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Chapter 11

Within minutes Mr. Williamson returned with a tall (five feet eleven inches), thin (under one hundred thirty pounds), pretty girl. This beauty had straight dark hazelnut hair warn in a ponytail, which extended down to the middle of her back. Her gait reflected her bad mood.

Mrs. Block began by saying,

"Hello Dakota, you look lovely today."


"Sweetie, this is Mr. Drew Thomas. He came to speak with you concerning some very important matters. Please pay careful attention to the things he tells you. Will you do that?"

"For you, Mrs. B, anything."

"Hi, Young Lady, what a pleasure to meet you!"

"Hey, I've heard of you but why the visit? I intend to listen, simply, because I promised! Let me repeat what I mentioned to the state police, this is the greatest home I ever lived in. These folks treat me as their own. They attend all my school functions, push me to attempt my best. I have the greatest case worker ever. I'm very hard to handle, I can't take people pushing me around or trying to make me do something I feel I shouldn't. When this kid attempted to bully me, I protected myself, so he ended up injured. She understood and shielded me from the authorities who wanted to punish me. She treats me fairly, with honesty. You won't ever get me to say even a single bad word about any of them."

"Fair enough, so permit me to explain my presence then see, where we stand. First off, let me ask you: Do you possess a computer, if so, are you able to access the internet?"

"Yes, duh! Who doesn't!"

"Good, take these names."

I gave her a piece of paper with Miles, Debbie in addition to mine, on it.

"Please google them, read a little about each, after which we shall continue our chat, alright?"

"I guess."

Taking the list, the adolescent disappeared upstairs. In her absence, I asked her guardian about his farm.

"Well, it used to be much bigger. I sold most of the outlining fields, keeping one hundred eighty acres. I own sixty head of cattle, plus several horses. I plant each year some soy beans, plus a few rows of corn, to feed my livestock."

He continued to speak with pride concerning his homestead.

Dakota came back into the kitchen, wearing a look of confusion on her face.

Arising, Mrs. Williamson refreshed everyone's coffee, she also made a cup of hot cocoa for the teen.

"Sir, I don't know what to think right now. I realize you're not from the government, so why come here?"

"My visit is in behalf of your younger brother, Even, also to insure your happiness, safety, and welfare!"

"I have no siblings!"

Then, I proceeded to update her about my sons, nephew, plus everything from the time I found Dylian to her discovery. I concluded by stating, "The reason I gave you a detailed history is simple, you are now a vital member of our family, we care about you, in addition, we shall protect you! Even wants to meet his big sister. I present you with several options: First, if you decide against seeing him, we walk away. A second choice permits His adoptive parents to adopt you, plus live with him. A third possibility, you return with me to meet everyone, so you may make an informed selection. Whatever alternative, earlier today I set up a trust fund to handle any college expenses, or startup money, for an enterprise of your choice. You will get full access to it, once you reach the age of twenty-one."

"Wow! It's a lot to digest. One question, do you know where my mother is buried?"

"Yes, which was one of the first things Even asked, as well. She lies in an unmarked county grave. We intend getting legal permission for her removal, so we can provide her a proper funeral. Your brother requested we hold off with the memorial service until you knew of it. Are you interested in attending?"

"Yeah, I always wondered what happened to her. I wish to participate. It's unbelievable you guys would take in someone, almost seventeen years old, plus a complete stranger. And, I know I have a reputation of being a smart ass. While I love living with the Williamson's, I realize I must leave shortly because of their age."

The girl, with tears in her eyes, stared deeply into her mug for a few moments. The adults stayed quiet, giving the adolescent a chance to think.

"Next week is our spring break, if I make a visit, might I still return?"

"Of course! It's three hours by car, or one by helicopter. I am sure we can work out the details to travel each way, should you wish it."

"Mrs. B, may I visit Even?"

"Yes, I encourage you to go there, My Dear!"

"Dakota, George and I will always consider you one of our grandkids, moving away, changes nothing! I'm sure they understand our wish to remain in your life!"

"Mr. Williamson, let me assure you, as well as your wife, the two of you are welcome in my home at any time! Whether it's simply to see a show, or visit the local mall! Also, if a need arises, I shall send a helicopter for you. In fact, I would be a bit disappointed had you not desired to stay in her life. All too often, foster guardians simply house the children, remaining detached from their existence."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Thomas. So tell me, Dear, what's your decision?"

"I want to meet Even and attend the reburial of my mother. I don't wish to hurt you guys by choosing to leave!"

"Young Lady! You're not! We love you, Dear, we only want the best for you. Having two parents, plus brothers, is in your interest. I believe, going down there, offers more opportunity for a greater future. Everyone in this town misjudged you over your controversial article in the school newspaper. I feel, in my heart, this is the right move, try it out. Spend a week learning about Even, plus his family."

"You think so, Janet, Mrs. B?"

"Yes, Sweetie, I already filled out paperwork. You will be in Mr. Thomas' custody for the time you spend there. Here is my number, plus that of the local social worker, should you need it, which I doubt."

Mrs. Block said the last remark while looking straight at me, which caused me to giggle slightly.

"Then, I guess you should go pack enough items for a few days. Make sure you include a bathing suit, the boys swim a lot. Also, I need to discuss one more thing. What's your opinion concerning homosexuals?"

The girl's eyes grew a little bigger, her checks reddened.

"Umm ... Why?!"

"Well, in all honesty, several members of our family are gay. Is this revelation a problem for you?"

"Of course not, since I'm one! I had a girlfriend, but we broke up awhile ago over my being overly opinionated. I wrote an article, appearing in the school newspaper, which created a great deal of controversy. May I inquire as to whom?"

"Normally, I'd say no, they must reveal their identity to you. I can tell you I am, plus one of my sons, however, nothing more."

"Does asking present a problem?"

"Only one individual, whom we shall deal with, if the situation arrives. I think you may find the boys very welcoming."

Even's sister, plus Mrs. Williamson, headed upstairs to pack a bag for the girl. Mrs. Block went outside to get the paper work, providing me temporary custody of the teen. With only the two of us here, the farmer opened up.

"Mr. Thomas, please take good care of our sweet child. She had a difficult existence prior to her arrival here. She made me proud of her, despite this latest suspension. I understand the reason for it, nevertheless, I found the incident funny. Were I twenty years younger, I would foster her myself. I reckon you're a very wealthy man, therefore I hope you might find it in your heart to spoil her a little, she deserves it!"

I saw tears in his eyes. I wanted to assure this fine man, I intended treating this young lady properly.

"Sir, I plan to treat her well. She shall want for nothing, yet we intend on keeping her grounded. I'm ninety-nine percent certain, this isn't going to be simply a visit. I know my best friend and his wife are looking forward to meeting Dakota, plus adopting her. They already love Even as much as their birth son. My younger nephew, Donnie, tells everyone, within earshot, about his new sister! I insist the two of you stay in this young lady's life."

"Thank you, Sir, I appreciate that very much. My eldest lives a few miles south of Dane county, we visit him at least once a year to see our grandkids, so now we will stop in on her!"

"George, may I call you by your name"

He nodded his head.

"George, here is the number for my dispatch. Phone my operator anytime you want, a helicopter will fly here to fetch you. After landing at my offices, my car service shall take you wherever you wish to go. I offer this service to all my family. Being her grandparents, makes you kin!"

"Thank you!"

After which, the three returned.

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