30 min to an hour." She told me.

"Thanks for keeping me posted. The wait is driving me nuts. Please let Simon know we love him and can't wait to see him." I told her with tears in my eyes.

"I will Mr. Thomas." And she headed back into the operating room.

"Is he really going to be ok, Daddy?" Dylian asked.

"Sure sounds like it to me little man. Remember Aunt Debbie isn't going to let anything happen to him. It sounds like Dr. Sanders cares just as much." I told him hugging him tight to me.

I was trying very hard not to let on to Dylian just how scared I was. I know that this surgery wasn't dangerous, but it was still surgery. I don't think I hid my fears as well as I had thought.

"I know you are scared too daddy. Why did this have to happen? What did Simon do that was so bad?" Dylian cried.

"Oh Little Man, Simon didn't do anything wrong. It was just bad luck that you and he got placed with a very bad man. Nothing bad will happen to him or you again if I have anything to say about it. I don't want you or Simon to ever think that it was your fault that you were abused. You were the victims, not the cause. Do you understand me?" I told him pouring as much love into my words as possible.

"Yeah, I understand. But,..."

"No buts Dylian. Nothing Simon did or nothing you did caused this. I am so very proud of both of you. You survived where most would have given up." I told him.

We cuddled for a long time. Brian had come back down stairs and had gotten Miles and myself a couple of coffees.

"Boss, Mark and I are going to take in Andy and Tyler. Will you back us?" Brian asked

"Yes, of course. But what about Even?" I asked

"I don't know. We didn't really connect with him. Bruce is kind of in a tough spot. He would love to take the kid in, but just doesn't have the room. So I really don't know what is going to happen with him." Brian told me.

I didn't even see that Miles had gotten up during this talk. Brian had gone back upstairs to his new sons and his partner. Dylian and I just cuddled waiting for the news of Simon. It wasn't until Donnie came to sit beside me that I realized that Miles wasn't there.

"Where did your dad go Donnie?" I asked him.

"I think he went upstairs to see the other boys." Donnie said with a yawn.

I had to wonder what he was up to. Dylian had fallen asleep in my lap. I hugged Donnie in close to me and he looked up at me and smiled. "You ok bud?" I asked him.

"Yeah Uncle Drew. I just hope Simon is going to be ok. Will Dylian go to my school, I hope so. Before we went to bed he and I were talking, I think we will be best friends, well at least I hope so. Are you really going to move back to your big house? That would be so kewl." Donnie told me in a rush.

"Well bud to be honest I don't know. I am planning on moving back out to the old house, but I don't know what school the boys will go to. I hope you and Dylian will be best friends too, but don't leave Simon out, OK. I know he is older then you and Dylian, but he is kind of alone. I am sure once he is all better he will be able to make friends in school. But, until he is back in school it's going to be hard for him to make friends. He is going to need his brother and you to be there for him. Think you can do that?" I knew I was putting a lot on his shoulders, but I also knew he could handle it.

"Well DUH! I just wish I had a big brother. That would be so kewl." He said with a half grin half frown.

About that time I saw Miles get off the elevator. He had a far off look in his eyes. I wasn't sure what was going on with him. He came into the waiting room and sat down. He didn't say anything for a long time. Even Donnie knew something was up. I was about to give in and ask him what the hell was going on, when Debbie and Dr. Sanders came into the room and sat down.

"Well Drew, Simon came through with flying colors. He won't be able to speak for several days for the swelling from surgery to go down, but there shouldn't be any problem with his voice or any lasting effects. Now we have to work on his eye sight. Dr. Powers, a pediatric neurologist, is one of the best in the field said that he would take a look at Simon sometime today. We will have to wait for him before we know anything." Debbie informed me.

"Thanks Debbie and Doctor Sanders. When will we be able to see him?" I asked.

"Well, he should be back in his room in about 30 min. However, it looks like you have one asleep on your lap. So why don't I order a second bed for you and you can lay the little one down in Simon's room until he is back in there. That way you can be there for Simon to wake up as well." Dr. Sanders offered.

"That would be great, thanks." I told him. I noticed Miles and Debbie talking softly to themselves.

"Drew, I will check back in with you in a little bit. Donnie would you mind staying with Uncle Drew for little while?" Debbie asked.

"Sure Mom." Donnie said. Miles and Debbie got up and walked out heading for the elevator.

Now I thought that I had an idea what was going on with Miles, but I would have to wait. An orderly came to tell me that the second bed had been placed in Simon's room so I picked up Dylian and headed to the room. Donnie headed over to the nurses station to see about getting a drink before coming to Simon's room.

We had been in Simon's room for about 10 minutes when Mark walked in. "Donnie, your mom and dad want you to come upstairs with me, OK?" Mark asked winking at me.

"Ok. Uncle Drew I will be right back." He said giving me a hug goodbye.

