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Chapter 34

I woke up feeling great. Glancing at my alarm clock, it revealed the time to be half past six in the morning. I needed to get up, since I planned to fetch my son from the hospital!

Rolling onto my back, I realized I wasn't alone. At some point during the night, my little one joined me. Watching him sleep, reminded me of an angel. I hated to stir him, but he needed to get up.

"Arise, Sweetie, we must dress, eat, before we fetch your brother. I also want to meet the physical therapist! Come on, Little Prince, up we go!"

He shot out of bed as if he were a bullet. I chuckled, watching him run into my bathroom to pee. On his return, he stared at the floor.

"My Little Prince, were you lonely last night? Is that why you ended up with me?"

Shyly, my nine-year old nodded yes. I knew he worried I might be mad at him.

"Sweetie, I must tell you how nice it felt to open my eyes, knowing you needed me! However, your brother awaits, so, let's get the show on the road, then we shall eat breakfast on the way!"

"Okay, Daddy! May we go where they have pancakes?"

"Yes, I know a place, however, first, you need to go get dressed!"

Bubbling with excitement, my little one shot down the hallway to prepare for Simon's homecoming. I shared his enthusiasm.

In the back of my mind, my sons' reactions to living in our country estate concerned me.

While showering, I thought of flying the boys out to see our extended territory for the first time. I knew both hoped, at some point, to ride in one of my helicopters. I wanted to use my personal flagship, which unfortunately was in its hanger at the mansion. Then, the solution hit me.

After leaving the bathroom, I called my dispatcher, who this time believed me when I identified myself. I told her what and whom I wanted. She assured me she planned taking care of my requests as soon as Josh reported to work. Being Amy's brother, he was family, therefore I trusted him with my "baby".

Before long, my little one was ready. I heard his tummy rumbling, so I took him to a little diner I frequented on my way to the office. As a regular, I developed a close friendship with the owners.

"Mr. Thomas, where have you been? We worried over your prolonged absence!"

"Sue, I am so sorry! Much has happened since the last time I was here. Let me introduce you to my youngest, Dylian."

"Young man, it is so nice to meet you! Drew, I didn't know you had children!"

"Until a few weeks ago there were none, I adopted him and his older brother. I also gained an eldest son, with a three year old daughter of his own, making me a grandpa!"

Laughing, we sat down. I let my prodigy look over the menu for a moment. Shortly thereafter, he selected what he wanted. Placing our order, we waited. I decided to run my notion by my compact dynamo.

"Sweetie, how would you like a flyover of your new home, its wooded surroundings, as well as Uncle Miles' and Aunt Debbie's house?"

"Oh, kewl! Yes, Daddy! But, umm... how would we get my cellos out there?"

"Carol and Greg are moving this weekend. They assured me they will take the Stringline out with them. As for Gadda, my cars, clothes and other possessions, we shall have someone take them, and your baby, or I may ask my second-in-command to pick her up on his way home."

"Won't he mind?"

"No, not one bit. Let me call him, now."

Phoning, I awaited his reply,


"Hi, it's Drew. Could you please swing by my apartment to fetch your nephew's pride and joy with her stand. I decided to fly the kids so they get a panoramic view of their new surroundings. My angel suffers withdrawal pangs whenever he is separated from his musical partner!"

My buddy laughed at other end of the line.

"Tell him it won't be a problem. First, I must switch cars with Debbie to have space for her. I believe Helen and Patty planned a welcome home dinner at your house for tonight, so I will see you then."

Hanging up, our food arrived. We wolfed it down in order to reach the hospital in time. Then, I took my tiny tyke into the WC to wash him. Suddenly, I started crying from the realization I actually am an honest-to-goodness father!

"What's wrong, Daddy?" Dylian concernedly asked, as he hugged me.

"Oh, Sweetie, I just experienced an overwhelming surge of love! I not only feel great but am proud to be your "old man"!"

We arrived at eight, while my fifteen-year-old finished his breakfast. At that very moment, Even walked in, with his mother in tow.

"Well, good morning, Son! How do you feel today?"

{}Fine, thank you, but I sure hate the food here! I wish, I, too, had pancakes!{}

"Hey! How did you know!"

{}Because there is syrup on your shirt!{}

Looking, we laughed.

I realized he needed a replacement. So, phoning my personal assistant, I began,

"Hi, Sherry, how are you?"

"Fine, Drew, what can I do for you?"

"I have a sticky child on my hands! Therefore, I want you to bring me, here at the hospital, a clean tee!"

"Sure, boss! I was preparing to leave for the office, so I shall drop it on my way!"

"Thanks! See you soon."

Chuckling, we hung up. Meanwhile, Dr Edwards examined my son, after which she looked at his rapidly recovering roommate, Brandon. Concluding her exam, Debbie remarked,

"Young man, if I discharge you, will you take things easy?"

"YES!" a very happy eleven-year-old cheered.

