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Chapter 30

Bradley and I talked for an hour to become better acquainted. I found out the young man's life was difficult, despite being born into wealth. I intended to make his former father pay for the extreme abuse he inflicted upon his renounced offspring!

Meanwhile, my middle son and Even were more than occupied with Lisa and Hanna! I knew the two would spoil the little girls if we didn't watch them!

My musical genius arrived with Nicky on his heals! The look on their guard's face convinced me to check with him more often. He probably needed time off.

"Are you alright Thorn?"

"Yes Sir! However, the boys' choice of music on our ride here was a wee bit over-the-top. Don't get me wrong, Boss, the Escalade you provided has an awesome sound system, but can become an instrument of torture in the hands of two nine-year-olds! There is only so much a man is able to tolerate of Hanna Montana, especially at that sound decibel!"

The remark caused me to laugh, which I am sure couldn't have pleased my employee. Nevertheless, seeing the humor in it, he joined me.

"Sir, if you don't mind, may I have the night off. I must tend to some personal business. Agent Jackson, with Bruce's approval, agreed to cover for me with your permission."

"Sure, I plan on taking my youngest to the condo tonight. I'm sure your replacement can follow me there. Since you set up the new security system, I know my home is safe!"

"So, what do you think, Dylian, concerning me being your new big brother!?"

"No, you are not, Simon is! I don't want a new one!"

Seeing a problem brewing, I intended to step in, however my new son defused the situation. He knelt in front of my very upset youngster, placed his hands on his shoulders and looked in his eye, after lifting the pint sized dynamo's chin a bit to wipe away his tears.

"Hey little buddy! I have no intention of ever replacing him! He is, was and always will be there for you! He is the "bestest" ever! I am here whenever you want added ammunition or a shoulder to cry on!"

"I am so sorry! I screwed up again! Please don't hate me!"

My precious one broke down, sobbing intensely. He wept so hard his whole body shook. At this point, I arose intending to take over, but my fifteen-year-old waved me off. The young father pulled over my crying child, hugged him tightly and rocked him back and forth while repeatedly declaring,

"Buddy how could I, you haven't done anything wrong!"

"You're not mad at me for yelling at you?"

"No, of course not, mighty pint-sized dude! I might get angry, but it's because I care deeply for you! Listen, I believe you are a wee bit overwhelmed by all the new things surrounding you. So, when I said I was your new big sibling, you thought I replaced one of the most import fellows in your life, therefore you lashed out! When people stress, they don't know what to do. In such cases, you must talk to someone you trust so you can effectively deal with your fears. Do you feel better now, my beloved maestro?"

"Yeah, thanks! You do make a great older Bro! Are you okay with it, Si?"

{}Yes! Dy, I am yours forever! The big guy is right, always vent your concerns with a person you trust!{}

"Alright! Daddy, I apologized for disappointing you by throwing a temper tantrum!"

"No, Precious One, you haven't, I understand! However, I do agree you should always chat with a friend about whatever bothers you. You are under a great deal of pressure, which worries me. Coming up is The Dylian Project. You will work on the music, then record it. And, there are all the practices with your demanding world renowned cello coach! The good news is, you're spending the weekend with me! I told Carol to send some clothes. "

"May I talk to you when we are at the condo alone?"

"You bet, Darling, concerning anything!"

The older boys started speaking amongst themselves, and my baby played with Hanna. Since, Tyler had been released from the hospital he was busy preparing to leave with his mate Andy and parents. This left me free to exchange words with my eldest, therefore I asked him to step into the hallway.

"Daddy? Did I get Bradley into trouble?"

"No, Sweetie! I just want to speak with him for a moment."

Going out, we sat down on a bench to chat.

"Son, let me say how impressed I was with the way you handled the situation inside. What you did showed me you are a far better person than your biological father! You are a wonderful parent to my granddaughter and make a terrific addition to our family!"

"Thanks! That means the world! I know I asked if I could call you "Pops", but I prefer saying "Dad", may I?"

"Of course, I would be honored!"

My oldest gave me another one of his famous hugs. Then, as we started to returned, I heard some muted crying down the hall, so I said,

"Son, please go back, I have something to do, I will momentarily join you!"

I went to find the source of the tears. Imagine my consternation when it turned out to be Brandon! Since, his father was not around, I, as his uncle, decided to act.

"Sweetie what's wrong? Are you in pain?"

"No, I'm okay. Forgive me for bothering you."

"Darling, you are not bothering me! However, I'm unable to fix the problem if you won't tell me what it is. So, why are you miserable?"

"Tom, I mean, Dad, left on sudden business, saying he planned to be right back but never returned.... I am not used to being alone, so I got scared!"

