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Darrin Thomas

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Chapter 8

His request shocked us all. It so affected me I could hardly breathe, let alone advise him.

"Son, what led you to consider changing it?" Miles' asked with worry reflected in his face.

"I'm not sure I want the name given to me by that murderer. I rather not make a major alteration, perhaps to Evan, Ian or Ethan."

"Sweetie, why not postpone a decision for now. You should see how you feel in a few days. I suggest you ask Dr. Maxwell's opinion after informing him of what we told you. Then, we shall help you determine how best to proceed. Are we in agreement?"

"Sure, Mom! I'm glad you're so smart!" The teen retorted, kissing her before racing out of the room in a flash.

We looked at each other with shock written on our faces.

"Drew, do you think it's a good idea?"

"I'm flabbergasted! Yet, I know he remembers being nothing but a slave, used by others at their whim, treated as if he were a toy without feelings, not a human being! So, his moniker means little to him. However, allowing him to modify it, might be an important step in his healing process. Honestly, I have no answers!"

"Well, Debbie and I shall talk with his therapist at his next appointment tomorrow at two. Bro, I appreciate the help you provided today, thank you."

"On the contrary, I acted opposite to what you requested!"

"Which made all the difference! He hugged me, plus cuddled with abandon! You can't imagine how good it felt!" my childhood friend proclaimed, with tears in his eyes.

After gathering their eldest, prior to their departure, Miles mention he wanted a pizza. My nephew told his father he would cook it. The remark caused my second-in-command to chuckle. My mate explained to his startled youngster, he meant for them to eat in a restaurant, not buy frozen to make at home.

I arrived at my house, only to be greeted by the wonderful smell of pot roast with all the trimmings, which permeated the entire first floor. I entered the kitchen to find out when our cook planned to serve the meal. Stepping in, somebody grabbed me from behind. Caught completely off-guard, I yelped, which Hanna thought hilarious.

"Sorry, Dad, I didn't mean to scare you so badly!" My eldest chortled, before adding,

"Sweetie, you shouldn't laugh at others!"

With the perfect logic of a three-year-old, she replied,

"Why not, you are!"

Everyone burst out laughing, not only with the way she said it but her body language.

"Patty, dinner smells wonderful, how long till we eat?"

"One half hour, please tell Bradley he must stay! His daughter helped prepare the food, therefore she must partake in it. Unfortunately, he's damn pigheaded!"

"Son, what's going on?"

"I feel guilty eating, when I can't stay to, at least, help clean up afterwards. Sadly, I have a ton of homework, plus a big research project, due by the end of next week. Hanna needs a bath, she didn't get one yesterday, so a long night stretches before me."

"OH, My!... I forgot to tell you! She helped me bake cookies, and, well, we became covered in flour, thus we bathed together. I hope you're okay with it!"

"No, Aunt Patty, it isn't a problem in the least, many thanks! She loves her tubs, however she takes forever! Sometimes, I simply drain the water to force her out!"

"Also, Son, remember we transformed my study into a fully equipped classroom, which contains most of the best new reference books. In addition, my library possesses in excess of one thousand volumes. Both resources remain open for your use. All of us would love to spend time with my "gramgirl", while you undertake your homework, although we must draw lots to determine whom!"

"I know she can be a handful, nevertheless I could never force anyone to watch her in my stead! Being my daughter, she remains solely my responsibility!"

"You misunderstood me, Bradley, on the contrary, everyone wants to take care of the tiny angel! We love our little Hanna, so for us to spend time with her is nirvana!"

"I owe you yet again, Dad! I shall take you up on your offer tonight, but I refuse to make it a habit!"

"Young Man, you remain a junior in high school, you must partake in some of the perks of adolescence, not only the responsibilities of parenthood! As your family, it's our honor, plus pleasure, to assist you in every way, including your homework!"

"I was on my own for so long I've yet to realize there are people willing to aid me. I'm so grateful!"

With tears in his eyes, my eldest arose to bear-hug, plus kiss me, then Patty.