Waiting for the arrival of Dr. Powers and the physical therapist, the chirpy group alternated telling jokes. In the midst of a particularly funny remark, my personal assistant arrived with my requested clean shirt.

While my youngest changed, I spoke with Sherry concerning my plans. She informed me she would double check to insure everything was in order, ready for me to use. After thanking her, she left.

I became uneasy, because neither party had arrived. Finally, one hour later, Brett appeared, permitting me to ask,

"Doc, where is the lady, I am anxious to take my boy home!"

"I have no idea. Give me a minute to inquire!"

However, first, he looked at the bandages on my nephew.

Tom came into the room at the moment the physician finished.

"Well, Sir, what is the story? May I take my son home today?"

"What's your opinion Brandon, would you like to leave with that old grump?"

"Not so! He is my new dad! Yes, I do!"

"Then, I see no problem with discharging you provided you take it easy, absolutely no sky diving!"

Everyone laughed.

While the medical man discussed the post-op instructions with the governor, my musician talked with my nephew concerning the latter's new violin and accompanying lessons.

"Dylian, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Cuz, anything you want!"

"Is Nicky your boyfriend?"

"While he is my "bestest" buddy, my twin, he's not my partner. I think he wishes he could be, but he knows it shan't happen. I like girls, not guys!"

"Oh, okay! I think he is really cute!" a red faced Brandon squeaked.

"Umm... Please, forgive me! I can't believe I said it! Should Dad find out he will kick me out!"

The eleven-year-old patient started to cry, in response my nine-year-old hugged him.

"Brandon, do you trust me?"

"Yeah I guess, why?"

"Uncle Tom?" my little prince called out.

"Yes, Dear, what's up?"

"Have you a problem with Simon and Even being together?"

"No, of course not! Liking a person of the same gender is God's way! Why, ask?"

"I wondered how you felt."

"Therefore, my gayness is fine with you?" his eldest asked in a whisper.

"On the contrary, lying to me, because you feared my reaction would upset me!"

"I am, Dad, are you sure you haven't a problem with it. Now is your opportunity to adopt a straight kid, before you take me home!"

The poor boy appeared on the brink of tears. Pulling him onto his lap, my buddy hugged him tightly.

"Oh, Sweetie, your happiness is the only thing of importance to me! Although I might lack expertise on the subject , there are plenty of homosexual family members who are more than happy to, including your Uncles Drew, Brain and Mark, plus your cousins Simon, Even, Andy and Tyler. But, remember, no matter what happens, I love you!"

"Let me check with Nicky to see how he feels." my tiny matchmaker whispered in his ear.

I heard a knock on the door. Opening it, I saw a face, which somehow looked familiar.

"Hi, my name is Stacy Coakley. I will be your son's physical therapist."

"Hello, I am his dad."

"Oh, Drew, I know who you are, but from your expression I realize you don't recall me!"


"My maiden name was Anderson."

"Oh My God! WOW! Stacy Anderson from our high school years!"

"Yes! When I heard your teen needed someone with my expertise I made sure I received the assignment. I want to help YOUR son with whatever he needs."

"That is great, here he is. Please get started!"

"Young Man, it's an honor to meet you. Now, who is this strapping youth?"

{}My boyfriend, Even, I hope it won't be a problem for you?{}

"Meaning, your relationship or your orientation? Honestly, I could care less! What I must ascertain is whether your buddy cooperates. Are you able to handle the situation when I make my patient hurt?"

"NEVER! I won't allow it!"

"We must reach an understanding then! Tell me, why take cough syrup?"

"I never have!"

"I find that hard to believe!"

My nephew started to bawl, thinking the woman called him a liar. I saw this approach failed, so I stepped in.

"Sweetie, I think you need to explain what happened."

"Should I, Uncle Drew?"

Smiling, I nodded.

"Alright, Miss Coakley, for a long time I was a sex slave who never received any medication, not even an aspirin for a headache! So, when I say I don't understand, I speak the truth!"

"Oh, Darling, I had no idea, please forgive me! Okay, I will try a different approach. Did you leave Simon every night?"


"Was it your choice?"

"NO! Not at all."

"So, why not stay?"

"Because Mom said he needed his rest in order to heal. If I remained he wouldn't get enough sleep, forcing him to stay hospitalized longer than necessary."

"A good answer, nevertheless you disliked it, am I correct?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

"My job is somewhat similar. I deal with people who have to relearn the use of their injured muscles. It's hard work which causes their bodies to ache at times. But, for them to recover, they must be forced to exercise beyond the point at which they experience pain. Is it clear to you, now?"

"Yeah, in order for Si to improve we must push him, which could make him sore or even hurt."

"Yes, so shall I count on your help?"

"Of course! However, there is one other person who might object."

"Please tell me whom?"


"No, I want my bro to heal! Although I don't wish him to suffer, I understand without your aid he can't recover! So, you have to assist him!"

"Great! Let's get this show started!"

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