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Chapter 14

Leaving Dakota, I headed down to my office. I needed to check my email, plus make a dent in the mountain of messages I knew awaited me. I instructed my niece to ask Dylian for anything she might need, and told her she had the run of the house. I wanted the girl to feel at home.

In the midst of working in my office, I heard a scream, which originated from upstairs. Then, came the cry...


Rushing to the source of the apparent trouble, I found my fifteen-year-old sitting in his doorway, dressed in nothing but a smile. His younger brother stood next to him, laughing his cute head off.

"What the hell happened? Son, why, pray tell, are you plopped down in your entrance nude?"

"Simon took a shower, he forgot a towel, so he stepped out into the hall to get one. Imagine his shock, when he bumped into a girl, who ran screeching to her room! Who is she anyway, Daddy?"

"Don't worry about that right now. Young man, dry off and get dressed, Dylian go down to the kitchen, dinner will be ready soon."

I chuckled, as my boy got up, revealing his family jewels for the world to see. Next, I decided to check on Dakota, so I walked to her room. Knocking on her door, I vainly awaited her answer. The lack of a response caused me to repeat my action, until my niece meekly appeared. I couldn't tell if the poor thing cried. Hence, I asked,

"First off, are you alright?"

"Yes, sorry I freaked out! I never expected to encounter a naked boy. He is very cute but possess the wrong equipment. I assume that was Simon!"

"Indeed, in all his glory! Blame me, it totally escaped my mind to inform my sons of your presence. Normally, they have the run of this floor, hence they roam about in their undies or even nude. After this incident, I assure you shouldn't encounter them in anything less than their boxers! I hope this won't spoil your stay."

"No, however please introduce me to my cousin, once he gets dressed, thus avoiding any further embarrassment!"

"No problem! Let's go find out whether our meal is ready."

We made a bee line to the kitchen. My youngest sat at the table, putting dough balls on a cookie sheet. When he saw Even's sister, he resumed laughing.

"I am sorry, Daddy, I can't help it. But the look on her face, as Si walked out naked was incredibly hilarious!"

The girl also started to giggle, in addition she reddened.

"Aaah, it's all over now, so let's forget about it!"

"Dakota, did you like the scenery?" my imp smilingly queried.

"Well, to tell you the truth, he has the wrong parts!"

This time, Patty and I grinned at the priceless look on Dylian's face. I couldn't believe she shocked him that way! I'm sure my nine-year-old shall never ask such a question again!

 Everyone gazed at the boy of the hour, the instant he walked into the room. This time fully clothed, he even wore a jacket!

{}Okay, before anyone laughs, please introduce me to the young lady who saw me in the altogether!{}

"Son, meet Dakota, our guest for the next few days. I hope your embarrassing initial meeting won't stop you two from becoming friends!"

"It's nice being formally introduced to you, Simon, you have a very nice looking body, unfortunately the wrong plumbing!"

{}Really! So do you! I bet my boyfriend shall love you! I intend to insure he isn't jealous over your observing me in the nude!{}

You could see the two took to each other!

"Umm... while your dad told me what happened, he failed to mention you communicated through a computer! I never saw a keyboard built into a jacket, how awesome!"

{}Thanks, Uncle Allen made it, he dubbed his invention "Simon Speaks". He's Dad's electronic genius!{}

"He must be the one, who sent me my new notebook, plus phone. I never owned such kewl things, there must be a catch somewhere!"

"Dakota, please remember, since you're family, you come under my protection. Furthermore, nothing will be taken from you, even if you go back to the Williamson's!"

"Daddy speaks the truth, we look out for each other, although most of us aren't related by birth. Better, yet, suppose someone claims a person as kin, then they become so forever! Despite denying it, he is the head of our extended clan. Should you desire something, simply ask, your request shall be granted on the spot, without strings!"

"Indeed! Let's talk further, later this evening. In the meantime, it's time to eat dinner! Dylian, please help me set the table here in the kitchen and lay out the food."

Within minutes, we enjoyed yet another great meal, peppered with interesting conversation. Over time, my fifteen-year-old started to query our visitor, concerning her presence. I told him not to worry about it.

