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Chapter 7

My friends were due at any moment, so I asked Carol to take Dylian home, during the time we chatted with Even. Of course she said yes, while my youngest jumped at the idea. Next, I spoke to Simon, explained my plans without giving him any details. He agreed to stay in his room, until we called, or his boy needed him.

Miles and his wife arrived shortly after the others left. I saw our meeting with his boy weighed heavily on my buddy's heart. It showed on his face, in his eyes.

"Drew, I can't go through with the chat, I even was unable to tell Debbie! I don't want my son to think I'm weak!"

"Bro, this is exactly what he needs to observe, you break down. You must show weakness, by crying over his horrible past. He needs to understand you are his dad, not an adult male authority figure. Right now, the poor kid pictures you as a man. Rationally, he realizes you love him, reckons you're his father, but, emotionally, it hasn't sunk in! I bet it shall by the end of the night, if you let yourself go!"

"Hun, I fully agree!"

"Alright! I expect it will take awhile to accomplish. We must anticipate several interludes for me to keep me from losing full control. Do you believe we should sedate him, if it gets too much?"

"I'm way ahead of you, Dear, I prepared a syringe!"

"Well, there's no in point putting off our chat any longer, let me fetch him!"

"Hang on, Pal, Bruce called me before I left the office. He found more information concerning Even's background, which could cause us difficulties. I ordered a high priority investigation to gather the rest of the datum!"

"Wait, what are you talking about?"

"Even has an older sister who wasn't home at the time of the murders. For some reason, the uncle wasn't given custody. Right now, we're searching the records to ascertain what happened to her."

"Did he talk to Tom?"

"I haven't a clue! However, I said I'd fire him if he didn't find her immediately!"

"Okay, let's work with the facts at hand. I'll be right back."

I left to fetch our Sweetie, whom I found reading in the class. He looked so peaceful, it took all my effort to interrupt him.

"Dear Boy, please come with me, your parents and I want to speak with you."

He got up, marking his spot in the book, he slowly placed it on the table. He walked up to me with his head hung low. I detected fear in his moistened eyes, so I comforted him with a bear hug and kiss.

"Sweetie, whatever happens, we love you! We shall protect you against harm! You're very special to all of us!"

He thanked me, we walked with interlocked arms towards the salon for our talk (I arranged two closely spaced, cozy couches facing each other to ease his fears). When we arrived, our beloved teen saw his parents, in reaction he tightened his grip.

"My tests returned, didn't they, something, is killing me?!"

"Oh, Sweetie,... not at all! Your blood work came up negative, remember I told you about it."

"Then, why are we talking here and not at your house?"

"Well, Son, we felt you might be more comfortable chatting here, together with your uncle. The things I must say will hurt but not only you. I already told your story to your mom, it distressed us deeply. I'm unsure, I possess the strength to discuss it with you without breaking down. So, please, bear with me, while I try!"

Breathing deeply, Miles reached to his side, where I placed a glass of water. He drank about half, and then grasped Debbie's hand. He gulped several times, after which he added,

"Today we received the major portion of the report from Bruce. Son, I need to be honest with you, it's heartbreaking. I hope you keep in mind you are the victim not the perpetrator of someone else's criminal actions, in fact, several others."

My second in command stopped, reigned in his emotions, before continuing on.

"Your biological father went berserk, when your eight month pregnant mother carried you. The crazed man slashed her, by some miracle, she survived long enough for the doctors to deliver you. They arrested him, however, for some reason beyond our understanding, the CPS (Child Protective Services) worker, who took custody, allowed him to name you. His words were, I quote, 'Even, if he survives, he ain't going to be worth a fuck!'. I don't believe him for one moment, nor should you! Equally unfathomable, the same bureaucrat allowed the maniac to hand your guardianship over to his brother. We found you, plus your buddies, in your uncle's house."

At this point, my friend burst into uncontrollable tears, forcing us to take a break. The doctor hugged her husband, both tried to gather their thoughts.

As this transpired, my nephew held my arm in a vise-like grip, while he cried with abandonment.

After several moments, Debbie recovered enough to gaze at me. She silently asked whether her son appeared ready to continue.

