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Chapter 10

If you ever had to spend time in a hospital then you know getting any sleep is not going to happen. I was certain Simon didn't accrue more then three hours of rest all night between the "Vampires" drawing blood and the nurses waking him by the hour to insure he was quietly reposing (Yeah,... right!). By the time I got him calmed down enough to even try shutting his eyes another cycle started. You could tell that he was tired by the dark bags under his eyes. I am sure that I had them as well. Whenever someone opened the door I jumped up to see if my son was all right. I know we had protection outside the room, and the guards wouldn't let anyone in that would harm the boy, but it didn't mean that I didn't worry. It was only seven in the morning when we both gave up and prepared for the new day. I helped give my eldest a sponge bath. It was the first time I saw the damage done to him first hand. It took everything I had not to burst into tears and scream.

Around seven thirty Dr. Powers came in to see my son and asked,

"Simon, do you have any questions about the surgery?"

"YES! How do you know NOT to drill too far? What size hole do you plan to drill into my head? Are you going to use an instrument to pull out the bone? Will this cause me any brain damage? What are my chances that the operation will restore my sight? Could I make a full recovery if I don't have this surgery?" Simon fired in rapid succession.

"I see you do have some questions! One of my jobs is to insure that you are ready for surgery: And, not just physically. So, let me answer your concerns and prepare you for this operation, all right?"

Simon nodded.

Fine! I will leave your statements on the wall, and I will go through each one of them! First, we use a special drill to make the hole. It is only as long as your skull is thick. We don't have to worry about penetrating too deeply, because we know just how extensive the bone is from our MRI and CT scans. The bit is set to that depth, and, then, does its job. The hole is just .015625 of an inch wide. Once the puncture is made a plug is inserted. It gets attached to the bone by applying pressure on it as it is rotated in a clockwise direction. And, it is this bolt that will be used to perform the realignment. Simon, I am not going to lie to you! Yes: There is a risk with this surgery. Any number of things might go wrong that could cause you problems in the future! My colleagues and I give you an eighty-five percent chance to get all sight back in your right eye. That is really high! We are uncertain what will happen if you don't have this procedure: It could be that no problems will ever occur, but it's just as likely that they will. By not having the surgery you would be putting your health at risk just as much, as if you did have it! The two of you now must determine whether or not to proceed with the operation. So, unless you have some other questions, I will leave you alone for a few minutes to decide what you want to do."

Dr. Powers then exited the room looking a little down.

"I think I hurt his feelings, Dad."

"No!... I don't' believe so. I reckon he is just a little more worried about you then most doctors are.".

"So what do you think I should do? Do you want me to go ahead and have the surgery?"

"Son!... I won't say what you should do! You have been in control of your life for a long time, and I am not going to step in and take over. I will tell you what I feel in a different way. Dr. Powers told us that you have an equal chance of something going wrong whether, or not, you have the surgery. However, you have an eighty-five percent probability of getting your sight back in your right eye if you have it and absolutely no chance if you don't! The numbers speak for themselves! What do you think?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Okay!... Call him back in. I am ready to get this done!"

I left the room, went out into the hallway and met Dr. Powers.

"Doctor, Simon decided to go forward with the surgery!"

"I will be right in to explain the order of events that will be taking place."

I went back to wait with Simon. During the interval Tom called. I updated my friend concluding that I would keep him posted. Ending my conversation when the doctor reentered the room and stated, "All right Simon, here is what is going to happen: You will take a few pills that make you feel really good. And, then, a nurse will give you a new stylish buzz cut. The question is do you want a full or partial trim?"

"What do you mean?"

Simon looked confused.

"Your head must be shaved so that your hair isn't in our way. We can remove only the area that is affected, or we can make it all match. The choice is yours."

"I think it would be kewl if you shaved my whole head! Yeah,... take it all off!"

Simon grinned widely.

"All right!... The nurse will be in shortly. I will see you in the operating room! Sir, someone is going to keep you posted. The whole procedure should last about two hours. We will be keeping Simon asleep for at least 8 hours after the surgery is completed."

Dr. Powers, then, headed out of the room.

It wasn't long before a very large nurse came in. She said,

"I am the resident hairdresser!"

We all laughed. She arranged him on the bed so that he was comfy and well positioned. Then, the woman started removing his locks with a set of clippers: It didn't take long at all. Next, she got out a safety razor and large bowl. The oversized lady went into the bathroom and filled it with warm water. She lathered my son's head with shaving cream and proceeded to give him a close shear. I was a bit worried about how the boy would appear without hair, but my eldest looked really great.

"Wow! Simon that's sooo kewl! I didn't know you would have to have your head shaved, but it looks really good on you."

Even told his friend, as he came into the room. The boy didn't stop until he was right next to the bed. The teen bent down and gave Dylian's brother a kiss on his lips.

"Wow!... What are you doing here?"

