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Chapter 25

I was looking forward to my boy's studio time. I always enjoyed good music, but what Dylian exhibited was shear genius. When I picked up my son from school I was far more nervous than he.

On the way he only asked,

"Daddy, do you think we might stop for a snack. Ms. Carol always gives us one when we get home from school, and I am starving! But, if you would rather not I'll understand."

"No, Sweetie, we have plenty of time. Would you like ice cream, a burger or something else?"

"May I have a milkshake?"

"Of course! It sounds good! Let's order a couple of them from Dairy Queen."

"Daddy, I only need one!"

"Hey, what about me?!"

"I know, Silly! Mrs. Smith let me practice most of the day. And, she asked me to perform for the class. I made sure Nicky wasn't mad at me. I think he now realizes why I love my cello. He used to get angry, because I was away from him so much. But, before you picked me up, he stated if practicing made me happy, then he was glad. I think he is jealous, yet pleased, at the same time. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do my Little Prince! It's as if he is your twin. You will be lifetime best buddies. Nothing will ever breakup your friendship."

I enjoyed watching my son guzzle down his strawberry shake. Of course, afterward, he complained,

"Daddy, my head is freezing!"

With time remaining before our appointment, I asked,

"Sweetie we have an hour to kill, would you like to take a walk?"


Therefore, I stopped at a nearby park, where we chatted as we strolled. We discussed how the younger tykes were doing on their reading, about the Koch's children and his feelings on moving to our country estate.

I found out he was somewhat frightened, however at the same time, he wished it would come sooner. He worried about all the attention the Dylian Project would bring. I tried to alleviate his concerns. Finally, it pleased me to discover new facets of my little guy's personality.

Before long, it was time to go to the studio. I asked,

"Big Guy, are you nervous?"

"Nope, it's simply playing" he answered nonchalantly.

Arriving, I was nonplused to find an audience, comprising Mr. Dietrich and a stranger.

My nine-year-old fetched Gadda from the back of the truck while I approached the master craftsman.

"Hello, Sir!.... I didn't expect to see you here today. Although, I must say it is a pleasant surprise. Dylian will be pleased for you to hear him, since he has had a chance to practice."

"Mr. Thomas, I hope you will allow my brother, Albert and me to observe your son, as he records. If the boy thinks he is better after some preparation, then it's was worth the aggravation to convince my sibling to accompany me!"

"Taking me to dinner is a pain?! You are an ass, Henry! You promised I would hear the best untapped talent you have ever seen. A self-taught student who could play with the best in the world and a steak! Are you telling me the virtuoso you brought me here to observe is a ten-year-old? It's impossible for him to be that good!"

"Actually, he is nine, and you are right, I can't explain his genius! Even if I tried, you wouldn't believe me. So why bother! Instead, shut-up, come inside and decide for yourself!"

"Then, I will take you both out for a nice dinner tonight, anywhere you wish to go, in or out of town. Dylian, are you ready my little prince?"

I said to my youngster, as he came around the back of the truck pulling his pride and joy. I was delighted I bought him a case on wheels.

"Yeah, Daddy! I picked out my songs and prepared them. Oh, hi Mr. Dietrich! I didn't know you would be here. I hope I play well enough for your Brother to like me!"

The two smiled at my child. My little darling had no idea the stranger was the famous teacher. He trudged in as if he were worry-free.

It wasn't long until we entered. The manager, Mr. Smythe, came over to ask,

"Mr. Thomas, good afternoon. Are you still interested in making a recording?"


Entering the booth, Dylian started preparing by extracting his bow and, then, rubbing rosin (oiling) on it. Next, he took out Gadda, wiped her lovingly down with a soft cloth before cradling it as if it was a baby. Once prepared, he looked up at us, asking,

"I'm finished, should I start?"

The technician, working the sound board, turned on the cellist's microphone, after which he said,

"Okay Dillon, speak into the mike in front of you, then play when you are ready."

