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Chapter 21

The meeting with the Memphis group proceeded as planned, however the helicopters were older than expected. Therefore, I low balled an offer, which surprisingly was accepted.

Returning to the hospital, I thought about the need to scrap several choppers for parts, repaint the remainder to match my fleet and hire a few new pilots.

I was near my destination when Sherry called.

"Boss, I found a small shop dealing in cellos! Prices range from five hundred to twenty thousand dollars. I told the elderly German shop owner, Henry Dietrich, you might stop by."

"Thanks. I'm on my way!"

After getting the address I realized it was in the opposite direction. However, being important, I wasn't bothered.

Arriving in no time, I became concerned, since, from the outside it looked abandoned.

As I parked, I noticed an elderly man exit a side door with trash. Upon discarding it, he turned to me.

"You must be Mr. Thomas! Please come in, so I can help you."

Following him, he gestured me to sit, before he walked around while sizing me up. Then, he went into the back room to retrieve a cello.

"Go ahead, try this one! I believe it's perfect to evaluate your playing."

"I am sorry, Sir! I am not here to purchase for myself, but for my son!"

"I regret I can not help you! Please leave."

"Unfortunately, I won't until you serve me! Allow me to explain, then see if you might be inclined to aid him with his passion!?"

"Good! Tell me about the boy!"

"My youngster is named Dylian. His mother abandoned him and his older brother, Simon, when he was three. His elder sibling raised him while they nominally were under the care of an alcoholic foster parent. The only thing she left was her cello. The teen had no interest in it, however the younger child did. At six he started playing. According to my oldest he became proficient, teaching himself to read sheet music and practice. One day, the man found my eldest fooling around with a friend. The brute beat him and, then sold his foster son to a sex slave trader. Without his defender, the low life began abusing my little fellow, causing him to run away. Prior to his escape, the bully manage to destroy his one cherished possession during a drunken fit, which devastated my 9-year-old. I found the little guy hiding in the dumpster at my place of work. I then traced down the where abouts of his missing brother. The poor soul had been severely man-handled and is now recovering from several surgeries. In the meantime, I am in the process of adopting the two. I got both computers. I needed to do this for my fifteen-year-old, because he is blind and mute. He uses his notebook to communicate with us. I bought the small tyke one as well, thinking he would need it for school. He became upset, believing since I gave him an expensive gift, I shouldn't do more. Thus, I must show him how mistaken he is!"

"I agree, Sir! But, you have to understand, a person needs to be matched to with his instrument. The sound it makes can only be its best if they are properly paired!"

"Will you be here at four?"

"Usually no, but, for your little one, not only will I remain but have a suitable selection for him to try. What is your price range?"

"Up to one million!"

"Sir, I assure you I do not have anything close to that sum. I deal with a few expensive instruments and some repair work, but for the most part, I am retired. This shop is simply a hobby."

"Do you teach?"

"Only to select students! I haven't taken on any one new recently. The pupil would have to be special!"

"I hope you will find him so. Although I have never heard my boy, if he performs, as he does everything else, he will be great!"

After saying goodbye, I went to the hospital.

Parking in the loading dock, the SP (shore patrol) gently mocked,

"Love your new "soccer mom's" car.

I jokingly retorted,

"If you keep this up, I won't buy you guys meals, again!"

We laughed, as I headed up to see my recovering teen.

Entering his room, I was surprised to see the governor. He didn't look good.

"Hi, my pal! Why are you here? is there a problem?"

"No. I am waiting while Brett examines my boy. He brought him upstairs to run an MRI. He has been gone for more than an hour! It shouldn't take so long?!"

"Relax, Tom! I know how tough this is, I have been doing the same for about a week! He will be fine. Hi kids, are you okay?"

Walking over, I hugged and kissed them.

{Yeah Dad! We are good! Uncle Tom brought Brandon in to meet us, he seems cool, quiet but sweet. He is going to make a fun cousin, and a great big brother for Lisa! Carol called, saying there is an early release at school today. Nicky and Dylian get out at quarter of two. Umm... Would give me some cash for when your not here. I don't feel right about others buying me things.}

"Simon, I told you it was okay! Mom doesn't mind, and the stuff we get is charged to your room. Mother gave me a card for anything I want. Hi Sir, sorry!"

"No problem! Son, if you want some money, it is fine. However, Even is correct, everything you desire has been taken care of. But, if it makes you feel better, I will give you one hundred dollars. Will it be enough, or do you need more?"

{Dad! I wanted only a Hamilton (ten) for candy! }

My friend started laughing with the boys joining in.

"WHAT? Why are you all giggling?"

{I mentioned I was going to ask you for some money. He said your smallest bill would be a Benjamin (one hundred). I told him he was crazy, so we made a bet. I lost!}

"Gee thanks, guys!"

We chuckled, before my nephew and I went upstairs to see how Tyler was doing.

Dr Edwards told us they were preparing to move him into my kid's room. Before leaving, I said to Mark and Brian,

"I hope to see you guys later."

Returning to my eldest, I updated him on my morning's activities. He was very excited for his brother. I told him my plans to fetch Dylian from the Koch's house as soon as he got out of school and to take him for his "fitting".