"Mom said since I needed tutoring to help me catch up with my schooling that I could come to work with her and be with you! I know you are going into surgery in just a little while, so I wanted to be here before you went in! And, I will definitely see you, when you wake up!"

Even took hold of Simon's hand.

"Thanks!... That means a lot to me!"

"I will probably lay down while they operate. I didn't sleep much last night. Donnie and I sat up talking almost until sunrise! Dad still made him go to school today. I felt very badly for him, until my bro told me that he only had a half day! Dad said that Helen would bring him here afterwards. Wait until you see my new house! It's sooo huge! The little guy told me that it is only about half the size of your new home! I can't even imagine seeing a place that big! Father mentioned that where we live was once a part of your old man's land. I guess that figures seeing how they are best friends." Even exclaimed excitedly.

"However, remember, my friend, you have a family that loves you now! It's not just all about the money!" Simon typed but kept it just for his boyfriend to read.

"Yeah!... I know that's what makes it so great! I don't have to worry about where my next meal comes from or keeping a john happy! All I need to do is be a son and brother. This is more than I could ever have dreamed possible! OH!... And, you should see Dad's Jag! He said that he would teach me to drive, and, then, help me get a car of my own. I have never possessed anything in all of my life! And, now, Father is talking about helping me buy a vehicle!"

My son could really tell how excited Even was about his new life.

"That is so kewl! I just wish that I could do that. I don't think my sight will ever be good enough for me to be able to drive! But, that's okay: You can chauffeur me all over the place in your fancy auto!"

Simon laughed.

"Where ever, and whenever, you want to go my friend!"

The nurse returned with Simon's happy pills. It wasn't long after that the orderlies arrived with a gurney and took my eldest off to the OR. Even reclined on his boyfriend's bed and closed his eyes.

"He'll be all right, Son!"

I squeezed his shoulder.

"I know!... I am just worried and tired,... I guess."

The kid had tears in his eyes.

At the Koch's house Bruce arrived with Thorn in tow. The introductions were made all around, then Nicky and Dylian went off to school. Carol accompanied them to insure that the principal was made aware of what had happened. At my insistence, he took the Navigator Limo: The boys loved it!

Bruce had pulled my little one aside and relayed the message from Simon. This gave him something to really think about on the way to school. Upon their arrival, the adults and my son talked with the principal, Mr. Dorn. The man, excited to see my youngster and find out that he was fine, was very happy to learn the nine year old had a new father, and his life was improving. My kid had always been one of the principal's favorites, because of his attitude and his willingness to help others. Even though the child was only in third grade, he aided smaller tykes who needed help with reading and learning their letters. Simon's bro did this while giving up his own recesses. Thus, the educator was more than happy to accommodate his star pupil's safety needs.

"Mrs. Smith, I am sorry for the interruption, however I have a special visitor for your students today!" the principal said upon entering the classroom.

"Mr. Dorn, we would welcome a guest speaker! May I ask whom?"

"Hi, Ma'am!" the little fellow exclaimed, poking his head around the corner.

"DYLIAN! Oh my goodness!... Where have you been?! We were all very worried about you!" Mrs. Smith gushed.

Then, the woman moved forward and hugged her student, which teachers are forbidden to do.

"I had to go find a new dad, and, also, my brother: He was sold!"

The teacher looked shocked. She glanced at the large man in a suit and wondered, who he was.

"May we speak to you in the hallway for a moment? Let the kids get caught up a little. I am sure that Dylian and Nicky have a story to tell." Mr. Dorn stated.

The instructress told the class she would be out in the passageway and during her absence to talk with Dylian. Once outside she asked, "Now will someone please tell me what is going on?"

"This is Thorn. He is Dylian's security detail and a former Secret Service agent who protected the first family. He works for the boy's new father, Mr. Drew Thomas. I am sure that you have heard the name! It is this man's duty to make sure that nothing happens to his son ever again!"

"Hello, Mrs. Smith, it's my pleasure to meet you!"

The guard, shook the woman's out stretched hand and continued,

"As you may know, CPS is under investigation, thanks to our little hero! Simon, his older brother, was sold as a sex slave by their former foster father. This brave child was asked to follow in his older sibling's footsteps! When he refused to comply he received a number of severe beatings.

After the second one, Dylian ran away. He was found bloodied by my employer in the basement of his office building. The boy had apparently hit his head. It was so late, that Mr. Thomas had no choice but to take in the little guy to insure his safety. My employer checked his wounds and, then, bathed and fed him. It was about this point that your pupil confided to my boss about his older brother being banished into servitude.

Calling in a favor several well trained, ummmm, negotiators went to see your student's now former guardian. They "extracted" the address from him of the persons to whom his elder sibling had been dealt to: with the knowledge of their CPS caseworker, I might add! Those negotiators were able to rescue four male teens. Three of those boys were used as prostitutes for up to one or more years. However, Simon refused to do what they demanded, resulting in his receiving severe physical abuse. When we found him, he was unconscious. He regained consciousness several hours later, however he was unable to talk or see. These are results of the violent attacks upon him. He had surgery to regain his voice and is being operated upon, as I speak to you, in an attempt to restore his sight, at least partially. He will also need further procedures to repair bone damage. For these reasons, and for the simple fact of who Mr. Thomas is, Dylian has been placed under twenty-four hour armed protection."

