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Chapter 35

The physical therapist started showing Simon how to properly use his cane. The orthopedic surgeon warned us even after the next surgery my son might not only still limp but require a walking stick. Stacy planned to show him exercises to help strengthen both legs. She advised buying a custom rod from a specialty shop, to bolster his self-image, arguing,

"Drew, the benefit far outweighs the cost!"

"I couldn't agree with you more!"

She returned her attention to Even, teaching my nephew how to aid his mate.

In the meantime, I made a series of necessary calls. I arranged the transport of my belongings from my condo to the country estate. I told the movers to pack clothing, movies, records, supplies, office equipment, and computers. The estate was fully furnished, so I left the furniture, dishes and appliances.

Next, I instructed my mechanic to adjust my vehicles for country conditions, after which, I phoned the company, which in the past I dealt with, to transport my cars. I planned leaving one of my Ferrari's at its present location. Finally, I called my personal assistant,

"Good morning, Sherry. I want you to drop by my place to pick up the keys from my condo. Please bring them to "We Move Your Valuables!"

"Hello Drew, for which autos."

"I am having them move the Ferrari 355 Spyder, the Ford Bronco, the CxT, the Bentley, and the Porsche 930. The Land Rover is here at the hospital. Someone shall drive it out later in the week. The other Ferrari will stay there at the condo for now."

"Not a problem, you gave me a key to the lockbox. When will the designated individual arrive?"

I mentioned the person's name, plus the time.

Finished, I returned to my boys. I found them laughing at Dylian, who attempted the exercises which Simon was learning. While closing the door, my phone rang.


"Hi, Mr. Thomas, this is Josh Coleman. I'm with your copter at the company pad. My truck remains at your country home, so if you agree, I plan to drive your vehicle out then retrieve mine. Thus, we kill two birds with one stone."

"What a great idea! I intend being there in a few hours. You may get my keys to my Land Rover from Dispatch. Whatever your schedule, simply come out after you finish. And, thank you so much for this big favor!"

I turned my attention to the boys and Stacy, who finished, at the time I entered.

"Drew, your son amazes me! Make sure he uses his..."

We were interrupted when a rushed Allen blew in, and then tripped, nearly landing on his ass.

"My friend, are you alright?"

"Yes, Boss, I feared I missed you! I MUST talk with Simon for a few moments."

"Can it wait till we finish with his physical therapist?"

"Of course, I'm sorry!"

"As I started to say before the interruption, you must insure he always uses his walking stick. His injured leg, while it is improving, remains too weak to bear his full weight. He moves fine with the cane, but providing him with a special custom designed model shall boost his self-image. Think of it, as a unique watch, his peers admire, even envy him for!"

"How often, plus where, shall he come?"

"Every Monday and Wednesday at the physical therapy lab on the second floor! My schedule should prevent his being in pain on weekends. I assume those dates won't prove a problem transporting your son!"

"No! When unavailable, my house manager fills in. In addition, security details guard my two youngest, at least for the next few months, so travel arrangements aren't an issue. Stacy, thank you for helping my child. If you ever need anything, let me know. When it comes to the welfare any of my kids, money remains of no consequence!"

"One other thing, have you access to a pool? Swimming and walking in the water are great for him."

"Yes, there is an Olympic sized one at the estate. I will make certain it's in running order!"

The lady left after saying her goodbyes to everyone. I turned my attention to my technical guru, asking,

"So what's up Allen?"

"The fact, unbeknownst to me, Simon is being released today! I'm unprepared; I believed I had one-to-two weeks! Sherry mentioned the night before last my nephew was going home. Unfortunately, only last evening I found a solution to the problem! Rushing, I remain unconvinced I worked out all the bugs!"

"My friend, what difficulty are you talking about?"

"You know his need to drag his computer, in addition to using a cane. How might he cope?"

"So, my son requested a solution?"

"No! Nevertheless, I realized a bad situation needed solving. Watching Power Rangers with Gagy the other day provided a solution."

Tom's brother reverted to his usual effervescent self. He rushed over to the box he brought in, pulling out a jacket plus a CD.

{}That looks so kewl, Uncle Allen!{}

"Good! I'm glad you like it, because I created it for you! Let me upload this program then install the new hardware onto your computer. It should only take a moment."

Grabbing my teen's laptop, my employee started tinkering with it. It always blows my mind to see the man at a keyboard. He skillfully works at breakneck speed, which to us mere mortals appears unreal.

"Alright, please put the coat on. But, first, see this cord, plug it into the S-video slot in the back of your PC, place the gizmo in the rear pocket, finally slip on the jacket!"

Following directions, my fifteen-year-old zipped it half way up. He did a little spin to showoff how well he looked in it.

"Wow, Baby, it looks great on you!" Even said, causing his buddy to blush.

