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Chapter 17

My eldest son and Dr. Brett talked for about a half hour.

Even met with Dr Maxwell in the morning while his boyfriend was scheduled for the following afternoon.

It wasn't long before my nephew experienced "Simon withdrawals". He needed to be with his guy.

Meanwhile I updated Amy concerning the projects developments. I requested she ask her friend to create the project's animated logo. I informed the lady the artist would be paid for his services.

While waiting for the boys. I decided to check up on Tyler in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). After telling the youngsters where I was going, I took the elevator to the fifth floor. Upon exiting, I bumped into the exhausted looking group comprised of Mark, Brian and Andy.

"My friend, have the three of you eaten since arriving at the hospital?"

"Hi, Boss! No, we were too concerned about our son to think of anything else. Tyler woke up recently. We saw him for a few moments before he fell back to sleep. We were told he would be moved into a regular room sometime tomorrow if he continues to progress, as he has until now."

"Why don't you get some food while I wait here? Also, let me take Andy for the night."

"What? No! I am not leaving Tyler! Please Dads let me stay!"

"Son, I wasn't suggesting you go home with me. My boy has an extra bed in his room. You can sleep there tonight instead of me. You must be well rested if you want to contribute to Tyler's recovery. Moreover, staying with him will relieve our concern over my eldest being alone. So, please say yes!"

"Okay I guess. I will still be at the hospital if Tyler needs me. Maybe one of my Dads will also go to Simon's room to get some rest. What do you think, Dads?"

I loved how Andy addressed his new parents.

"I think it is a grand idea; What about you, Brian?"

"Yes, if we alternate watches both can sleep a few hours without leaving either brat, I mean child, alone!"

"We are not! I don't believe you said that!"

Everyone started laughing. My friend had accomplished what he had set out to do.

I suggested we go eat. Then, I would accompany their son to my boy's quarters while his parents checked on the progress of their recovering child.

The cafe we selected turned out to have good food. Once finished, the teen was unable to keep his head up. Therefore, we immediately returned to my child's room.

As we approached, I noticed Andy's hesitation to go on.

"All right, Buddy what's wrong?"

"I umm... Well, I don't have anything to sleep in. We left the house so fast after Dad found my brother I had no chance to put on any undies. You see, we, Tyler and I..."

"Andy, it is okay! I am very happy you have each other! The only thing I want is for the two of you to watch out for each other, as Simon and Even do. I assume your Dads know?"

"Yeah, not only are they aware but approve! They warned us though to be careful about telling people we are boyfriends."

"Your fathers are very smart and trustworthy men. I have been friends with them since childhood, both as individuals and as a couple. Therefore, no need to fear my reckoning you two are boyfriends. I think you and your Dads are very lucky to have found your partners this early in life. The only thing about their being gay which bothers me..."

"I witnessed the anger building in the sweet fourteen-year olds face. Therefore, I quickly added,

"... is they keep trying to fix me up with every Tom, Dick, and Harry! You see, Son I am gay as well. There is nothing to be ashamed of, however there are many people in this world who not only hate us but want to hurt us for no other reason than our being sexual orientation."

"You don't care the two of us slept naked?"

"Were either of you forced to be nude?"


"Then, it's fine with me. And, I bet your dads feel the same way!"

"Yeah, both said it was all right as long as we wore clothing when we left our bedroom, or someone entered it. Tyler questioned their reasons for adopting us. He won't be when he finds out how our Dads reacted to and dealt with his injuries. He will have a hard time believing me when I tell him."

"Maybe you should enlist one of your relatives to help out!"

Lowering his head, the boy stared at his feet. Next, he began bawling. I had no idea what I did to upset him.

"Sweetie, why are you crying? Please tell me so I can make it right!"

"I don't have anyone!"

"Oh, my dear boy!"

Pulling him into me, I hugged and kissed him. I raised his chin with my finger until he looked into my eyes,.

"You have plenty of kin! Aunt Debbie who is Tyler's Doctor! Then, there are Uncles: Miles, Bruce and Drew. Yes, I am one, as well. We are each other's family! It has been, and always will be, that way! I want you to trust me, but I will settle for you knowing I am there for you!"

"You think of me as family?"

"Of course! I have only one living blood relative left, my three year old niece, Lisa. Her mom, who died during childbirth, was my only sibling. I lost my parents years ago. In their place I found a great set of friends. They are the people who work for me plus their mates and children. Two of them are your dads! I love and trust my extended family, because either I choose them, or someone I respect did!"

"Then, aren't you like the head of the family?"

"Most of the time, I guess I am. I think though it is because I own the company that most of the members get their livings off of. See, you do have a big family now!"

"But, what will we do about me not having underwear?"

"Tell me your size and we will get you a pair."

"I don't know."

"Sweetie, go into the bathroom and check the tag in your jeans; should tell you the size."

Nodding, he went to the bathroom. It wasn't long before he returned.

"Umm... Uncle Drew, I can't find it. Would you please check?"

I was reluctant, because he wore no underwear. However, I agreed in order to prove to him he could trust me.

"Sure little buddy, lets go get it done."

Entering the lavatory, I had him turn away from me to drop his jeans. I stopped him when he lowered them far enough for me to see the tag. Now, I understood why he couldn't find the size, it wasn't marked clearly. However, with difficulty I deciphered the dimensions.

"Okay sport, I have it. Pull up your pants."

Extracting my cell phone, I called Seaman Peters, "Hi, this is Drew. How are you doing?"

"Hello Sir, I am fine and yourself? How may I help you?"

