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Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 5

Simon and his mentor rushed off to the library so they could scrutinize the log book.

I laughed at Dr. Tippens, he acted as excited as my son.

It surprised me when Matthew remained behind. I was torn away from my revelry when he asked,

"Sir, would you mind if I looked around??"

"Yes, Young Man, I do! Only those who know how to address me have that privilege."

"Mr. Thomas?"

I shook my head.


"Indeed! Please remember you are family as such we never refer to one another by "Sir" or "Mister". Feel free to search to your heart's content. I should be around somewhere if you need anything."

"Thanks, Drew. I want to examine the first floor for awhile. Mainly to give my advisor and your son a chance to become acquainted."

I went to see how the other kids were coping, but got sidetracked by Hanna. She came running at full speed out of the kitchen with a fistful of cookies laughing her head off. I caught her at the last moment.

"Whoa there, Little One, where are you off to so fast?"

"Hiding from Auntie Patty! She said no sweets!"

"I bet there's a good reason, let's work something out with her!"

Entering, I saw my cook sitting at the table with a new batch of condiments. She turned when she heard us approach, took one look at the little imp, and started cackling.

"Darling, you will be on such a sugar rush, when your daddy gets here! I am sorry, Sir, she likes to play hide and seek with me while I work, don't you, Sweetie?"

Hanna giggled, as she ran to her chair. Turning to leave, the munchkin jumped down to join me.

"Little One, please stay with Auntie, I need to talk with Even."

I expected her to pout a little, on the other hand I never anticipated for her to start bawling.

"Darling, why the tears?"

"Cause your gonna yell at my friend!"

"Oh, Princess, not at all! We need to discuss a few things. Nothing bad, I promise! I will bring him in here for a cookie, after we finish, so you shall observe he isn't in trouble, okay?"

"Yeah!" she sniffed.

I headed over to fetch my nephew. I wanted us to chat in private. However, I left it up to him if, when and where it should take place.

I noted Nancy working with Even, therefore I decided to ask about his progress.

"How's it going, Guys?"

"Hi, Uncle, things are good. Auntie has me reading much better, plus I love math!" Even chuckled.

"Oh, good! However, I heard your teacher is a slave driver!"

Everyone laughed, understanding the true intent of the remarks, at least to a point.

"Nancy, I wondered I might borrow your student for awhile. I need to speak with him, concerning a few things.

"I guess now would be a good time to take a break. Please let me know when he is ready to start again. Dear, you're progressing very well!"

Hugging her student, she kissed him on his forehead then went over to help Carol and the other instructor, whom I hadn't, as yet, met.

I intended asking my nephew whether he would walk with me, only to find him in tears.

"Hey, Buddy, what's wrong?"

"Am I so dumb you are going to pull me out of school?"

Several drops of moisture rolled down his smooth pink cheeks.

"No, Son, not at all! I want us to chat, if you don't mind. However, never let Simon hear you demean yourself!"

"May we walk out to your garage? I'd like to see all your cars, but my boyfriend wasn't sure we could go in. Therefore, I only looked through the window."

"Sure, it's one place I find peace."

My tall awkward nephew and I started traipsing to the garage. Half way to our destination, I began my interrogation, "So, how are your classes?"

"Well, truthfully, I hate them. I feel inadequate most of the time, nothing makes sense! Adam and Tyler seem to be progressing much faster than I am. Si said in light of my background, I'm doing good. Nevertheless, some stuff stumps me, I never went to school, yet I could read at least a little, for instance the sentences my love wrote on his screen, before his computer spoke for him, plus the instructions on the food packages I prepared. So, Uncle Drew, please help me make sense of all this!"

This dear troubled adolescent presented me with a dilemma. I understood the solution lay in the background information I gave Miles, however it wasn't my place to tell him. Therefore, I stated, "I will try to help, anything else bothering you about your tutoring, perhaps the teachers?"

"No, they're fine. Aunt Nancy and I work together the most, but Aunt Carol also helps. I haven't studied with Mr. Wilkins, but he seems nice, as well as very HOT!"

"Ahh, so that is his name!"

"Yep, Adian Wilkins. He teaches the younger kids most of the time. He excels with them, even has Hanna learning her letters. She's one smart cookie!"

"Tell me, Even, what are your interests, besides our family and, of course, my son?"

"I don't understand?"

"Well, Dylian lives for his music, Donnie his painting, Simon his architecture. So, what motivates you, drives you? By that I mean your dream!"

"I am alright,... actually, I must get smarter!"

"Son, learning is great, nevertheless you need a passion, something which inspires you."

"Uncle Drew, it's kewl, fine..."

"No Sweetie, not true! Those closest to you, namely your dad and your boyfriend worry. They asked me to speak with you today. I wonder are you too scared to let us know, because you think it cost so much?"

"No. on the other hand, what's the point of discussing stuff which shall never happen! Uncle, you understand there is no way for me to catch up, so I can enroll in a regular school in the fall. I realize my love, although ready to return, won't on account of me, which I reluctantly accept. I always enjoy my brother's paintings, my cousin's music and Si's excitement over buildings! That's enough for me. The silly dreams I once held won't ever come true, I'm too stupid to bring them about! When my love becomes a great architect, I will be on the crew which hammers in the nails!"

This wonderful, beautiful, sensitive youth, beaten down, plus abused for years, told me his life was hopeless, worthless.

"Even, I refuse to accept your view! Although there is nothing wrong with assisting your best mate, it's not for you. I know damn well your future looms brightly. I understand you see yourself as stupid, retarded, you're outright mistaken! Sweetie, you single handedly fed, clothed, and aided your brothers for years! You taught yourself not only to survive but to cope with the evil world you found yourself in. These aren't skills arising from someone with limited intelligence!"