Tears rolled down the faces of the principal and school teacher.

Thorn resumed, "I think there is one other thing you might wish to know about our little boy. Mr. Thomas was having trouble getting the youngster to trust him when it came to money. The nine year old was afraid that he was going to cost his dad too much simply by asking for anything. My employer bought both of his sons new laptops so that his eldest could communicate. This caused Dylian sensory overload. So, my boss gave the boy five hundred grand in cash and told him to do with it, as he wanted. I guess his idea worked, because his little one now understands that his father loves him more than anything. Do you know what happened to the currency? Well, our sweetie had Governor Dailey hand deliver it to Nicky Koch! Yes, this little angel gave his friend the whole amount! It turns out that his buddy's parents were in major financial difficulties due to their little daughter's illness. The medical expenses from her sickness had bankrupted them: resulting in the imminent loss of their home. Our small hero wanted to make sure his best friend didn't end up without a roof over the boy's head as had happened to him! The other kids, if they find out about this, more than likely won't believe this story. I thought that you should know that it is true."

"Yes!... That sounds just like something that Dylian would do!" his principal added.

"I agree! It's time for me to return to my class. Do I call you Mr. Thorn?"

"No!... Just Thorn, Ma'am!"

The pair headed into the room. As they opened the door Mr. Thomas' son was just exiting.

"May I help you Dylian?" his teacher inquired.

"I wanted to ask Mr. Dorn a question before he goes back to the office."

"By all means, Son: What would you like to know?"

"What I am about to say may sound weird, but would you call an assembly after lunch for the whole school? I figured there are going to be lots of rumors about Simon and me. I really don't want anybody to get wrong ideas about what happened to us. And, I wish to tell everyone that there are strangers in the world, who will help if they get in trouble or are being abused."

"I think I can arrange that for you, young man! I will make an announcement later in the morning."

The nine year old headed back into the room. The teacher talked to her pupils for a few moments about their visitor, then settled them down to do their usual class work. The students had a test to complete for math. My son surprised her again by asking, "Mrs. Smith, may I take the quiz?"

"Dylian!... That is a great idea! It will show us how far behind the other students you are!"

After the exam it was time for recess. My son asked if he could go work with his old first graders to assist them with their reading. Seeing no problem with his request she took him down to them.

"Ms. Cutter? I have brought you a visitor who would like to help!"

"And just who might that be?"

She seemed a little worried about who was offering aid.

"Just me, Ma'am." the little guy said with a smile.

"OH MY GOD! Dylian!" the young teacher rushed grabbing him into a hug.

"Hi, Ms. Cutter! May I help my group? I kind of missed them! I realize everyone wants to know what happened to me, and you will find out. But, I only want to go through it once!"

"Can I have your attention please?" The intercom broke in with Mr. Dorn's voice.

"Today we will have a whole school assembly starting at one o'clock this afternoon in the gym. All classes are to be seated at that time. Thank you!"

"Now I wonder what that was about?!" Ms. Cutter smiled at her visitor.

"Guess we will just have to wait and see!" he replied laughingly.

Then the youngster walked over to his group of first graders and started reading with them. My son really loved helping others. The look in each little kid's eyes and the smile on each of their faces were all the payment that he needed. He had been with them for about ten minutes when one of the boys asked,

"Dylian, who is that man watching you?"

"His name is Thorn. He is my bodyguard," my son nonchalantly told them.

Then he went on reading.

Nothing unusual occurred during the remainder of the morning or through lunch time. My boy and his best friend, Nicky, laughed at the man when he had his meal. It wasn't anything like he expected.

Just before one o'clock, my son was escorted by his guard to the gym. The only thing the man knew was that his charge requested this assembly to speak to everyone once about what had happened to him.

Open arrival at their destination, Thorn was surprised to see Bruce there. Also in attendance was Allen, head of IT at DJ Enterprises. He was setting up some equipment.

"Bruce, what are you doing here?" Thorn asked, a little concerned that he was being watched.

"I don't know! I was told to be here promptly at one o'clock, along with Curt, Sally and Kevin. I have no clue as to why: Quite frankly, I don't like it one bit!"

"Dad said that you had to do anything I wanted! I need you here! Please help me without asking too many questions!" Dylian stepped in.

"All right! But, don't use us to show off!" My head of security anxiously requested from my son.

"I won't, Uncle Bruce! I promise!... I just need your help to get something done. It's a good thing: I swear!"

My nine year old was almost in tears.

"Fine!... We will all do whatever you need from us."

"Thank you!"

My little guy gave the big ex "Seal" a giant hug.

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! And, that is what I am going to do, as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a friend and a great editor! Thanks for your support!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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