"Oh, how I relish those shows of endearment!" My house manager exclaimed, after my oldest left to find his little girl.

"You know, Boss, that boy stole my heart! He puts maximum effort in every undertaking, be it his studies, his music, his work at the Shark firm, and, most important of all, his fatherhood! I regret you gave him the cottage, rather than insist he live with us in the main home! Sure, I understand your motivation, nevertheless I wish you hadn't!"

"I follow your reasoning, I love him equally! He's one of the best parents I ever met. In fact, I absorb pointers from the manner in which he treats my granddaughter. I hope I'm half as successful in handling his brothers!"

"Oh now stop that bunk! I never saw a man take greater pleasure from being a dad! You damn well understand you're good at it!"

Blushing, I struggled to change the subject,

"Whose turn is it to help clear the table after dinner?"

"Dylian's, both today and tomorrow. His brother covered several of his sifts because of music practices. Why, what's up?"

"I need to speak with Simon tonight. My youngest mustn't overhear us. I thought he might help you clean up, or if I could send him over to Carol's place. No, I shall tell him to stay in his room. That way, he may become a little more comfortable with his surroundings!"

"Is something wrong?"

"No! My child's ready to return to regular school, however, out of misplaced concern for Even, he refuses to leave. In actuality, he is holding his buddy back. I have the difficult task of convincing him otherwise!"

"Indeed, Boss, you do! I tell you I can't recall seeing a more protective couple than those two. Sometimes, I wonder whether they're a bit too shielding of each other. Perhaps spending time apart each day will be good for them, but then again, it might not. I know one thing, trying to go between them could prove difficult, if not impossible!"

"As I mentioned, my youngster's presence impedes my nephew's progress. Right now, the poor boy worries about appearing stupid in front of his mate, to such a point, it adversely affects his concentration, thus his output. His past performance, prior to his enslavement, showed him to be an excellent student! Hence, without his friend, he'll catch up in record time!"

"I see your point, it makes sense. My suggestion, watch your wording!"

"Thanks, Patty! I'm delighted, I ensnared you!" I smilingly added.

The moment I went to fetch my fifteen-year-old, I heard the pitter-patter of my arriving little genius, who he ran through the house. He appeared late for his normal practice time. I made it to the second floor, at the same moment he came flying up the stairs, almost bowling me over!

"Whoa there, Little Prince, where is the fire?"

"Sorry, Daddy, I'm running way behind schedule! I realize you've important stuff to deal with, I' m kewl with it, but now I must practice. In a week we make our first recording! I need to be ready, there's no way I could let Bradley and Shellie down!"

"Alright, I will call you to dinner in thirty minutes. Remember, though, you are the kitchen helper tonight!"

"I know, Auntie Patty told me the moment I got home. She also said you plan to talk with Si, after we eat, so not to bother you."

"I shall speak to her about it! Let me remind you, you may always interrupt, whenever you wish. I'm never too busy for you!"

"I understand, but so does my Bro! Those times you chat with him are equally important, I'll wait till you finish!"

With a hug, plus a kiss, he raced down the hall to his room and beloved Gadda.

Shaking my head, I laugh at his logic, because he hit bull's eye! I treat my children equally. If I already conversed with one, I shouldn't turn away from the other.

Arriving at Simon's shut door, I knocked, waiting for an answer (I told the boys, whenever they bared their entrance, no one should proceed without their permission.). At once, my kid responded.

{}Hi, Dad, come in!{}

"Thank you, Son. I need to chat with you, I'm unsure to start time before dinner, or wait, until after we eat."

{}Let's start now then continue afterwards, if you want. I realize it's about Ev!{}

"Part of it is. Are you upset with me?"

