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Chapter 18

*Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know of a few changes I have made in the format. If you see { text }, that is Simon typing on his computer. If you {} text {} that is the new Simon Mode.*

I was surprise at how fast Calvin and Marsha arrived at the hospital. It turns out they did not live far away.

Their son Hank was shocked to see his parents entering Simon's room.

"Mom!... Dad!... What are you guys doing here?!"

"Mr. Thomas asked us to stop by. He said he wanted to talk to us. By the way, how is Matthew?" Marsha replied.

"Why are you asking about him, now? You made your feelings very clear!"

"We were wrong! We think he's the best thing to have ever happened to you. I deeply regret what we did to both of you! I would not blame you if you never spoke to, or trusted, us again."

Calvin Peters was a very big burley truck driver. However, right now he appeared to be a small broken man. I could tell that there was much pain between the parents and their son. I was very proud of my boys, for remaining silent during this exchange and for their support of Hank.

"Does that mean you are ready to accept my lover as my partner in life?"

"Yes! Both your mom and I recognize him as your husband!"

Instantly, the two hugging men were crying. While Marsha attempted to embrace her loved ones, this was clearly a father-son moment. Separating, the old man almost ruined the reconciliation by saying,

"Hank, what greatly bothered me is the two of you is I will never have grandkids!"

I attempted to mediate.

"Calvin that is one of the reasons I asked you to stop by. You see, the boys have adopted this young man as an uncle, but since I am an orphan, they need grandparents! I was hoping you would fulfill the position so they can be spoiled."

"Sir, I have worked for your family for over thirty years. I know your father's views. Why do you want an ignorant old goat as a mentor to your children?"

"Never say such a thing, again! I was used as a sex slave, beaten, raped and put down in every way! How dare you think you are beneath me? The guys Uncle Drew helped had no one before this week! Now, we are building a big family of our choice. If you don't like us, that is fine, but don't claim you're unworthy. I would suppose you might be worried about us adversely affecting you!"

I was about to comment when Simon started typing on his computer.

{As of right now my doctors may have repaired my vocal cords and restored sight to one of my eyes making me a half blind, one legged, gay mute! I have my dad, brother, boyfriend and new extended family! What I don't possess is someone to teach me to cook, to fly fish and to counsel when problems occur unexpectedly. I have no grand folks! My dad says if I want something I need to ask, so I am! If you don't want to accept, that is fine, I will understand, but if you agree, you will have instant grandkids!"

Walking over Marsha grabbed Simon's and Even's hands.

"I don't know about my husband, but I would be honored to have you as my grandchildren! But understand this, I cook a lot, and I love to watch people eat my food, so I expect you to devour it!"

As soon as she finished talking, she had one on her lap, Andy, and the other two holding her hands, with all in tears, including Hank and his dad.

"I agree with your grandma! I would be honored to be known as your grandpa! Just, please promise me that you will help me gobble down her grub!"

Stepping outside, I called Miles to update him on the new events so he wouldn't be surprised when Even started talking about the newest members of our clan. In addition, I had to find out from Helen the status of the house construction. Debbie's husband was surprised by the latest developments. He understood everything once I told him about Hank. Donnie had never had any grandparents so he was thrilled. After completing my calls, I returned to Simon's room. Everyone was happily chatting away.

Needing to talk to the newest male member of our group, I asked, "Calvin? May I speak with you in private for a few minutes?"

"Sure Mr. Thomas."

Entering the hallway, I turned to say,

"You are now family, you must never again refer to me as anything but Drew or son!"

I laughed at the thought of him calling me by a formal title while the children said "Gramps". Both saw the humor in it.

"I heard of your desire to find a different position with the company."

"At my age I think it is safer for me to do something else. Besides, my wife wants me at home every night. I tried taking her along with me, but she did not like the long hauls."

"I have a position I need filled. It must be an individual I can trust, as a driver for my sons. Originally, I thought I should hire someone independent of my company. Then, I realized I could use a new employee to coordinate rides for all my customers when they come for visit. Up to now, I have asked who ever was available in the office. In addition, with our ever increasing clan there is a demand for a person to chauffeur people. Therefore, I have decided to create a new department exclusively dedicated to transportation related matters."