"My Name is Dylian, not Dillon!"

"Sorry, young man!"

"May I say something concerning the recording before I begin?"

"Yes!... Give me a thumbs-up when you want me to start."

My musician immediately did so.... This was blastoff!

"My name is Dylian Thomas! I am nine years old and have been playing the cello since I was six. I taught myself to read sheet music so I could do more things better. Although loving to perform, there is much for me to learn. I will start with Hayden's cello concerto, then go onto 'I want to be like you'! I hope my recital brings you as much joy as it does me!"

My little prince started, using all his heart. I had never heard the first piece, but it sounded awesome. After finishing the second, he asked,

"Should I go on?"

"As long as you want!" The man replied.

I had only booked a one hour session, but the official in charge said,

"Forget it, Sir."

"Thank you Mr. Smythe!"

I settled back to enjoy the most beautiful music I had ever heard.

After two hours of recording, Dylian stopped, saying,

"My tummy is starting to rumble, and it's not in rhythm with my playing!"

We adults laughed, then agreed to meet at an upscale steak house in one hour.

As my little prodigy packed Gadda, the studio manager started questioning him. Seeing my son was uncomfortable with the attention, I asked,

"Sir, why are you interrogating my child?"

"Mr. Thomas, we are always on the look out for good musicians to join our house band."

"My boy is too young! Perhaps, when he gets older!"

The man was unhappy with my reply, but I didn't care. I had no intention of allowing the apple of my eye to be saddled with a strangling contract. He needed a professional agent to oversee his career.

We talked while loading the truck then left for the restaurant.

"Son, what would you like to do with your music?"

"I don't know what you mean?"

"Is your aim to have fun, or to become a famous soloist? Would you like to perform locally or travel?"

"It will always be part of my life. I have no idea whether you can be well known as a cellist, but I would love to go places some day while entertaining people. But, I refuse to leave you or Simon simply to make music. However, if I am able to earn money, then I could help pay the bills!"

"Sweetie, I will never permit you to cover my expenditures!"


"Listen Big Guy, My fortune is so great I employ others to look after it. In addition, I hire someone else to oversee the first person! Trust me little buddy, I gladly cover all your costs no matter how many or how extravagant! You must think of what you want. When you talk to Mr. Albert Dietrich he might ask some difficult questions concerning your music. Follow your heart and everything will be fine!"

"Daddy, are you hiding something?"

"Yes, but soon you will know as well!" I laughed.

We arrived at the restaurant at the same time the Dietrich's did.
The four of us were seated immediately in a secluded booth. Our waitress took our drink order, after persuading my little one it was fine him for him to get a soda. We chatted before Henry's brother started interrogating my genius.

"Young man, I must say your performance was superb! I have some questions I wish to ask with your permission."

"Sure, Sir, please do! The only thing I love more than making music is talking about it. I want to hear ideas on how I can improve."

"That is a very good response!"

"Well, I create music, because I love it!"

"Were did you learn your techniques?"

"From public library books and a few videos."

"Who taught you to read?"

"Me! I don't lie! I did it myself in order to play. I love the touch of my cello between my legs, and the sounds and vibes it gives off! It thrills me to make people feel good by performing!"

"Dylian! Calm down, no one is calling you a liar!"

"I am sorry!" my little one started to cry.

Reaching over to pick up my son, I placed him on my lap. Then, I hugged him tightly, insuring he knew he was safe.

"I am sorry I upset you, young master. I must tell you I trained some of the best artists in the world. However, I never met anyone with your amazing talent or extraordinary drive to produce the level of beautiful music you do!"

"Thank you." My little guy replied, blushing deeply.

"I can help you with your technique, but that is all. I am unable to teach you, however I wish to be your coach. I will guide you with pieces which are too advanced and with new methods. What is non transmittable is passion, and you, dear wizard, possess it in abundance."

"Sir, may I ask your name?"

"My name is Albert Dietrich, you may call me Al!"

