Dylian II

Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 4

During the next few weeks our lives took on a regular routine. The house became the center of home schooling, Nancy brought Tyler, Andy and Gage out with her, while I took Nicky and Dylian into town (Thorne still met the boys at the end of their day). Miles drove over his eldest, Tom arrived with Brandon. Only a couple of months remained in the school year, so this arrangement worked perfectly.

Mondays through Wednesdays my cellist practiced with the Chamber Strings for the Dylian Project music. My security man provided transportation, while Bradley kept a watchful eye on his youngest brother, insuring no one picked on him (Although, from what I heard he was a huge hit). Soon, the piece appeared ready to be recorded. Therefore, I hired the same recording studio I used previously for my prodigy's demo tape.

One day I sat in my office, when Bruce barged in unannounced. The big ox never did so. Emitting a huge sigh, he slammed down into one of my chairs.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Well, Boss, as you know, I've been tracing Even's background. I must admit, I wish you hadn't asked!"

"I surmise you found something bad!"

"That's an understatement! You may say such a thing of a five alarm fire or a train wreck, I uncovered far worse than anything I ever imagined. Sir, the situation I discovered makes me want to gouge out my eyes!"

"Oh, Shit! Well, tell me or let me read it, before we show Miles!"

"Are you sure?!"

I nodded.

"Alright, after killing his three year old daughter and two year old son, his biological father slashed his birth mother's throat, a woman eight months pregnant with your nephew. By a miracle, the unborn child survived. Worse, the authorities, for some reason, which defies logic, permitted the murdering bastard to name him. Quoting the madman "Even if he survives, he ain't going to be worth a fuck!". So, what went on in the place, several of the men who were arrested called him " Even", as a reminder, "he is less than nothing!". But, no last or middle moniker appears on his one and only legal document, his birth certificate (he has no social security card)."

The giant ex naval Seal took a deep breath in an effort to control his emotions.

"Now, the monster sits on death row, with a scheduled execution date set for next year. I know you could ask Tom to postpone his demise, however I'm not sure you should act, after I tell you the next part. The wonderful CPS allowed the fiend to cede custody of our tiny baby over to his brother. We rescued him, plus the three other's, from the uncle's house. Yes, the owner is that sweet kid's kin! The butcher knew guards at the penitentiary. He put them in touch with his sibling in return for favors on the inside. Mile's son was safe up until he turned eight because of an aunt. She assured his schooling for three years, before her untimely demise in a car accident. From what we uncovered, the abuse started days after that event. In addition, the auto fatality appeared to be a coldblooded act of murder. One other fact, Even's arrival occurred on the first of June, therefore, he is fifteen, not sixteen. It's unclear why the miscreant lied about your nephew's age, under the circumstances making him younger, not older, makes more sense."

"Oh My God, Big Guy, I hope you hurt that asshole! Alright, we can't keep this from his parents. Give me the file, I shall talk with them. I believe you don't want to explain it a second time. Special thanks for your unswerving dedication. Please make sure you continue on Andy and Tyler's cases!"

My diligent employee handed over the folder with all the documentation. I knew this would be a very difficult meeting with my best friend. I conluded I better handle it immediately, without the presence of Debbie.

Walking over to my buddy's office, I encountered a few weird looks, on account of my distraught appearance. I am sure my staff reckoned someone was about to be terminated. I stopped outside the auspices of my second in command, took a deep breath. knocked gently then entered. My buddy sat behind his desk in the midst of a phone conversation. Holding up one finger, he signaled for me to wait one moment. So, despite my agitated state, I bided my time.

Once he finished, we exchanged greetings, plus talk about different projects in progress. After which, I proceeded,

"Miles, Bruce came to me a little while ago. He completed his investigation of your boy's past. I have the report right here with me. I warn you what he uncovered is more disturbing than you can imagine. I figured I needed to give you this information while we are alone."

"Thank you, Drew, I appreciate it. Please, fill me in!."

