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Chapter 19

I relaxed with a nice hot shower at the Peters' house followed by coffee and sandwiches provided by my hosts Calvin and Marsha who were now part of our extended family. We discussed the happenings of the past few days. I told them all the teens rescued were gay, which did not disturb them. Then, I revealed I was, as well. Hank's mother said,

"Drew, I will find you the perfect guy!"

We laughed until her husband quipped,

"My wife is serious!"

Using one of my aircraft, Miles arranged for the pickup in Kansas City of a youth who was a ward of the State of Kansas. He had experienced an accident, resulting in the loss of his sight in one eye and suffered severe headaches.

The plane was my Airbus320, constructed to ferry one hundred sixty passengers but converted into a thirty seater, three bedrooms, and two office flying apartment.

Dr. Power's medical school roommate alerted him to the plight of the child. Social Services refused to cover expenses involving either a specialist or exploratory surgeries. I had already enlisted Tom's aid despite the difficulty brought on by the CPS scandal.

When the governor spoke with the tyke's case worker she declared there was no chance of its approval. However, my friend obtained legal custody of the little guy.

Brett and the boy's new foster father used my flying machine to fetch the kid, planning to return the next morning.

During the flight, the doctor said,

"Thank you for your help, Tom! I have a good feeling about this case. My statement may sound weird, but Kyle never before asked for aid. We fell out a few years ago!"

"Why, if you don't mind me asking?"

"No! His girl disliked me, thinking I wanted him for myself."

"Was she correct?"

"Yes, but not sexually. We were as close as brothers until he started dating her. Thus, I felt threatened. While I haven't intentionally had a relationship since I was fifteen, I acutely miss our friendship. I tried to let Becky know my intentions were aboveboard, but she refused to believe me. Since she grew up south of Kansas City, they moved there with jobs after graduation. I am a little anxious, because I haven't seen them since!"

"Don't worry! Follow my example when we meet, and everything will turn out great!"

Interrupting their conversation, the pilot announced their impending arrival at a private airport where a car awaited them.

After exiting, Brett spotted the couple.

Noticing the increase in his companion's skittishness, my old pal placed a reassuring hand on the doctor's shoulder.

"Hang in there buddy!"

Standing straight with his head high, the medical man walked over to them.

"Hi! It's great seeing you, again. I want you to meet Governor Tom Doyle. My friend, this is Dr. Kyle Calvert and his wife, Dr. Becky Calvert."

"Sir, it is our pleasure! Thank you, both, for taking an active interest in the little fellow. He needs help we are unable to provide."

"I am grateful you contacted Dr. Powers. The foundation, of which he is a board member, was established for this contingency. He has the best pediatric specialist at his disposal to care for youngsters who otherwise would remain untreated. I am happy to be a small part of this humanitarian effort."

"Brett! You didn't tell me about any such undertaking. You said you would treat our patient with costs covered."

"They will be! And, this child will receive the best available care and support. Our institute, called S&E Fund, is named after two rescued teens who had been sold into sex slavery. The organization has thirty million in reserves. The benefactor's plane is at our disposal to transport minors in need. Now, what can you tell me about our patient?"

"WOW! That is fantastic. I regret our prolonged rupture. I hope you understand it resulted from our heavy workload and family obligations."

"No, Kyle I don't! My life is solely dedicated to working with youths at the hospital. For your information, I am not in a relationship, now nor have I been in the past. And, Becky, I am not gay!"

Tom saw his travel partner becoming overwrought, therefore he said, "Please tell us about the poor victim."

"He is a tiny twelve-year-old weighing ninety pounds and standing five feet. He lives in a group home and, because of his small stature, gets constantly picked on. Six months ago, the orphanage attended a local high school football game. Some bullies shoved him off the top of the bleachers. Falling on the concrete pavement, he was severely injured. The little guy was rushed to the hospital where my husband treated him. He had several broken bones, multiple abrasions, plus bruises from earlier abuse. We reported his condition to the Department of Human Social Services, DHSS. They informed us they were aware of the issues regarding him. I kept the tyke institutionalized until forced to discharge him. At that point, your old friend talked me into contacting you. I know we had our differences in the past, but this isn't about us. It concerns a sweet little orphan who needs medical attention."

"We will fly him to Children's Hospital immediately! However, Tom has to meet with DHSS to get physical custody, but while he does his part I will become acquainted with our patient. We have a vehicle available for our use."

"We brought our car, as well, so we can split up. I think it best if I took Brett to the orphanage while Kyle accompanies Governor Doyle."

"It is fine with me. Are you satisfied with this arrangement, Tom?"

"Yes! Let's do it, now! I want to return home tonight if at all possible. Thus, I told Philip to keep the plane on standby."

Taking the waiting limo, Becky and Dr. Powers traveled to the institution.

"I owe you an enormous apology. I am sorry I destroyed your relationship with my husband. I realize you loved one another as if you were brothers, and I hope you can rekindle your friendship. I understand your rightful distrust of me, however I have changed. I no longer view you as a threat."

"I do too. But, you must reckon the depth of pain you caused when forcing him to choose between us. You couldn't have been aware he was my first friend. But, it is in the past, and we need to accomplish the matter at hand. Will you please tell me the child's name?"

"Sorry, I thought you had that information. It is Brandon Kahne. He is shy and sweet."

"Has he been informed I came to take him away?"

"No! His case worker is incompetent. She wouldn't allow us to say anything to him about his impending treatment. I have no idea how you can extricate him from this situation. In addition, I worry about his future beyond his recovery!"

