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Chapter 29

The rest of the evening was quiet. Calvin and Marsha stopped by to check on the boys. Even jumped in to tell his Grandpa about Shellie and her sister. The man said he would check up on them.

"Wait! Let me go with you!"

My employees mean everything to me. I make certain to treat them as members of my extended family. Here my newest hire was worried about his job and missing work because of his child's illness. I wanted to assure him his position remained secure despite this emergency. Therefore, I asked my transportation director to update me about his situation as we went to meet him.

"Drew, this poor fellow, Jerald, has experienced nothing but heartache for the past year. His youngest was diagnosed with a heart defect. He had been an independent long hauler at the time. The father sold his truck to pay her medical expenses, then his wife found a lump in one of her breasts, which turned out to be cancerous, leading to her death. The illnesses bankrupted him. Worse left him jobless because he couldn't drive extended distances. His eldest, Shellie, relinquished most of her life to care for her papa and sibling. She even decided to sell her cello and drop out of the orchestra to be there for them. It gets worse... He, himself, has an eighteen year, accident free record! Hell, My Friend, few can make such a claim, which ironically ensured his unemployability. No company will pay for that quality of experience. I promised Dylian I would offer him an interview, which I did. When I saw his resume I knew I found my assistant!"

"He is our kind of guy!"

Arriving, we found the young lady and her dad huddled in a corner. Calvin moseyed over to talk with them, while I checked with the nurse.

"Hi, please transmit a message to Dr. Edwards. Now, before you say anything, I realize she is in surgery, however as an observer!"

"Umm... very well, Sir!"

I waited while the woman passed on my message. She returned with a visibly upset Debbie.

"Drew Jacob Thomas! The nerve you show sometimes! Why the hell did you call me out of there?!"

"Because there is a father, who needs an update on his girl's condition," I rebutted, pointing to the waiting room,

"Oh, God! We worked on her for several hours. I bet he is going crazy!"

The two of us walked over to where the distraught individual sat. As we approached, Jerald jumped up. He looked at the doctor, then at me, after which he collapsed in tears. Rushing to him, my medical companion attempted to find out what was wrong. The poor man bawled, screaming, "My baby, Megan, not you too!"

"Mr. Gilberts, are you alright? Sir! Please, tell me what is wrong!"

He glanced at me, before saying in a very small anguished tone,

"My Little One is gone!"

"Absolutely not! She is doing very well! The operation has proceeded better than expected."

Next, he pointed to me, asking, "Why is he here?"

"Drew Thomas, at your service! Calvin and I were visiting my son, when we found out Megan was here. So, we came to get an update and chat. I regret upsetting you! Trust me, I feel your pain. Hi, Shellie, are you alright?"

"Yes, Sir, I am glad to see you again."

"Sweetie, you know this person?"

"Yes, Father! This is Dylian's dad. The boy I mentioned, the one who arranged your interview."

"Wait, you own DJ Enterprises!"

"Yes! But, remember, I, too, put my pants on one leg at a time! Please understand, we are taking care of things here for you. If there is anything you need, tell us! Dr. Edwards is family, her husband, Miles is my second-in-command! Young Lady, my invitation covers you, as well!"

"Jerald, take all the time you need to be with your daughter! We arranged for her to be placed on the third floor close to our boys, so she has loved ones surrounding her. My wife and I are here most evenings becoming acquainted with our new grandchildren."

"I am floored! I have never been treated as family simply by working for a company."

"Don't worry about it! Debbie, please make sure Megan gets transferred. Also, issue a purchase card for her sister on my account. Sweetie, the plastic allows you to buy items at the shops, and cafeteria. Thus, you needn't bother your father for cash while your sister remains hospitalized. Don't worry about how much you spend, I promise the boys will top it!"

We chatted awhile longer. Calvin stayed, when I returned to Simon's room. I wanted to see him, before visiting Dylian.

The next day I went to work. I talked to my head honcho about our newest hireling and his offspring. My second assured me his "Better Half" grilled him concerning the situation, and he insured everything was in order for them. I asked my man to check their financial situation. After spending time in my office catching up on paperwork, my friend returned, looking at his feet.

"What's up buddy?"

"I investigated! It appears he is in some trouble, being five months behind on his mortgage payments and electric bill. Steve, at the bank, told me they held off foreclosure because of his wife's death."

