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Chapter 27

Now was the time to give the Chamber Strings their payment for helping to make the sound track. Since the idea was Simon's, it was only fair for him to tell them.

"Son, I want you to inform the group what they are getting before this period ends!"

{}Thanks Dad!{}

My eldest had his boy inform Bradley Dylan's brother wished to address the group.

{}Hi, I want to thank you again for agreeing to do the sound track. We at the project want you to be compensated for your work, however we know you can't be monetarily reimbursed. I thought of a means of rewarding you. Please see if it meets with your approval. DJ Enterprises has offered to pay all expenses for this year's New Orleans trip!{}

All hell busted loose! The screams and cheers were deafening. My nine-year-old noticed that everyone was cheering except for Shellie. He was worried he had upset her by wining the Challenge. He knew that he wanted to talk to her before they left.

{}Well, I take it from the response, you agree. It gets better. Dad's company will fly you down in one of their private jets.{}

The volume increased twofold! Eventually, Mr. Whalley regained control of the class, before giving out the assignments.

My youngest son came over to me, exclaiming,

"Daddy, I need to talk to the girl."

"Sweetie, you must wait a bit, she is in the office with her teacher."

My little one went over to wait by the teacher's partially opened door.

"Sir, umm... about the New Orleans trip. I won't be able to make it. Not only can't we afford the money, because my father lost his job, but even if he is able to find work I will need to look after my little sister."

"I am sorry to hear that, Shellie. I wish there was something we could do to help. I know conditions are tough, but I am sure they will improve."

"Yeah, it's been tough. I hated my dad driving big rigs, he was never home. But, now without my mom, he can't be on long hauls, therefore his employer fired him. Local businesses use young people, so they don't have to pay as much."

"Keep me posted!"

As the cellist left the office, my little one noticed her tearing.

"Ah... Shellie, may I speak to you for a moment?"

"Oh, hi Dylian! Yeah sure, what's up?"

"I wanted to make sure you weren't mad at me for the Challenge?"

"Oh no, not at all! You are awesome! I wish I was as good as you, and, to think, you're only nine! At your age, I hadn't started!"

"Thanks! Hey, with you, as First Chair, I thought we might practice together at your home. I will ask Thorn to drive me there"

"Yeah, that might be fun! I bet my younger sister would fall for you! Here, let me give you my number."

Writing it down the young lady handed it to my marvel, who smilingly thanked her, then said,

"I gotta go, Daddy is waiting for me, see yeah soon!"

"Bye, Sweetie!"

Once outside we stopped for a moment.

"I think lunch is in order about now! Bruce, would you please take Even and Albert, Thorn and Dylian can follow you, and Simon and I will lead. I hope burgers are okay with everyone! We're heading for Red Robin over by the mall."

We split up, with each group going to their car. My teen was floored by the Ferrari. After entering the vehicle, I sat watching my big one. As he opened his computer, I reached over to keep him from using it. He looked at me with fear in his eyes.

"Son, first, I need to reiterate how much I love and respect you! There is nothing you might do which will diminish my feelings for you. Your aunt called this morning to tell me what occurred. I am neither upset nor mad, only a wee bit jealous. There is no way I would ever give you up for any reason! You must believe me! How can I get this through to you? We are at the beginning stage of our family and, especially, our father/son relationship."

With tears streaming down his face, my sweetheart leaned over to hug, as well as kiss, me. After several minutes, he sat up to open his computer.

{}Daddy, you did it! I am so grateful to you! I hope I will give you as much joy as Dylian does!{}

"Oh, don't go there, or I will start bawling! It's amazing how much you accomplished in your short life. I won't allow you to belittle your actions!"

{}Thanks, Sir! Now, let's go, I am STARVING!{}

I laughed, as we left for the restaurant. Being a good old man, I gave my fifteen-year-old the ride of his life! We ended up beating the others, despite having left last.

Interestingly, while one child talked with me the other conversed with a second adult.

"Hello, DJ transportation Services, how may I help you?"

"Hi Grandpa, this is Dylian, you know your new little fellow?"

"Hi Sweetie, and, yes, I recognize my little darling! To what do I owe the honor of your call, in, of all things, the middle of the day!"

"Well, I just left the high school where I challenged the First Chair cellist of the Chamber Strings. Anyway, the girl who holds that position appeared upset afterwards, so I wanted to talk to her to ensure there weren't any hard feelings. It turns out her mom died and her dad lost his job.."

"That stinks buddy, but I don't understand where I come in?"

"OH, Right! It seems father is a long haul truck driver. With her mother gone, he can't take jobs, because of her little sister. He hasn't found work locally. Since you employ people with a similar background. I was hoping you might be able to help him!"

"Darling, I am not authorized to give just anyone a job. Your father expects me to perform, and I wouldn't want to disappoint him. However, I shall interview this man, and go from there. Do you happen to have his phone number?"

"Awesome! You are great! Here, write it down."

My hero gave Calvin the information. After saying goodbye to our little angel, my supervisor kept his word. He arranged an interview with a surprised Jerald Gilberts.

Lunch was a riot! I don't think Albert or Bruce had ever seen male teens devour food as if they were starving wolves. It's equally certain the owners of Red Robins never imagined a herd of young males would play havoc with their all- you-can-eat fries policy. I calculated my three, Even included, went through ten pounds of taters and I didn't even want to think about the sodas. After all that, boy was I wrong in thinking they wouldn't want dessert! We adults sat, drank coffee and marveled as the group polished off a second round of milk shakes.

Once everyone finished, we left the eatery. Bruce returned the couple to the hospital, while Thorn brought my prodigy back to school.

I had a surprise in mind for my cellist's teacher.

"Albert, if you could choose any car or truck you wanted what would it be?"