"Alright, Even's biological father killed his birth mother by slashing her throat, while his eight months pregnant wife slept..."

I went on to describe all the gory details. By the end, we cried our eyes out.

After calming ourselves, my friend became excited, stating, "Buddy, I have one month to plan the biggest, bestest ever sixteenth birthday party!! Would you help me?"

"Old Friend, you know damn well I shall with pleasure! Cost, of course, isn't an issue!"

Next, we brought in a few of our top female employees to help with the arrangements. My mate said he planned informing Debbie that night. Going on, he requested I enlist Simon, which I assured him I intended taking care.

Before leaving the office for the day, I asked my pal what he wished to give his eldest.

"Awe, but, of course, my dear fellow! I shall get him the thing every sixteen-year-old wants, a new car. I dreamed of acquiring the new Hummer Hx for awhile, however I couldn't imagine how to get it past "The Boss"! I think I will purchase it for my son, instead."

We both started laughing. I told Miles I thought about buying the boys a set of Polaris Ranger RZRs, (all terrain utility vehicles) one for his house, one for mine. This way the two can go back and forth without us being obligated to drive the kids, or they needing to walk. I planned to get those beauties anyway, this gives me a perfect excuse. I wanted to insure you approved of the idea as well."

"Of course, nevertheless I must consider my wife. You know how protective she became since we adopted Even. I believe I may have a tough sell, convincing her to buy our eldest the truck. Give me time to work on her. I shall inform you of the outcome in a few days. Now, one thing I worrying about is whom to invite for this party?"

"Let Bradley and Shellie handle the guest list, they would love to help. In addition, let's ask Courtney Smith, she is one of Simon's best friends from his old school."

"Drew, WOW! We can hold the bash in the field behind my house, plus fly in one of the Hughes 500s, giving the attendees a thrilling ride, it's just an idea. Hey isn't your son's birthday the twenty-eighth of June, maybe we should combine the two love birds' big day."

"Not a good idea. I believe your's needs this party for himself. The other day, my child indicated his pal feels left out."

"What did he mean by that?"

"Everyone else has a hobby, Dylian and Bradley play music, Donnie paints, Simon draws. Your teen doesn't seem to possess any such pastime."

"Yes, I see your point. Coming from me he might think I am ordering him to take up a hobby. Since he went through hell, I decided to give him all the time he needs to adjust to his new life! However, watching him stiffen when I hug him or jump every time I enter a room pains me deeply. While my mind knows the cause, me being an adult male, my heart, as his dad, weeps!"

"And, never forget he remains your oldest! Donnie told me, yesterday, he always felt there existed an elder brother somewhere for him. Even is that sibling! I am more than happy to talk with him, he seems a little more relaxed around me. Finally, I have my secret weapon!"

"Which is?"

"As if you must ask, Simon!"

I arose, bearhugged him, then, acting as a brat, I placed a big sloppy kiss on his cheek! Laughing my way out of his office, I ran into Bruce, who looked strangely at me.

"Boss, no offense, but how the hell can you chuckle, in light of the report I gave you about our little special fellow?" His eyes reflected anger.

"Oh, Big Guy, it wasn't about that! I guffawed at the look in Miles face when I smacked him!"

I am not sure what seemed funnier, my security man's reaction or my mate's!

Before leaving, I told my secretary, "Barbara, I'm heading home for the day, call me if I'm needed!"

With forty-five minutes to drive home, I intended using the time to construct a talk for my nephew concerning his interests. I also wanted to meet the new teacher, according to the love birds, he was HOT! That thought made me smile!

Around thirty minutes from my destination, my phone rang.

"Hello, this is Drew, how may I help you?"

{}Dad, I found something totally awesome at the house! Are you on your way? May I invite Matthew over to check it out with me, please?{}

"Yes, call him! Son, never take any risks with things you find. Remember, we have no idea when they were last in service! I should be there shortly, I love you!"

{}Thanks, me, too!{}

After I hung up, it dawned on me he wasn't in class, I needed to find out why. I relaxed the rest of the way.

