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Chapter 22

My youngest kept asking,

"Where are we going, Daddy?"

My answered remained, "You will find out soon!"

"I hate not knowing!"

To which I smiled once again!

Upon uttering that remark we arrived at the little shop.

The old man sat in a lawn chair puffing on his pipe, he arose, as we got out of the truck.

I walked over to shake his hand.

"I apologize, Mr. Thomas, this is my one vice. My daughter would kill me, if she found out I smoked, please say nothing!"

"No problem! This is my youngest, Dylian. And, Son, shake hands with Mr. Dietrich, he's the person we came to see."

"Young Master, it's an honor! I heard many wonderful thing from my daughter who teaches at your school. When I mentioned your name she excitedly told me about your assembly! I have never been introduced to a hero who saved so many lives!"

"It was nothing, Sir. And, it's cool meeting you! Don't tell her, but I love the smell of your pipe!"

My smarty chuckled, as a car pulled up containing the old fellow's offspring.

"Dearie! I am so excited, I had to join you!"

"Hi, Ma'am! What you mean?"

"I haven't told my son why we are here, or whom you are! Big Guy, do you want to know?"


"Sweetie, my dad is a master craftsman! He is one of a handful of cello makers in the world. He is going to fit you with a matching instrument!"

"Really! That is awesome! Oh, thank you Daddy!"

My little one hugged me tightly, refusing to let go.

"Young man, shall we get started?"

"Yes Sir, but umm... I have never been instructed.... I have messed around, is it okay?"

"Yes, I can teach all the technical aspects, however, I am unable to instill a passion to play or a desire to create harmony between the instrument and the performer! It is something the player must do. Your father said you taught yourself to read sheet music. What you accomplished is almost impossible! Explain your motivation."

"I have no clue, I guess it relaxes me. I love to watch the listeners' faces. I get pleasure from the vibrations pulsing through my body while performing, and finally, I merge with it, as it reflects my emotions."

"Little fellow you have expressed yourself perfectly! Your reasons explain why artists become great. You will excel, because you have the passion, and the talent!"

Mr. Dietrich went into the shop without another word with us following. Standing next to a chair on a little platform, he seated my boy then handed him a cello and bow.

Dylian started to play a simple song, but he stopped right away. Both nodded, before the craftsman took the instrument, leaving the student with the bow. The old master went into the back then returned with a beauty.

You could see my darling's eyes enflame at the sight of this work of art. The artist handed it to my prodigy who cradled the baby in his arms. You could tell the moment the two met, they blended into a perfect union. My youngster started his little number with his partner between his legs. His eyes were brighter than I ever saw them. The pure look of joy reflected everything I dreamed of for my son.

Soon he tried more advances pieces by rote. Henry (Dietrich) grabbed a folder, placing it on the stand in front of Dylian. He asked my youngster to select a page to play if he could. Looking them over, Simon's brother chose one, which surprised the oldster.

"That's the hardest piece, Young Master, are you sure you want to start with it?"

"Yes, Sir. There is something about it which calls to me. I wish to try, may I?"

"Of course! Do not get discouraged if you have trouble the first time."

My sweetie began performing, restarted several times until he caught on. Soon, he perfected the number. After awhile, the teacher stopped the cellist.

Please try a second,... I want to match you to a backup or a more perfect fit."

"Daddy, this is the one for me! May I?"

"Sweetie, I agree and think Mr. Dietrich does to, but let's follow his lead. He is the expert!"

"Okay, I am sorry!"

"It is not a problem, you're correct! I refuse to separate you from your chosen one. What you don't know is the instrument you cradle is a rare outstanding nineteen ninety one Mario Gadda. It's not for everyday use. I propose your father buy a second for practice, keeping your beauty for concerts and pleasure."

"NO! I can't have two! It would cost too much! Let me get the beautiful one, which I will treat with extreme care or the second for now, postponing the purchase of the first for the future.

"Dylian, I have an idea. How about I buy you both including bows, stands and cases! In return, you do something for me!"

"Such as?"

"Perform at the hospital for your brother!"

"That's it?"


"Agreed!! Simon likes to listen to me make music! Maybe it will help him heal sooner!"

"I think it will, my little prince!"

Mr. Dietrich brought out a different cello, taking the one Dylian cuddled while handing him the second. My boy liked the new one but less than its predecessor. He played from the sheet, sounding great, but not as vibrant as with the beauty.

Dylian was pleased with the student cello which Henry had chosen.

"Sir, please tell me how much the two cellos are?"

"That is between your father and me!"

"I need to know! After all, I will be playing and caring for them."

