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Chapter 20

As I went to sleep that night, my aircraft with its three passengers had departed from Kansas City. Within hours it would be landing back home with its first rescued youth.

How we preceded from there was uncharted territory.

The boy didn't venture too far from the physician once they were on the plane.

The governor was pleased to be returning home. The two adults discussed what had happened with the DHSS. Dr Powers told Tom he needed to talk to Brandon.

"Son, as you know, I am your foster parent while the doctors nurse you back to health. The temporary guardianship will remain in force as long as you want it, we can even make it permanent, if you so desire. On the other hand, should you find someone else to your liking, I will release you. However, no matter what occurs, you have the permanent love of my daughter and me!"

"You have a girl?"

"Yes! Her name is Lisa, and she is three years old. Her mom died during child birth."

"So did mine!"

"Brandon, did you always live in that home?"

"No Sir, I was with my grandfather in his country mansion. When he died, no one came forward to claim me so I was placed in an orphanage."

"Sweetie, please refer to me as Tom, or you can call dad! Was he from your father's side?"


"What was his name?"

"Robert. Why?"

I want to check your background. Don't worry, it's nothing bad."

Pulling out his cell , my pal contacted a FBI acquaintance of his working in the Kansas City branch. The agent ran a background check on the deceased's will and estate. In particular, he wanted to determine if there had been any provisions made for the child's care after his death.

Waiting, the pair became better acquainted.

Within thirty minutes, the governor's phone rang.

"Tom, Kathy here. There is something out of sorts concerning this case file. The man left everything to his sole surviving heir; his grandson, Brandon. However, there is no record of probate ever being submitted to a court in this state. The estate is still paying taxes on the property, and it remains registered in the departed's name. So far, I haven't determined who is living in the house."

"It has not been the little guy. He was at the Jackson County Boys home since his gramps died, being repeatedly sexually abused and bullied. I want whoever is responsible incarcerated!"

"I concur. I am assigning my people to this case immediately, and I guarantee the little fellow will get justice!"

The governor decided to shield his charge from the investigation.

Before long they landed. Two cars awaited at the hanger, one for Dr. Powers and the other for my friend and his new child.

The boy didn't understand why he wasn't going to the hospital. He held back when told he would travel with his foster father. Brett bent down to talk to him.

"Hey, Big Guy! Do you remember what I told you? No one is going to hurt you or force you to do anything not to your liking. Tom's nephew is one of my patients, and I need to see him. I won't start testing you until tomorrow at which time your pops will bring you to the hospital. I trust your dad with my life! Okay?"

"All right."

"Guys, I will see you both in the morning. Go to Admissions when you arrive, Brandon will be pre-registered. The process should be problem free, but if you do have any, please page me. Son, make sure your old man spoils you rotten, tonight!"

The doctor entered the first car while the other two got in the second. Then, both drove off.

"Sir,... Umm, I mean, Dad? Do you really live in a mansion?"

"Yes, it comes with the job. I am governor. We must raid the frig when we get home. I don't know about you, but I am starving! I bet we have ice cream and sandwich makings. Or, would you prefer we order out? I found a pizza place brave enough to deliver to the governor's mansion!"

"That's okay. I am not very hungry."

Arriving, they entered the kitchen. After Tom made their food, they sat down to eat. For someone who had no appetite, the youngster demolished three grinders plus one half sixteen ounce bag of corn chips. When finished, the man took his new son upstairs to show him his room.

"By the time you get up in the morning there will be new clothes. There is a nice robe in the closet you may put on after showering. I need to warn you, Lisa will look for you upon arising. She knows you are here, and she is very excited about having a big brother. I have asked her nanny to keep her occupied until you awaken. We have to be at the hospital by ten in the morning, so I will let you sleep until nine o'clock. I am sorry, but Dr. Powers said you were not to eat anything before he examines you. Do you have any questions?"

"Where is your room?"

"Let me show you. Down the hall, the first door on the left with the heart on it is Lisa's. Then the next one is mine. The one after is your's. The door on the right is Lisa's Nanny."

"Why is mine so far away from yours?"

"Only for tonight, tomorrow we will buy you new furniture for your room. Henceforth, this is your home as much as it is mine!"

"Only temporarily right?"

"No! I want you to be part of my family forever. After all, I try giving my little girl whatever she wants!"

Nervously laughing, the poor boy was unsure how to react. Reaching out, the dude hugged then, kissed, his compacted son. He observed the boy was not use to being embraced.

"Hey kiddo, I am not going to hurt you or let anyone else harm you! But, you need to get used to being held, because we do it often! Good night, Sweetie! Sleep soundly, and I will see you in the morning. If you wake up before I do, feel free to wander around, no one will bother you!"

Going to his room, the petite lad went to sleep.

Tom showered. Before retiring, he decided he should check on the newest member of his family. Opening the door, my pal almost freaked out when he saw an empty bed. Then, he noticed the pillows were gone. Kneeling down, he found his curled-up child slumbering on the floor under the bed. He understood it would take time for the kid to trust him.

Leaving the sleeping boy, my buddy happily entered dreamland, knowing his daughter would arise very early!

{Andy, Bud, can I talk to you?}

"Sure Simon, what did you want to talk about?"

{We saw you come on to my father, and then, to Grandpa. Please don't get upset, I am not mad at you nor is Even! We want you to know we are always going to be there for you! Further, the adults in our lives won't hurt us! Our dads, my boyfriend and I will never again permit you or Tyler to be abused! Andy, people will either care for you for whom you are or not!}

"Simon, what can I do if they don't like me?"

{Nothing! It's their loss if they don't see what a great guy you are! You don't have to try to impress anyone! Just be yourself and people will love you! Tyler sure does and so do all of us!}

"I will try my best for you!"

