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Chapter 16

Allen entered the room bubbling over with excitement. He spoke about all his plans for the new project.

"My friend, you need to calm down a bit so I can explain: The Dylian Project will be a group undertaking."

"I am sorry. Boss! But when you described what the project was about, I became over enthusiastic. This program means the world to me. It has to be perfect."

"All right, Let me outline what I want for technical support."

Stepping out, the two of us went to the nurses' lounge.

After relaxing over some light refreshments I began to speak.

"Allen, I have the impression there is more to your reaction than a simple desire to help our project. I realize you have trouble interacting with others. Is there anything you want to tell me? You are free to speak your mind without fear of losing your job. You are not only a valuable employee but a member of our family: I care deeply about your welfare and happiness!

"Yes, Sir!... There is something I need to talk about. As a child I had trouble making friends and interacting with people. My parents thought becoming a boy scout would help me cope. Tom joined, as well, although he had his own buddies. We went to summer camp for several weeks. One night I came down with one of my periodic excruciating migraines. My head hurt so badly I was in bed crying. One of the adults, who was an old man in his sixties, responsible for our troop came to see why I was so upset. I told him I was in extreme agony but had forgotten to bring my medication. He stated his son used to suffer from severe headaches, however he knew a surefire method for ridding them. I hurt so badly I would have agreed to anything. He instructed me to remove my shorts. Then, he started playing with my dick, making it hard. The guy slowly moved his hand up and down my shaft. As my dick became rigid, the throbbing lessened and, ultimately, disappeared. He kept jacking me until I experienced a dry orgasm. Then, I must have passed out, because the next thing I remember was awakening the following morning. All the aching was gone: nor did I experience the usual aftereffect which is best described as a "hangover". For me, it was awesome. I discovered a foolproof method to rid myself of this horrendous recurring problem. I never realized this man was using me! He talked me through each step. Being a ten-year-old in agony I had no reason to suspect his intent. For the rest of my stay, whenever I had another migraine I went to him for help. From then on, he owned me: appearing if the creep wanted to use me, not when I needed him. Each time he attempted things which displeased me, I insisted he stop, or I would report him. However, the cretin dismissed my threats by saying "if I you don't let me I will tell everyone you are a fag who enticed me!". Outing me to the few friends I had acquired was not an option for me! So I acquiesced, for awhile, then I talked my parents into sending me away to a boarding school. And, during the time I was there the old pervert died. The main reason I permitted this to happen, at least in the beginning, was my folks ignored me, while this creature gave me the attention I craved... You are the first person I have ever told!"

By the end of his explanation he was near tears. Arising, I went over to hug him and to give him support.

"Allen, you need to talk to Tom about this!! He loves and respects you. He won't look down on you or change his opinion! Further, we are here for you! I believe being an integral part of this project is therapeutic!"

"Thank you, Sir! I will speak with my Bro and think about consulting with a professional. Now, what do you want me to do for the project?"

"I am going to set up an account for you. I want the best equipment we can get or develop. It needs to be user friendly and portable. You must provide custom cases for the equipment. In addition, both state provided vans will need to be fitted with lifts and decaled to show the project's logo once we have developed one. Lets go back to talk about the project with Mrs. Smith."

"I have some ideas, but your right, it's not my baby I am just a part of it. You will periodically need to keep reminding me about that."

"No problem my friend!"

Returning to Simon's room, we found the lady talking with Miles while the love birds cuddled on my son's bed. The couple jumped apart when we came into the room, I smiled, and they returned to their previous action.

"Mrs. Smith?"

"Oh, please, call me Amy!"

"All right!... I would like for you to meet Allen Doyle: Our genius head of the IT department at DJ Enterprises and an expert in every facet of technology. He will be our Project Manager. You are the Director in charge of the entire program. His responsibilities include equipment management and instrumentation. He will answer directly to you concerning all project matters. However, please remember his main priority is to my company. The first thing we need to develop is a logo. Once created it will be placed on our vehicles. Next, pamphlets have to be created for the distribution to schools and civic groups. Finally, we must determine the number of teams the foundation requires. Each one will be comprised of at least six former CPS workers. Left unresolved are the identity of the speakers we will need. Let's start with one unit then create more as demand arises. What is your opinion?"