He stopped sobbing but continued sniffling. I reached over to activate the call button for the nurse. After which, we waited. I knew the answer to his problem!

"Yes, Sir, you rang?"

"I want the youngster placed in my son's room, NOW!"

"Unfortunately, I need his doctor's approval to arrange it."

"Lady, do you actually believe Dr. Edwards is going to object?! You can't think this institution contains a doctor who would refuse any request of mine!"

"I am sorry, Mister, I don't care whom you are, but I shall not break hospital rules!"

"For your information my name is Drew Thomas, and you need to move this child, after which call his physician, or I will!"

With a big huff she unhooked the boy's bed from the wall and relocated him.

Despite her dirty look, I pulled out my cell to call my friend. Getting his voice mail, I left him a message stating his child had been moved into his nephew's room.

The tyke appeared relieved once he became resettled. Heading straight to him, Lisa climbed onto his bed. I reminded her to be careful of his bandages which earned me another scowl.

Seeing her reaction, my teen chuckled. He made no sound, but you could tell he was laughing, which caused Even to ask,

"Hun, why are you grinning?"

Before his pal was able to answer, we heard a major commotion emanating from the hall! I figured it must be the governor discovering his missing child.

Indeed, it was my buddy!

"Wait, what the hell do you mean you moved him? Why?"

"His father rudely ordered me to do so!"

"Look LADY! I don't know who authorized it, but I am his parent! Now where is my SON?"

"Tom, you need to calm down! I found the poor fellow crying in his room. After talking to him, I decided he would be better off with my kid. Look, for the longest while, others surrounded him, even in the bathroom! Put yourself in his shoes, he finds himself in a strange scary place, then he is without a single sole for the first time, so he freaks out! He is my nephew, therefore I decided to care for him while you were occupied with pressing state business. Our family always watches out for its members! Nurse Green, you have no clue how rude I can be! If you value your position you better not come between my family and me again!"

"I didn't think the call would last so long! Oh, I feel awful, Ma'am,.... I apologize for raising my voice, please forgive me!"

Then, my buddy end rushed over to Simon and Brandon's room to be with his boy.

I realized there was far too much drama going on today!

While chatting with my friend, I saw my newest employee step into the passageway in the opposite direction. Walking towards him I called out,

"Hi, Jerald, how is little Megan doing?"

"Oh, good day, Sir! She is much improved. She awoke hungry, which, they told me is a good sign. The surgeon repaired the hole in her heart and a faulty valve! She requires plenty of rest for a while but will be fine! Dr. Edwards insists my baby remain a few more days to insure she heals sufficiently before she is on her own. I hope you don't mind me staying with her?"

"First, please call me Drew. I wouldn't' expect anything less. Is your girl able to be up and around yet?"

"Yes, but she is bored lying in bed with nothing to do but watch TV."

"Bring her to my son's room to meet the gang. They hooked up a few video games, which she can play with, and she will be able to hang with kids her own age!"

"Great! I must fetch Shellie from school and feel guilty, leaving her by herself."

"It's fine if she doesn't want to come, give her the choice! Let one of my drivers pick up your eldest, thus freeing you to remain with her!"

My newest employee asked his little girl if she wanted to join my guys. I added Bradley was down there as well as Dylian and Nicky, who were both her age. She not only agreed to go but to stay at least until her sister arrived.

As we were walking down the hall, I ran into a little problem, Debbie!

"DREW JACOB THOMAS! How dare you move a patient of mine without my knowledge! You're not a medical professional, and if you ever do it again I will throw you out myself! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Ma'am! Now, let me explain the circumstances, Dr. Deborah Anne Cutter Edwards! The governor needed to deal with some pressing state issues, leaving Brandon isolated. When I found him the poor frightened tyke was going out of his mind, feeling all but abandoned! Even if his dad hadn't stepped out for a call, at night the boy would have been utterly alone! You needed to move Brandon as soon as you released Tyler! We must think of these kids fragile mental states when working with abused and neglected children!"

"My Friend, you are right! However, I am not joking, you can't make decisions concerning patients without a doctor's approval. The nurse you reprimanded has her own connections, which she used! Please stop throwing your weight around!"

"Alright, I am sorry. I admit I overstepped my authority, but that woman is incompetent! She failed to ask me if I was his father, and I told her my name, but she still referred to me as such when talking to Tom. She must be reprimanded!"

Agreeing, Debbie went off to deal with her, while I finished with my business.

"What happened?"

"I angered an incompetent worker charged with protecting one of our kids. However, the doctor simply did her job."