We walked in silence for awhile, until we reached the garage. Opening the door, I turned on all the lights, revealing the enormous enclosure. I went overboard in its construction, most of my cars were parked here. Many hadn't been on the road in years.

My nephew walked over to one of my favorites, a two thousand two Lotus Esprit Turbo. She was black with tan leather interior, very fast. Nevertheless, after receiving a second speeding ticket while driving, abandoned the girl. I realized the kid wanted to touch her, yet kept his hands to himself.

"Big Guy, you're free to touch everything, get into any car here."

"Really?! You wouldn't mind?" he asked in utter amazement.

I nodded yes. He ran all ten of his fingers down her side, as if she were his beloved Simon. In a trance, he opened the driver's door, then with a glance towards me for approval, which I silently gave him, he got in behind the wheel. In the meantime, I climbed into the passenger seat.

"Wow! She is awesome ! Why don't you use it everyday?"

Chuckling, I told him I thought she jinxed me, because of the speeding tickets I received, while I drove her.

"Uncle, perhaps you're treating her unfairly!"

"Yes, I think you may be right."

Even got out to explore my other beauties. I continued leaning against her in order to watch him. Finally, he came back to where I waited.

"Please tell me what you want? Son, you might think it's silly, however we will never know unless you talk to one of us. If not me, please approach someone else."

"Uncle, for the longest time, I experienced nothing but abuse. I was sold, returned, beaten, raped, and anything else you might imagine, plus others you never thought of! I felt absolutely no pleasure during all those years. Now, I have a family, a little brother who admires me. That fact, in itself, frightens me to death! Suppose he comes for advice? I have nothing to tell him. As to my new parents, Miles, I mean Dad, is terrific, better than anything I ever dreamed about. Yet, I flinch whenever he hugs me or walks into a room. For some unknown reason, you remain the single adult male I trust. Can you imagine how I feel realizing this guy took me in without s single demand, gave me nothing but love, yet he scares me!"

As he poured his heart out, tears ran down his face. His hands hung balled up at his side, with his knuckles turning white from the pressure.

"I love Mom, she understands when I need time for myself. I admire how she protects Donnie and me. I am glad we have Helen, because my mother isn't the best cook, nevertheless she tries her utmost which matter so much to me. She goes out of her way to ensure things are to my liking. I worry, being afraid of Dad, however not of her might cause conflict between them. Or, because of how I feel, he may send me away!"

Even now, cried uncontrollably. Giving him a gentle hug, I stepped back, I knew he needed to release his anxieties. After five minutes, he calmed down enough to continue speaking.

"Some things I love, but I'm too fearful to attempt. Being unable to sit in a room anytime Dad walks in, denies me the right to request, a hobby! Who reckons how long I shall remain here, if I can't conquer my stupid fear of adult men!"

At this point, his tears reappeared, so I tightly embraced him. Once he relaxed a bit, I wanted to speak, however he continued.

"Often, I feel everyone would benefit, should I disappear, Simon included. I believe I'm holding him back. I'm not a strong person, despite what others think. In truth, I'm a coward. My not attempting to escape that place caused my beloved and my Bros to be injured!"

At this point, I interrupted him by proclaiming, "Sweetie, you're absolutely mistaken! We found out the sale of my son saved him! The investigation into Andy and Tyler's background continues, so we remain in the dark about them. Running away, might have resulted in your death. None of us could cope with it!"

"But, then, you wouldn't know me!"

"We do now, which is all that counts!"

"Thanks, Uncle Drew! I love you guys, too."

"I must tell you, your Dad and I were close friends for most of my life. He's my best pal, my brother. He saved my life, when my own father almost beat me to death, simply for whom I am! Trust me, he loves you with all his heart, he could never hurt you! He thinks about you every moment of each day. In fact, he told me, before I left the office earlier, "Drew, I must make things right with Even. I have no clue as to how, nevertheless I will find a way!"

"I reckon I hurt him every time he hugs me, and I flinch. Yet, I
can't help it. I hate causing him to suffer, I worship the ground he walks on!"

"I don't know whether this helps, however suppose you embrace him first. Pounce on him, whenever he walks into a room!"

"Okay, I will try. May I... never mind."

"What, Sweetie? We shan't leave till you tell me."

"Well, may I start the Lotus,... but I understand why you wouldn't want me to!"

"That, my young friend, is an easy request for me to fulfill, jump in!"

The teen's eyes shone brightly with excitement, his smile was priceless! We entered the car, he behind the wheel, me in the passenger's seat.

After setting the parking brake, plus putting the transmission into neutral, I handed my nephew the keys.

"Alright, this is a standard transmission, also called a stick. It requires you choose the gears, which are appropriate for the speed you travel. Always start in first. To switch from one to another, you must use the clutch. Now with your right foot, you should feel the accelerator, or gas pedal. To the left of it, slightly back towards you, you will find a wide pedal which the driver uses for breaking. With your left foot, look for the clutch. Once you got it, press the sucker all the way to the floor, understand?!"

The boy nodded.

"Good, slowly let up until you feel a change in pressure, there you discovered it! Now, that's what we call the sweet spot. It's the point where the clutch engages the fly wheel. Most standards require you to fully depress it in order to ignite the engine. Go ahead, press the clutch pedal down, see the gear shifter is in neutral, you may turn the key."

The sports car came to life with a roar!

His smile made me want to give him the auto! However, I knew the wrath of his mom would be deadly!

I let him rev the engine several times to feel the horsepower.

"God, I wish I could race cars!"

His remark finally provided me with the answer I sought!

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