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Chapter 26

Awaking early, I had much to do before picking up Dylian for his challenge. After making a pot of coffee, I arranged my schedule.

First, I called Bruce. However, a tired, angry Nancy answered,

"This had better be damn good!"

"Indeed, it is! I need my security chief to escort my eldest to his old high school today so he can observe his brother challenge the first chair cellist of the number one rated group in the state!"

"Please repeat that, Mister!.... Tell me what the hell is going on with my nephews, and you had best act NOW!"

Chuckling, I related the events of the past few days. Once updated, she excitedly yelled at her sleeping "beauty".

"My friend, I need you on a special detail."

"Sure, Boss! What do you require?"

"Take Simon and Even at ten o'clock from the hospital to my boy's old high school, use regular security protocols. Debbie will sign out my eldest on a day pass."

"You know I follow your commands without question but would you kindly elaborate!"

"I already have explained everything to your wife, please ask her for the details!."

"No problem, Sir! How is the patient?"

"Improving daily but requires more surgery. His spirits are high so, all things considered, he is fine!"

Next, I phoned Thorn, giving him the change in plans for the day. However, he suggested, "Sir, why don't I pick up his cello, then take your son to the event myself. That way you can be there before us to smooth over the security issues."

"Good thinking, my man!"

After finishing breakfast, I decided to go to the office. I reasoned a few hours work could help calm my nerves.

Entering the garage, I stood trying to determine which of my babies to drive. Ever since the boys came into my life, I used practical vehicles. Deciding to have excitement, I retrieved the keys to my "Little Red Fun", a two thousand one Ferrari 360 Modena. It is one of two such cars of that brand I own, the other being a F355 Spider convertible.

I arrived at work far faster than I should have. I reminded myself I was now a father and, therefore, needed to slow down. While I could afford the speeding tickets, I mustn't risk something happening to me.

Walking in, I found Sherry seated at my desk, working on paperwork. I stifled a laugh to keep her from realizing I was there.

"Should I start calling you boss?"

After her ear piercing scream, and the loud crash from my chair crashing against the wall, half the office rushed in to see what happened!

"Drew, is everything alright?" my second in command asked breathlessly, dashing in.

"YES! Mr. Thomas thought it would be amusing to scare the living daylights out of me! I wonder if I could charge him with creating a hostile work environment for that stunt! Mr. Miles, Sir, to whom should I report this?"

"Generally, it's my concern, but, in this case, I have no clue!"

Everyone burst out laughing, as my personal assistant smacked me on the shoulder.

"And, I was about to mention how well you looked in my chair! However, now, I want to know why you were in here! Is nothing sacred to you?"

Again, everybody snickered.

After things calmed down, my friend updated me on outstanding DJ Enterprises business and items relating to Thomas Consulting Corp (TCC).

As I walked out the door, Gagy's sister stated, "Mr. Thomas, Calvin Peters asked if you would talk to him for a few minutes. He appears overwhelmed with the new division."

"Okay, thanks Sherry! I will take care of it. Is there anything else I should know before I leave?"

"No, Sir! Wait!... Oh, yes, Patty informed me the country house is ready for occupancy. The Koch's plan to move in this weekend. Uh, I almost forgot, I won't be in tomorrow, if it is alright with you. My Bro gets his first fitting for his prosthetics and has physical therapy. It might take most of the day."

"No problem! However, inform Mandy and Barbara of your schedule change."

After exiting the premises, I called the Master Craftsman, "Good morning, Henry. Is Albert coming to our cellist's challenge?"

"He wants to attend but needs a ride. Unfortunately, I can't take him, because I have a prior engagement."

"Tell him I will swing by to fetch him on my way there."

I knew how important it was for Dylian to have his teacher present even though it was not a performance.

It didn't take me long to pick him up. He was surprised by the car I arrived in.

"Sir, are you able to drive?"

"Yes, but I don't own a vehicle."

