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Chapter 6

I thought long and hard about my conversation with Even. I knew his passion involved cars. I also understood his Mom wouldn't like his hobby. While his father enjoyed his own transport, he lacked interest in other models, per say. On the other hand, I'm a lifelong fanatic.

My nephew exhibited all the symptoms of being a motor vehicle aficionado of the sort I am. Unfortunately, my sons weren't, although they showed appreciation of the different makes, I used to chauffeur them about. It delighted me to share my love with this sweet sensitive beautiful teen.

Miles called to tell me Debbie and he left their home to meet me. They wanted me to update them on their son. Agreeing, I made myself available.

Simon, Dr. Baruch, along with Matthew, continued pouring through the house log book to uncover clues concerning the whereabouts of the Maids' Quarters. That unsolved mystery bugged my boy to distraction.

I expected Dylian, plus Nicky, to return within half an hour. On the other hand, Bradley's orchestra practice meant he wouldn't reappear for awhile.

Since, time remained, I decided to introduce myself to the new teacher. When I walked into the classroom, he had Hanna in his lap showing her flash cards, which consisted of shapes with colors along with the letters of the alphabet. He asked her a question concerning each. It impressed me how well this tiny three-year-old progressed. For the few answers she missed, he corrected in such a way she felt okay she erred. Seeing me, appeared to concern him, therefore he said,

"Sweetie, time for a break, go play with your blocks!"

"Pardon me, Sir, a few weeks ago she became upset, while she observed the others receive instruction, at the same time she wasn't. I decided to start her on her basics. I hope I remained within my boundaries."

"Young Man, I assure you that's far from the case, quite the contrary. Is his father, aware?"

"Please forgive me, Sir, I assumed you were her dad."

"No, her grandfather, she's Bradley's. At present, he's a senior in high school. Finding out he sired a genius will delight him!"

"Sir, may I ask his age?"

"Nearly seventeen! Yes, he's very young, but he does a remarkable job by himself. Until one month ago, my son was a fulltime student, who cared for his child alone. Now, we help, however they still live on their own, as a family unit. He works part-time for a law firm."

"Awesome, I wish to meet this unusual fellow one day. I am so taken by his girl, she's smarter than a whip! Again, forgive me, if I exceeded my authority. I hate to put either her, or my job, in jeopardy."

"I assure you, my kids wouldn't be happy, if I sent you packing! By the way, I'm Drew Thomas, the head jail keeper in this insane asylum. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Oh! I didn't realize who you were! It is an honor to meet you, Sir!"

"Please, use my first name."

"I thought I'd never meet. Simon told me so much about you, so have Adam and Tyler. Those boys believe you walk on water! I appreciate this opportunity to work with these children."

"Mr. Wilkins, may I ask you a few questions?"

"Absolutely, but I'm Adian."

"Very well, Adian, let's go sit in the living room, may I suggest something to drink?"

"No, thank you, I am fine."

Entering the living room, we perched on different couches facing each other. During the interval, I took the opportunity to check out this slim, toned, twenty-something man, with a dark complexion and sandy brown hair. I estimated his height at five feet ten inches, his weight one hundred sixty pounds. He wore tan Dockers, plus a light blue dress shirt, dressy yet comfortable. I wondered whether he might be gay.

He impressed me in the manner he handled our children. All of whom liked him, even Dylian and Nicky, although they barely knew him.

"My people performed a very extensive background check on you. I follow this standard procedure for everyone I hire, who comes in contact with my extended kin. Don't worry, if they found something out of sort, then I would know. I apologize for not participating in your interview process, however, Simon's hospitalization and recovery fully occupied me."

"I have no problem with it, I'm an open book, ask anything!"

"Thank you. Let's start with where you are from?"

"I was born in Denver, Colorado. After I turned two, my father moved us to Dallas, Texas. Before I reached the age of six, he uprooted his family yet again. By ten, I chose to stay with my grandmother, so I could establish stability in my life. I had already been to nine schools. My father is an alcoholic, who kept losing his job. The last I heard, he seemed to be somewhere in Oklahoma. Granny saved me, I miss her dearly!"

"I am sure we can give you time off to visit her!"

"I appreciate your concern, but it's impossible, she died during my senior year before I graduated."

"Oh, I regret your loss! I expect she's very proud of you wherever she exists!"

"Your words mean a lot!"

"Tell me about your studies?"

"I graduated fifth in my high school class, being a member of the National Honor Society. From there, I attended Emporia State University, which I chose for its outstanding history department. The place started under the name Kansas State Teachers College, which explains its emphasis on instructing teachers, which became my chosen major."