{Pop, you don't have to baby sit me! There is plenty of family around to insure everything is taken care of! Even won't leave me for a second! Aunt Debbie keeps checking every half hour, as do Drs Brett and Sanders. Nurse Powers insures I drink plenty of water and take my Meds! However, I need to hear the little munchkin play! I know he will want to practice before performing in public, but it would help me recover!}

We chatted for awhile during which time Brandon was returned to our much relieved Governor!

"Son, are you alright?"

"Yes Sir, I am fine."

Grabbing the small boy, Tom hugged him tightly.

"I would be if I could breathe!"

We laughed except for the father. He didn't find any humor in his boy's joke.

"Sweetie, are you having trouble inhaling?"

"Only when you cut off my air supply!"

Turning, the long-haired, brunette twelve-year-old sat on his new dad's lap. I was shocked at how attached my friend had gotten so quickly to this adorable, diminutive, blue-green eyed child.

"Buddy, are you going to introduce me to my new nephew?"

"I am so sorry! Brandon, this is my brother-in-law and your uncle, Drew Thomas. He is the man who owns the jet which brought you here!"

"Big guy, it is very nice to meet you! I know how much Lisa has been looking forward to getting an older sibling. Did you see her this morning?"

"Yes, Sir! She is very cute. Running into the kitchen, she climbed onto my lap. I was scared I was going to drop her, because she wiggled continuously! I guess I better get used to her for the short while I am living there."

"Darling, you don't think you will be staying long with your father and sister?"

"No... I expect them to tire of me, and I will be returned to the group home."

"It isn't going to happen, as I told you earlier! You are now a member of my family! There is no way I am going to give you up, if you want me to be your papa!"

"Really? You choose to be my pop? That is awesome!"

"Drew, is it fine with you?"

"Of course! I will call Jonathan, instructing him to start immediately on the paper work. What I need, young man, is proof of your hug-ability before I give my seal of approval as head of the family on this adoption!"

Laughing, the kid raced over to tightly embrace me. Then, we continued chatting.

I called Carol to inform her I intended to fetch my son.

Next, I phoned Sherry, telling her we would meet for lunch prior to picking up her new van.

After a new round of embraces, I left the hospital.

Meeting my personal assistant at the office, I took her to dine at "Famous Dave's BBQ" restaurant next to the dealership. During the meal, she updated me on company business. We also discussed future issues. Then, we took delivery of her new wheels. I wasn't sure who was more excited!

The sales manager met us at the door.

"Mr. Thomas! It is so great to see you again! And, you must be his right hand. Please follow me to your motorized marvel!"

"Thank you, Sir! It's exactly what I wanted. As usual, you haven't disappointed me."

The blue-pearl-colored Grand Caravan had every option the manufacturer could install including a state-of-the-art GPS and entertainment system, in addition to the specially built wheelchair lift. The young lady was in awe, babbling several times,

"It is too much!"

"No, Sherry, you are earning it!"

Finishing our transaction, I said my goodbyes, then I went to get my gifted nine-year-old.

I arrived prior to the boys scheduled return at one fourty five.

While waiting, I unsuccessfully attempted to chat with the little ones. The tiny tykes talked nonstop, I couldn't get a word in edgewise! They were very excited they had cornered me one-on-two.

Gage discussed the new ramps "Daddy Greg" had installed.. He stressed the platforms were temporary, because he was getting new limbs.

Sara was very excited about the move, as well as starting school. She was glad her buddy was at the same institution. He was her "bestest" friend. It took all my self-control not to laugh.

Five minutes later, I heard a herd of cattle rampaging into the house. Nicky, Dylian and one of their mates came rushing in, heading directly for the kitchen to devour their afternoon snack. They didn't see me, as they ran past.

"Mrs. Carol, whose red truck is in the driveway?" my darling asked with a mouth full of peanut butter cookies.

"It's ours, Son!"

Jumping up, my bundle of energy jetted over to me, before landing in my arms.

"Daddy! What are you doing here? Is Simon okay?"

"Yes, your Bro is fine. Tyler is being moved into his room, as we speak. However, we have an appointment in a little while."

"Why? I am healthy! I don't need to see any doctors!"

"We are not going to a medicine man, but to visit with the fellow creating the logo for The Dylian Project, as well as some other stops. Plus, I wanted to spend sometime with my special guy!"


"Then let's hit the road!"

Heading for the Land Rover, my baby couldn't believe I purchased it that morning. I had to show him the paperwork!

I followed the directions Amy had giving me to her friend's house. The dude was excited about making the logo. He had a picture of my little one, but he wanted to meet my boy to flesh in his personality.

We quickly arrived at our destination. Meeting outside the small house. The lady brought us in to introduce Jordan, a twenty five-year-old, wheelchair bound adult male who had been disabled in a drunk driving accident as a teen. He earns his living, doing commercial art.

Looking around his studio I was impressed with his work. Not being happy with my agency I decided to hire him.

The gifted individual sketched while talking. The craftsman surprised me with a completed drawing. It showed a cute child lovingly holding my hand.

"This is fantastic! I will have it framed and hung in my office! In addition, I want to retain you for my company, I will have my assistant contact you with the paperwork."

"Thank you, Mr. Thomas, for your offer"

The artist let us know he now had everything he needed, before saying, "It should be completed within a week"

Thanking him for his gifts, my son and I left Amy and her friend.

We had a few other mundane stops to make, such as the pickup of dry cleaning.

Upon their completion, we went over to Mr. Dietrich's shop. My child, of course, was clueless as to why we were there.

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