I nodded yes, so my pal resumed speaking, "Until the age of eight, your life went well. Then, your Aunt Judy died in a car crash, after which your abuse started. We reckon several of the guards from the prison, where your biological father sits on death row, bought time with you in exchange for special favors. I understand your difficulty, the pain in hearing what happened. I know it hurts. I can't begin to imagine your feelings, nevertheless, as your dad, I want to punish those monsters who hurt you so badly! There are a few more details I need to explain. You have an older sister, whose location remains a mystery. I ordered Bruce to locate her. We discovered your birth occurred on the first of June, meaning you're fifteen, not sixteen. I regret giving you this horrendous news. However, I promised, when we met, always to speak the truth, I kept my word. I hope you don't hate me for it!"

Next, our sweet teen shocked us by stating, "Dad, I want to see them, speak with those guys! May I, please?"

"Son, I am not sure it's a good idea."

"I think I need to!"

"Oh, Sweetie, I wish you wouldn't. I agree with your father."

"Mom, something is telling me I must confront both the monster who murdered my birth mother, plus my jailer. Maybe, then, I might sleep at night."

"I agree with him. With your approval, I shall ask the governor to arrange a meeting."

"Since, it's what my boy wants, I permit it, but with conditions. First, Young Man, you won't be alone! Second, Dr. Maxwell needs to attend, not necessarily in the same room, however, at least, nearby. Third, I want Bruce and Thorn to provide security, while you're there!"

"I also agree to those terms! How about you, Even, will you accept his conditions?"

"Yes, as long as I may speak with Uncle Tom!"

"Alright, let me contact him later to get the ball rolling."

Our brave angel asked to see Simon. After getting permission, he hugged, plus kissed, his parents, saying, "Dad, I know you didn't want to tell me all that stuff. Thank you for not keeping it from me or lying. I don't understand how it's possible, yet I love you even more!"

Turning to leave, he stopped. He returned to embrace his father, again.

After he left, the three of us discussed the events of the evening. Debbie worried over her eldest's overly mild reaction to the news, at the same time my buddy feared he had been too blunt. The two of us disagreed, we felt the information needed airing without a sugarcoat.

Shortly thereafter, their child came running full speed into the room. His behavior caused me to jump up, I thought something terrible happened to my fifteen-year-old.

The kid cuddled onto my friend's chest, without uttering a sound, which caused my second-in-command to inquire, "Darling, what's wrong?"

"Where is she buried?"

"Whom, Son?"

"My birth mother!"

"I am sorry to say in the county plot. It's the place they take unclaimed bodies. I called Uncle Mark, requesting her remains be moved, so we might give her a proper interment. After all, your mom and I owe her a great deal, she deserves respect."

Crying, the boy snuggled closer, he cuddled with his father, while, we adults talked quietly for about thirty minutes. After which, the teen stood, he looked at his folks, before he stunned us with the following, "Thank you for telling me the truth. I must see them, the sooner the better! I could care less what anyone says, you're my real parents! Dad, I apologize for being afraid of you, flinching each time you hugged me, jumping whenever you entered a room. I KNOW I'm over that reaction now. I love you both with all my heart!"

Then, he returned to Simon.

"I shall call Tom after you leave, to see if he can make the arrangements. I think we should watch him very closely for awhile. I don't believe he plans to hurt himself, but better safe than sorry! I worry over his unexpectedly mild reaction to the news."

Miles was about to reply, however their fifteen-year-old came running back at full speed.

"Uncle Drew, did the report say whether I attended a school or not?"

"Yes, Young Man, you went for three years. You started kindergarten early, graduated, went on to first and second grade. According to your transcripts, you excelled. In fact, they wanted you to go directly to fourth, skipping third. Here, take a look at this letter from the principal to your aunt. As you can see it clearly verifies our opinion, you're very bright!"

My nephew studied the document closely with astonishment, and then he reread it several more times.

"Are they talking about ME?"

"INDEED! I said you're smart! Now you MUST believe us!"

After a new round of hugs, he raced off again to be with his boyfriend. Yet, within fifteen minutes, he returned with a new stunner, asking, "Mom, Dad, what if I wanted, could I change my first name?!"

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