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Chapter 28

I saw Simon was exhausted. This concerned me, so I asked the nurse to page Debbie. Having spoken to Tom, I knew she was out of surgery with Brandon. His new father, the governor, frantically awaited his son's return to consciousness.

It wasn't long before Dr. Edwards stepped into the room. Tyler and Andy played on the Xbox I bought them while Even sat next to his boy, listening to his new Ipod.

My eldest had fallen asleep. Looking around, his doctor wondered why she had been signaled.

"Drew, did you need something?"

"Yes, I wanted an explanation for my child's complete collapse!"

"His body is healing. It requires a great deal of energy to recuperate. My nephew suffered significant internal trauma and scaring as well as the visible external damage. He needs weeks, if not months, to regain full strength, which is why I am not unduly concerned. I hope my explanation reassures you!"

"My friend, I would be lost without you! Please tell me how my nephew is doing?"

"Not without Tom's approval! However, since you are family, I am permitted to say I expected him to recover! Ask the governor to give me permission to include you briefings."

"He has my full authorization to be informed of his condition! In fact, he is listed as next of kin for my children!"

"Thank you, Bro. Does that satisfy you, Doctor?!"

"Yes! According to Brett, our sweetie's operation went better than expected and feels he will make a full recovery!"

"Awesome! What are you doing here, buddy? I thought you were with your son."

"I was, until I overheard the two of you. I wanted to insure you would be updated!"

"Thanks, my friend! I appreciate it, however Debbie was simply pulling my leg, but don't ask which!"

"You bet!.... "

"Umm,... Mom?"

"Yes, Darling?"

"Si is asleep, and the little ones are playing, may I go out for awhile? I am getting bored!"

"Of course! However, stay inside the building or the inner courtyards. Here, take this, it's my backup phone. Call me if you need anything! And, Dear, please be careful!"

"I will Mommy!"

My nephew skipped the elevators, preferring the stairs. His first destination was the front lobby to greet on-duty Petty Officer Emory.

After talking to his friend for about ten minutes, the teen went over to the Emergency Room waiting room, which contained a huge fish tank the boy enjoyed observing. Entering, he saw a girl his age crying, then he recognized from earlier in the day.

"Umm,... Is something wrong?"

"Yeah!... Hey, aren't you ah,... Simon's friend?"

"Yup, I am. You're the First Chair, Shellie? So what happened?"

"My little sister has a heart defect and needs surgery. Papa found a new job today at DJ Enterprises, however we don't know if it covers preexisting conditions and without it we can't pay for her operation. Anyway, a few hours ago, I found her collapsed, unconscious on her bedroom floor! They won't let me be with her, only Dad. I have been waiting out here, alone, forever!"

She started crying, once more.

My nephew retrieved his cell to call his mother.

"Ma? Please come to ER! My friend's sibling is seriously ill. Oh, and her father works for Uncle Drew, so she is family!"

"Son, you have been around that man far too much! I'm on my way! Please tell the head nurse STAT!"

"Who were you speaking to?"

"My mother! She is one of the doctors in charge, she will help her!"

They were interrupted by a teen running into the hospital, carrying a three-year-old girl. He began yelling his daughter needed help. The desk nurse tried unsuccessfully to calm him.

"Bradley?! I'm sure she will be taken care of!" The young lady exclaimed.

"Shellie, why are you here?!... Even!"

"My sister is sick, and he came to see Simon with his mom, who works here as a doctor."

Even turned to the nurse at the counter and told her, "Dr. Edwards is coming down from the third floor. She said to let you know STAT! Brad, I will tell her to look at your daughter, as well. Nurse, take them to room 101 right away!"

"Yes, Sir, follow me, please! You need to fill out the paperwork, when we get there."

"Buddy, will you come with me?"


The two guys accompanied the women with the young father carrying his child. He teared as soon as they entered the cubicle.

"Daddy, don't cry!"

"Sorry, Sweetie, I'm worried about you!

A medical assistant came in to question the young fellow. The now sniffling boy described the problem in detail, the interrogator became agitated calling the attending doctor who told the boys to wait in the foyer. Meanwhile, the man informed the police.

