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Chapter 23

I was amazed how well my little prodigy played unrehearsed. Before long the room became overcrowded with people listening to his performance.

Debbie came to check my eldest but watched the recital instead.

I never saw Simon more stoked while Even whispered in his ear, what I couldn't tell.

Too soon my youngest stopped, with everyone within hearing distance clapping. My boy turned redder than a beet while his bro typed,

{Dylian, thank you! You were awesome I can't tell you how great you made me feel. Now, all our family and friends know I didn't lie when I told them what a genius you are!}


I didn't realize how bashful my child was!

We remained socializing for another hour.

Brandon appeared enthralled by my little artist, peppering him with a myriad of questions, which caused Tom to ask, "Sweetie, are you interested in music?"

"Perhaps. I was fascinated by Dylian's creativity, and how he mesmerized the audience."

"You have the desire to be a musician. Close your eyes and listen to this."

My son intoned a simple song, sounding as if he were playing scales. The entire time my nephew swayed to the notes.

"What did you imagine?"

"Not sure, however I recognized the song. I heard from your cello, but pictured something less grandeur, perhaps a violin or viola!"

"Son, let's go to a music store. How great would it be to hear you two in a duet!"

Before long, it was time to leave. So I said, "Little guy, we need to take Gadda home. Simon, will you be okay while I am gone?"

{Dad I am not a baby! Besides, I have Even!}

"I will be back later for our special dinner!"

After saying our goodbyes, my nine-year-old and I brought his baby home. My musician asked, "Daddy, where can I put her?"

"Sweetie, anywhere!"

He placed his pride and joy in her stand by the corner of the living room where everyone could see her.

From there, we drove to the Koch's.

Dylian set up the Stringline, before telling the tykes to leave it in peace. Since the little ones adored my son, they the agreed.

Gagy, Sara and Nick asked the cellist to play a song. He enthusiastically complied, performing several pieces from the Disney book.

"Big Guy, I must return to the hospital. Are you going to be alright?"

"Of course! Thank you for an awesome day! I love you!"

Before I knew it I was struck by my tiny tornado.

I felt guilty I couldn't remain with him, but his brother required my attention more than he did while remaining hospitalized. "Son, I hate for us to be separated, but until Simon is better, I must be with him, and you need to stay here. Do you understand?"


"I am so proud of you!... Mrs. Smith told me you are caught up in your studies and continue to teach the younger kids while sacrificing your recesses."

"I love helping the little ones, but I admit, I prefer making music!"

"I know. Tomorrow, I am going to get you some studio time to make a recording for Mr Dietrich's brother, so pick out several pieces. I assume you want to play them on the Gadda!"

"Yeah!! Do you think I can practice on Stringline at school before I make the CD?"

"Let me ask your teacher, I am sure she will agree."

"Thanks, Daddy! I love you!"

"As do I, you, little prince! Sleep tight!"

I hugged my little treasure while kissing him.

Upon leaving, I embraced his pals.

Updating Carol, she reminded me both Nancy and she would start the placement testing for Even, Tyler and Andy but postpone Simon's.

Earlier in the day, I arranged for my son to be moved to a single room where the two of us would share a special catered dinner. I informed Even I needed to speak with his boy alone.

On my way, I phoned my assistant to insure everything had been prepared.


"Hi Allen, it's Drew. Did I punch your number or did you pick up in error?"

"Umm... the latter, shall I put on Sherry?"

"Yes! But, where are you?"

"I asked her if she wanted to go to TGI Friday's for supper, and she agreed. Is that all right, Boss?"

"I think it is great! However, treat her well... Now, please let me speak with her!"

"Hi, Sir!... How may I help you?"

"Young Lady, don't worry about having a personal life, and for the record, he is a great guy! I called to verify everything is "go" for tonight."

"Yes, as requested! I ordered Surf & Turf with grilled chicken salads and New York cheesecake. Clean up has been arranged, and Nurse Powers will move your son between rooms."

"Thanks, I knew I could count on you. Enjoy your "date"!"

I turned off my cell, while pulling up to the loading dock.

I found my eldest with Even. Mark and Bryan had gone to eat, and Andy was glued to Tyler's side.

Debbie's son told me his mom and he planned a special meal while his buddy and I partook in ours.