"Well Sir, that would be easy! I have always been a loyal Ford aficionado! Why do you ask?"

"My friend, you are going to be my son's coach. There may be times when you could be alone with him. My greatest fear is something might happen to one of my children, because of who I am. I insist everyone in their presence be able to protect them. Therefore, I will provide you with a company vehicle! I expect nothing in return, but what we agreed to."

"I understand, however I can't accept this gift!"

"Dietrich, you have no choice! I would rather pay now for something to help us both, then a ransom to someone later on, who might not follow through!"

"Putting it that way, I don't see a problem accepting!" he laughed.

We headed over to my local Ford dealership. I knew I was in the wrong car to even try to broker a good deal, however I also realized we bought at least six vehicles in the past week.

"WOW! Please don't tell me you are going to trade it in! What is it a 360 Modena?"

"Yes it is, good eye! You know your wheels, and no, I am not getting rid of it!"

"In that case, Sir, what can I do for you?"

"I'm Drew Thomas. An employee of mine, Calvin Peters, has purchased a half dozen of vehicles in the past few days. I would like to make a good deal on a pickup today. Are you interested in doing further business with me?"

"Of course! What do you have in mind?"

"Ask my companion!"

"Very well, Sir, what are you looking for?"

"An F350 with four doors and four wheel drive!"

"Let me check with the warehouse. If not, I will special- order it. The super duty trucks are fairly popular, it shouldn't be a problem fulfilling your request. Yes, I have something I think you might like. Let me pull it upfront, and we shall test drive the baby."

He made a quick call then offered us some refreshments, which we declined. Within ten minutes, we heard the white beauty pull up, appearing exactly as Albert described.

"Well gentleman, here she is. A two thousand eight F350 Super Duty, with the FX4 offroad package. As you can see, it has the crew cab doors, as you requested and two bucket seats upfront with a bench in back. Let's hop in and take it for a spin!"

Agreeing, we did that. Before long, Dylian's teacher seemed in seventh heaven. This truck suited him!

"We will take it. Please draw up the papers. Put it in my friend's name, however I am paying."

Completing the transaction, I wrote a check. I told Dietrich everything would be taken care of. So, before leaving the dealership, I called Miles, instructing him to arrange the vehicle's insurance.

I left for the hospital to check on Simon and find out how Brandon had done with his surgery. Arriving around three thirty in the afternoon, I observed Hank, standing at the loading dock, as I pulled in. You could see the excitement in his eyes upon seeing my beauty.

"Oh man! And, I am going off duty!"

"Take it for the night, Son! After all, you are family, now! I will call for a limo when I leave."

"Oh, I can't!"

"Yes. I insist! Here are the keys, but remember, I won't pay for any speeding tickets!"

I laughed, as I tossed him the keys and went up to my son's room.

Across town a very tired young lady arrived home from school. She saw a big black car parked in her driveway and figured it was a bad omen. Wiping her eyes, she took a deep breath, then entered.

"Dad, I am here!"

"Oh, hi sweetheart! Get changed into a nice dress, we are going out for dinner!"

"FATHER! You know we can't afford to do so! How and where is Megan? Did she have any problems in school?"

"Your sister is fine, upstairs completing her homework. She had a very good day! Tell me about yours, you look as if you cried! Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, just a tough day in orchestra. I got challenged, and lost! I kept my chair, but a nine-year-old beat me! The little guy was outstanding! And, on top of that, I told Mr. Whalley I wouldn't be going on the trip this year."

"YES, you will! I insist!"

"Oh, PLEASE, you know there is no money! And, I must be here for Sis!"

"You are wrong! Besides, her surgery is on Thursday, the day after tomorrow! So, don't tell me you can't go!"


"Well, I got a job today as a limo driver! The vehicle in the driveway is my company car! My new salary will be higher than my last job. It comes with full benefits and two weeks paid vacation, annually!"

"WOW! That is so awesome! How did you find out about this position?"

"It was the strangest thing. I received a call, today, requesting of me to come in for an interview. I figured what the hell, why not try! The man's name is Calvin, a nice guy. He use to be a truck driver as well. Anyway, the corporation started a limo service, which he manages. He not only hired me as a driver, but as his deputy!"

"Great, Father! I knew you could do it! What corporation are you working for then?"

"The parent firm is called DJ Enterprises."

You could see Shellie's jaw drop to the floor!

"THAT LITTLE DEVIL! I can't believe he did this! Oh, when I get my hands on him I am going to give him the biggest hug and kiss!"

"Umm,... Sweetheart? Mind telling me what you are talking about?"

"Dad, DO you recollect the nine-year-old I mentioned who beat me in the Challenge, today? His parent owns the business which hired you!"

"Oh, well, it's a job."

"Please don't get down. I am sure you weren't taken on without merit! Ask your boss, I am sure he will tell you. Your employer has among the best records in the nation. I researched it, today, after class, because that organization sponsored our entire trip!"

"Well, he should still be there. I shall call him!"

"Hello, DJ transportation services, how can I help you?"

"Hi, Calvin! This is Jerald Gilberts. I have a question, but before I ask, I want you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to work for you. My daughter told me about a challenge she had in her orchestra by a young boy. She went on to mention your company has paid for her group to fly to New Orleans. I must know for my own piece-of-mind, if I received this position out of merit or as a favor for a child?"

"I assure you, Sir, you earned it! I promised my grandson I would give you an interview, but you needed to qualify for the job! The decision to make you my assistant was an easy one after our meeting! I am glad you didn't let this fester! I planned telling you about it first thing in the morning when you got here. I hope you're not upset!"

"NO! Not at all! I hope I get to meet this little fellow of yours soon, so I can thank him in person."

They talked for a few more minutes. The man felt on top of the world for a little while, until he heard an ear piercing scream from the second floor!

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