As I watched them I had a feeling what was going on, but I would just have to wait to be told that Debbie and Miles would have a new 16 year old bouncing boy before the day was out. I was happy about this, if in fact it was true, for more than one reason. First off, it would make Donnie so happy it wouldn't be funny. Then there would be a friend for Simon that was around his age. But, even more important than both of those reasons, it would mean that all three boys would have a home. I had made a promise that they would be taken care of, and I will follow up with that. I have already decided to set up a trust fund for each of the boys of 2 million that they can use for college or starting a company of their own, or they could wait and have the whole thing at the age of 21. I will have to find someone to be the trustee that would be neutral, but that would come later.

It wasn't 5 minutes after Donnie and Mark headed upstairs, when they wheeled Simon back into the room on a gurney. The nurse and orderly transferred him over to his bed without waking him. I had moved my chair between the beds so that I could be close to each of the sleeping boys.

I gazed at each of the boys and knew that this was my family. If I was to do nothing with the rest of my life other than raising these two boys then I would be a huge success. I was sitting there thinking about all they had been through and what life was going to be like for them, well us in the future. I had so many things to do to get things ready for them to come home it wasn't funny. Dylian started to wake up so I reached for his hand. He turned his head and looked at me like he wasn't sure I was real.

"Dad?" He asked.

"Yes little man. Everything is ok. Simon is doing great. He is still sleeping right now, but he should wake up soon. Dr. Sanders and Aunt Debbie both said that the surgery went great and Simon should have his voice back in a few days. They also called in a new doctor to take a look at his eyes. We won't know anything about his sight until Dr. Powers has had a chance to look him over." I felt he had a right to know all that was going on and I was trying not to treat him as a little kid. "Dr. Sanders said it would be a day or two before his voice would be back. It's going to be our job to make sure he doesn't even try to talk. Think you are up for it?" I smiled at him.

"You know it. But, how is he going to let us know if he needs anything. He can't see to write, and he can't speak?" Dylian said starting to cry.

"Dylian? Do you know if Simon can type, like on a computer?" I asked him.

"Yes, he loved working on the computers at school. We didn't have one at the foster's, but a few of his friends had them. Why?" He let me know.

"Well, if he can type without seeing the keys, then we can use that to talk with him until he is allowed to use his voice. Let me make a phone call and see what I can do." I told him.

I picked up the room phone and dialed. Waiting for the other end to answer I smiled over at Dylian, "If I get Simon a computer, you wouldn't want one too. Do you?" I asked knowing the answer.

"No, that's ok. I don't really need one and they cost way too much money. If I need to use one, I am sure Si would let me use his. Thanks for the offer though." Dylian said in a small voice.

I was so shocked at the manners of this kid. Here was a boy who had been neglected and abused most of his life, but he had better manners then most kids.

"Hello?" The voice at the other end answered sounding half asleep.

"Allen, it's Drew. I need you to get me a couple of laptops. I want them both to be fully loaded with wireless cards. Have them both added to the company's Verizons account. I need them here with in an hour." I told the head of my I. T. department.

"Drew, it's damn early. But I still should be able to get them. I know we have a couple of cards on hand for backups. But Boss, why do you need them?" Allen asked me.

"My sons need them." I told him flatly.

"Your sons? Since when did you have sons?" Allen asked me confused.

"As of last night. Now you are wasting time. I need those laptops here ASAP." I told him.

"Sure Boss, but umm... Where is here?" Allen wondered.

"Oh, sorry. Children's Hospital room 318." I told him chuckling. "Please get them here as fast as you can. It really is important." I stressed to him.

"On my way boss." He said and then ended the call.

Dylian was looking at me a little funny. "What little man?"

"Why did you tell him get two?" He said with tears in his eyes.

"Because my son, you deserve the very best and I will always try my hardest to make sure that you get it." I told him squeezing his hand.

"But, well never mind." He said looking away from me.

"What Dylian? Come on little man, tell me what is wrong."

"It's just I thought you said you would get me a cello. Now you won't want too because the computer will cost too much money." He cried.

"Oh Dylian. I don't care about the money." I got up and picked him up hugging him to me. "I really wish I knew how to let you know that money doesn't mean anything to me compared to your happiness or that of your brothers. You are the most important thing to me." I tried to figure out what I could do to make this 9 year old know that he was more important than any amount of money. Then it hit me.

"Dylian, I will be right back." I put him back on the bed and left the room. I went out to the nurse's station and asked to use the phone explaining that I didn't want the boys to hear this call.

"Governor Dailey, please," I said when the operator came on line. "This is Drew Thomas."

"Drew, what can I do for you?" Tom said

"Tom I have a weird request for you. I am having a little trust issue with Dylian and I need your help. Can you go get me $500 grand and bring it back here?" I asked him.

"Sure, I can have it there in about 30 minutes. But Drew, what is having that cash going to do to help you with a trust issue with Dylian?" he asked me.

"I have an idea that I am going to try. I just hope it works." I told him. He told me he would get the money and then be on his way. He also told me that Lisa wanted to come meet her new cousins. Now I would just have to wait for him to show up.

I went back to Simon's room to check on him and Dylian. Both boys were sleeping. I took my seat between my sons. I leaned back and closed my eyes thinking about all the things that have happened in the last day. I went from being a single lonely workaholic to being a single father of 2. I went from worrying about my company as my only baby, to worrying about these two boys more than anything else in the world. While I was doing this I must have dosed off, for the next thing I knew Tom and Lisa were knocking on the door.