I chatted with the four, before my friend came for her teen. After a heartfelt goodbye between the boys, they left for dinner.

Nurse Powers moved my child to the special room.

Our food was perfect, with my son having no difficulty using silverware or eating.

"Tell me Simon, what interests you?"

{Sir? I don't understand?}

"I am "Dad" or "Father" or even "Drew", but not "Sir"! Is that clear? I meant, how do you see your life?"

{I want to serve people in some, as yet, undecided capacity. By the way, are you upset with me?}

"Of course not, why would you think such a thing! What I want to find out is, how may I help you?"

{I don't know. For the present, I need to complete high school then go to college, before I decide my future. There is no urgency, since we now have a great parent!}

"Well, thanks! Your trust means a lot.... I want you to know the things I did to protect and insure the rest of your life. First, you are on the board of directors of S&E Fund. Second, as mentioned previously, I set up separate trust funds of seventy-five million dollars for your brother and you to use at your own discretion. This permits you to do as you please after you reach the age of eighteen. You won't be obligated to remain with me. Even though I will only have three years with you. However, understand you will always have a fulfilling position at DJ Enterprises. Your friends are starting their placement testing tomorrow, your's must wait until you have recovered from your surgeries.... Concerning Dylian, what are we going to do? I didn't realize how gifted he has. He is sufficiently talented to play in world renowned orchestras. The problem is his age, and the amount of travel required in his profession. I am afraid I am either going to hold him back or push him too hard. What you think!"

{I agree with you it's going to be a difficult choice. I think my bro needs to partake in making the decision, after all, we have no idea on what level he wants to perform. He is delighted with his cellos, I can't tell you how excited it makes me! My life revolves around his. It may sound weird, but that is the way it has always been, and always will be. Dy said something about a mountain man music teacher you are going to hire for him?}

"Mr. Dietrich's sibling is a gifted educator, but he is a recluse. The fellow only takes on the most talented students. Tomorrow, we will make an audition tape, if the instructor likes what he hears, then we will set up a meeting. I guarantee you I will have this individual thoroughly investigated. Nothing will ever, again, be allowed to harm my children!"

{I am not worried about it, Dad. I know you have all the protection set in place.... What do you think of my mate?}

"I am concerned; your buddy was abused for a long time. I worry his views on love and sex are distorted, and he equates one with the other. I understand you are taking the physical portion of your relationship slowly. How and when you proceed is solely at your discretion, which the two of you must discuss and agree upon. As for Even, I think he is a great kid! I hope you have a permanent loving relationship. Is he aware of your feelings?"

{Yes! He believes we are ready to make love but respects my desire to proceed cautiously. I told him I wouldn't do anything until we talked. I wanted to insure you accept my orientation. I understand it sounds strange, because you are, as well. However, after what happened recently. I feared you would want your boys to be straight!}

"Simon, all I desire is your happiness! Remember, if you are afraid or deny whom you are, because it's hard, you will not be satisfied or respect yourself. I am proud of you and give my blessings to your union with my nephew, who will make a great son-in-law."

{Thanks, Father! I can't tell you how much it means to me! So do you think my bro likes guys?}

"I no clue, nor is it important to me, as long as he is content!"

{Nor, I. However, I am aware he is in-love with his music, and he could become a soloist. If so, I would enthusiastically support his decision. Is the Project going statewide?}

"It is! As to your brother, I will be proud of whomever he picks as his partner and let him decide how he wants to proceed with his playing."

{Hey Dad, let Dylian make the sound track for the project!}

"I agree! The question is who would play with him?"

{I have an idea; Mr. Whalley is our high school orchestra teacher. He is in need of a sponsor to finance his state renowned Chamber Strings group's annual trip to New Orleans. I am sure, if you offered him a donation, he would be willing, in turn, to do the recording.}

"What do you know of him?"

{He is the faculty supporter of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, of which I was a member.}

"If I get him to visit, would you ask him? If he agrees, I am sure your brother will want to make it."


Finishing our meal, we talked until Nurse Powers came to return my boy.

After saying my good nights, I went back to my lonely condo for
a few hours of sleep.

Thank you for the feedback. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! And, that is what I am going to do, as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a friend and a great editor! Thanks for your support!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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