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Chapter 16

Morning arrived faster than I thought. Miles' housekeeper came over to help Patty make breakfast for everyone. When those two appear together in the kitchen, they stir up a storm!

It surprised me to see Dakota giving a hand this early. I wondered whether the women realized who the girl was.

"Well, Good Morning, Mr. Thomas! I am surprised you're up at this hour! Coffee is on the table, decaf in the blue craft, regular in the red."

"Thanks, Helen! By the way, call me "Mister" one more time, I shall give Donnie a five pound bar of Hershey's chocolate!"

We knew full well the boy would eat the whole amount, causing him to bounce off the walls for hours.

"Yeah, right, Drew, I suppose you wouldn't do exactly the same to watch the action!"

Chuckling, I started to chat with my niece, while I poured myself a cup of brew.

"So, Young Lady, I expected you to be in bed!"

"I couldn't sleep. I'm too nervous! I fear they won't like me. I wasn't a model kid growing up. Suppose they saw my file, they would run for their lives!"

"Sweetie, it ain't going to happen, they shall love you from the get-go! And, speaking of your past, well, we all have one. I bet you most of them understand much more than you think! Relax, act naturally..."

"Oh My God, Bless My Sole! Dakota is Even's sister! Sorry, Drew, I just got it. I will keep my big mouth shut."

"It's alright, Helen. I intend to reveal everything after breakfast anyway. We wanted to tell my nephew first."

"Darling, welcome to the family! For so long, I dreamed they would get me a girl to look after! You know this is far better than giving little Donnie chocolate!"

Everyone, other than the young miss, started laughing at what, plus how, Helen said it. I explained,

"Sweetie, my nephew always dreamed of having a brother And a sister. He should go ballistic, when he meets you. Relax, everything shall be fine!"

After one half hour, Bradley and Hanna arrived. My little gramgirl ran straight to me, bear hugging, then sloppy-kissing, me on the cheek.

"Grampa, your face is all scratchy!"

"Yes, I am sorry, My Angel, I had no chance to bathe this morning. Tell you what, you hang out with Dakota, while I get ready. I'll come back, feeling soft, the way you like!"

Embracing her a second time, I handed the imp over to Even's sister, amazed at the ease with which the teen took to the tiny three-year-old. My eldest busied himself, cramming for a test. I enveloped him from behind. I advised my son to relax, stating he would do great. Next, I performed the three S's: I shit, I showered, I shaved. The moment the water hit my body, Dylian busted in, shouting,

"Daddy, sorry for interrupting, but Simon is crying, and I can't help him!"

"It's okay, I'm glad you told me. Give me one moment!"

Hurriedly I dried myself, put on my robe, after which I rushed up to my boy's suite so I could determine his problem. When I knocked, I received no answer. Hence, I slowly opened his door, calling out, "Simon, are you alright?"

I heard muffled sobs coming from the bathroom. I tapped, again no reply. My concern shot up, so I entered. I found my adolescent on the floor lying in an awkward position. I thought his legs gave out, injuring himself, therefore I asked,

"Sweetie, please tell me where you hurt?"

With tears streaming down, he pointed to his left thigh, then his eyes.

"Darling, did you fall?"

My teen shook his head no. I knew it would take all my strength to pick him up, yet I needed to put my child in a more comfortable place. So bending, I gently wrapped one arm behind his neck, the second under his knees. I lifted my son up, carried him to his living room, before I laid him down on his sofa.

Next, I fetched his computer, for him to explain what happened.

{}I am sorry, Dad, I have a bad cramp in my left leg, plus a horrific headache. I thought a shower would take care of my pain, it normally does, but not today!{}

"How often are you getting these migraines and charley horses?

{}Well, I always wake up with a throbbing head, on the other hand this is my first muscle spasm.{}

"I shall call your Aunt Debbie to come over immediately!"

I grabbed the nearest phone, ringing up Mile's house.

"Hello, Edward's residence, may I help you?"

"Donnie, its Uncle Drew! I must speak with your mother right away!"

