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Hey everyone who is still reading my little story, I just wanted to apologize for taking so long to get this chapter posted. I have been traveling for work, been in Atlanta for 9 days, just got home tonight! Thanks for reading!

Chapter 31

The room buzzed with commotion until a very displeased Nurse Powers came in.

"Listen to me you little rascals, keep down the din! This is a hospital not a playground!"

{}But, Momma Powers! I am going home tomorrow! Isn't that great! I can't believe it! I have never had a place I called my own! I lived with foster families, who treated me as an outsider! I apologize for the ruckus. I will yell at the guys if they get too loud again!{}

The woman became hysterical! She nearly peed in her panties from laughing so hard!

"Simon, my dear, you are a riot! Alright, I will overlook the noise level, if you keep it under control! Do we have a deal?"

{}Yes, Ma'am! Is Dr. Brett coming soon? I need to speak with him before I leave! It must be a dream, I am going home!!{}

We laughed at his enthusiasm. I felt great about his attitude. I wasn't sure why he wanted to talk to her son, but they were friends so I had no concern.

"I know he said he planned to see you, but he didn't tell me when. I am sure he will be here shortly."

Tom and Lisa needed to leave for a while, the munchkin had an appointment at a pre-school her father wanted to enroll her in.

The clamor dissipated for a while.

Other than the two patients, the herd rushed off to the coffee shop for milk shakes. They planned to bring some back for the bed ridden.

During the time the kids were gone, Dr. Powers arrived with a colleague, who wore a regular suit rather than the usual white lab coat.

"Sir, it is good to see you again. May I introduce Dr. Larry Maxwell,... he is the expert Dr. Edwards and I asked to speak with all the boys."

"Hello Mr. Thomas, Simon. It is nice to finally meet you. I regret missing you yesterday, I had my own family emergency to deal with."

"We are honored, as well. I am sorry to hear of your troubles, I hope everything turned out alright. This handsome one is my son, and the cute fellow my nephew, Brandon."

"Thank you, yes I think things are going to turn out fine. Hello, young man, I understand you lived in Kansas City. I am from Olathe, do you know where it is?"

"Yes, Sir! I went to camp there one summer."

"Great, what type?"

"For music, I use to play the violin, but poorly, therefore my school provided me aid to attend. However, my teacher said I had no talent, thus I never returned."

"Dearie, why didn't you mention it when Dylian was here?"

"Well, he is awesome,... hearing how awful I am, he might laugh at me!"

"He won't make fun! Do you enjoy playing?"

"Yes, Sir, I mean Uncle Drew, I loved it!... I wish I had talent."

{} Bran, are you aware my big brother, Bradly, plays the same instrument? He is First Chair of the High School Chamber Strings, the best group in the state!{}

"Really?!" The kid's eyes lit up.

This had to be the first time I saw the twelve-year-old get excited about anything. With my help, it won't be the last!

{}Dylian is the greatest cellist! He is so good he gets to perform with them. I know he would be thrilled if you joined. I guarantee they will help you reach the level of proficiency you need!{}

"Oh no Si, I can't! I would die if they ever heard me!"

"Sweetie, you must listen to your heart, not others! For example, my sons love what they do. It's one of the things which make them great kids! Attempt something to please yourself, give it your best effort, that is all anyone could ask of you!"

"Young man, I am a psychologist who works with troubled people having different issues. One of the tools I use to aid them is taking up a hobby of their choice! Your uncle and cousin are absolutely correct! From what I understand about your unique family, each helps the other. If you want to resume playing, I am sure they will find you an outstanding teacher. I am not saying you might ever perform professionally, but it's possible. Any person who attempts something they desire to master, no matter the result, is to be commended. More important, the individual is left with the knowledge he, or she, did their best!"

"I guess, but so what! I have none, nor any money to buy one, they cost too much."

"Brandon, I am wealthy, if your dad won't get you a violin, I promise to do so! In fact, let's talk to him now!"

Before my nephew had a chance to answer, I called his father.

"Hey Bro, your son mentioned how much he wants to resume playing the fiddle. Yes, he use to!"

"Then, we shall get him the best out there! Perhaps, Mr. Dietrich might assist us."

"Tom, what a great idea! Let me call him."

After hanging up, lightning struck me! I asked Nurse Powers to buzz Bradley in the cafe and request he return, but alone. Within minutes my puzzled son arrived.

"You needed me, Dad?"

"Yes! I wanted to ask you something before I start phoning anybody. How is your instrument?"

"What do you mean?"

"I understand you struggled for the last few years. Therefore, you had no money to buy a new one since Hanna's birth, which is why I inquired!"

"To be honest, it's too small for me now, however suited me, when I started. At the time, my former parents promised if I stuck with it, they would buy a new one when I reached high school, of course, it never happened! So, why the question?"

"Brandon use to play but only as a novice. So, he needs both lessons and a medium. When I saw you perform the other day I noticed yours looked a bit undersized for you, but it seems perfect for your cousin. I suggest you give it to him and become his teacher, and, in exchange, his father will buy you a brand new one!"