"I agree! Okay, now on your left cuff, you should feel a little bump. Once you find the button, squeeze it!"

My boy complied. He pressed, causing the left sleeve to light up, which revealed a built in keyboard.

"This is a new technology which should perform seamlessly. It works for any type of clothing you desire. I am designing a winter coat plus a clip, the latter for attaching onto tee shirts. One shall be Blue Tooth compatible, but a slight issue with interference exists. Please, Simon, give it a try."

{}Uncle Allen, how awesome, thank you so much! I'm speechless! Dad, look, I can talk to you while I stand, holding my cane!{}

"My pleasure! There are a few extra things I added. If you go into Si-speak, the program I downloaded, you will find hot keys to set. Use them to replace an often repeated phrase or word. For example, instead of typing 'Even I adore you', cheat by setting it. Then, with one touch you flash the above remark!"

My teen blushed until his mate yelled,

"Simon you better not take a short cut to my love!"

Knowing he joked, we started laughing.

{}Wait! You named this program after me? Uncle, you mustn't! It should be called Allen-talk!{}

"No, you're responsible for its creation! Hence, Si-speak!"

"Buddy, you never fail to impress me with your inventions! However, let me pose a few questions. First, what the hell is the connection with Power Rangers?"

"Their clothes contain controls; I used that idea to develop mine!"

"Is this invention cost effective to market?"

"Not yet, I estimate it to come..."

"Enough! Put the figures in a report, I needn't hear them now!"

"Got it, Boss!"

About this time, we heard a knock on the door. Dr. Sanders, Dr. Powers, Nurse Powers, Dr. Maxwell and Debbie entered the room.

"Simon, with mixed emotions, I do the following. Mr. Thomas, please sign these."

I willingly "John-Hancocked" the papers, knowing what they contained.

"Thank you, Sir! Now, Young Man, here are your follow-up appointment cards for Doctors Sanders plus Maxwell. Our meeting comes later, however, for now, leave!"

{}You mean I'm free to go?!{}

"WOW! Another great gismo from our resident genius! Yes, you are released! Big guy, we are available to you whenever you need us. You and Even became an important part of our hospital family. Not only on account of the S&E fund, but because we fell in love with all of you. Now,... out!"

My son's medicine man teared, as his home bound patient came over to bear hug him before repeating this action with each of his other care givers.

{}Dad, let's go home!{}

"Son, I have been waiting forever to take you!"

My nephew knew he was going with us to the office, after which, he expected to stay with his father while I flew my guys out to the house. We headed down to the loading dock where the Land Rover stood. My fifteen-year-old appeared somewhat overwhelmed by the security guy's enthusiastic greetings, wishing him well. Hank waited at the truck to help my child get in. Simon tightly embraced him, emotionally telling everyone how much he appreciated their support. I could see tears in my teen's eyes when we left..

"Simon, are you alright?"

{}Yeah, Dad, I can't believe I'm out of prison! I've no clue where home is, but it feels so right I'm on my way there!{}

In a short time we arrived at our destination. Pulling into the garage, I parked the truck. Bruce appeared out of nowhere, offering any help we might need. However, the patient maneuvered perfectly with his cane. The boys seemed happy to see their uncle.

We headed up to the suite, Even wanted to see where his dad worked, as did mine. So, first I showed them my room which the three observed wasn't anything special, then we stopped at Miles'. Although my second-in-command appeared delighted to see everyone, I noted his delighted reaction to my fifteen-year-old's presence.

We exchanged our goodbyes, with the young couple doing a little more than talking. From there, we went up to the landing pad on the roof.

{}WOW, Dad, how great,... you own all of these helicopters?{}

"Yes ,Sweetie, DJ Enterprises does, with the exception of the black one, which is mine. I only permit a few people, besides myself, to fly her."

"She looks so kewl, Daddy, what make?"

"A Bell 222b, although no longer produced, she remains my all time best bird! Let's take her home?"

The three of us ran to the flying machine. Lifting off, my excited passengers loved cruising in the sky. I tried to keep it a smooth ride at the same time I wanted to give them a bit of a thrill. Soon, we reached the estate. I pointed out the boundaries, the unused stables, Bradley plus Hanna's carriage house, in addition to Miles and Debbie's abode. The children were thrilled with the show but wanted to get on the ground.

Once we landed, Dylian's brother started typing,

{}WOW, Dad, the flight was so kewl. Will I ever get a chance to navigate her? I loved being up there! I wished to talk with you while in-flight, yet I couldn't figure out how you would hear me. Maybe Uncle Allen knows a way for me to plug into the helicopter's system. We actually live here?! I love you so much!{}

"I am sure we can find a way, Dear! Now, shall we go inside?"

As we entered the front door, I turned to my youngsters, stating,

"Welcome home, Sons! We start a new beginning as a real family!"

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