Dylian II

A New Beginning

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 1

Returning to my childhood home after many years proved more difficult than I imagined. Nevertheless, the ladies did a terrific job of turning the old cold house into a warm friendly place. Gone were the dull colors and plaids, replaced with bright earth tones and enlarged windows.

My boys' eyes grew huge at the beckoning sight, I never saw children so awe struck as mine.

Patty informed us a light lunch would be served in an hour.

Although I had pressing work, I wanted the youngsters to feel at home. Therefore I said, "Guys, feel free to explore your new surroundings, however three areas are off limits, your rooms on the second floor plus our house manager's apartment behind the kitchen. Never go there without her permission. It belongs to her!"

Dylian answered for them both, stating

"We understand, we will respect her space!"

My little one asked, "Daddy, where is your office, we don't want to disturb you."

"Sweetie, listen to me, you come first in my life! I don't care whether I am on the phone with the Queen of England, if you wish to tell me about a spelling test or a TV show, I would put her on hold!"

"Yeah! But, will you get upset when I forget?"

Smiling, I embraced him, "No, Little Prince, never! Now, there are two doors on the second floor, one belonging to each of you. You mustn't open either, I trust you won't. Donnie intends to show you what's in them later this afternoon. Alright?"

"'k! If I start on the top floor, working my way down, I don't think I could reach the second, until after dinner anyway!"

We laughed at my compact dynamo's excitement.

{}Yes Dad, I can't believe the woodwork in this place. May I ask you some questions? I have so many I don't know where to start! Wow, I'm unable to get over the fact I actually live here! This is so amazing!{}

"I shall attempt to answer all of them, however, there exists a book, our family kept, detailing all the modifications. I need to add all the new ones, let's search for it."

{}Yes, please!{}

"Si loves the way old structures look, particularly, the fancy things people add to them. May I search by myself for a bit?"

"Dylian, it's your home, go anywhere, except those three off limited locations. Being on your own, perhaps you'll uncover something, I never did."

My happy youngest hugged and kissed us after which he took off. Then, I walked down the hall to the library with my middle child.

"Son, so you like architecture. This building is rich in history, you will enjoy unearthing all its secrets. It contains a special secret passage, which I literally fell into, at your age. The stairwell leads from the kitchen to the third floor. But, I'm not going to show it to you, you need to ferret it out on your own."

My teen's smile was worth a million dollars!

When we reached the library, I thought my boy would pass out from sheer joy. He kept looking around, spinning, turning, pulling out all the books. He displayed this goofy grin.

{}Dad, are these all authentic or some fake, as in the movies, to fill the shelves?{}

"No, each is real, even better, they belong to you!"

{}WHAT, ALL MINE! There must be over a thousand hard covered volumes in here! Owning even one would make me feel great! But, to possess them all, boggles my mind!{}

"Listen to me carefully, Young Man, whatever I own belongs to you! While you might not have a use for everything at any one time, such as the cars, they remain yours. Being a family means sharing our assets however, also, carrying out our own tasks. Once we get settled, I expect you and your younger brother to keep your rooms orderly, clean up after yourselves and do your absolute best in school! It's not too much to request, right?"

Simon nodded yes.

"Respecting each other is another responsibility. Knock when you want to enter someone's room, ask before borrowing something not yours. These make sense, right. You may take any item from our library without asking, simply return it to its place, when finished. Carefully handle anything you borrow, all are much older than you! Now, let me find the house log!"

I scanned the shelves until I discovered the thick item I was looking for.

"I found it! Son, this diary goes back to the very beginnings of our home. Every change, addition, appears such as the installation of indoor plumbing and the hookup of electricity. Take it with you while you explore the building or read through it first!"

{}Well, my cane makes it hard to carry the journal around. May I leave it here and refer back to it whenever I want to look anything up? Would it be alright with you?{}

"Sweetie, of course!"

{}Dad, it says here the mansion originated in eighteen hundred eighty-nine, with the west and east wings constructed later. Not mentioned is why they were added! Oh, yes, the carriage house went up seven years afterwards, which included the driver's quarters above it. Nicky lives there, right?{}

"Yes! However, the garage replaced the original structure around nineteen twenty."