{}I'm worried, I think he expected worse news than it turned out. He wants to find his birth mother's grave and his aunt's, despite having no memories of her. His need to visit the prison scares me to death, he told me as soon as he found out some unknown uncontrollable force draws him there. I can't let him get hurt again!{}

"My Child, nobody wants to see him go through more pain than he experienced to date. I shall use all my influence to insure not only his physical safety but also him emotional wellbeing! I discussed your boyfriend's background with him earlier today. I also spoke with Mr. Wilkins, plus your Aunt Nancy. They told me you're ready to take the test, which you need before your return to school. It's awesome you caught up so fast!... Why, then, did you refuse?"

{}Are you mad at me for not taking the exam?{}

Mulling my answer over for one moment, I realized while it upset me, I also understood his feelings for his mate, therefore I replied,

"It depends on your response. I'm surprised you failed to consult either of us, as to the reason you declined to take it. So, please explain yourself!"

Simon looked at me then glanced down to the floor. We were sitting on the couch in his little living room. I waited five minutes. At the moment I started to speak, he gazed up at me, on the verge of tears.

{}There isn't only one, but many! For instance, I'm scared of getting bullied. I fear someone will make fun of how I became hurt or , rather, the cause. I fret over my Even, if I leave to go back to school. I know he struggles with the classes. I refuse to cost you any more money! I know when I go to school you plan to add a security detail on me.{}

"Okay, Sweetie, I understand. And, to answer your question, no I'm not mad. A response such as "I need more time to explore the house" might have angered me!"

I laughed trying to lighten the mood. I knew he took our conversation with much difficulty.

"So, let's talk about this after dinner, or I'll ask Aunt Patty to hold dinner!"

{}Do you think she would mind, I want us to finish now!{}

"No, she won't. I know she cares about you very much, let me call down to the kitchen."

After a quick chat with our cook, I gathered my thoughts before continuing.

"I can make sure you're not bullied at school, Son. You realize it, yes?"

{}Yeah, but that's not what I desire. I wish to be treated normally, liked.... I want to make friends.{}

"I'm sorry, My Boy, however life isn't that easy. You've several strikes against you, one your gay, two you're my child. The first you have no control over, however the second?"

{}Never! I love you with all my heart, Dad!{}

"Same with me. With respect to the other one, are you comfortable with your sexual identity?"

{}Yes! And, I like whom I am, especially now that I found Ev!{}

"Unfortunately, stopping the harassment on your own without assistance won't occur, right?"

{}Yes, I guess so.{}

"Fine, we dealt with those two. How about the money? Suppose I get someone to keep an eye on you on a volunteer basis, rather than hire a guard?"

{}I suppose.{}

"As for your buddy, I suggest you chat with him, before you decide. He feels he holds you back by not catching up fast enough. Even fears you see him as stupid. I reckon you couldn't intentionally hurt him, yet, by attempting to shield him, you may. He reckons you must return, and then your pal can concentrate on catching up, which is equally important to both of you. I propose it's the main reason you refuse to take the test. I admire the courage you've shown to sacrifice your studies for him, nevertheless I suggest going forward with your own education helps him more. Set an example with your actions as well as words!"

{}Ev feels that way? I thought he might believe I'd abandoned him in the advent I left. I mean, yeah, it frightens me, I talk through a computer, I walk with a cane, I'm scared on my face and head. The kids shall laugh at me for all of these impediments. Who wants to go back under all those circumstances? On the other hand, I miss my pals, those few I made, but they remain important to me. What should I do?{}

"As I said before, speak with him. It's vital the two of you communicate in order to maintain a successful, healthy, fulfilling relationship! Remember, it's very important!"

{}Thanks, Dad! I've committed it to memory. Tomorrow, I'll speak with my buddy, plus tell Aunt Nancy, I plan to take the test.{}

"Good, I reckon you owe her an apology. While not being rude, you disregarded the lady's advice without providing her with an explanation."

{}Yeah, you're right! So, you chatted with Mr. Wilkins? What did you think of him?{}

"He's a very nice young man, who works very hard. He seems to love teaching, at the same time he cares a great deal about his students. He strikes me as somebody who will go far in his chosen profession. Happily, we started it for him!"

{} Were you aware he only had one boyfriend in his whole life?! Can you believe it!{}

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