{Dude, I don't want you to do it for me! You have to attempt it for yourself! You must become comfortable with whom you are. No matter what kind of help you need, we, your family, will get it for you.}

"Thanks! You know, I thought you were stupid for fighting those people at that house. I didn't understand why you would permit them to beat you! Now I do, you were stronger than they were and smarter! I wish I was as brave and intelligent!"

{That's sweet, however you must never put yourself down! You survived, as well! So did Even and Tyler, all of us had to be tough and very bright to survive. Get some sleep, we will talk more tomorrow, okay?}

"Yeah, goodnight my friend!"

{Sleep well, Big Guy!}

I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon! Dressing and freshening up, my nose led me to the kitchen.

"Good morning! Wow, what a great way to start the day!"

"Good morning to you Drew! Fresh coffee is hot and on the counter. Mugs are in the cupboard above it. How do you like your eggs?"

"Over easy would be great, thanks! Calvin, I am leaving for the hospital to see Simon. I will make some calls on the way to set up the new division. I want you to buy the vehicles we require. Purchase five Town Cars, and three limos. I don't care what manufacturer you select as long as their product is top-of-the-line. Then, we need to hire drivers. Also, get yourself any kind of auto you desire as long as it can be used in a pinch to transport customers. We will have to set aside an area of the office to put your staff, but Miles will help you. Do you have any questions?"


"Good, then I will phone you later! Marsha, thank you so very much for your hospitality."

"Drew, do you mind if I visit with our boys?"

"Of course not, you are their Grandma!"

I left thinking about all the things I had to do. Calling my second- in-command on the way, I talked until I arrived at my destination. I explained what I wanted to set up for the new transportation division. I also mentioned needing him to create a workspace for our new director. My subordinate reminded me of our scheduled meeting with a group from Memphis who wanted sell us their twelve helicopters. Buying them, meant expanding my fleet to thirty which justified my plans to build a new terminal.

Upon hanging up, Nancy called.

"Hi Drew, I want to update you on the progress of the home schooling project. With the number of students involved the state insists we have one pedagog per child."

"Isn't it done without teachers?"

"Most of the time, yes, however our boys require certified instructors to administer the curriculum. Would it be all right if I start looking for one more educator?"

"No problem! Offer the selected person the prevailing rate."

When I arrived at Simon's room Even was already there. He was helping my eldest eat.

"Good morning, boys! How did you sleep?"

"Hi, Uncle!"

{Dad! Are you feeling better?}

"I am good, very refreshed! Nothing is planned for you today, Son. And, I won't be able to remain with you, will that be a problem?"

{No, Dad, I will be fine! I know you have a company to run. We are preparing for my new roommate, Tyler. Andy went to check on him. I chatted with him last night. I am certain he will come around.}

"Good! Thank you for talking to him. I am sure your speaking helped more than one of us adults. Even, are you fine with my being away most of the day?"

"Yes, Sir! Dad told me about your meeting. I will be here with Si, and Mom said she was going to stop by, as well. I heard from Father, Uncle Tom and Dr. Brett picked up Brandon from Kansas. He asked us to chat with the kid. I promised I would talk to Doc about him as soon as he came to see my boyfriend. Do you believe I can catch up with my schooling? I hate being a dumb ass!"

"Sweetie, you are not stupid! Being behind wasn't your fault. You are getting all the instruction you need to catch up. It will take hard work however, you can do it!"

{Even, I don't want you to call yourself a dumb ass, again!}

"You know, Big Guy, I would never permit my son to date a stupid boy! You need to do some thinking about how you see yourself. Talk with Dr. Maxwell. Now, I am leaving. Do you need anything?"

{No, dad, We are good! May we have dinner together tonight, perhaps pizza?}

"Certainly! I will check in with you later."

Giving both a hug and kiss, I left.

I stopped at my condo to change clothing.

Buying a more family friendly car became my first priority. With two children, it was no longer practical to rely on my collection of coups and trucks. Therefore, I decided on a Land Rover Discovery III, which would also be suitable for transporting Dylian's cello.

Changing, I called for a ride to a dealership. The driver replied he would arrive in ten minutes, so I waited at the front of my building making a few calls on my cell phone.

On the way, I made a few more calls, one of them was to my personal assistant.

"Hi Sherry, how are you?"

"Good morning, Sir, what can I do for you?"

"I want you to check out cellos, today. Please find me the best instruments available here in town. Price is of course no object!"

By the time I got off the phone we arrived at my destination. As soon as I exited the limo I saw the perfect candy-red vehicle.

A young salesman walked up to me,

"Good morning, Sir, may I help you?"

"Did you draw the short stick today?"

"What do you mean?"

"There is some dude, looking at the trucks on the lot, he didn't drive here, and he is dressed in jeans. So, I concluded the other folks sent you, thinking I was a waste of time, am I right? Don't worry I won't be upset!"

"Yes Sir! You are correct! They figured you are someone window shopping, not buying."

"Dude, it's your lucky day!! Because, not only am I here to make a purchase but to pay for it in cash! By the way, my name is Drew Thomas!"

"And, I am James Slater. Wait! You're "THE MAN"?

"Yes! I would like to take that red Discovery III for a road run, may I?"

"Of course! Let me get the keys and a dealer's plate."

"Don't tell your co-workers who I am. I think you could have some fun at their expense. Bet them lunch I will leave with wheels!"

Smiling, the young fellow walked inside. I saw him talking with a couple of the other chaps. He shook hands with one and then, returned.

After test driving the SUV, we went into the building. My vendor informed his colleagues he wanted Applebee's Takeout for lunch, and they better order, now!

I started laughing.

The transaction took an hour to complete. Now. I owned a family oriented vehicle.

Next on my agenda was the possible acquisition of a dozen helicopters!

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