"Alright, make the back payments! Also, find out if there are other debts he needs help with. Have Peggy, in payroll, deduct twenty dollar per check. Let's calculate the length at a later date."

"I will get right on it. Even was upset concerning this girl's family last night. He also talked about poor Bradley."

"You should be so proud of him. He did a lot good yesterday on his own, asking nothing in return!"

"Oh believe me, I am!"

I continued to work for another hour. My second brought me the agreement, just as I prepared to leave. I thanked him and informed Sherry I would be at the hospital for the rest of the day.

Arriving, I met Hank.

"Hello Sir, here are the keys to the car, thank you for loaning it to me!"

"Keep them for now. I drove the Land Rover."

He laughed.

Then, I went up to see my son.

{}Hey Dad! Dr. Sanders was here earlier. He wants to talk with you. Also, Aunt Debbie said Tyler is being released this afternoon. I wish I would be!{}

"Be patient, Son, you're coming home soon! You were hurt far worse than your cousin! Have the nurse call the physician. I am going to see Jerald for a moment, okay?"

{}Sure, Dad. Even is about to return with the younger two. Aunt Nancy and Aunt Carol are testing them.{}

I left for Megan's room to speak with her father. He sat with his head resting on the bed. The patient watched a mute TV. Seeing me, she tapped her papa on the shoulder, who awoke, then looked over at me.

"Oh, Hi Mr. Thomas. I didn't hear you come in. Meet my baby. Dr. Edwards told me she will be fine!"

"That is wonderful news! It's nice to meet you, Sweetie! Sir, there are a few things I wish to discuss with you."

"This doesn't sound good! Darling, I must step out with this gentleman, I shall be back, momentarily, alright?"

The small dark haired girl nodded, however she appeared frightened.

Outside, I steered my companion to two chairs.

"First of all, please call me Drew. Mr. Thomas was my Old Man! Second, I want to mention your disastrous financial state! I asked Miles to ascertain your situation. We found out you were facing default in payment of certain obligations."

"Hey, look, I may work for you, but you have no right to investigate my personal business."

"No, you don't understand. You are now current on your mortgage and electricity. Have you other outstanding outlays?"

I pulled out the repayment agreement to show him, before continuing,

"Even asked for my aid. Your repayment agreement stipulates the sum of twenty dollars per paycheck. The length of period depends on the amount of money required to pay unknown additional arrears."

"I am flabbergasted at your generosity. The one remaining obligation concerns my wife's minivan. I sold my rig, but decided to keep the vehicle."

"Alright, give me the name of company holding the loan. I intend to rectify the matter as well. Remember this isn't a gift, simply an outlay."

Once signed, I headed back to my son. I arrived with Dr. Sanders.

"Mr. Thomas! I must talk to you and Simon concerning his recovery. Unfortunately, his voice remains unresponsive. His vocal cords crossed while healing. I asked a specialist, Marcy, to train your boy, so he can use his voice. She has succeeded with autistic children. I spoke to her about his case, without revealing his identity. She believes he has an excellent chance to make a full recovery. May I ask her to take him on?"

"Of course! How do you feel, Sweetie, are you willing to work with this lady?"

{}Yeah! I want to speak even if I won't sound as good!{}

"Please call her!"

After the physician left, we discussed what he said. Then, I teasingly asked, "Were you surfing gay porn sites, Son?"

{}Dad! I am not looking at smut! Why would I, I have Even! I tried determining if being one eyed disallows me from usual functions such as driving, or flying.{}


{}Piloting planes appears unattainable. However, I couldn't find anything concerning helicopters. On the other hand, if I pass the tests, I can drive.{}

"With being you fifteen, now is the right time to start thinking about your license. What car make interests you? Remember you may ask for a Lamborghini, but your chances of getting one remain nil-to-none!"

{}I gave it much consideration. I want, but you mustn't laugh, a Honda Ridgeline which rates very safe and looks kewl! However, there are no used ones listed online.{}

"That speaks well for their quality and performance. I am proud of your excellent choice! However, whether you get one is an entirely different matter!"

Soon, we were joined by the other boys who claimed their school day ended early. It wasn't long before Mark and Brian appeared as well. Debbie already released Tyler. Now, we awaited Bradley's arrival, which occurred in due course.

"Hey, may I come in?"

"Please do! Hello Hanna, are you feeling better today?"

