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Chapter 14

"Don't worry, Son! Relief is on the way! You experienced an allergic reaction to the adhesive coating on the bandage. We will wash it off right away. But, you need to remain still. Can you do that for me?"

Dr. Powers spoke to us in the most soothing voice I have ever heard.

The two physicians removed all the dressing. Then, they washed him down with a saline solution. The more they cleaned the better he felt. Soon, I could tell the rash had all but disappeared.

"Simon, the incision needs to be aired for a while. You must avoid touching the exposed area! If you feel you can't control your urge to scratch, then we will put restraints on your arms. But, that is up to you: Please give me a thumb up, for yes, or down, for no!" Debbie explained.

Surprisingly, my eldest responded in the affirmative.

"Are you certain you want to be tethered?"

I attempted to reaffirm his answer.

Again verifying his decision, Dr Edwards restricted his arm movement in such a way he could reach everywhere except his head.

"Simon, we will re-bandage you in one half hour, and then take off the restraints." Dr. Powers remarked.

"Mr. Thomas may I speak to you out in the corridor?"

"I think it would be better to talk to me here: My son has a right to know what is going on!"

I was a little put off.

"Umm... Fine! I heard that you have a jet: is that correct?"

"Yes, I have several! Why do you ask?"

"A friend of mine from med school has a patient who needs surgery. The boy is a ward of the state which refuses to pay for the operation. I am hoping you will transport the child here so I can perform the operation. The hospital is certain to cover the cost of the procedure."

"Of course I will! Call Miles, Dr. Edwards' husband: Tell him that I want JR to fetch the orphan and fly him here! You needn't to worry about the cost. The S&E Fund will cover all expenses. Also, after the procedure, we will have him legally transferred to here so that he can be adopted."

"That is great! Thank you so much! But, what is the S&E Fund?"

"It is a foundation that provides aid to destitute wards of the state for medical needs such as operations, prosthetics or wheel chairs!"

"What does S&E stand for?" Debbie asked with a smirk.

"Simon and Even, of course! I had the fund set up with Mark and Brian earlier today. I feel that the two of you are the perfect physicians to be on the board. Sherry and Carol are going to serve, as well. I stipulated half of the funds be in stocks and the remainder in cash reserves. The initial grant is thirty million dollars."

I chuckled.

"Also, the two namesakes are on the board. I designated that they have final say over who is accepted, and what the money is used for!"

"Mr. Thomas, that is awesome! I can't tell you how many children we will be able to help! When can we start using this fund?" Dr. Powers asked impassionedly.

"This boy will be our first, and then, we shall proceed from there! My son has definitive ideas of what he wants done: bearing in mind it was, in part, his baby!"

The two practitioners departed the room.

Shortly, thereafter, the "herd" arrived to see if my eldest was alright.

"The patient is asleep: Please, keep the noise level down! Boys, the problem resulted from Simon being allergic to the adhesive on the bandage. He developed a rash which smarted when he awoke. Once the doctors washed the area off, the pain disappeared. Now, Dylan's brother is in restraints to prevent him from touching his head. Don't undo them: It was his choice to be fettered. Are there any questions?"

I tried to cover the entire topic. However, I knew our kids would haves more queries.

"I have one, Dad. We are all just sitting around not doing anything: How can we help?"

All of the other kids nodded in agreement with my younger son.

"Allow me to answer that one, Drew. Do you think you might like to entertain the hospitalized children? I know they enjoy having one-on-one company. Most of these young patients only receive adult visitors or see their brothers and sisters. And, those sessions aren't fun. If you want to drop by to chat with them that would be great!" Dr Edwards explained.

The boys conferred. Then, Dylian spoke for the group.

"Yeah, Aunt Debbie, that is so awesome! We would love to meet them!"

My friend's wife brought the "herd" upstairs. They were all excited about talking to the bedridden youngsters.

It wasn't long before Miles appeared looking madder than hell.

"I don't know what the heck happened today, Drew, between Donna and you!"

"Who the hell is she?"

"The dispatcher you ordered me to let go. I received a call from her lawyer before I left the office. He stated the woman had been wrongfully terminated, and he was giving us a chance to rectify the situation before he filed suit. I told him that his client misrepresented the facts. In actuality, she had been released for a valid reason. He stated there could never be a justifiable cause for a homosexual to fire a Christian. My friend, I must tell you that this individual frightens me. Perhaps, we should negotiate with them!"

