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Chapter 12

When Dakota returned, she carried a small suitcase with her. Looking down at the floor, the vulnerable youth avoided making eye contact with us.

"Sweetie, is there something bothering you?"

"Well, Sir, I wondered if we might swing by my high school, before we leave. I left some important things in my locker. Also, I want to let my best friend, Becky, know what happened, so she won't worry about me."

"No problem! Ma'am, please arrange clearance!"

The lady immediately complied by phoning the school authorities.

The now overwrought teen went over to hug the Williamsons. After breaking from her embraces, she wiped away some tears.

The girl's social worker informed us permission was grudgingly granted.

Heading out, we entered my Rolls Royce, which seemed to greatly impress Evan's sister.

After starting the engine, I followed Mrs. Block. Within minutes, we pulled into the parking lot. We arrived during lunchtime, therefore many students milled around the grounds. We received lots of admiring looks, mostly from the boys.

"Sir, I don't think anyone has ever seen a car like this in person. It's kind of kewl, I'm getting a ride to school in it."

"They would freak out, if they saw the rest of my collection!"

Entering the main office, we signed in with the principal, who indicated one of his assistants would escort the two of us through the building.

The first place Dakota went, was to her locker. Once opened, she removed a small wooden box from the top shelf.

Becoming upset over this object, our chaperon snapped,

"What's in that container?"

"Mr. Adams, this represents my life. Everything I have of my past is in here, I always keep it with me. Normally, I wouldn't leave it here, but you refused to let me fetch it, when you suspended me!"

"I need to see its contents, Young Lady!"

"No, Sir, I think not! I'm her guardian, without legal written authority you may not look into the box! I strongly urge you to show my niece respect. Stay on my good side, if you value your position!... Sweetie, where else do you want to go?"

"To the music room, I need my folder, so I can continue practicing. Then, may I talk with Mr. Coleman to update him?"

"Lead the way!"

Luckily upon our arrival, we found no class in session.

Walking over to the back wall, which held the instruments, Evan's sister removed a binder out of a double bass case. As she came back, an enormous man walked in.

"Young Lady, remember our chat! I thought we agreed you wouldn't get into any more fights!"

"I am sorry, Mr. Coleman, but it wasn't my fault this time!"

"I know, Becky filled me in, however in the future stay clear of dangerous situations. Your teammates weren't too happy about your suspension. I suggest taking home your instrument to keep up with your practice, while you enjoy your time off!"

"Unfortunately, Sir, I'm going on a trip."

The instant my niece began her update, another young girl rushed into the room completely out of breath.

"Kota, why are you here?! Mike said he saw you get out of that Rolls Royce! What the hell?!"

"Becky, you'll never believe me! It turns out, I have a younger brother, who just got adopted! His family wants me to come spend a week, or two! This is my Uncle Drew, as in 'THE DREW THOMAS'! I shall stay with him at the same time I meet my brother and his new kin. Hopefully, I will be able to call you, if 'UNCLE' permits." She added, suggestively, smiling at me.

Grinning back, I turned around to phone Allen.

"Hi, I need a cell activated, text me the number once you get it!"

I clicked off (It was the type of call he loves).

"Dakota, within a few minutes you'll have your very own Blackberry. I intend giving you the specifics, before we leave. You're included under my plan, which contains full service, meaning unlimited minutes!"

Suddenly, I heard mine beep.

"Here, take it!"

"WOW! You don't mind, if I give it out?"

"No, not at all. I intended getting you one, once we arrived home, so it's no problem."

While the girls walked away to talk quietly between themselves, I strolled over for a chat with Mr. Coleman.

"Sir, can you tell me which individuals are unhappy with my niece's suspension?"

"Sure, she's the bass player in our string quartet. The group has a concert coming up two weeks after spring break, outside the auspices of school ... a big thrill for their group. I take it you're not expecting Dakota to move back in with the Williamsons."

"No, I expect her to be adopted by my best friend and his wife. However, I understand she contributed a great deal to the success of her ensemble. I guaranteed not only to provide her an instrument, but she will have a chance to practice a couple of times with them during vacation, as long as they're scheduled in the evening or late afternoon. I intend flying her to your meetings, plus the event. I appreciate the importance of musical groups. My eldest son occupies first chair of his chamber group, my nine-year-old taught himself to play the cello, a bonafide child prodigy!"

"What's your oldest's name?"

"Bradley Harrison!"