I mentally noted to take care of his lack of wheels right away.

We arrived at a quarter before ten in the morning. Going directly to the office I arranged with the principal and the police liaison officer permission for my security detail.

A nurse came into my big one's room at seven thirty in the morning to remove his catheter. My boy turned at least ten shades of red, as the woman grasped his cock to extract the tube.

Shortly thereafter Even arrived. My child was even more excited to see him than usual. Immediately, he lifted the sheet to unveil his newly emancipated little fellow.


At the same time fireworks were being created, Aunt Debbie stood in the doorway watching the unfolding drama.

"MOM! OH MY GOD! I am so sorry! I had no clue what came over me, I simply..."

"Sweetie, calm down! I am not upset with you giving my nephew a little release. But, next time lock the door and be safe! That's all I ask! Here are your clothes for the day. You have one hour before Bruce arrives to take you out for breakfast, so, please get ready. Simon, you need to shower. I am sure my son is ready and, eager, to help you, after you finish, I will change your bandages."

With that, she promptly departed.

Not only was my child embarrassed but feared Dr. Edwards would tell me. He became so upset he started crying.

"Hey what's wrong, Baby?"

{}Your mom will inform my dad what we did. He might become so angry he could disown me!{}

He started bawling so loudly, Debbie heard him in the hall and rushed back in.

"Son, what happened? Why is my nephew in tears?"

"Mom, Si thinks when Uncle Drew finds out he will get rid of him."

Debbie started laughing.

"Oh, I am so sorry.. I didn't mean to guffaw. I spoke to your father and told him what occurred. His single response was, and I quote, 'Damn lucky kid, he lays injured in the darn hospital and, yet, is getting more than I am!' Sweetie, Drew understands, as I do, you aren't your usual youngsters."


"Yes, why not call him to verify what I said."

However, they refused to follow through, because the adolescent was so traumatized.

Showering together, neither boy said a word. The teen scrubbed his partner's body, then washed his hair. It was over a week since the patient felt so clean, nor could he remember the last time he experienced such refreshment.

Bruce showed up a little early. Before leaving the hospital, Dr. Edwards assured her eldest no one else would ever find out what transpired.

They decided to eat unhealthy fast food, so they chose McDonald's. The three had their meal, with the recovering one devouring twice as much as the other two!

Then, they headed over to the school.

At ten, Thorn and Dylian arrived. My little fellow appeared very nervous, a state I never witnessed.

"Hey little prince, are you alright?"

"Yeah Daddy! But, I fear messing up and disappointing you!"

"Son, you can't disenchant me! I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself! Will you do it for me?"

"Ah huh!"

"Good! And, I have a big surprise, look behind you!"


Dylian shot towards his brother almost as fast as a speeding bullet! The patient hobbled slowly towards him, pillared between his buddy and his guard. Upon meeting, they hugged with love shining in each sibling's eyes as brightly as a star.

My big fellow had his laptop ready to communicate.

"Si! I can't believe you are here! How were you able to talk Daddy into letting you come?"

My big one reached out to straighten his kin's collar and tuck his blond churls back behind his ears Then, he grinned at my little tyke while taking his computer from Even to type a message to my musician.

{}All I did was ask! Aunt Debbie gave me a day pass so I could come listen to you. She thought it would do me a world of good.{}

"You're able to see, right?"

{}Yep!... I am good!{}

My sweetie tightened his embrace. He was so happy to see my eldest standing!


"Fine, group, settle down! We have a special treat this morning! But, first, Courtney will come up to explain the purpose of our assembly, before we bring out our guests."

The girl told the audience the boys' story, including the talk the brave tyke gave at his school. Next, she mentioned The Dylian Project, then stated,

"Now, I understand what you are thinking, a nine-year-old being featured with the Chamber Strings? Well, today he is here to carry out the standard challenge to the first chair. Then, as a group, we decide to accept or reject his request. Please take this seriously. Finally, Dylian is the little brother of Simon Price."

