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Chapter 15

I was somewhat astonished when I saw Mrs. Smith and Mr. Dorn enter the room.

"Hi! What a pleasant surprise to see the two of you again today!"

"We needed to see how Simon is progressing in his recovery. We also came to express our gratitude concerning his brother: We are simply amazed how much one little nine year old boy accomplished in less than twenty-four hours. Twenty-one students were removed from abusive situations and placed in safe environments, thanks to your child!"

"Mr. Thomas: I am so proud of Dylian for what he has achieved. However, he has somewhat upset me. Your youngster is responsible for the loss of one of our most accomplished educators. The lady beside me intends to leave at the end of this school year!"

"Son, do you want your computer?"

Miles had seen my eldest trying to reach for his processor. My buddy placed it on his lap insuring MSWORD was open for him.

{Mrs. Smith, you can't quit teaching! You have made such a difference in so many lives of children! How can you let her do this Mr. Dorn! You know how important she is to us kids! Please find a way to stop her! Dad do something!}

"Simon, you need to calm down! Give each of them a chance to explain to us what is going on, all right? When did you wake up?" I asked my son while holding his hand.

{A few minutes ago. Is Even okay? I heard him cry before, some lady talk to him, and then, his dad speak.}

"Yes Buddy, my son is fine. He became upset over something," his uncle told him in a most loving tone.

"Now, Ma'am, please explain why you decided to leave?"

"Mr. Thomas, I never planned to stop teaching. If you recall this morning I said I wanted to help implement what Dylian initiated in any way I could, however without your youngster needing to repeat what he went through today. I have a plan that makes it possible. By the way, Simon, you might not know this, but your little brother saved the lives of more than twenty children! You should be very proud of him."

{Believe me I am!}

"Good! After teaching ended and all the staff had departed, Mr. Dorn and I discussed what happened. We agreed that every school in the state should be exposed to the comments spoken and slides shown by your youngest."

Pausing, Mrs. Smith was about to continue when interrupted by an excited little dynamo who belted out:

"Simon! You're awake! Are you okay?!"

{Yeah Bro! I am fine. The rash burned a little bit, but Aunt Debbie and Doc Brett took care of the problem! So, I am as good as new. Now, we will have to wait to see whether my sight returns. However, let me tell you how impressed I am. Speaking to an assembly full of kids was VERY brave: Did you know your principal removed twenty-one children from danger? I had hoped you might talk to your class, but DY: EVERYONE! WOW!}

"Thanks! Hi Mr. Dorn, Mrs. Smith. What are you doing here?"

"Son, we are here to speak with your dad concerning your actions this afternoon. We think your address was such a great success that we plan to eventually repeat it throughout the state."

"I am sorry Ma'am: I can't do it again. It was too difficult!"

"Sweetie, I have developed a plan for you to tell your story once more. Then, it can be repeated elsewhere without you."

"But, how?"

"Dylian, we shall film your next talk. Then, the recording will be shown at every school locally and, later, throughout the state. I know we can make ensuring the safety of endangered pupils by identifying them, removing them from dangerous homes and placing them in loving environments thanks to you!"

"Why not have each kid who came forward provide a statement concerning what happened to them? This should increase the emotional impact of our video!"

"What a marvelous idea! So, are you willing to redo it?"

"Yeah, if it's okay with my father. I want to help others but just once more!"

"I plan to keep my boys' security details. So, it doesn't concern me if Dylian is exposed to a little publicity. However, I am worried about the emotional strain on him!"

"But, now I won't have as big a problem with it, because I went through the assembly once already. Therefore, I know what to expect!"

"Are you sure, Son?!"

"Yeah,... Daddy, I am!"

"Alright!... I will hire a topnotch film crew. Then, Allen shall provide you with the proper equipment. Having decided to associate your name with this project, it is imperative for us to excel at it. We need someone to monitor the statements of the other tykes since we intend to use them. I know an unlicensed social worker who would be perfect! Also, I think that if this foundation is to proceed, the state must fund one-half of the costs! Mrs. Smith, your current salary isn't sufficient. In addition, you are entitled to a public sponsored van to transport the necessary equipment. I will arrange all relevant details, immediately!"

"Tom, Drew here. Do you recall you said the government owed my boys, big time, and my sons would be compensated? I know how you can make it up to them. I plan to create The Dylian Project. It will be a joint venture between DJ Enterprises and the State. I intend to provide the equipment, plus most of the funding, while you pay the director's salary, buy two vehicles and bankroll their running expenses. One for the director and the other for a team of specialist she picks. I will also be responsible for all other costs which I intend to cover via a renewable stipend."

"Not asking for much are you, Bro? Tell me what the foundation will be doing."

"Have you heard about my child's trip to his old school today?"

"Yes! Over twenty students saved from abuse! I am damn proud of my nephew!

"The endowment is being created to repeat what my boy did throughout the state."

"I don't see a problem with government collaboration, because I support it. However, I must get approval from the appropriate authorities."

"Yes! I think the State is obligated to help with the cost of this program. It's their responsibility after the CPS fiasco. Remember, I still hold the right to sue for damages done to my sons at their hands. Please use that threat to insure the approval of our agreement. Finally, the foundation needs to be kept separate from CPS and the Board of Education. That way we can work with both as an independent group, and they won't have control over us."