"Drew, you ok?" Tom asked with his head stuck in the door.

"Yeah Tom, just closed my eyes for a bit. Come on in." I answered.

Lisa rushed into the room and jumped into my lap. I gave her a big squeeze. "Hi sweetie. How is my big girl doing today?"

"Good," was her normal one word answer. She was looking from bed to bed with big eyes.

"I will introduce you to the boys when they wake up, OK?" I informed her.

"Yep." Was her reply.

"Drew, here is what you asked for. Just so you know it came from Lisa's accounts so that there wouldn't need to be as much paper work done. Not that I am not worried about what you are going to do with it, or that we are going to get it back. It's just in case anyone asks or our accounts get audited." Tom told me handing me the case.

"Thanks Tom. Here let me write you a check for the cash. That way you won't have to wait to put it back in the bank." I told him getting out my check book. I wrote out the check and handed it to him.

Lisa twisted on my lap and said, "Awake."

I looked over at Dylian and sure enough he was awake. "Hey little man. Glad you decided to rejoin us. I have something for you. But, I am going to wait until Allen gets here with your new computer." I told him. "This little beauty is your cousin Lisa. She is 3 years-old and smart as a whip." I said while tickling her sides.

"Hi Lisa, I am Dylian. It's nice to meet you." He said with those perfect manners again.

"Hi," Lisa replied.

"Dylian, Lisa has a habit of only using one word at a time. We are sure she will grow out of it, but for now that's the way it is." Tom told Dylian. I think he was worried Dylian might make fun of her.

We talked quietly for about 15 more minutes when Allen got there. He introduced himself to Dylian and gave him his computer.

"Wow, this is so awesome. I can't believe you got me a computer. Thank you so much!" Dylian exclaimed. It appeared his excitement was enough to wake up Simon.

"Um uggg!" Simon moaned.

"Simon, don't talk, don't try to talk. I will get the Doctor so he can take a look." I had already hit the call button, but headed towards the door anyway. I had just gotten to the door when Dr. Sanders came in.

"Hey Mr. Thomas, I take it Simon has woken up. Good. Let me take a look at him and talk to him for a little bit." He said walking into the room.

"Hi Simon. Now I don't want you talking or trying to talk for several days. We will work out how you can communicate in a little while. So for now I just want you to nod your head for yes, and shake it gently for no. OK?" He spoke to Simon with such gentleness in his voice.

Simon gently and slowly nodded his head. Dr. Sanders checked Simon out and declared all was going according to plan. Now we just had to get Simon used to typing and not talking so that he could heal.

"Simon, I want you to meet Allen. He is the head of my IT department. He has brought you a Laptop computer. Dylian said that you were good with computers and that you could type without looking at your fingers. Nod if that's right." I said to my eldest son.

He nodded a little faster this time. So I had Allen give Simon the laptop and open up MSWORD. Simon ran his fingers over the keys, screen and body of the laptop like it was so fragile. Then he started typing.

"Thank you very much for letting me use the puter. I will take very good care of it. I will give it back as soon as possible." Simon typed.

"Um, Simon? I don't think you understand. Your dad didn't get me to loan you this laptop, he got me to get it for YOU! This is yours to keep. It is set up with a wireless internet card from Verizon Wireless. You have all the bells and whistles that you would ever need. And you have something that most others don't." Allen explained to Simon.

"WOW! What do I have that others don't?" Simon typed.

"Me of course. The best IT man in the company!" And we all laughed.

"Now that Simon is awake and he has his computer and all, we need to deal with a little family matter." Allen took this as a hint to leave. "Allen, you can stay, you are a part of this family. Boys, you didn't know, but Allen is Tom's little brother."

"Thanks Drew. But, I have to get to the office. It was great meeting you guys. I will see you soon." And Allen headed out the door.

"Now first off I want you boys to know that no one is in trouble. Simon, I think you noticed before going into surgery that Dylian was having a little trouble understanding that money didn't matter to me. Am I right in that assumption?" I started.

"Yes, I did try to tell him. But, it's hard to talk." Simon replied.

"That's ok, the fact that you tried means a lot to me. Dylian, you are not in trouble, I just want you to know that I love you more than the money, so I am going to do something that most people would think I was crazy for." I said picking up the case Tom had brought me and sitting down on Dylian's bed with it. "Dylian this is for you. It is yours to do with as you see fit. My Hopes is that with this you will really understand that it's you I care about." I told Dylian while turning the case towards him and opening it.

The look on Dylian's face was worth every penny. Priceless didn't even begin to cover it. "Dylian there is $500,000.00 in that case for you to use however you want. That is your money, not mine." I told him.

He looked up at me with huge tears running down his face. "You really do love me!" And launched himself at me. I don't think I ever remember a hug so tight, so full of love, so wonderful in all my life. That one hug made everything worth it!

Wow, I can't get over the response that I am getting from this little story. Thank you so much. This is my first story that I have ever tried to write. I am so glad that there are so many people out there that are enjoying it as much as I am writing it.

Please remember There is NO reason a child should have to sleep on the streets!!!!!!!!!



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