Looking at me for guidance, I nodded my head to Dietrich. I wanted my son to understand I hide nothing.

"Young Master, the Mario Gadda is twenty five thousand dollars while the Stringline is twelve hundred."

"Daddy, I want the first, but it is so expensive. Are you sure you don't mind?"

Kneeling in front of my little one I placed my hands on his shoulders to ensure he could see into my eyes, before I spoke.

"I told the kind sir he had one million to work with. Therefore, I am getting off cheaply! I realize you worry about the money, but it's a great investment. You will be using it for life. This cello is immortal!"

In response, my nine year old slammed against me, throwing his arms around my neck while squeezing the air out of me!

We collected everything. When settling the bill with Henry, he asked, "Sir, do you remain interested in lessons?"


"Your child is very advance, I have never seen an uninstructed youngster as capable as he! However, I am not the right person. I have the perfect instructor in mind, unfortunately he is a recluse, a royal pain in the ass to work with, but worth the trouble."

"Dad, quit besmirching Uncle Albert! Mr. Thomas, he is a hermit, but he is one of the all time great teachers. I will help Father contact him to see if he will work with your boy."

"Great! Please let me know what I must do. Tell him money is no object, what I want is for our little prodigy to become the best he can, if he so chooses!"

"I agree!"


"What Dylian, is there something we forgot?"

"Well, aaah,... I don't want to seem greedy!"

"Your not! We need to do everything now, so if we forgot something, please tell us."

"Well, umm... I would like some sheet music."

"Of course, I am sure Ms. Dietrich will help you. Remember, the more you get the wider selection you have to perform!"

"That is one very sweet child! I don't reckon ever seeing a tyke who worries about money as much as your darling."

"Yes, however it is also a problem. He grew up in foster care, so he feels he owes for anything given to him. You had to see his reaction when I bought clothes. Fortunately, he is gradually improving. Please try to get a hold of your kin. I will do everything to ensure it happens. If he lives far away I can copter out for the lessons, or fly him in. I am building a home studio."

"Mr. Thomas, my brother is an antisocial veteran. Arranging an audition will be difficult. If you can make a recording it would be a big help."

"Daddy, look at the sheets we found. This one has all the original Disney tunes, the second some of the most popular classical ditties and the third contemporary music!"

"Get them all!"

"Thank you, Daddy!"

Dylian started playing the songs from the Disney set with the Gadda, while Henry packed the Stringline. Once it was prepared he started to do the other. Not wanting to stop, my boy took out the latter to continue. We adults laughed, because he acted as if he were a kid at Christmas who couldn't get enough of his new toys.

Once we were able to wrestle both away long enough to encase them, we loaded everything into the Land Rover.

Thanking the Dietrich's for their help, we left.

"Sweetie are you ready to play for Simon."

"Yes, Daddy!"

"Son, I need to talk to you about the Gadda!"

"What about her?"

"She must remain at the condo until we move in. I understand you want her near you, but I am worried its unsafe at the Koch's with the little tykes underfoot."

"Yeah, I don't want anything to happen to her. But, may I play her for my bro?"

"Yes! And, I think you are making a wise decision. Thorn will take you there whenever you want."

"It's okay, I will use my Stringline until we move. It's one hundred times better than what I use to own, and infinitely greater than what I had yesterday! I can wait for Gadda, after all, she is mine! I can use her whenever I want, and you won't hurt her!"

"Sweetheart, I would never harm you in anyway, which includes your music!"

We discussed many things on our way, most of them trivial but important to a nine-year-old. I was amazed my little one could act so mature and childlike at the same time. I truly loved him.

After arriving, we unloaded the beauty. Once the SP saw the case they remarked,

"Now we know why you chose the "soccer mom's" car!"

Explaining their comment, "Son, the reason I bought this vehicle is to schlepp your cellos, since none of my others can do so."

My nine-year-old started crying.

"Hey little prince, why the tears?... What's wrong?"

"You love me so much!"

"Yes!... Is that why?"

"Yeah, I am overwhelmed!"

Hugging my little fellow, I said, "Big Guy, everything is fine!"

Once he got his emotions under control, we went up to Simon's room. I wasn't sure playing the Gadda, again or performing for his big brother excited him more.

My eldest was overjoyed to hear his sibling when he came in. Hugging, the tyke clung onto him for awhile. Then, he started talking so fast no one could keep up.

The tiny fire cracker told my fifteen-year-old everything which happened at Dietrich's shop. In turn, my big guy was happy listening to my nine-year-old'.

{Dylian, play something from the Disney book!}

"Yeah! I am going to perform 'I wan'na be like you', the King Louie song!"

And, then, he did!

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