"Indeed, I heard of him. They're first in the state, I would love to find out their countrywide ranking!"

"Me, too!"

My phone beeped, signally my anticipated text message. Excusing myself, I walked over to the girls.

"My Dear, here's your new number. I remind you it comes with full coverage. I'm pretty sure, Allen set it up on an iPhone!"

"WOW! Thank you so much. Now, I can keep in contact with the Williamsons and Becky! May I give it out?" A very excited adolescent asked.

"Yes, in addition, I'll send it to the Williamsons! I want them to feel they may call you at any time. Also, I told Allen, my I. T. expert, to make it local, so no one need call long distance. Spend all the time you want chatting with your friends, unless it becomes an issue with the family. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir, I don't think it will. I only intend to contact them, I have no other buddies!"

"Kota, you know it's not true! Mike, plus Andy, both reckon they are your mates the same with Beth and Karen! So, you best keep in contact with all of us, especially me!"

While her friend tried to convince my niece of the contrary, my phone rang. The caller ID showed Tom.

"Hello, Bro, what's up?"

"Drew, I need help! I am at a total loss of how to proceed. I received word from my friend in the Kansas City branch of the FBI; they arrested the Director of the DHSS (Department of Human Social Services). It turns out she was Brandon's case worker. She hid his grandfather's will, keeping the old man's house, in addition to his business, for herself. Her husband, a local judge, abetted her. Kasey told me to sue the state. Not only would he get the property, and the company back, but the going rate of rent during the past seven years, plus the profits from the business! Shall I take legal action?"

"Buddy, contact Mark or Brian. Get one of them on retainer, let either deal with it. Insist they are listed as your son's attorneys, not yours. It's imperative the case remain separate from any of your accounts, so no conflict of interest arises. I know, plus, trust them to take care of the boy's interests!"

"I forgot about the two! Thanks, Friend, I knew I could count on you. This is a very large estate to deal with. Should I keep his property?"

"Allow my nephew to decide. He has a good head on his shoulders, he will make an excellent choice. Tell him his whole family supports him, no matter the decision! Listen, Tom, I hate to be short, call one of the guys. I'm in the middle of some important business, however I'll return home later this evening, come by with your son."

"Okay, thanks, Buddy, I already feel better. I shall talk with Mark or Brian. I intend to update you tonight!"

After dealing with the governor, I told Dakota we needed to hit the road. She looked excited, plus scared. The moment we exited the school, two boys ran up to her, offering hugs. She introduced them as her other friends, Mike and Andy, then they exchanged numbers. The teens seemed like nice youngsters, in addition, my gaydar received a healthy jolt.

It was almost three, when we left. Estimating a six-to-seven o'clock arrival, I called Patty to let her know my schedule. She told me Evan's sister's room awaited, with packages from Allen on her bed.

Not touching base with Miles all day, I figured I better. After I put the phone on speaker, I phoned the office.

"Hello, DJ Enterprises, this is Mandy, how may I direct your call?"

"Hi, Mandy, Drew, may I speak with Miles?"

"Sorry, Sir, he has a call on another line at the moment. Would you like his voice mail?"

"No, tell him to buzz me, as soon as he gets a chance. Put me through to Sherry though. If unavailable, I shall leave her a message."

"One moment, Sir"

"Good afternoon, Sherry speaking, what may I do for you?"

"Hi, Sherry, is there business, I need to know about?"

"Nothing out of control, Boss. The Dylian Project received its state allotment today. Allen said most of the equipment was ready to go. He will turn in the cost sheets within the next few days. Also, the dealership ordered the two vans, the man I talked to stated they intended adding the logos and lettering without cost. He requested the final sketches, in addition to proof of copyright ownership. Jordan already gave me all the paperwork we need, so we're fully prepared. The one remaining item is creating a new line. I spoke with Mandy about it, she agreed to take on the added volume as well as her normal responsibilities."

"Alright, thanks, Sweetie. I intend on handling it, when I come into the office. I plan to reimburse her for the extra calls."

"She told me she wanted nothing more, it would be her way of helping support the project."

"Well, I still plan to speak with her. Let's touch bases tomorrow. Have a great night, also heartfelt thanks for all your efforts!"

After hanging up, Dakota turned to me. I saw she wanted to ask something but appeared fearful.

"Darling, you know you may question me about anything! What's on your mind?"

"Please explain the Dylian project that lady mentioned."

Then, I proceeded to give her a full explanation. She responded by exclaiming, "WOW!"

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