Dylian II

A New Beginning

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 3

While everyone else entered Simon's new room I held back for a moment. I continued to marvel at Donnie's artistic craftsmanship reflected in the painted border, the music notes appeared random. My youngest returned to his room in search of me.

"Come on, Daddy, we are waiting for you!"

"Be right there, Sweetie, I'm still overwhelmed by your cousin's fantastic work in here. The random musical theme is a touch of genius!"

"Actually, it's from "Wanna Be Like You" by Smash Mouth, one of my fav songs to play!"

"WOW! I can't believe he did this!"

We walked over to the rest of the group holding hands, it felt so natural! Our tour guide stood at the entry, anticipating our arrival.

"Okay, guys, I wanted to do something totally rad for Si's digs. Since he is big, I decided to make his space entirely different. Dude, I hope you like it!"

Upon entering, my teen turned on the light which revealed a living room setting. To say he appeared shocked wouldn't be an understatement.

A very comfy looking couch and love seat occupied the middle, with a handsome bookshelf containing a built-in desk to its right. On its left stood an entertainment center. Four interior doors peppered the walls, their purpose remained a mystery to me.

{} UNREAL, Cuz, this looks awesome! After all you put into Bro's pad I had no clue how mine might appear, this is mind blowing!{}

"Nah, nothing special. I figured a big guy needed plenty of territory to stretch in, so I turned it into your own apartment. Those two exits take you to your bedroom and bath, that one leads to your kitchenette."

Everyone started exploring on their own. However, one passage remained unexplained. As I began to open my mouth, my son inquired,

{}Donnie, what's behind the remaining one?{}

"Well, that is special, check it out!"

My boy sauntered over to the undisclosed room, for some reason he seemed nervous. Setting foot in it, he gasped, after which he turned toward my nephew, with a huge grin spread across his face. Then, he looked at a smiling Even.

{}I can't believe you remembered, Baby, you are the best! I know I told you once a long time ago, but I never again said anything about it. Nevertheless, you recalled, I so love you!{}

Going over to his mate, my fifteen-year-old bear hugged and French kissed him.

I exclaimed, "Please explain yourselves!"

"Si once told me, after an awful beating, he loved to draw. He wished to have his own studio one day. When Donnie asked me to suggest a special thing he could add, I recalled his comment!" Miles' eldest explained, while his buddy remained attached to him.

Matthew poked his head through the door, screaming,

"Oh my, Dude, you have everything an artist might ever dream of. I know my college's facility isn't nearly as complete as yours. You have perfect lighting, how awesome!"

"See, Uncle Drew, we turned three separate areas into one. We closed off the two hallway entrances. And, yes, all modifications appear in the log book! Carl obtained the necessary building permits which he left in your office."

"Thank you, Sweetie, you did a terrific job! You went far beyond anything I expected of you, right boys!"

"Daddy, mine is stupendous! I love it so much!"

{}Am I dreaming, I can't believe any of this, especially my sketching workshop! I love my Bro with all my heart, I would do anything for him. However, having my own space fulfills a lifetime desire! Thank you so much! Dad, I hope I live up to your expectations!{}

By the time my fifteen-year-old finished speaking, no dry eye appeared in the room.

"Dear boy, nothing on this earth will change how I feel about you or cause me to regret your adoption! Okay, let's go eat, I know Patty and Helen prepared a wonderful meal for us to enjoy."

We headed downstairs to the dining room. The ladies in charge went into the kitchen after asking our two adult female guests to help serve the food. Each of the four made two trips to bring everything in. Sitting, I noticed Even was looking down at his feet. I started approaching him when his Dad jumped up.

"Son, what's wrong?"

"I'm I so stupid!" he cried out, bursting into tears.

"Sweetie, you are not! Why must you say such a thing?"

"Because, not only have I never eaten half this food, I can't read very good! How shall I overcome my stupidity?"

Simon slammed his left hand onto the table, jumped up and walked out of the room, causing his mate to cry harder.

"Oh, Man, now my beloved hates me for my dumbness!"

While everyone else attempted to calm the distraught sixteen-year-old, I left to search for my distressed youngster. I found him in my office.

I sat across from my very upset middle child. After allowing him several moments to settle down, I remarked,

"Big Guy, please tell me the reason you left in such a manner? You know your boyfriend is very upset, I am sure you didn't mean to hurt him by walking out. Unfortunately, he believes you're mad at him for being ignorant."

{}Oh, shit! I'm not angry with him, but at the abuse he suffered! Every time he turns around something reminds him of his terrible past. I always mention to him, he was brave, strong, both with respect to himself and his friends. His fortitude helped us survive, sadly, he refuses to listen. It hurts me so much to see him breakdown over something as simple as a pot roast! Dad, my baby experienced hurt his entire life. I only realized how bad things were tonight. How could someone treat my gentle Ev in this horrible way?!{}

"Darling, I have no answer for the past. On the other hand, I assure you our family intends doing everything in our power to insure he receives all he missed. Let's return to calm your buddy, show him how you feel!"

After nodding to me, we headed back. Upon arrival, my partially incapacitated youngster rushed, at full speed, to his mate. He nearly suffocated the boy in a bear hug, before he passionately kissed his special fellow. Finally, he plumped down next to him.

{}Babes, you aren't at fault. I'm very mad, however not at you. My fury centers on those who mistreated you since birth, kept you from learning, which doesn't make you dumb! Your cunningness saved our lives, insured we ate and were cared for. Your intelligence helped heal my body after they beat me! You taught us how to survive, plus you learned to cook on your own to feed your companions. You accomplished all those things, not me! WE, as a family, intend on providing what you missed. Please don't say you're stupid, it's ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! {}

"But Si, so much confuses me! No one understands how dumb I feel all the time. Many of the things others say seem gibberish to me. Donnie talked about his homework, it meant nothing. I asked Father about something, he stated he referred me to the Internet. Thanking him, I walked away not comprehending the term he used!" my nephew explained bawling like a baby.

"Son, none of this is your fault. No one gave you the opportunity to learn these things. Carol and Nancy will bring you up to speed!"

"That's right, my child! We plan to have you ready for school at the correct level by next year. While it may take a great deal of effort on your part, you can accomplish it! I implore you to remain hopeful, we know you shall succeed!!"

While still crying, the youth looked around the room. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Donnie held Sara, Dylian cuddled Lisa, while Nicky cradled Hanna.

"I am so very sorry I ruined this special meal!" The six foot teen stated, then he attempted to run from the room.

"No, Sweetie! I don't think so!" Helen said pulling the kid into a hug.

"Poppycock! Sis and I prepared this dinner with you in mind. I noted when you eat, you're not aware of the food. So, we made it for you to sample, see what you like and disliked. People's preferences vary, simply tell me yours! Little Donnie has a lot on his list of 'won't eat', others do, as well. Now, let's wash our faces, and then we can finish our meal before it gets too cold!"

Nodding, everyone headed for a bathroom. Miles stayed very close to his eldest. Simon allowed this, comprehending his need for his dad more than himself, at this time. I observed how well my middle boy handled his mate's breakdown, in fact, everyone did.

While the above occurred, Hank and Matthew took care of the younger ones.

Once people returned, we sat down. Marsha requested grace be recited, so Calvin, the eldest, performed the honor. After which, the carnage began.

I half worried the table might collapse under the weight of all the food. But, it quickly vanished.

Even held his own with the quantity of food he consumed. One of the things I noted, he, like me, preferred meat and taters.

After the dessert, the group split up. The adults went to one of the living rooms for coffee, the younger crowd headed up to the game room on the third floor.

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