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Chapter 17

To say everyone was stunned would be a gross understatement! Donnie bounced off the walls, while his parents cried silently. It took ten minutes before Even let go of Dakota, then he surprisingly went to his mother, inquiring,

"Mom, may we please adopt her, too?"

"If that is what she wants, yes! Son, but neither you, nor your brother, must pressure her!"

Both boys dropped their heads, meekly stating at once, "Yes, Ma'am!"

The adults in the room started laughing.

We discussed our plans for the day. The Edward's twelve-year-old needed to get to school immediately, Simon and Debbie to the hospital. The fifteen-year-old surprised everyone by stating his desire to stay for his usual tutoring.

When I queried,

"Wouldn't you prefer to be with your sister?"

My nephew burst into tears.

Pulling him out of the room, I asked,

"Sweetie, why are you crying?"

"She will see how dumb I am."

"Oh, Darling, you're not stupid! We tell you this all the time! You should talk with Dakota, let her know the way you feel, what happened to you. You needn't go into details, simply the gist."

"Suppose she hates me because of the things I did? I better go away!"

My nephew became so distraught, I thought Debbie might need to sedate him.

Dylian entered, as his cousin finished speaking. I never saw him so upset. However, unlike most nine-year-olds, my child handled it perfectly.

"Even, I can't believe you said that! You realize Simon would be lost in your absence. You inspire him to keep going each day. He loves me and Daddy, you he adores. Take Donnie, he worships the very ground you walk on. He idolizes you, bragging about his older sibling to everyone. You brought me my brother, in addition to my music. It is YOU this family has grown around, it couldn't function the way it does without your presence! We all adore, support, plus help, you in every way, nevertheless you must cease saying 'I'm stupid'! I talked to Dakota last night, unaware she was your sister. She led a difficult life, so she feels your pain. Even if she might not understand it all, I assure you, she backs you!"

The fifteen-year-old walked over to my musical genius, he kneeled, and then he bear hugged the wee guy.

"Thanks, Lil Bro, I love you, too!"

With that, we headed back into the dining room to join the rest of the family.

Before long, Dr. Edwards left, accompanied by my teen, at the same time, I planned to jet her little one to school. My second-in-command called the office, informing them he took a rare personal day.

Thorn picked up my cellist, he drove him, plus Nicky, to their class. My little prince appeared unhappy he was unable to stay home. He felt responsible to help his newest cousin get her double bass. I assured him, we arranged its delivery.

Miles, Dakota, Donnie, and I used my bird to fly the twelve-year-old to his destination, Oak Lawn Academy, a mere ten minute's journey by air. I called ahead to clear my landing on the adjacent sports field. The youngster loved his place of study, he excelled in every course he tackled.

After we put down, the excited kid started running to his class. I followed him, which allowed his father to talk to the young lady. When I caught up, I saw tears in his eyes. He appeared to be explaining something to his teacher.

"I said, at the time I assigned this project, should you miss your dateline I would fail you! Since you did, I have to!"

"Hello, I'm Drew Thomas, this young man's uncle. I take responsibility for his tardiness. Yesterday, I cleared it with the headmaster, thus the boy is covered."

"The main objective of this study constitutes team work, rather than content. Consequently, I can't, in good conscience, change the rules!"

"Let me explain. Donnie's parents recently adopted a badly abused young man, who, in turn, possessed an unknown older sister. Finding the girl, I brought her here to meet him. Clueless about his assignment, I planned their introduction for this morning. Your student chose coming here today to help his partner, not spend it with his new sister. Hence, you must blame me not him!"

"You're right, therefore he can make his presentation."

"Thank you!"

Turning, I said, "Knock them dead, Little Buddy. See you later tonight, you make me very proud!"

"I love you so much, Uncle Drew. I'm grateful for your aid with Mrs. Hawk."

After a quick hug, I returned to my black bird. Once airborne, I headed back to the hospital. On the way, I told Miles, I could drop them off at my house. My friend suggested I go directly to my destination, he'd arrange his own ride. I urged him to use one of the Ferrari's, which remained stored at the condo.