There was an audible gasp throughout the auditorium.

"My friend will be here to listen to and support this master artist. So, yes, he is NOT dead. Having lost his voice, he chats by laptop, therefore I request you treat him good. Are there any questions?"

"Oh, one last thing, the boys have taken on the last name of their new father, Drew Thomas!"

At that moment our group arrived. My performer was sweating, while my big fellow gave him a full hug for support.

Albert and I went in to see if they were ready.

When the people saw Mr. Dietrich, the hall exploded. Apparently, the master teacher is far better known than I anticipated. The entire group went into celebrity shock, as they stared at the famous man.

"Mr. Whalley, are you prepared for my young maestro?"

"Yes, Sir, I believe we are. Miss Gilberts, are you prepared to take up the gauntlet issued by Master Thomas?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Very well, the piece you are to play is a contemporary one. I chose the X-JET, or the theme song to the X-MEN movie. Do either of you have a problem with this selection?"

"No, Sir!"

"Not at all, Mr. Conductor!"

"You get ten minutes to prepare and, then, each performs the piece in public for their evaluation."

The two went into separate practice rooms to get ready.

The instructor offered to go in with his student, but my son chose to do it on his own. He practiced the best he could to perform in the manner he wanted to.

During this time, my elder talked to several pupils. Setting up his MDP (Mini Digital Projector), permitted him to interact more efficiently with everyone. They asked questions about what had happened to him and why. He provided answers they wanted without embarrassing anybody. He gave enough information so the inquirers understood that which occurred while avoiding lurid details.

My big fellow made me proud!

The ten minutes passed quickly, and it was time for the challenge.

The rules stated the contender would go first, and the two were not allowed to hear the other play.

My little one sat down in front of the group and cradled Gadda between his legs. He looked up at them, and, for the first time, I saw him as a scared little boy. In a very shaky voice he announced the piece. Taking a very deep breath, he started.

The music began slow, then, sped up. It contained different techniques like, Pizzicato, or plucking. My cellist swayed with the tempo. Not missing a beat, he knew when to turn the pages without causing an unnatural pause. It greatly impressed me, however I am, after all, biased and a novice.

When he finished, the class applauded resoundingly.

Now, it was the girl, Shellie's turn. She is about five foot eight and one hundred forty pounds with long dark hair.

Setting up, she began playing. To me, it didn't contain nearly the emotion Dylian's had. I looked over at Albert, who visibly shook his head. I noted he appeared unimpressed with this rendition.

Once she finished, they fetched my genius.

The critique started. The group chose the student leader and violinist first chair, Bradley, as their spokesperson.

"As usual, Shellie, you were great! There were only a couple of areas which weren't perfect. Very well done! Master Thomas, what can I say? I feel there isn't a single person in this room who wasn't impressed with your feat! For someone of your age to create music at this accelerated level is amazing! As for the challenge, we agree you won. My friend, you still hold your position, but Mr. Dietrich told us, with Mr. Whalley's concurrence, if the little master took on the first chair for the city orchestra, he would have won. So, please don't feel badly!"

"Trust me, Bradley, I don't. Simon gave me a CD to listen to while his brother performed. It was a recording of his sibling making music. Oh My God, he is awesome! I believe The Chamber Strings should do the accompaniment for The Dylian Project!"

"Our opinion is unanimous, Sir. We are honored to backup your son!"

"Thank you! I know our foundation will help many children. And, your aid increases the probability of its success!"

The only items remaining were details of practices, what music the group intended to select, and the arrangement for those parts of the presentation it would be used for.

It appeared everything was coming together perfectly.

Mr. Whalley and Albert agreed to work with Amy on the arrangement and scores.

Thank you for the feedback. I hadn't planned on it going this far. But you all keep encouraging me to continue writing this story! And, that is what I am going to do, as long as there is a demand for it. I also want to thank my Editor! You are a friend and a great editor! Thanks for your support!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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