"I agree! I want to start with a single crew. As we gain experience, we will develop up to five or six clusters, so we can eventually cover the entire state. If we get to that level of success I would stay to oversee all teams. But, for right now one entity will be sufficient as our "model". I want to use Dylian's face in the logo, however, I think that a cartoon version would be safer. I have a friend who draws comic strips as a hobby. I believe he is the perfect person to create the appropriate symbol. What I picture on stage are one primary and two secondary side screens. While we are projecting your son's part on the larger board we can have the caricature on the two smaller ones. Then, when we shall present the slides showing the different pictures of abuse on all three."

"I was thinking when we project the slides we should put the other children's stories on the main screen. Next, we can scroll the names of victimized youngsters who later, in life, succeeded. I am aware of several captains of industry who will gladly contribute to our cause. "

"I like the idea Allen! What do you think Amy?"

"Yes, I agree! However, I have no concept on how to encourage people to come forward with their narratives of maltreatment. Although, they wouldn't have to share their tales, they need to take that first step on there own accord."

"I am certain I can be of service in that aspect. I will also pull Miles in to help with the problem."

{Dad, we should ask Dr. Powers if he wants to be involved with this. I think he would, and he might be able to help find other adults to come forward. We must enlist Dr. Maxwell. He could speak to his patents and to other doctors he works with.}

"Son, those are great ideas! I will leave it up to you to do the recruiting, so please talk to them. I reckon it would be a great help."

"Sir, I am willing to tell my story, well at least, part of it."

"Even, son, are you sure?"

"Yeah, Dad! I think it might help me gain self confidence!"

"I am very proud of you! That is a very mature point-of-view."

"All right! We all have our missions. I want to go talk with Dylian, Amy, you should also chat with him. That way you can get a feel for what he wants out of our project. After all, it does bear his name!"

I believed my youngest had been through enough for one twentyfour hour period, therefore I told Amy and Allen we would talk with him the next day. Simon agreed. He was looking a little tired so I politely asked people to leave .

Not long after everyone but Miles and Even departed, Sherry and Gagy arrived.

"Drew, Sir, my brother needs to go home. Do you know when you plan to leave?"

"I am unsure! Let me ask Carol to take you home."

I had the on-station nurse call upstairs to request our group return to my son's room. Within five minutes the herd rushed in. With Sherry's aid we quickly got them under control.

I spoke to Carol for a few moments. It was quickly decided that Dylian would be staying with them until Simon was out of the hospital. In addition, my personal assistant and her little brother would remain with them. Sherry tried to object, but was reminded she would be needed the next day tomorrow, and having Carol to help look after her sibling would be a huge benefit. As it turned out tiny Sara and the little dynamo had become fast friends.

I phoned Greg to find out if he was home to unload Gagy's chair and bring him into the house. Unfortunately he was not there. Therefore, calling downstairs I asked the front desk to locate Seaman Peters.

"Yes Sir?"

"I need a favor!"

"Sir, what is your request?"

"I would like for you to drive Ms. Hensley and her brother home using my truck. We can't get both chairs in Carol's minivan with everyone. Would you mind helping me out?"

"Not at all Sir! However, I need to check with Petty Officer Emory for approval, but I don't for see any problem."

"Don't bother, I will ask him!"

I phoned Brian explaining what I wanted his man to do. He agreed, but added a second SP to ride shotgun. I told him I would send the passengers down to the loading docks.

"Dylian, please go with Sherry and Gagy. That way if the Navy boys get separated from Carol you can direct them to the house."

"Great! You know with all the money you have, you must get a better truck!" He exclaimed rolling his eyes.

"I guess I could travel in the rusty old deathtrap with the three of them! At least being with the little guy we can have fun, Right Gagy?"


"Thank you son! You will go to school again with Nicky tomorrow, and then finish the year with him. Mrs. Smith said you are not far behind the other students, and she will help you catch up. Remember, Thorn will continue to guard you. Is that all right"

"Yeah, he is cool. Although I think we need to find something else for him to eat at lunchtime!"