Despite her bashfulness, she nodded yes.

"Sir, I came to return your keys. I refused to accept this gift. Nor have I the resources to pay for its upkeep and insurance, even if I did!"

"Son, meet Mark and Brian. They are senior partners with Galley & Napier, Attorneys at law."

"Hello, Young Man, my nephews tell me you wish to become a lawyer. We want you to get a head start. So, we offer you a part time position of clerk, two hours daily, Monday through Friday at forty dollars per hour. During summers, you will work fulltime. Also included, is a cell phone with unlimited minutes. Finally, it comes with a five hundred dollar monthly vehicle allowance and we will pay for your insurance. Are you interested?"

"Yes, of course I accept!!"

"Great! Now, there is one other thing we should mention. You see, we are not only professional colleagues but, companions, in every sense of the word. Does it present a problem?"

"No, I gathered as much. I understand Simon and Even are, too!"

"Yes, and these are our children Andy, and Tyler, also a couple!"

"Great! It's no one's business but your own!"

While chatting, he bent to cuddle his daughter, who wrapped herself around his leg.

"Now it's my turn. I am converting a cottage on my property for you and Hanna. It's nearly eighteen hundred square feet, has two bedrooms and a single bath with an unfinished basement. We can do the cellar if you wish. A separate driveway exists with a garage and a very short path through a wooded area, leading to the main house. It should be ready in two weeks, which gives you enough time to prepare for your move, and purchase furniture for your new home."

"Wow! I am flabbergasted!"

"Bradley, I want you to think of me as your "Old Man" without the formality of adoption!"

"Really? That is awesome! May I call you Pops?"

"Sure, use any term you want. I, too, am gay! You don't mind?"

"Not at all!"

"Now for some fun! Mark, if you will!"

My friend took out an external device which he hooked to his cell, converting the latter into a speaker phone. Then, he made a call.

"Harrison Construction, How may I help you?"

You could see fear spread across the young father's face, as he stared at me. I feared for his sanity!

"This is Drew Thomas, of Thomas Consulting Corp. I wish to speak with Ed Harrison, right now!"

"One moment, Sir, while I ascertain his availability."

The operator put me on hold.

"Hello Drew, what do I owe the honor of your buzz?"

"I dialed to inform you our contracts with your company are terminated. All future contact between our two enterprises must go through my lawyers. Here is one of them to explain the rest."

"What the hell?!"

"Sir, I am Mark Galley. As you heard, all agreements were voided due to conflict of interest. For your information, we hired a young man whom you refuse entry to your business. As it turns out, he was once your son, until you legally disowned him. We refuse to deal with people who act in an immoral or unethical manner!"

"That shithead! Whatever he told you is a lie! He left us after we wouldn't give in to his demands. He wanted to keep the little slut's baby, even though we knew it wasn't his child! After all, he was only thirteen!"

"We cite the integrity statement in the covenants to abrogate them. Also, as of eight o'clock tomorrow morning, we plan to enact the repayment clause of section C, paragraph sixteen. You have forty-five days to reimburse all loans and outstanding arrears to Thomas Consulting Corp, otherwise we intend to place liens against all properties, which become subject to forfeiture if the debts remain delinquent. The papers stating our objectives are being delivered, as we speak. Again, any interaction must proceed through my firm, my numbers appear in the documentation. Thank you for your time!"

The look on Bradley's face was priceless. It was a cross between pure fear and sheer joy!

"You did it for me? Why? I am confused. Won't it cost you a great sum of money in lost business?"

"It was for you but, also, because I refuse to deal with someone whom I can't respect. The individual who once called himself your father is such a cretin for discarding a child! Now, I need you to sign a few papers for me. Please put your signature on these two lines!"

"Sir, I am sorry, but I refuse to affix my name to something unread!"

"The first is a Declaration of Trust, and the second assigns a curatorship."


"For my granddaughter's property of course!"

"How come?"

"Well, I set up a stipend for her. It's in the amount of five million dollars. It will grow rapidly over the years until she becomes twenty-one."

"As for you, Young Man, I am the guardian for yours! Your college education and expenses have been paid!"

The hug I received almost broke my ribs! I felt the teen burst into tears.

"Bradley, you are now my son. I know you wish to be independent and a great parent, as your past shows, but you needn't act alone! Let your family help you!"

"Thanks, POPS!"

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