"Oh, hi, Uncle, hold on. Mom, Uncle Drew."

"Hello, My Friend, what's up?"

"Debbie, I need you NOW! Simon has experienced a great amount of discomfort, which is worsening by the day, would you check him out?"


Not knowing if I should give him anything, I didn't. Instead I placed a heating pad on his left leg, hoping the warmth would soothe him. Seeing Dylian stand in the doorway, I waved him in, before I stated,

"Little Prince, please bring me a pair of your brother's shorts. Sweetie, will you be alright for a few moments?"

My suffering youngster nodded, after my little one fetched some silky sports shorts, I helped my child slip on. I told my cellist to stay with his sibling. I rushed to my bedroom, dressed, then I raced toward the kitchen.

"How many times have I told you boys not to run in the house?" Patty yelled.

"Sorry, but this time it's an emergency, Simon is not doing very well! I need a glass of orange juice, plus a cup of coffee."

Dakota poured me the cold drink, at the same time I got the java.

"Oh, Dear! What troubles him?"

"He experienced severe cramping in his bad leg and a throbbing headache! The Edwards will arrive shortly. Sweetie, show them in, when they get here."

"Sure, Uncle Drew!"

I rushed back upstairs, being careful not to spill the drinks. Upon arriving, I saw the sweetest scene. My nine-year-old cradled his sibling's head in his lap. He slowly stroked his brother's face, as he gently hummed the suffering youth's favorite piece. From my vantage point, it appeared my nearly sixteen-year-old slept. Putting down the liquid refreshment, I took a seat across from my sons to await the arrival of our guests.

It seemed like an hour, but probably was only ten minutes, before I heard someone run up the stairs. Even rushed into the room and stopped cold in his tracks, with his mother arriving right behind him.

"Okay, everyone out, I need to take a look at Simon! Wait in the hallway!" the doctor ordered.

I intended to protest, until I saw the look on her face. Even her elder son kept quiet.

Putting my arm around the teen's shoulders, I guided the youth outside. I sent my musician downstairs, so he could update everyone.

Shortly thereafter, Debbie materialized, wearing a worried appearance.

"Drew, I am concerned about my nephew's leg, I think he might end up with permanent muscle damage, we must act right away. Set up an appointment with Brett about his headaches, I believe they're due to his eyes. I gave him a powerful painkiller. He shall come in a few minutes. Lead me to the coffee!"

Even rushed to his boyfriend, while the rest of us went to the kitchen. What a sight we found on our arrival.

A dining room setup by Patty, with the help of the youngsters. Enough food awaited a small army of starving soldiers! A cute Hanna sat on her Daddy's lap 'helping' him study. Miles was there with two waiting cups of coffee.

"Uncle Drew, are the love birds joining us soon, so we can eat?" little Donnie asked.

"They should be here soon. We need to wait on them. Is your hunger that great?"

"No, but I don't want to arrive late at school. I have a big project due. I mustn't let my partner down!"

"I'm impressed by your responsible attitude, Buddy! Nevertheless, this is a very important breakfast for us all! I will get you to your class, even if it means flying you there by helicopter, as well as speaking with your teacher!"

Talking to the little fellow calmed his fears. In addition, my mention of our special get together thrilled him. At this point, even my second-in-command became excited. Moments later, my son, with the help of his boyfriend, materialized. I requested the ladies to serve the remaining food then join us

Everyone enjoyed eating, plus talking. Once finished, I looked at my niece. I gave her a wink, she acknowledged with a nervous smile.

Using my knife, I tapped my glass, before I said,

"May I have your attention? Thank you! I asked for your presence at this special gathering to welcome a new family member, Miss Dakota Jayne Gordon. Even, this beautiful young lady is your older sister!"

The expression on my nephew's face was priceless: He looked as if he were about to pass out!

"Hello, Lil Bro, it's great to finally meet you!"

Arising, the teen rushed to his sibling, then he hugged her. An instant later, he burst into tears.

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