"WOW!... Really?"

"I take it you are agreeable to my proposal! Should I start making the proper inquires?"

"Oh, yes, Sir!!"

First, I updated the governor. It thrilled him, especially since I proposed to do all the leg work.

Consequently, I phoned Henry. He stated he dealt with them, but he didn't have a good selection in stock at this time. However, he said where I should go and volunteered to accompany me. We arranged to meet in three hours.

The news so shocked the teen he nearly passed out!

In the meantime, Dr. Maxwell talked to Simon.

I saw, at some point, my middle child had cried. With great difficulty, I remained mute.

After thirty minutes, the shrink started talking to me, saying;

"Sir, in the beginning, I want to see your son as an outpatient every other week. He is making great progress, but I think I can be of help. Here, take my card, it has my numbers. Call me for an appointment once your boy settles in. I plan to set aside a block of time for your family!"

I hadn't noticed Bradley leaving while I spoke with the psychiatrist.

"Son, where did your brother go?"

{}He said he would be right back. He went to check on Hanna.{}

Then, switching to 'Simon Mode', so only I could see, he added,

{Dad, he left to get his "pride and joy" for Brandon. He said it might cheer him up.}

"Thanks, Son! I owe him big time!"

About five minutes later, my oldest returned carrying his beloved instrument. The case appeared worn but in working shape.

The young man sat on his cousin's bed. Slowly opening the housing, he lovingly took out the fiddle. Before he handed it over, he played a quick song for old time's sake.

"Wow! You're awesome! I wish I performed that well, or even a quarter as good!"

"Cuz, with practice you can attain my level of proficiency. I plan to work with you one-on-one, not because your father will pay me or buy me a new violin, but because your uncle asked me. You are family, and we help each other. Now, show me what you got, it need be nothing more than a simple scale or tune!"

I watched my boy handle his student with ease. Reaching out, the excited nervous pupil picked up his new baby with his right hand and his bow with his left. Next, he switched them around, his movements were awkward. The youngster started playing, bluntly, he stunk!

"Okay, little guy, you aren't as bad as you suggested."

Turning to me, my eldest requested,

"Dad, please phone Mr. Dietrich for me."


Dialing, I handed him my cell.

My eldest went over by the door,


"Hi, Sir, this is Bradley Harrison. I have a few questions. My cousin, Brandon, use to play the violin; however he has a problem, he is left handed. Is there any way to alter my old violin for his use?"

"Sorry, young man, no, it would destroy the sound! However, I can have a new one made."

"How long would it take?"

"I must contact the craftsman, Brutus. He is one of the finest in the world!"

"Master, please order one. I plan to pay him from my new salary."

"Let me call, then inform you when I find out."

Returning the phone, he sat next to my nephew.

"Hey, Cuz, I understand why you have trouble playing. Your style is good, but it's jerky. You are left handed, right?"

"Yes, I get teased because of it, but why should it affect me playing? And you don't have to be nice to me, I know I stink."

"It's choppy, not bad! I believe when we get you a left handed violin, your performance will improve instantly!"

"Brad, you think so? I mean I'm awful!"

"Listen, Little Buddy, you aren't. There are many things to improve, but I can't teach desire which you have!"

"Thanks, I promise to try my best not to disappoint you nor Simon!"

"Hey, Little Guy, nothing you attempt would let me down! I think I speak for our Bros on this, too. If you choose not to continue, okay, no problem! On the other hand, should you want to go on you have our full support!"

I almost cried listening to my eldest build up this broken youngster's self-esteem. The empathy my teenager displayed greatly pleased me.

I planned to do something special to show him how I felt.

The boys talked amongst themselves, until the rest of the group returned. I wasn't surprised to see Even carrying Hanna, she had her head on his shoulder. The pair looked adorable.

"Son, you are going to make a great dad!"

{}I agree! I look forward to our own tiny bundle of joy! I hope we will be allowed to adopt!{}

"Quit, you guys! I like her, she is such a good little girl!"

Even turned bright red from embarrassment.

Seeing it, Bradley and I started laughing. Everyone in the room asked why, but we simply looked at each other and roared harder!

After sanity returned, the group paired off.

Shortly thereafter, Carol showed up with clothes for Dylian's weekend with me and to pick up Nicky. He wasn't thrilled to be separated from his best friend for the weekend. But, both said they would survive. The adults laughed at this.

Before leaving with Miles, Donnie said he had some last minute preparations to complete before our arrival. This concerned me. I had no clue what he had done up to now.

It became clear the excitement took its toll on Megan. She kissed my youngest, and his best friend, after which she returned to her room with her dad and sister.

My nine-year-old became red as a beet from the kiss!

While the smooch excited my little one, his best mate disapproved.

Meanwhile, Brandon closely watched Nicky.

I saw changes coming amongst the younger boys in the near future.

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Please remember that kids are our future. It's time to protect them.

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