{}Hmm, it notes, at the same time, the maids' quarters obtained radiators. So, where is it now?"{}

"WOW, you rock at this! I never heard of that particular accommodation. However, as I indicated earlier, I found a hidden stairwell from the kitchen to the third floor. Perhaps, the upper level served in such a capacity!"

{}No! Here, on this page, it talks about the nanny's room and nursery in that location. A "Mrs. Stanley's" family occupied the complete second story. Her husband wrote a single passage, which I quote "I want them gone!" Not an endorsement for peace! Oh, Dad, how kewl! Thanks!{}

"You are very welcome, now go "snoop" around! The book will be here forever for your perusal. In fact, why not scan it into the computer to preserve the volume for all times!"

{}Awesome! What a great idea. Okay, let me look for Dylian to find out what he uncovered!{}

Climbing the grand staircase, my teen seemed impressed with the attention to detail of the mill work. Soon, he discerned a muffled sniffle, which he knew emanated from his younger sibling. Turning a corner, he saw the little fellow sitting on the floor leaning back against a door.

{}Hey, Dude, what's wrong?{}

"I became scared. This place is so huge, I couldn't find my way back down to Daddy. The sign over there says it's my bedroom, but I'm..."

{}Oh, Buddy, you gave up too soon! Come on, let me show you the way back.{}

Holding out his hand, my fifteen year old helped his sibling up then guided him to my office. The compact cellist smiled again. Once he saw me, he rushed over, before his waterworks unleashed.

"Hey, what's wrong, Little Prince? Why the tears?"

"I got lost! I wanted to see you!"

"Sorry, Precious, how about we explore together until you feel comfortable. I realize our home is enormous, in fact, a bit daunting. I recall, one time, I left Miles in my suite, during a sleepover. I waited for him in the kitchen, where we planned to meet. When, after an hour, he hadn't shown up I found him asleep on the third floor. How he went up one level remains a mystery! I teased him unmercifully about the incident for ages, so stop feeling guilty. Now, let's take a couple of trips to your room, the kitchen and other areas of importance. Let me point out where I sleep so should you need me at night you can find me. Remember, until you know your way around, keep your phones with you, thus if you get lost you'll be able to call for help."

Dylian felt better about becoming disoriented, until I mentioned the cells.

"I am so stupid! It was in my pants, why didn't I use it?"

{}STOP! Never again say such a thing! You forgot, because you were scared! Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you here!{}

Getting up, I heard a beep. While answering, Simon showed my youngest the log.


"Mr. Thomas, Devon Skys here,... I found her!"

"You're kidding, after all this time! I have no clue how I will handle it, at this point!"

{}Dad, what are you talking about?{}

"Hang on!"

Turning to my fifteen-year-old, I explained,

"Son, this call concerns a car I wanted for several years. But, I told myself with the two of you now in my life, I need to cut back on acquiring more vehicles. This one isn't necessary!"

Returning to my caller, I stated,

"My friend, my life drastically changed since we spoke last, so I intend passing on it!"

{}No, Dad, go for it!{}

"Yeah, Daddy, I don't want to hold you back from something you dreamed about forever."

"Alright, boys. Buddy, tell me where and how much?!"

"Sounds like you found something else of great importance! She is down on the south side of Chicago. The owner priced the beauty at one hundred fifty grand. How shall I proceed?"

"Are you sure it's the 288 GTO not the 308 GTB?"

"Yes, I double checked. The numbers match up, of more important, the documentation is in order. It's an eighty four model with under six thousand miles of use. What next?"

"Well, my sons urge me to go for it. After all, I desired this baby for years! Fine, make the offer. Keep me posted, I want this one!"

Upon hanging up, I sat there thinking about the conversation. If the owner accepts my proposal, I become the proud possessor of a banner Ferrari 288 GTO, one of my dream autos. I have been after this hottie for years. They rarely surface in such mint condition and almost never with such low mileage. It pleased me my boys insisted I act!

The three of us took a quick tour, which included showing my musician how to get from his room to mine and the kitchen.

After lunch, we resumed our exploration. My excited nine-year-old began to lead, as his confidence returned. We continued our quest until the hour approached to prepare for our dinner party.

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