When I pulled up to the house, I saw vehicles parked all over! More cars stood in the driveway than I ever recalled, well except for the time I moved all of mine out to clean the garage and for our open house several weeks ago.

I walked in the front door to an attack from all sides. Sara plus Gage needed hugs, the same held true for Tyler and Andy. Even applied a lung shattering embrace, while Simon gave me a bone cruncher.

After I greeted all the kids, I noticed a distinguished gentleman standing off to the side. He looked about sixty, with salt-pepper hair. He appeared to be built very nicely, you could tell he kept in shape. Smart dresser, too, he wore a pair of navy blue slacks with a matching sweater over a white dress shirt, plus a solid red tie.

Matthew stood beside him, so I headed over to say hello.

"Son, great to see you again, how's school going"

"Awesome, Mr Thomas! Thank you so much for the new laptop and the color laser printer! Man, did that help out! Sir, I would like to introduce my faculty advisor, Professor Baruch Tippens."

"Doctor, what a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my home."

"Mr. Thomas, please believe me the privilege remains all mine! I admired this structure for many years, however, never had the opportunity to enter its walls. This is truly an honor!"

"Then, as I said, most humble greetings! Please feel free to look around, inspire my son, Simon! I understand he found something he wishes to share with us, however before we continue, I have pressing business. So, excuse me for one moment."

I walked down the hall to the office suite, which we used, at present, for classes. Once there, I found Carol talking quietly with Even in a corner. Nancy spoke to Andy and Tyler, while a young man cared for the little ones. I approached Bruce's wife.

"Excuse me, Young Lady, explain why my son isn't here?"

"Because he needn't be! We planned on explaining why tonight, so, if you don't mind, let's discuss the delicate matter privately, at a more opportune moment!"

"Got it! Let me know when you are free."

Chastened, I hurriedly returned to the foyer, where I found the professor alone.

"Doctor, where did the other two go?"

"They went upstairs, asking us to stay here. And, I request, Sir, you call me, Baruch."

"Provided you refer to me by my first name, Drew."

We both laughed, after which we heard a whooping yell, followed by a thump. We looked at each other dumbfounded.

At that very instant a panel on the wall sprung open, out stepped a dusty, web-covered Matthew!

"Man, such fun!" he shouted with excitement, while he poked his head back into the opening, yelling, "Okay Simon, repeat what I showed you but take it easy!"

Suddenly, we heard a loud bellow! I dove for the opening, hoping to get there in time to break my son's fall. I knew the landing would destroy his injured leg! Thankfully, he touched down on his good limb wrapped around the pole which appeared in this unusual closet. I never experienced greater fright, or anger, at the same time. I prepared to yell, when Hank's husband stepped up to me.

"Sir, I insured its safety, before I permitted him to try! I couldn't allow anything to harm him or any of the others! Please know that!"

Grabbing my beloved child, I held him to my chest with all my might. I kissed the top of his head, after which, I stated, "Sweetie, I so love you!"

"Mr. Thomas, this is a butler's pole, a very rare find! They were rumored to exist in many mansions, but few have ever surfaced!"

"What floor did you start on? In addition, Young Man, please explain how you found it?"

{}Discovering this one wasn't too hard. The wall seemed too thick. It goes all the way from the first floor to the third. When I descended, I felt no joints in the rod. How about you, Matty?{}

"No, come to think about it, me, either! I understand it's made of brass, but it has a coating over it. Sir, the structure appears very secure, as well, so have no concern about it falling or becoming detached. However, the passage needs a good cleaning!!"

{}Dr Baruch, do you want to see the house log? It reveals every modification made to the mansion since its inception. Please help me learn about it! There are some things which puzzle me, for instance, the existence of a maids' quarters. No one can find it, nevertheless its mention appears several times in the book between the eighteen nineties and nineteen twenties, plus once in the nineteen forties. I wish to learn, please won't you help me?{}

"Simon, my dear boy, it would be my honor to serve as your mentor!"

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