As the youths stood chatting, Even saw two cops enter, and a nurse point to them. My alert smarty again retrieved his phone, but this time he called me.

"Uncle, I am in the ER with a friend, I need your help immediately!"

"I'm on my way!"

As I arrived, I observed the uniformed investigators interrogating the youngster off to the side. This disturbed me, so approaching, I politely but, firmly, stated, "Hello Officer. My name is Drew Thomas, I am acting as legal advisor to this young man. Please, tell me why you're talking to him.

"This boy brought in a three-year-old girl..."

"She is my daughter, Hanna!"

"As I said, he arrived with a child, complaining about pain in her genitals. The attending physician called us in to investigate a possible case of sexual abuse!"

"I see, and why, then, bring her in? What did he tell the triage nurse the problem was?"

"He claimed after picking her up from daycare, she complained her privates hurt."

"So, isn't it illogical to assume he would bring her in, if he molested her? I want a second opinion before we go any further! Attendant, call Dr. Powers, tell him to be here, NOW! Also, take the dad back to his daughter. You are welcome to be in the room with them!"

Within minutes there was a knock at the door, and the paged practitioner poked his head in. Smiling, Even invited him in.

"Bradley, this is Brett, he is one of Simon's attending physicians and a good friend. Please let him look at your precious one!"

"Of course, if you recommend him. Hi, Sir! This is my baby, Hanna. I picked her up from pre-school, and she kept rubbing between her legs. I asked her what happened, and she told me she hurt. I thought a bath might help, but when I got her undressed, her vagina appeared inflamed. Her panties contained a nasty smelling discharge. I don't know what happen to her!"

"Okay, listen to me. I need everyone to step out of the room, while I bring in two nurses. Then, we will examine her."

Within five minutes of vacating, we were called back in.

"Okay, Officer, you may go! There is nothing more sinister than self-abuse! The problem is a case of improper cleanliness! Young Man, I commend you for your wonderful job as a parent! I need to ask if you ever closely examined her genitals?"

"No! I feared being accused of sexual misconduct, if I touched her there."

"Well, as long as it's not carnal, you must! This problem involves lack of hygiene. Boys wipe back-to-front, because it is easier. Girls swab the opposite to avoid getting fecal matter in their vagina. When they don't, it can become infected, which is what happened in this case. Apply this cream twice daily, mornings and evenings. Now, she may enjoy this, and it could cause her to start masturbating early, which is natural and harmless, as long as you tell her where and when. Do you have any questions?'

"Yes, Sir! Will it harm her, I mean, are there any long term ill affects?"

"NO! None! There are many children who develop inflammation from poor hygiene!"

"Thank you so much! May we leave now?"

While talking, Bradley held Hanna tightly, showing how great his love was. I decided he made a perfect addition to the family.

"Not quite yet. Young Man, as you know from today at school, I am a very wealthy individual. I want to find out more of your background and present situation. First of all, let me explain what has occurred. My nephew spoke up, meaning he claimed you as family, which for us is everything. So, please, tell me your background, including how you become such a young father."

"I impregnated my girlfriend at thirteen. I wanted the baby, however, she didn't but agreed to carry it. My parents violently disapproved, so the school social worker helped me get emancipated and find a place to live...." he took a deep breath before resuming. "When Emily gave birth, I thought everything would turn out great. Sadly, one month later she committed suicide. Since, then, I have been a single parent." Pausing once more, he continued, "I earn a little money, working part time, supplemented by food stamps. Otherwise, I am on my own!"

"Do you own a car?"

"I can't afford one!"

"How do you get around, daily??"


"Even, what do you suggest we do?"

"If it was up to me; it would be awesome if he lived somewhere he had help when needed. He is a great guy, a leader at school, a good musician and most important loves his daughter. I would build him a small house on your property. Then maybe Patty and Helen can care for Hanna while he is at school! Then by buying him a car, it will enable him to drive all of us around. And he could help aid Dylian with his music."

"That is a tall order, Big Fellow! What do you think of it, Son?"