"Hell, No! I will not be intimidated into settling! The woman called me a liar! Since she said it to me what would she have told one of my customers? And, how did they determine my sexual orientation? I am not out in the work place! She must have heard it by hearsay. Of course, that is slander for which we can counter sue! Let Brian's team handle this."

We talked about a few other things for work then went on to personal items. It was about one half hour later we heard the page.

"Dr. Edwards to the ER, STAT! Dr. Edwards to the ER, STAT!"

Before either of us could react, Even jumped up.

"Dad, something has to be wrong! Mom took leave from her hospital duties to care for Simon. There is no reason for her to get called unless it concerns someone in our family! We need to go there, NOW!"

"Son, calm down! I am sure there is another explanation. Why don't we find out! I happen to know a few of the nurses. Drew, I am going to take my boy to see what is going on. Hopefully, that will reassure him!"

"Uncle!... Please inform me if Simon wakes up! I will return, immediately, if he does!"

"Certainly, Even! Now go with your dad! I am sure that everything is all right!"

Upon giving my nephew a hug and kiss, the two departed. Shortly thereafter, I received other visitors: Helen and her sister.

"Sir, I would like for you to meet my sister, Patty: This is Drew Thomas. I will leave you two alone so you can talk."

"Ma'am, I am so glad that you came. I am sorry to hear about your husband's passing."

"Oh, Sir, please don't feel badly about that SOB dieing! He was an abusive drunk who deserved what he got!"

She definitely didn't sound sad about his passing.

"I apologize: I wasn't aware!"

"No, I am sorry! I have not recovered from the aftermath of the accident. He left me in terrible shape, financially! My future remains uncertain! Helen said meeting with you might provide me with a solution! "

"Let's see! However, I will not make a decision until the boys approve. I am going to tell you a little about them. Although, you may think my view point is biased!"

I spent the next half hour talking to Patty about the youngsters. I wasn't sure she believed what I had to say about Dylian. But, we didn't have time to explore that subject.

Miles came back into the room: He held Even, helping him walk. My friend guided his son over to the extra bed, had him lie down, and then motioned for me to follow him.

"My friend!... What happened?"

"Hearing noise in the bathroom Bryan found his son on the floor in a fetal position! Tyler had an accident: He wet the bed! Much more seriously, he was peeing blood! The boy's stomach is all different colors! Even told us that three days ago a john had beaten him. My son hadn't thought much of it, because his friend had said that it wasn't painful. However, later on, the condition worsened. But, since, my eldest wasn't around he didn't say anything. Right now the injured teen is being rushed into exploratory surgery. Deb thinks that he might have a tear in his liver causing the bleeding. My eldest feels totally responsible. I don't know what to do! My wife told me to make sure that he is not alone at any time. She doesn't want to sedate him but thinks that this might push him over the edge. Drew, I would never forgive myself if something happened to him! In the short time that he has been with us, I have fallen for him big time! I don't mean physically but emotionally! There is just something very endearing about my oldest! Oh God, what am I going to do!"

"Miles! Calm down! You must keep a grip on yourself for his sake! We need to insure that he receives all the care he needs to get better. I realize he blames himself for a lot of the problems Simon has, and now, Tyler, but we will get him through this. The best treatment that is available is there for him! I love that kid, too, and I know damn well that my son madly adores Even."

Giving my best friend a hug I let him cry it out for a few minutes before returning to Simon.

Upon entering the room it astounded me to see Patty sitting with Even, holding his head in her lap while stroking his hair and talking to him. He wasn't crying, but you could tell that he just finished. I didn't hear what she said to him, but I realized she had helped him more than I would have.

Debbie's husband bumped into me from behind thinking I was going to enter. I restrained him to permit the lady to work her magic. It dumbfounds us to see my nephew trusted someone so new. I concluded there wasn't going to be any problem with the boys disliking her.

I couldn't keep my friend out of the room for long. Going straight to his son my right hand man gathered him up in his arms. I don't think I have ever seen a sixteen year old boy being held like a baby before, but his father pulled it off. The kid clung to his dad as if his life depended on it. Patty came over to where I was standing.