"I will insure the foundation places him in a good home. Perhaps, you know I grew up in the foster care system. That is part of what we have set up with the institute. The boys, it's named after, were misused by the state. Both demanded that the primary aim of the fund be the safe placement of all youths under its auspices. To accomplish that aim, Governor Doyle demanded a federal audit of the state's Child Protections Services. After its completion, we plan to rebuild that agency to be THE model for the rest of the nation."

"Yes, he told me about your past, and how you were adopted at the age of fifteen. I am sure there were other difficulties you encountered as a minor, but he didn't say. It was one of the things which frightened me, along with your great intellect."

"I didn't think I was smarter than you! I simply was more determined, because I needed to repay my student loans which you weren't saddled with."

The conversation halted when the limo stopped in front of the Jackson County Boys Home which was housed in a rundown building.

As they exited, the nervous looking driver asked,

"Should I wait?"

Brett answered, "Yes! And, if any child wants to look inside the vehicle, let them!"

Having been to the orphanage previously, the lady knew where to go upon entering the building. She then stated, "Hi, my name is Dr. Calvert, and this is Dr. Powers. We are here to see Brandon Kahne. Would you please call him?"

"I am sorry; we are under orders not to permit any visits, today."

"By whom?"

"The Supervisor for DHSS, Marcus Hawkins."

"Get him on the phone, NOW!"

Calling the main office the receptionist asked to speak with her superior.

While Becky was dealing with the woman, her companion looked outside. He saw a small tyke who kept being shoved by bigger youths every time he approached the vehicle.

Without speaking to his partner, he went outside to the child and asked,

"It's a cool car isn't it? Have you had a chance to glance inside?"

Looking up at the man, the pint-sized dude shook his head.

"Come! I will take you inside it!"

Holding the kid's hand, the doctor stepped up to the limo, opened it, helped him in, entered and then, shut the door.

"Let me guess who you are!"

Although the little fellow remained silent, his eyes grew huge.

"Your name is Brandon Kahne. You are twelve, have trouble seeing and experience headaches! Am I correct?"

The child nodded, yes.

"My name is Brett Powers. I want to talk to you for a few moments. I am a doctor who specializes in head injuries. I was asked by your physician, Dr. Kyle Calvert, to see if I could help you. But, I have to take you to my hospital to work with my partners. Have you ever flown on a plane?"

"No, Sir."

These were his first spoken words!

"Sweetie, please show me where you have pain. Is it in the front, the side or the back?"


"Fine! Which eye?"

Pointing to his right eye, the boy said, "This one."

"All right, that is good! I know it sounds strange, but it means your problems are treatable. Now, if you agree to accompany me to cure you, we first need to do one other thing."


"NO! That will never occur. Are you being forced to do things here?"

"Yeah, when I sleep!"

"Is it, the other boys?"


"It won't happen again!"

Dr. Powers saw one of the staff members approaching the car. He decided the minor was in danger. Reaching over he locked the doors. Next, he pulled out his phone to call for help.


"Mr. Thomas, this is Dr. Powers."

"Hi Brett, what can I do for you. Is everything fine in Kansas City?"

"No! That is why I phoned. The orphanage is under orders not to let us see Brandon, the child we came for. I was able to get him into our Limo where we talked. He confessed being raped by the others youths at night while sleeping. Some of the staff are hitting the vehicle's windows, yelling they will call the local police. Tom went to the DHSS offices, so I'm unable to contact him. Is there anything you can do to help?"

"Yes, wait a few minutes! Aid is on the way!"

Then, the physician stated, "Son, don't worry! Everything will be fine!"

Becky was still trying to get the staff to comply with what had been prearranged for the minor's care, while a staff member refused to permit the limo driver from entering his vehicle.

Then, the local police arrived, threatening to break the windows of the limo if the occupants didn't come out. The doctor was about to give in when three more cars pulled up.

Surrounding the auto were six individuals who guarded it while three others went to speak with the local cops. Their conversation became animated. One of the men standing beside the oversized car knocked on the window in an attempt to hand Brett a document.

Opening it a few inches, the federal official slipped in a form which identified them as being with the FBI and being present to protect the two occupants. Then, he passed on a note indicating Tom received the same reception at the DHSS offices, but was able to resolve the problem.

"My young friend, we are safe now. Before all the distractions, I told you I planned to repair your injuries. Once you are well, the foundation will place you in a real home with parents, not another orphanage. Is that all right with you?"

"Yes, but no one would want me! I am small, skinny, and weak!"

"It's true you are tiny, but how you look is of no concern. What is of importance is the way you act! I am certain we will find someone to take permanent custody of you!"

"I am too old to be adopted!"

"It happened to me at fifteen!"

"It did! You were an orphan, too?"

"Yes! I went from one place to another for years before my mom embraced me! However, it's what you think of yourself, not your appearance, which impresses others when meeting someone new. I bet you are a straight A student in school! Am I correct?"


"I thought so!"

They talked for another half hour before a second vehicle arrived.

Exiting the new limo, my friend handed the officials of the orphanage paperwork proving that he was now the legal guardian of the minor. With that accomplished, the local cops backed down, and the FBI escorted the two adults and one child to the airport where they boarded the plane for the return flight home.

Brandon was shocked to find out his protector was the governor.

Brett thought the boy would need sedating when the youngster entered the luxurious flying machine.

Thank you for all the feedback. I can't get over how many people like my narrative. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! And, that is what I am going to do, as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a friend and a great editor! Thanks for your support! Zac this one is for you from both Mr. Editor and myself! Hang in there, things will get better!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight!



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