Both Nicky and Dylian burst out laughing so hard they had trouble breathing!

"I take it he didn't like the institutional meal? I will remind him tonight when I instruct him that he needs to bring food! I am grateful, Sherry, for everything you accomplished today!"

"I didn't do much, Sir! But, you are welcome. Words can't express how I feel concerning your aid for my little sweetheart!"

Hugging me the departing young lady also gave me a goodbye kiss. Rolling up to my side the little one put his arms up for an embrace. I bent down to show him the affection his sister had given me.

"Night Uncle D!" Nicky said waving as he departed.

"Sleep tightly, Son! Say "Hi" to Sara from me! I am sure I will see you tomorrow. Carol, thanks!"

"It was my pleasure, Drew. I am more than happy to help with anything I can. You did so much to save us. And, you added purpose to our lives, again. Of more important, you gave us back Simon and his brother! Once the boys arrive home from school I will bring them over visit with your son."

"Thanks! Dylian, I love you Son! I will see you tomorrow after school! Please pay attention to Thorn: I need you!"

"Don't worry Daddy! I will do everything I am told so I remain safe. I have you, and Simon is back. I could not stand to lose him again!"

Now that my younger son and his entourage departed, there remained, besides myself: Miles, Even, Donnie and, of course, my eldest. My friend said he needed to get his little one home in preparation for the next school day. However, his older boy didn't like that decision at all. He wanted to stay with Simon for as long as he could.

"Sweetie, I think you misunderstood me! What I said was I had to leave with your little brother: not the two of you! You came to the hospital with your mom, and I don't see any reason why you can't go home with her, as well. Let's page your mother to get her opinion! At the same time, we can also get an update on how Tyler is progressing."

"Yeah, thanks Dad! I am glad I have you!" the teen said with tears in his eyes.

"I will be right back."

Miles went out to have his wife paged to come to Simon's room. It wasn't very long before Dr. Edwards and Dr. Powers arrived, rushing directly to my eldest.

"Son, is there a problem? Are you in pain?"

{No I am fine! I, rather we, wanted to know if Even could stay until you leave. Uncle Miles is taking Donnie home so he can get to bed, and we don't want Even to go! Also, we wanted to find out how Tyler is doing? Then I need to have a private conversation with Dr. Brett.}

"I see no problem with my eldest son staying until I depart. It might be a while, though! Your friend is doing good. We are certain he will fully recover! We hope to put him in a regular room sometime tomorrow."

{Is there any way he can be put in here here, or I would be willing to move to a room large enough for the two of us?!}

"We can arrange that without any difficulty, As long as all fathers approve!"

"It's fine with me. In fact, I am very proud you made the offer Simon!"

{After all, he is family! And, this provides me with an excuse to KICK you out at night! You must be aware you SNORE!}

"I do no such thing! How dare you accuse me of something so monstrous as snoring!" I laughed!

Everyone in the room were pleased my son and I felt good enough to joke.

We left the room to give Simon and Dr. Powers a chance to talk in private.

{My Dad and Dylian's teacher have come up with a plan to help other kids who are being abused. I don't know if you heard what my brother did today?}

"Yes I have! I think he accomplished something awesome! I wish I could contribute, as well!"

{You can! Dad founded 'The Dylian Project'! They are going to have my Brother repeat his talk one more time. It was real hard on him, but he promised to go through it again. It will be taped by a professional film crew! Then, they intend to add stories from other kids who have survived abuse, like Even. Also, they wish to include the names of successful adults who overcame mistreatment as youths. This would show children everyone has a chance at happiness. I immediately thought of you when Mrs. Smith, Alan and my father were discussing the aims of the project! I am hoping you will be the first person to appear on The Survivors Scroll?}

"Simon I would be honored! What else can I do?"

{We want you to recruit Dr. Maxwell!}

"I won't! However, what I will do is bring him here to meet you so you could enlist his aid. He might surprise you!"

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! So I am going to try to keep it going as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a Great friend and a Damn good editor! Thanks for your support! This one is for my little buddy!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight!



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