"How were you able to afford out-of-state tuition?"

"I couldn't, thus I moved there to establish local residency by renting a house for almost a year. Becoming eligible, I enrolled. I know it might seem a bit underhanded; unfortunately I had no other choice. I took student loans for my freshman year, and, luckily, they permitted me to live off campus, whereas most incoming freshmen must stay in the dorms. Working hard, I matriculated in three years with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Primary Education, then moved back to my grandmother's for my advanced studies. I received my Masters in Special Education, which turned out to be a problem. It seems much easier to get a teaching position fresh out of university with only an undergraduate degree. I'm so grateful to Nancy and Carol for giving me this opportunity!"

"I understand it's none my business, nevertheless I shall ask about your financial condition."

"No, I don't think you are out-of-line! When Granny passed away, I had no plans, however it turns out she did. Besides the life insurance policy she bequeathed me, there remained her will. To my amazement, I discovered she squirreled away a small fortune. Although we never hurt for anything, during the time I stayed with her, she lived modestly. She clipped coupons plus watched for ads. She even frequented garage sales for things we needed around the house before going out to buy them. I always considered us lower middle income, or even below that stratum. But, after a year at ESU, I received a call from her lawyer, who informed me she made arrangements for my loans to be repaid and her estate turned over to me, if I maintained passing grades my freshman year. I sustained a three point eight GPA (Grade Point Average), so I qualified. Although I preferred Granny remaining alive, her savings paid for the rest of my schooling, plus the money I borrowed for my education. I'm not fund less, but what remains I keep in savings, except the sum needed to upkeep her house. So far, I haven't the heart to sell it. I thought I might get a job which permitted me to retain it for weekend getaways. It's a very nice three bedroom home next to a large lake up north."

"Tell me about your personal life, if it's agreeable. Are you seeing anyone at this time?"

No, not since sixteen, and that one relationship proved a major disaster. Once I entered college, studies dominated my day, along with working full-time. I graduated last June, unfortunately, as I said, I remained unemployed until I overheard Carol and Nancy talking one day, when they left the State Board of Education building. The two mentioned their need for someone with a Special Education degree to teach in a home school environment. This perked my interest, so I volunteered, which seemed to shock them a bit."

"Have you any hobbies?"

"I love photography. I promised myself one day I would build a dark room plus devote serious effort to it. For now, I only record everyday things appearing around me."

"Where do you see yourself in one year?"

"Hopefully, working in my profession locally. I want to teach more then anything. I wish to use this job as a springboard to a permanent one in my field. Carol told me she resigned her position, once Sara became ill, now she plans to return within the next year or two. She indicated she maintained good contacts in the district office, she went on to state she'd call her sources to give a good recommendation for me, if I wanted to work here. I told her I planned to remain unless one of two things happens, I'm terminated, or our students move on to a regular facility! I understand Even has a hard time believing in his ability to catch up, so he can enroll in a normal institution. Yet, in my heart, I reckon he will succeed. He's a very smart teen, who simply needs an opportunity! The others are almost ready. On the other hand, Simon needs to move on. Yes, it might be difficult, but, with effort on his part, he shall succeed. I spoke out of turn, after all Nancy is the principal, however I thought you should know."

"No problem, my nephew told me. He also said my son won't go because of him. I must address the issue quickly. Adian, I enjoyed talking to you. I am glad you gave me the chance to become better acquainted. Welcome to our zoo!"

"No, thank you for including me!"

"I need to speak with your boss for a few moments before the terrors arrive home!" I laughingly remarked.

Arising, I offered him my hand to shake. After exchanging goodbyes, I headed back to the class room.

Our extended conversation filled in all my questions but one, the nature of his sexual orientation.

Adian followed me to gather his things, and then he left for the day.

I found my subject putting some books away.

"Young Lady, I must talk with you, before everyone gets here. Have you a few moments?"

"Sure, Drew! Even, keep reading your book, I will give you the questions as soon as I finish with your uncle."

We walked out into the hallway, around a corner, after which she asked me,

"What may I do for you?"

"I want an update on my son. I understand he is ready to enroll in a regular school."

"Yes, Sir! Unfortunately, he refuses to take the final test! He insists on staying with his friend, part of me agrees with him, however he must move on!"

"Alright, you answered my question, so I shall speak with him, hopefully tonight."

At that moment our little monsters, Dylian and Nicky, burst into the room. No cookie remained safe with their onslaught!

While all the kids gathered in the kitchen for refreshments, I entered the salon to await the arrival of Miles and Debbie. I knew in my heart a long evening stretched ahead of us.

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