"Great!... Could you please do me a favor? Please buy a pair of pajamas and a package of briefs for a fourteen year old teen whose waist is twenty-nine inches and instep thirty. I will reimburse you when you arrive. I am in Room 318."

"Mr. Thomas, I am about to leave and happy to do so!"

"Thank you!"

We went into Simon's room to await his arrival. Even and my son kept Andy occupied in the interim. They asked him all about his new dads and home. Then, the three discussed the classes they would be taking. The boys talked about everything. I deliberately stayed out of their conversation, using the time to check my email in an attempt to catch up. However, I realized I wasn't going to get much accomplished.

Thirty minutes later, we heard a knock. Slowly, Seaman Peters cracked open the door and stuck his head into the room, seeing if it was safe to enter. Upon coming in, he gasped.

"Is there a problem?"

I worried he might disapprove of Even being in bed with Simon, granted they were just sitting there next to each other.

"Sir, I must ask a question!"

"Go ahead, but step lightly."

"Sir, will your son be okay? We have no idea why he is here. I apologize for my reaction, but he reminded me of my best friend's younger brother after being hit by a drunk driver."

"Yes, Simon is going to be all right. His voice, we hope, was successfully repaired and is healing nicely. He had surgery today to restore the sight in his right eye. However, his left is beyond redemption. But it is no problem, because he will do fine even if he remains totally blind!"

{That is correct! As long as I have my little brother, my dad, my Even, and the rest of my new family I will be great. The little things in life can be dealt with. It's the important items you don't want to mess up!}

"I hope I didn't offend you, Sir, I was unprepared to see you extensively bandaged. I am glad you are improving, Mr. Thomas! I will be delighted to inform the guys downstairs about your condition, with your permission, Sirs?"

{Would you knock off the 'Sir' crap?! I' don't have, nor do I want a title! It is all right for you to inform them but without too many details. What do you think, Dad?}

"I agree! I don't see a problem with telling your guards Tyler and you are going to fully recover."

"You must be Andy! These are for you."

Then, he handed the teen a bag and me a receipt. Taking out some cash I gave him a few bills. He looked at the money then at me, several times.

"Sir, this is too much!"

"No it is not! Don't you dare argue with me! You have gone out of your way as have your compatriots. Take this money so Petty Officer Emory can order pizza for the group!"

Peeling off about five hundred dollars more, I handed it to him.

At that moment, Andy came out of the bathroom with a grin from ear-to-ear.

"These are awesome! Thank you, very much!"

Running over to sailor, the excited youth hugged him.

I hadn't looked at the receipt he gave me, but as it turns out the guy went to the PX (store) on the Naval Base to buy the boy's pajamas. They were blue cameo with little US Navy emblems all over them. He selected a matching tee shirt and a package of blue briefs. The young man had even remembered to pick up an extra pack of socks. The kids talked to the guard for an extended period until informing them he needed to return to his post.

I was surprised when Even ask,

"Uncle Drew, is it true Hank's dad works for you?"

"Yes, he does. Calvin Peters has driven a rig for one of my companies for thirty years."

"Therefore, he is like family, too, right?"

"What do you think Andy? Should his son become a member?"

"Yeah! He is nice."

"As an Uncle?"

"Yup, he could be Uncle Hank! It would be awesome!"

"Let me call his superior to ask for him to return!"

"You would do that for me?"

"Son, you have as much right to choose members of this family, as I do! Even, hit the zero on the phone, ask for Petty Officer Emory and tell him you need Seaman Peters sent back up here."

I went into the hallway to make a call.

One of the things I pride myself on is my relationship with the employees of my company. I keep a listing of all their home phone numbers and addresses in my Personal Data Assistant (PDA). I also add information concerning their special dates such as birthdays and anniversary's. I feel this is a good way to connect with my workers, showing I care not only about them but their families.

If the boys wanted to add the young man to our clan, then it meant his kin would become part of ours, as well.

I knew Hank's father had expressed a desire to take either a desk or a less demanding driving job with my company. I wondered how he would feel handling a limo or a regular car. I decided to find out.


"Hi Marsha, it is Drew Thomas calling. Is your husband there?"

"Hello, Sir! Yes, he is, please hold while I fetch him!"

"Thank you, very much!"

My employee came on the line after a few minutes.

"Mr. Thomas, what may I do for you? Is there a problem of some kind?"

"No! Not at all! I am..., well it's a long story but have you heard what happened at CPS?"

"Yes, those poor children! As if their lives weren't hard enough, then they had to deal with disreputable case workers. I understand some of the little tykes were sold as sex slaves. It greatly upset me! I damn near drove my truck off the road when they added the story concerning some child who talked to his school about himself and his brother being abused!"

"Yes! That boy is now my new son, Dylian. I have adopted both of them. The little one is nine years old while his sibling is fifteen. I have called you on their account. We are at the hospital, as a result of the injuries inflicted on Simon. Because of my status, and the pressure I put on the state of this whole mess, the government added extra security in the form of the US Navy Shore Patrol. One of the guards is your son. He has been a great help. I hope you are proud of him!"

"We are! We wish he might provide us with some grandchildren. But, it is not in his future."

"Do you mean he is gay?"

"Oh, I am sorry! I thought he told you! Yes, he is. He has a great partner named Matthew!"

"Well then Calvin, perhaps we can be of help to each other. Is there any chance you and your lovely wife might join us for a chat?"

"I am sure it will be fine, but let me ask my wife."

"Great! Please come directly to Room 318. I will inform the SP and the Secret Service you are family!"

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! So I am going to try to keep it going as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a Great friend and a Damn good editor! Thanks for your support! This one is for my little buddy!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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