"I agree with you, Drew. I think this is a wonderful idea, and I will do everything in my power to support this effort. Do we want to take it statewide?"

"Later on, after it's established. Mrs. Smith will be the director. She will keep us informed of its progress. Allen will be responsible for the technical side. Finally I need a list of all capable CPS employees who are ready to support the aims of the fund."

"That might be tough, but I will get right on it. The acting division director can help me with that task. I will make the proper contacts and get back to you shortly."

"Thanks Tom, I can't tell you how much this means to my children."

"Give them a hug from me!... I will phone you later."

The next call was to the governor's brother. I knew that this one would be dicey.

"Mandy, hi!... It's Drew. Please get me Allen?"

"Yes Sir, right away! How are the boys? Did Simon wake up yet?"

"They are fine! Thanks for asking. My eldest is recovering nicely. Please pass the word around!"

"IT Department. How may I help you?"

"Hello! Drew, here, I have a mission for you!"

"How big?"

"I need you to head up the technical side of a new project. It's Dylian's pet, and I want the best! Are you interested?"

"Of course! But, what will it entail?"

"I need you to come here to the hospital, so you can meet with my boy and the fund director. They will explain in detail what they need. It has to do with the assembly that you helped with at the school today."

"WOW! I am on my way right now!"

I couldn't remember the last time I had heard Allen sound so excited about anything. One of my fears with him is he gets down on himself whenever he does not invent "the next big thing". My marketing of his skills as a technological genius hasn't done him justice. Getting him involved, might either be the best thing for him or pushes him too far. I always wondered how he could be Tom's brother. They are so different.

Next, I called upstairs. I asked the charge nurse to send Patty down. I figured she would be the perfect person to determine which of the twenty-one abused children will make positive contributions to our video.

"Mr. Thomas, you wished to see me?"

"Yes, I did. There are several things I wanted to discuss with you. First, how did Dylian and you get along?"

"He is one amazing little boy! I could easily fall in love caring for him. If his big brother is anything like him, I am certain there will be few problems looking after them. I see only one obstacle ... Being unable to say no to your sons!"

"Then, we are in trouble! He is just as adorable!" I laughed.

"The second item concerns a new developing project."

I went over the events of the day and discussed, in detail, the goals of the emerging foundation. She enthusiastically agreed to help.

Returning to my boy's room, we found Even awake, cuddling with his buddy. They were chatting privately via Simon's computer.

"Son, I would like for you to meet Ms. Patty. She is going to be our house manager and family home school counselor.

{Hi Ms. Patty, Even and Dylian told me all about you! I am glad you will be helping us all. I am going to be a tough assignment so I apologize in advance for any problems I may cause!}

The whole room burst out laughing at what my eldest typed.

"It is nice to meet you, too, Simon. I look forward to working with you, and I am sure that you will not be a bother. However, boys sometimes get into mischief. I expect that. However, I have only one unbreakable rule!"

{What is it?}

"Yeah, tell us. I don't want to violate it!"

"You must never lie to me! Always say the truth and anything becomes possible!"

"Dad, you have hired her, RIGHT?"

"Yes, she is part of the family! By the way, Even, if you didn't know, Patty is Helen's little sister!"

"Great! What I do at your house will be known at mine!"

Again, everyone burst out laughing!

The boys went back to talking with each other while Dylian returned to his friends.

I brought Miles up-to-date. It wasn't long before a very tired looking Debbie came into the room and sat down on the extra bed.

"Mom, how is Tyler?"

"He is holding his own right now. He made it through surgery. We fixed a tear in his liver and removed his spleen. We also extracted his appendix, because it was about to rupture. The next twenty-four hours are going to be tough on him. We will keep him sedated, so he should sleep through the worst of it. Even, sweetie, you couldn't have done a thing to prevent this from happening to him. This was not your fault. Furthermore, the good care you provided is the sole reason he survived the operation."

"I still feel like I should have done more than I had! OUCH!"

Simon had smacked his pal on the side of his head.

{Must we beat the fact into you that you not only saved my life but Tyler's, as well. I am sure if Aunt Debbie went inside of Andy she would find old wounds that healed, because of you! You are the sole reason we three are still live, so your mother can heal us. Without the things you did, there wouldn't be anything left of us to save!}

"Son, that's enough! Your boy is having a tough time coming to terms, and we need to support him. Deep down he knows he did the right thing. However, he feels badly that the two of you got hurt; not him. We will help all of you cope, but please don't browbeat him."

{Yeah, Dad. I am sorry Even. I can't allow you to believe you are responsible for our being injured. I hate seeing you suffer!}

Hugging the two kissed and then, settled back down on Simon's bed quietly communicating between each other.

"Unless someone minds I am going to relax for a while."

Without any objections each person lowered their voice so Debbie could rest.

Our peaceful scene was suddenly interrupted when a very perturbed Allen stormed into the room with Tom following on his heels.

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! So I am going to try to keep it going as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a Great friend and a Damn good editor! Thanks for your support! This one is for my little buddy!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight!



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