"But, you would be my Maestro, correct?"

"Only if I were conducting you. I haven't done so in a very long time. Use my epithet."

By then, our meal had arrived. We enjoyed delicious steaks while chatting about Simon, and the abuse the boys endured. We discussed The Dylian Project. At this point, I unveiled my eldest's idea.

"Son, your brother suggested you make the sound track. In addition, he asked the high school chamber strings group to back you."

"Really! That would be awesome. They are the best! I can't believe I will make music with them!"

"Well, big fellow, you must prove to them you can perform. Tomorrow, you will challenge the first chair by playing unrehearsed a piece unknown by you or the other individual. The aim isn't to beat the person, but to let the group evaluate your level of ability. Mr. Whalley looks forward to hearing you live, he listened to a recording Simon made when you were at the hospital."

"Al, will you go with me, please! What if they choose something I never did! I mustn't let anybody down! Maybe this isn't a good idea!"

"Young man, do as you always have! Use your heart! I am honored to join you for your challenge. You normally get ten minutes to practice on your own. I believe I will be permitted to stay with you during that time."

"Thank you, Sir!"

After talking a while longer, we said our goodbyes. I paid, then my son and I left.

Dylian wanted to visit his brother for a short time before returning to the Koch's home.

"Simon! Guess what?! I did my recording and it was awesome!"

{Dy that is great! Do you think Mr. Dietrich will like it?}

"Yeah, he was there, and he loved it! He said he couldn't be my teacher, but he would coach! And, Daddy told me your idea for The Dylian Project music! I can't believe you got me into the best chamber strings group in the state!"

My youngest jumped onto his sibling's bed, nearly causing poor Even to fall off of the other side! However, neither teen minded, because of my little fellow's exuberance.

{Bro, I am so happy for you! I knew you had it in you! I love you with all my heart!}

"As I do you!"

Telling number one son I would be back later, I returned my artist his temporary home. He remained over stimulated by all the activities he experienced that afternoon.

One thing I hadn't revealed was the duplicate copies of his CD I made for his new grandparents, Miles and Debbie, Mrs. Smith and myself.

Returning to my eldest, I found Hank arriving with a pizza, which caused me to laugh.

{Dad, you haven't an idea how bad the food is! Auntie said she didn't mind me eating real stuff, but no one would get it.}

"Fine! Tomorrow, I will get you a credit card so you can order your own meals!"

"Well, Drew, forget that right now!"

"What do you mean, Deb?"

"Do you want to tell him, Simon?"

{Sure! I can see, Dad! The sight in my right eye is improving by the hour! It remains blurred, but I can tell you are wearing a blue polo shirt, have short brown hair, and Even was correct, you are hot!}

The whole room burst out laughing!

"That is fantastic! I am so delighted, son! Anything new about your voice?"

{No, not yet, but that's okay, Dad! One improvement is better than none!}

"I agree!"

"One other thing. We must perform a second surgery to reset his leg. At present, he walks with a limp, it will get progressively worse unless it's dealt with immediately!"

{Dad? Can we wait a day or two? I want to go see my Bro do his challenge at school, tomorrow!}

"Debbie, what's your opinion?"

"I think a day pass would be great medicine for him. I believe Even will insure his safety, including his not straining himself"

{Dad, this means the world to me!... PLEASE?}

"Alright, I will instruct Bruce to arrange security. My bringing your brother to the school, will free him to take you both."

{I spoke to Mr. Whalley about security. He said he would talk to the principal and the school police liaison officer. I am sure everything will work out.}

"Have you considered what you will tell your friends?"

{Courtney will help. I will take my computer so I can communicate with others, but she told our buddies what happened to me. However, I asked her not to say anything about the sex slave portion, as of yet. I realize it will come out when The Dylian Project occurs, but I want it to be known now.}

Thank you for the feedback. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! And, that is what I am going to do, as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a friend and a great editor! Thanks for your support!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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