"Are you thinking of starting your own limo line?"

"I wasn't, however that is a terrific idea, why outsource if we don't have to. Do you think you would be able to run such a service? After all, it was your idea. Maybe only two or three cars? I already have a Lincoln Navigator, so I would have to get several more."

"It's a natural fit. I have driven them before. If it were up to me I would get a few Lincoln Town Cars, as well. Not everyone wants one of those behemoths. And, these vehicles are cheaper to run. A stretch limo would need a driver with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), where as a standard auto doesn't."

"I am not worried about that. I think quality is more important than cost. However, I do like your idea. Starting tomorrow, if you agree, you are the Vice President of Transportation. Your new annual salary will be one hundred eighty-five thousand dollars with full benefits, and a company car. I will want you behind the wheel, as well. Also, you must hire the best qualified professionals who can be trusted with my sons. They are one of your main responsibilities once Simon and Tyler get discharged from the hospital! So, do you accept?"

"I am speechless, Sir! I never earned more than sixty-five grand a year. I am unsure I can manage a division. I don't want to let you down!"

"I have faith in you! Anyone who raised such a fine young man as Hank is the type of person I want in a management position. Please remember I run my company differently than my Father did. May I assume you are taking my offer?"

"Yes! Thank you very much! I will make you proud."

Calvin sealed the deal with a hand shake. After that, we returned to the room where the others were talking. Marsha sat with Simon on his bed. He was leaning onto her as if she was a back rest while Even reclined on her, resting his head on her shoulder.

As soon as we came in Calvin had a fourteen year-old lap companion. I marveled how tactile (touchy) Andy was with his new grandpa. I had been concerned the boy might think it proper for his grandpa to desire sex with him. I should have known better.

"Son, you are such a good cuddlier! But, I want you to know I expect nothing in return for my love. I am pretty sure that you are very confused about how you see emotions from adults. However, no-one has the right to touch you unless you want them to! I respect and adore you too much to ever betray that trust!"

Andy was in tears, again. Fearing the man had hurt his feelings, I expected a problem. But, again, I needn't have worried.

"I am sorry! I thought that you would only like me if I was physical. But, you want me for me! Oh, thank you so much Grandpa!"

"Little one, I know it's what you thought. Now, I need to talk privately with Grandma, do you want to join us?"

"You wouldn't mind?"

"No, kiddo, I wouldn't mind one bit!"

The three went out for the husband to discuss with his wife the offer. While they were gone I decided to talk to Simon and Even.

"Hi boys. I want you two to speak with your friend about how to behave with adults. Tell him he doesn't need to get physical with us."

{Yeah Dad. I saw how he acted. I thought Gramps handled him correctly. But, I believe it might do some good if I chat with him after everyone else goes home.}

"Also, I have your book you can listen to. Aunt Nancy dropped it off this morning while you were sleeping. She couldn't stay, because she needed to set up school. She said she would stop by tomorrow to see how you were feeling and if you wanted to get started on your studies."

"Great, Dad!"

"We decided to set up an accredited home course to help you catch up. That kills two birds with one stone"

"Cool! I am happy I will be returning to class soon!"

Even didn't say anything, but I suspected he thought his situation was hopeless.

"Son, I want you to know, part of what she is doing is to work with a placement expert to find out how far behind you are and how best to help get you caught up."

I think this helped the boy with his fears. However, he said nothing. Under the circumstances it was understandable.

Soon, the three returned to the room. Marsha looked at me oddly as if I wasn't real. I became concerned over what she was thinking.

"Drew, I have no idea what to say! Is this offer real? And, if so why?"

Understanding everyone else in the room was in the dark. I wasn't going to be the one to spill the beans.

"Yes it is legitimate. The reasons included his thirty plus years with the company and his perfect safety record. Why wouldn't I want someone such as your husband in a management position? I think that Calvin is the perfect person for what I want."

"What is going on? What offer and what management position?" Hank demanded.

"Son, Drew offered me a promotion. He asked me to become the Vice President of Transportation. He wants me to establish a limo service and, then, manage it. The position has a nice little bump in salary, and perks. What do you think, should I take it?"