Arriving, I landed on my fortuitously donated, rooftop triple helipad.

I found Debbie admitted my fifteen-year-old. She explained Dr. Powers, together with Dr. Jones, would join us shortly.

{}Dad, something bad occurred, so please remain calm!{}

"Sweetie, let's await the physicians' findings!"

{}Uncle Miles, what are you getting Even for his birthday?{}

"Well, I thought his mom, and I, might buy him a vehicle, maybe a Hummer, however I am not sure. Perhaps, you have some ideas?"

{}Yes! When the people I was sold to brutally attacked me, because I refused to let them use my body, my boyfriend told me stories about this truck he wanted. One day, he showed me a dog-eared picture of the truck, taken from an old magazine advertisement. He used it as proof not only he was safe but survived the torture!{}

"Simon, do you know the make and model? With the information, Devon Skys should be able to find it!"

{}Sorry, I'm clueless concerning anything on four wheels. Wait, I believe he mentioned a lamb.{}

"A Lamborghini, maybe?"

{}Yeah! That's it!{}

"Drew, there is no way in hell I could talk Debbie into getting our son such a gift!"

"Miles, your boy mentioned a truck. Lamborghini made a four wheel drive version, called the LM002, in the nineteen eighties, nicknamed "Rambo's Lambo", because Sylvester Stallone bought one of the first. With your permission, I shall phone the dealer to tract one down. Truthfully, it's something I might like driving myself. So, if the two of you won't permit him to own the beauty, I'll purchase it!"

"Let the man find one, leave it to me to convince my wife! If this vehicle means so much to him, I promise to get it. In retrospect, I saw the picture under his pillow a few times."

My second-in-command turned silent. The stillness seemed a bit eerie. Then, he looked toward my niece, his eyes started to water.

"Dakota, forgive me! Here we discuss a gift for your brother's birthday, and we ignore yours! When is it?"

"November first, this gives you plenty of time to think about mine." she replied giggling.

"Do you drive already?"

"Yes. George, I mean Mr. Williamson, taught me to handle a vehicle around the farm. He said he would match the nearly two thousand dollars I managed to save."

"Have you an idea what you want?"

"Yes, but it will take a long time, before I can afford it."

"And, you like?"

"A little pick-up, however anything should satisfy me!"

At that moment, Debbie, Brett, plus Dr. Jones, walked in, accompanied by a third unfamiliar medical man.

"Hi, Honey! Dakota, Sweetie, are you being taking care of you?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Okay Simon, you know these two physicians. Let me introduce Dr. Schneider, an ophthalmologist. He specializes in Ocular Prosthesis."

{}Please translate!{}

"Well, Young Man, we call it "glass eyes" now a days. The headaches you experience originate from your left orb. Although it provides zero sight due to the damage, the organ tries to work, that effort results in pressure to the nerves behind it, leading to the pain. We decided we needed to remove the affected object, then replace it with a synthetic one."

{}You mean you're going to cut it out?!{}

"Yes, since it is of no use to you, further it blocks us from the source, we must remove it to treat you. No need to worry about how you will look. Our replacement eye will appear real. Unless someone were told, they wouldn't know."

{}Dad, please tell me your opinion?{}

"This surgery stops your pain, it also solves the long term problems, thus I say go for it!"

{}Sir, may I get a smiley face, or a cross hairs, on my replacement eye?{}

All the adults in the room burst out laughing at this question.

"I am sure we can, providing your dad agrees to pay, prosthesis are not cheap."

"Son, I shall get you whatever you want, as long as you do this."

Brett became unsettled, when he sat down next to my boy.

"Simon, I regret your leg won't be such an easy fix. There is massive muscle damage, plus a blood clot, both contribute to your discomfort. We must operate right away. If we can't get both under control, we must amputate your leg at your upper thigh. Son, I'm so sorry!"

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