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Chapter 18

{} Dr. Brent, how long before my surgery?{}

"Well, I expect it might take two, perhaps three, hours to prepare everything and secure an OR (operating theater). Why?"

{}Because, I need to see Even before my operation. Dad, please get him for me.{}

"Of course, Son, give me about an hour to fetch him from home. Will you be alright, until I get back?"

{}Yeah, just hurry, please!{}

I could tell my son was a bit unnerved. I think Miles saw that, too.

"Don't worry, Drew, Dakota and I will stay right here with him, until the two of you return."

"Thanks, Buddy, and, you, too, Sweetie! I am sure this is not what you imagined your first day with us would be like."

"No, that's for sure. But, it's cool. The fact is, I like seeing the amount of care everyone shows each other, and how they look out for the other members. I have never experienced anything like this before, so it feels neat to be a part of it."

Giving my son a huge hug, plus a kiss, I went up to the roof to take off. It wasn't long before my Black Bird and I screamed through the air on our way to my estate. I thought about calling ahead, so Even would be ready. In the end, I decided it might be better to explain in person, why I came home.

About fifteen minutes later, I landed in the front yard. Shutting down my baby, I ran into the house. I headed straight for the classroom. Once there, I explained to Nancy why I needed to take her student. She asked,

"Drew, may I prepare your nephew, the poor boy became a bit unsettled earlier."


She went over to quietly talk with Even. I observed him shaking his head, but I could not tell, what they said.

It wasn't long, before he wiped his eyes and came to give me a bear hug.

"I am ready to go, Uncle Drew."

One need not be a rocket scientist to deduce this day had taken a considerable toll on the lad. I gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze, as we headed out the front door. While waiting for my chopper to start up, I called Thorne to update him. I ended our conversation by stating, "Please tell my boy about Simon. Be sure to mention he will fully recover. Finally, suggest he come to the hospital after school."

My son's security chief assured me, he would carry out my wishes.

As much as I worried about my son, his boyfriend concerned me even more.

To my knowledge, this was the first time Even rode in a helicopter, yet he acted as if he flew in one on a daily basis. His eyes reflected neither fear nor excitement. After traveling five minutes, I noticed my nephew hadn't put on his head phone. I pointed to his, then to mine, indicating he needed to follow suit, so we could talk.

Once he complied, I asked, "Son, you look troubled, please tell what's on your mind."

"Uncle Drew, this thing with Si scares me to death! Suppose he doesn't make it this time? Anything could happen, when they start cutting him up. What if he loses his leg, will he still be able to walk, or would he need to be in a wheelchair?"

"Sweetie, please have faith in your mom's ability to care for him. I know the doctors will leave our Simon in a far better state, than he appears at present. However, I get the feeling something else is on your mind, do want to tell me about it?"

"My sister has occupied my thoughts. I must talk to her, tell her about my past, and how dumb I am. Don't deny it, because it's true! My level of education remains one of an eight-year-old, not a person nearly sixteen! There is no way I can catch up with Si over the summer. Then, how will I start school with him in the fall? Another thing, there remains the issue of my stupidity. It shall hold him back to the point he might regret being with me!"

With that, my nephew started to cry.

His comments, which opened my eyes to his tortured, convoluted thinking, shocked me.

In the midst of our conversation, we landed on the roof. I shut down my baby. Removing my headset, I hung it up and showed my passenger how to do the same. Before we exited, I said, "Even, I understand now where you are coming from. Yes, you remain far behind in your education, however you aren't stupid! It doesn't matter how long it takes, we will make sure you get the instruction you deserve, even if I have to hire twelve teachers! But, what is the other matter which troubles you?"

"Uncle, what bothers me the most is I don't know the way to act in public."

"What do you mean?"

"I have no idea how to behave around people. There is no way Simon and I could go out on a date! Suppose we went to a restaurant, I wouldn't be able to order anything, because I don't know what the items listed are, since I never ate any of them. I have... what's the word? I think it's called social, yeah, I have no social skills! The same thing holds with my folks. So that is the reason I say I am stupid! I looked up the word, it means lack of intelligence or understanding. That describes me to a tee!"