Once finished, the two of us went into my office. I saw my niece turn nervous on the way. Therefore, I began, "Okay, Sweetie, let me summarize, plus reinforce, what I told you earlier. As Evan's sister, you are a family member, which entitles you to the same benefits afforded your brother and cousins. Among them, is an eight million dollar trust fund. You will be able to access it once you hit eighteen for college, or in the eventuality you need help. I hold the paper work in this file, it also includes the name of your attorney, Uncle, Mark."

"Wait a minute, you actually gave me all that money?!"

"Yes! Since I am wealthy the sum means little, on the other hand, your safety, in addition to your happiness matters! Moving on, I invited all the Edwards to eat breakfast with us. After we finish, Donnie needs to attend school. In addition, his mother must go to the hospital for surgery."

"OH My God, how serious a condition does she have?"

"Sorry, I forgot to explain Debbie works with abused minors at Children's Hospital in her capacity as a doctor, while Miles is my oldest buddy, plus my second-in-command at the office. They remain in the dark about your presence, I simply told them to dine with me in the morning. In the afternoon, you shall visit a music shop, owned by our friend, a master craftsman, to pick out a bass. He intends to help fit you with the perfect instrument. I plan to pay for it, there can be no arguments about either my buying it or its cost. I gave Henry a million dollar limit, the same limit I gave him to get Dylian's cellos!"

"You jest! What's the catch, remember I refuse to sleep with you!"

"Dakota, allow me to quote someone you know, 'You have the wrong parts!'. Simply play to repay me! Also be happy, strong, and healthy. Excel! These are the only thing, I demand of you."

"I never dreamed, acquiring a family would lead me to this!"

Arising, I hugged the young lady, she cried softly in response. The moment she gathered her composure, my music genius entered the room.

"Daddy, sorry to interrupt, but I need to talk with Dakota in the kitchen for a moment."

Returning there, I saw my oldest son, plus gramgirl. Hanna ran to me then jumped into my arms. I tightly hugged the little one. As I looked closely at my eldest, I saw a distraught young man, therefore I asked,

"Hello, Son, why so down in the dumps?"

"Dad, one of my best friends became the victim of a terrible accident yesterday. His little brother got badly injured, as well as his father. Marcus broke his right arm, otherwise he appears fine."

"Oh, dear! How?"

"The three of them left music practice in their Toyota, when this drunk trucker ran a red light, broadsiding them. The guy died, while their vehicle was totaled, the cop told them the man possessed no insurance. Unfortunately, they have no resources to replace their car or pay the hospital bills!"

"What would you do, Brad?"

I not only watched my boy's face but also my niece's, to gauge her reaction.

"Well, first, insure they received the best medical care, next, pay for it. It might also be nice to tell Marcus' father all costs were covered, finally replace their destroyed auto!"

"Granted! We shall visit them in the hospital tomorrow, where arrangements can be made."

Jumping up, my eldest embraced me in one of his rip-crushing hugs. Fortunately, Hanna climbed down to attack a plateful of Patty's cookies.

"Wait a minute, without knowing these people, you intend to pay their medical bills, plus buy them a new car?!"

"Yes, Dakota, because my eldest wishes to help a friend, which to me constitutes the best use of my money. Trust me, I won't run out of cash anytime soon. Our family makes a practice of aiding others in distress! Now, I am a bit confused as to why, you, Dylian, wanted to speak with this young lady?"

"Daddy, she needed to meet Bradley, in addition to Hanna, but Bro and I wanted to ask her a favor."

"We have! Better yet, little munchkin is already my great friend! Now, Dylian, how may I help?"

"Umm... we need you! See, our chamber strings will create the music to accompany The Dylian Project. Do you know about it?"

"Yes, Uncle Drew mentioned it, what an awesome idea!"

"Good, well, Marcus was our main bass player. Thus, with him out, we wondered if you would fill in?"

"WOW, me perform with your great group?! Hell, yeah! However, in that case, I must learn all the songs, and I still got to prepare for the appearance back home. Nevertheless, I think I can pull it off."

"Great! Although you need to test, like everyone else, it will be a bit different, since you're the sole contestant!"

"Thank you, Dakota! You make such a kewl cousin, plus a great big sister!" my little one enthused, giving her a crushing hug.

"Dylian, what do you mean?!"

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