Leaving Jerald, I checked on my two youngest. Then, I had to see my Bro. I realized he felt awful, leaving his eldest all alone. I chuckled, observing his boy reclined, sandwiched between Lisa and Hanna, with Mr. Governor reading a story to them! Dylian and Nicky enlisted Megan in their play on the Xbox, while the three teens chatted with each other. Mark and Brian enjoyed the scene, appearing completely content. It wasn't long before Shellie showed up followed by Courtney and her mother.

Amy arrived with an art portfolio, containing the completed drafts of the project logos. She said to me,

"My artist friend, Jordan, wants us to see if we like any of his sketches."

Therefore, I got everybody's attention in the now overcrowded noisy room.

"People as you know The Dylian Project hired a cartoonist to create the project logos. Here are his drawings to examine. I want everyone to select their top three favorites, that way we should be able to choose the best caricature of Dylian. Sweetie, because you are responsible for the foundation, you have the final say!"

"Daddy, shouldn't someone else be the one?"

"No, Son, since it's going to be your likeness used on the side of the vans and on the posters, it's only fair you make the ultimate selection. If none are suitable, we can ask him to draw more. Alright, pass each around and use the number on the back to identify your choices."

There were twelve poster size cartoon prints. A few elicited laughs throughout the room. I pulled my youngest over to explain the chuckles were about the art work, not him. He looked up at me with an understanding smile! Before deciding, the group discussed each. Afterwards, they made their written preferences, which they passed to me.

I asked Courtney to tabulate the vote. Upon its completion, three frontrunners emerged.

Turning to my youngest, I smiled at him. The devil knew what was coming. I realized he didn't want to make the final choice.

"Sweetie, which one is the "bestest"?"

"Daddy, won't you PLEASE select for me? I love them all!"

"No, Little Prince, this is your decision!"

My musical genius looked over the choices. After five minutes he removed one, leaving two. Next, he kept glancing between them.

"I can't decide, so why not two different logos? I want this one for the vans and that for the posters!"

"Son, what a great idea! There is no reason not to use both. What's your opinion, Amy?"

"I agree! Let me start on the wording and designing! You are aware we must pay for each. Our contract stipulates one accepted print. How shall we proceed?"

"Tell Jordan, I wish to buy all of them! He needs to make new copies of the two selected. The foundation guarantees their payment. You work out the price for the proofs with him, I don't care how much as long as I get the remaining ten! Also, consult with Brian to insure we own the copyright."

"Of course! I am sure he will be thrilled with the new arrangement."

"In addition, please inform him I want us to meet next week. I plan to make changes to the structure of my company, DJ Enterprises, including its symbol. I want him to create it. "

After Amy left, the kids did their own thing. Rounding up their two boys my lawyer couple said their goodbyes. We were going to miss them being around us daily but were happy Tyler was healthy enough to be home. I knew we would still be seeing them often.

Debbie stopped in to examine Brandon and Simon. She seemed surprised to observe Megan laughing and having fun with Nicky and Dylian. She checked the dressing on my nephew's head to insure it was clean. Then, she moved over to my middle child. His bandages had been replaced with Band-Aids. Those were swapped out for new ones. She appeared pleased with both patients progress.

"Simon, Sweetie, it looks to me as if you're ready for the next step! Your doctors, including myself, decided to wait three months before you undergo the next surgeries. You need to walk with the aid of a cane! Your physical therapist plans being here tomorrow morning to teach you its proper use. You must constantly rely on the staff, because any extra stress may cause extensive damage to your injured leg. Have I made myself clear?"

{}Yes Aunt Debbie! Umm... does this mean I get to go home, soon?"{}

"Indeed! I intend to sign your release, after you see your specialist. Drew, is that alright with you?"

"Oh Hell Yes! I can't wait to see all my kids home!"

Next followed a ton of bear hugs! The guys screamed until their aunt smilingly reprimanded them! I hadn't observed Miles standing in the doorway with a huge grin on his face.

"Donnie! Hey where were you?" My nine-year-old shouted with joy.

"Hey Dylian! I have been very busy! It seems you guys are enjoying yourself"

"Yeah! Simon is coming home!"

"Uncle Drew, are you moving out to the big house right away?"

"Yes, we will be there as soon as we get him out of this place!"

The celebration continued awhile longer. I introduced Miles and his youngest to the new comers, Bradley, Hanna, Jerald, Shellie, and Megan. I felt very good about this day! Debbie's youngest told me he completed my sons' rooms, and they were, and I quote "Totally Awesome!". I arranged with my nephew to pick out my kids' furniture, and other goodies. I hadn't yet seen his choices nor received the bill.

Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

No Child Should Have To Sleep On The Street Tonight!



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