"Hell, yes! I don't like you being out on the road alone anymore or Mom left all by herself. I could not handle it if something bad happened to either of you. This is so great! Maybe next year when I complete my service, you might give me a job, so I can go back to school."

"You will have to apply, as anyone else would who is in this family." I said with a grin.

"Where would I get an application?"

"That is the hard part. You have to ask me nicely!"

"I understand! Drew, do you think I would be able to work for you as a driver?"

"I don't know, I think Bruce might want first dibs on you. But, you will get a position one way or the other. You are family, now, and we take care of our own. Calvin, I have a favor to ask the two of you."

"Sure, what do you need?"

"A bed for the night! I understand that you live fairly close by. I want to avoid driving back to my condo. I hate being away from Simon. However, he complains I snore, plus he has a guest tonight. And, hopefully, tomorrow he will have a roommate."

"You are more than welcome, but, so you know, the only spare bed is Hank's old single one."

"I wouldn't mind if it was on your floor. As long as you have hot water for a shower and a pillow for my head!"

I was feeling the stress of the last few days. I couldn't believe what happened in such a short time. I knew many more changes were coming. I had to ease up for a while.

"Simon, is it okay with you if I leave sooner than normal? I need to bathe and sleep."

{No problem Dad! I want you to go home or to the grandparents to relax and regenerate. Is there a way that I can get a hold of you if necessary?}

"That is a tough question. Have a nurse give me a call on my cell phone."

"I have a better idea. See if Uncle Allen can program your computer to connect to your Dad's cell phone like it does with his!"

"Awesome Even! I think he can do it by remote access to your computer."

{Hi Uncle Allen, are you there?}

There was a slight pause.

{Yes, Buddy! What are you doing up this late?}

Even did the honor of reading for Simon.

{Uncle Allen, its only ten. I need a favor. Can you program a hot key for me to connect with Dad's cell phone like you did with yours? Remotely, that is. However, it's not so important that you need to come out tonight to do it.}

{"Ctrl+ALT+F3. Whoever is there with Simon now, tell him to hit those three keys simultaneously, now.}

Even told his boyfriend to do what my technical expert had typed. When my son followed his instruction, we noticed nothing happened.

{}Uncle Allen, I followed your direction while Even watched to insure I hit the right keys. However, nothing happened, what was supposed to?{}

{}Well, now it should be in Simon mode. I am testing this out on you, so please let me know what you think!{}

{}OH WOW! That is so cool! Now I don't have to have anybody else read what you type!{}

I had to admit it was great. The computer was voicing everything that Allen was writing. This had to be the most technically advanced program my friend had developed. I asked Simon to voice my admiration.

{}Sir, Dad says this is about the best work, ever! I can't believe you made this for me! I am so grateful!{}

{}Thanks, Boss! Now, Son, if you hit Alt+F1, you will be connected to your father's phone. While typing Alt+F2, you will get Dr. Edwards. If you hit Alt+F3, you will activate Even's. This program not only converts what this end types for you, but it also translates what you punch in for the other person. I think I have eliminated most of the bugs, but keep track of any problems or messed up words you find. This system might be a big step in helping other people.{}

{}I think it's awesome! You should be very proud of yourself.{}

"Simon, tell him that he had one small error. I don't have a cell, so he couldn't have programmed a number for me."

{}Uncle Allen, Even says you made a minor mistake, he does not have a phone. What number did you program into my computer for him if he doesn't have one?{}

{}Oh, shit! Please forget that last command! However, know if you wanted to get a hold of him to hit Alt+F3 and you will be connected to him. Don't tell anyone that I said it, though! Sweetie, feel free to call anytime if you have questions or issues you need help with!{}

{} Okay, I will, Sir! Thank you so much for everything you did! Everyone here says goodnight!{}

{}Laterz, everyone!{}

Since my son understood how to get a hold of me I hugged and kissed the boys, told them I loved them and said I would see my eldest in the morning.

Hank left, indicating he would be downstairs if needed. Then, I exited with his parents.

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! So I am going to try to keep it going as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a Great friend and a Damn good editor! Thanks for your support! This one is for my little buddy and for Zac! Hang in there Zac, you're doing great!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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