"Is he all right: Did the child say anything that would make you think he might kill himself?"

"I know he won't! My nephew said he had to live to take care of the boys. He must watch out for his friends. He insisted that I understand it was HIS duty to make sure that Simon and the other two teens were looked after. It would behoove us to have a person with him at all times, and everyone around him reinforce the fact he is only responsible for himself!"

"Oh, I am sorry!... I didn't mean to suggest I am a part of this or have a solution!" She said looking down to the floor as if she wanted to escape into it.

"On the contrary, Patty. I don't know much about you, but I can see you care! That is sufficient to make you part of our family. I remain undecided whether you will serve as our house manager or, in a different capacity, but I am certain you will fit in! May I ask where you were employed before your husband died?"

"I have been a housewife since marrying him. He refused to permit me to work!"

"What did you do when you were single?"

"I was in school studying to be a psychologist. I already matriculated with a degree in social work. After meeting him I thought we were both in love. I never completed my second degree, because we could only afford for him to finish school, and then, nothing remained for me to go back."

"Might you consider returning, if you were given a chance?"

"I am a bit old! But, of course, I would love to finish what I had started. I always regretted not doing so! "

"Your first assignment as my newest employee is to determine what is needed to finish. That is, if you want the job!"

"What does the position entail? You said you weren't sure if I would be your new house manager or, at least, not until the boys approved of me!"

"Let's see, if not the house manager, then the school counselor. But, I have a feeling that you will be both. What I want you is for you to start in the first position to get my home in running order. Next, when all our youngsters are released from the hospital you will serve as their educational advisor. The boys include Dylian, Simon, Cody, Tyler and a little tyke named Gagy. He needs some special touches as well. Once our children are ready to go to a mainstream school, then I would like for you to return to your original position as well as finish that degree of yours. What do you say?"

"Are you serious?!"

"Of course I am!"

"What does the work of a house manager entail?"

"You will oversee the household staff. I require a full-time housekeeper, a cook and a service staff for parties and dinners. Also, I need you to act as a nanny for the teenagers, since my work involves long hours and, at times, travel for lengths of several days. I will attempt to keep my absences from home to a minimum. However it is part of my business. So, it means you will be a second guardian to my boys, and, considering that I am gay, their surrogate mother. Do you have any objections with this?"

"You mean the fact of your being gay?"


"No, I have no problem with your sexual orientation, or that of Simon's or Dylian being purple! However, I do have one question which is: Where would I live?"

"The house manager's apartment is attached to my country home. Now, the mansion has not been lived in for a long period, so I need someone immediately. It must be ready as soon as Simon is released from the hospital!"

"Helen said she was helping to arrange the reopening of your home. There is only one problem keeping me from starting right away! My late husband left me with financial problems. I don't know how to extricate myself from!"

"Patty, that has all been taken care of. I had my lawyers deal with the bank and your creditors. As of two hours ago you own your house, free and clear. The funeral home has been paid in-full as well as your car loans!"

Before I could mention anything else the lady started crying. I pulled her into a hug until she stopped.

"I don't know what to say! Thank you just doesn't seem to cover it, but, "THANK YOU"!"

"As I mentioned before; You are now FAMILY!"

"I am indebted to you for life!... Helen said I'd not regret meeting with you! It would be my honor to work for your children and manage your household."

Sticking out her hand for me to shake, she then hugged and kissed me.

"We will discuss your salary at a later date, however, for now, let me know what you need, and I will provide it! I gave Helen a credit card to use for preparing the house. I will call upstairs to have Dylian come down."

"No! I would like to go up there to meet him on his turf. I understand Helen is with little Donnie and watching all of our "gang", so it's no problem for me to join the group. That is, if that's all right with you, Sir?"

"Of course! But, don't call me Sir! My name is Drew. You will address me as such, unless it's a formal situation. And, then, you may refer to me as Mr. Thomas, but never Sir! Will that work for you?"

"Yes, that is fine with me. I still can't thank you enough for this opportunity!"

With that she gave me a big hug and kiss then headed upstairs to see the other boys.

I went to sit between the beds waiting for Simon to wake up.

Before long there was a barely audible knock on the door.

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! So I am going to try to keep it going as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a Great friend and a Damn good editor! Thanks for your support! Zac this one is for you!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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