"It makes a great fairy tale, but, in this world such things never happen!"

"Nephew, shall we implement this plan?"

"Really? Yes Sir!"

"Then, I will contact Carl to initiate things. As for a vehicle, it must be a safe one such as a SUV. Bradley what make and model would you like to have most? However, remember I have final approval!"

"A Jeep, the new Commander is a really kewl looking truck, and it has top safety ratings. While I wish it to be true, I realize it's nothing more than a dream. Thanks for everything you did for us tonight, Pal, I owe you big time!"

As he got up to leave, I placed my hand on his shoulder. I told him I needed his address and phone number, which he provided. I knew he remained skeptical, but I intended to make it happen. I called for one of my limos to return the teen and Hanna home. He nearly fainted from shock when the stretch Navigator pulled up.

Assured Even was alright, I returned to my son's room.

I finalized my program to help for the young padre and informed Simon.

Meanwhile, down in ER, Shellie remained outside her sister's room. My nephew went over to see her.

"How are things going, has Mom come, yet?"

"She is in with Father and Sis! Megan awoke awhile ago, I had to leave, so they could run some tests. He fears his new medical plan hasn't started yet or won't cover this pre-existing condition!"

"Let's find out!"

The teen called Miles. Shellie looked at Even with a strange look.

"Hi, Dad! I have a question for you. My friend's dad got hired today by Grandpa. His youngest daughter has been hospitalized with a heart condition. Mom is with her now, when will his health insurance kick in?"

"The paperwork needed to be completed for her to be covered. I will make sure that it is antedated! So let the family know they are covered as of today."

"Thanks, I love you! They are also worried about her having a pre-existing condition, is that a problem? "

"Same, back at you, Sweetie! No, we made sure our insurance has no pre-existing restrictions. The young lady will be covered no matter what. Any other questions?"

"No, Dad, thank you so much! I love you!"

Even and his dad said goodbyes and hung up.

My nephew updated the girl and her parent. He saw their worries dissolve before his eyes, making him feel good. Then, he decided to check on his boy.

Returning, he found Tyler and Andy watching a movie. Their Dads were talking with me. Simon had awoken and began surfing the web. Upon seeing his intended, his face broke into a big smile.

{}Hey, Babe! I heard you were a big hero downstairs!{}

"No, I was helping a few friends. Have you met Bradley Harrison?"

{}Yeah, he is a great smart dude, a friend and tutored me in math. Also, he belongs to the Chamber Strings.{}

"Si, are you aware of his plans, after he graduates?" I asked.

{}He wants to become a lawyer. He applied for a scholarship so he could afford college. However, I don't know whether he got it.{}

"Great! Just what we need, another shark!"

"Hey! Don't call my Dads' that!"

"Calm down Tyler! Ask your parents what their license plates say?"

"Is it true?"

"Son, mine says 'Shark One' and Mark's, 'Shark Two'. So, your Uncle Drew wasn't insulting us, it's an inside joke! My friend, why don't we hire the newest family member as our clerk? He can be our runner."

"What do you think, Lover?"

"No, it's great! From what I heard this is a very driven fellow who deserves a break."

"To summarize, I purchased a Jeep, the keys he will get from Mr. Whalley, tomorrow. I am converting the cottage on my property for his use. He has the before mentioned better paying job with more opportunities. I must still tell him we are gay. Finally, I intend canceling all contracts with Harrison Construction."

"I have a perfect solution, conflict of interest! No judge in the country would side with him after the way he treated his son, especially if the youngster refers to you as "Dad"!"

"Simon, do you want a big brother?"

{}HELL, yeah! It would be awesome! It makes me an uncle, too!{}

"Then, we shall talk to him, tomorrow. I believe he intends to come by, after he picks up his little girl."

Everyone agreed to the plan!

We relaxed that evening, chatting about trivial matters, in other words simply throwing the bull with each other.

Thank you for all the feedback I also want to thank my Editor, Baruch! You are a Great friend and a Damn good editor! Thanks for your support! We are getting close to the end of the first book! I have started the second book, we will just have to see what happens!

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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