"Even, you're right. However, if you went by what that dictionary said, everyone on this earth is stupid. Now, for your major worry, I will hire an expert to teach you the social skills you were denied growing up. I must tell you though, I have not noticed any problems in your interactions with others. Now, let's visit Simon before his operation. I should warn you, your pal appears to be unsettled."

We went in to greet my son. Once we got to the room, Even rushed to his buddy's side. Without caring who watched, he passionately kissed my youngster. Then, he turned to his big sister and said with a straight face, "I hope you don't have a problem with me being gay. Si is my boyfriend, I love him dearly!"

"Bro, I hope YOU don't have a problem that I am a lesbian! For the moment, I remain single, but I pray not for long."

Turning to Miles, she said, "Sir, I am sorry you found out this way. I intended to tell everyone at breakfast, but I never got a chance. I will understand, should this pose a problem for you."

"Not in the least, My Dear. In fact, your sexual orientation makes it a bit easier on me. I don't have to worry about my eldest son getting a girl pregnant, and, now, I needn't be concerned someone does likewise to my daughter!"

While my second-in-command chuckled at his own comment, his wife frowned, exclaiming, "Miles, what a horrible thing to say! I have no problem with any of my youngsters being gay, but I would like grandchildren! I don't mind one bit, if they are adopted or natural. Dakota, your sexual orientation is fine, as long as you are comfortable with it! I want you to know, when you get a girlfriend, you are more than welcome, no, I insist you bring her home for us to meet! She must be approved by the family, but I trust your judgment."

"Mom, that is not true. No one needs our approval. Dakota, however, once you claim someone as family, they're members for life," Even interrupted, correcting his mom.

{}Yeah, Aunt Debbie, stop teasing my sister-in-law!{}

Everyone laughed, along with Dakota.

"Trust me, Ma'am, any girl I might bring home must pass inspection by everyone. You all seem to know how to attract great people into your family."

Debbie walked up to my niece, next she wrapped her arms around her, before stating, "Sweetie, you are the newest member of our kin, don't you forget it!"

About that time, my cell phone went off. Glancing at the screen, I saw it was my youngest.

"Hello, Son."

"Daddy, what is going on. Thorn told me Si needs more surgeries, is that true? Will he be okay? May I leave school to see him before his operations?"

"Whoa, slow down my little prince. Yes, your brother needs several more procedures. Your Aunt, and Dr. Brent, assure me, he will be fine. As for your last question, no. There isn't enough time for you to get here. In fact, they are already preparing him."

Since my son couldn't come in time, I put my cell on speaker phone adjacent to Simon's computer, so he could talk to his sibling.

{}Dyl, I will be fine. I have the best doctors to help me. Once I am done with this surgery, I won't be in as much pain, plus I can start to heal properly. If you want to help me, stay in school. Doing that for me, shall keep Dad from worrying about both of us. Can I count on you, Little Bro?{}

"Yeah, I will be strong for you. Please tell Daddy to call me as soon as he knows, how you are!"

"I promise, Son, I shall buzz you right away!"

My boy got his knockout pills, plus others to control the pain. Now, the time arrived for his operations. I don't think there were any dry eyes in the room, as we assured him we would be there when he woke up and for him to remain strong.

Even made me proud, by holding it together for his boy.

As soon as they wheeled away our patient, my nephew and I broke down. After all I went through with my two youngest, how much more could anyone expect me to take?! I marveled at the strength, plus the fortitude, of my middle youngster. Miles held me as if I were his kid, while I collected myself. Meanwhile, Dakota looked after her younger sibling.

Both my best friend and I smiled, as we watched the unfolding scene between the two youths.

Sadly, my niece would soon return to the Williamson's farm.

My buddy suggested we go down to the café for refreshments while we awaited news. I went to the nurses' station to let them know where we were going, in the event someone needed to contact me. In fact, I wanted to stay put, however I had to show my nephew his boyfriend remained in excellent hands.

While we were enjoying, as best we could, our snack, my cell rang. This time, it was Bradley.

"Hey, Dad! When I phoned the house this morning, Patty told me you flew my cousin to the hospital, so I gather there is something pretty major going on. Can you give me any information?"

I thanked him for calling, then I updated him about the various procedures Simon faced and promised to keep him informed of his brother's changing condition. I told him he should pass on my appreciation to all of his friends, who were thinking, and praying, for my child to get better.

After two hours in surgery, one of the Doctors entered the waiting room.....

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