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Chapter 19

I did not know the doctor, who came to brief me. My concern disappeared, when he said,

"Mr. Thomas, my name is Dr. Paul Jefferies. Dr. Edwards asked me to update you about your son's condition. As of the moment, his progress appears impressive. We removed the blood clot in his left leg then repaired his damaged femur and tibia. After it heals, which may take an extended period, he will walk without the use of a cane, free of any noticeable limp. His physical therapist, who is one of the best, shall be a key component in his recovery. As I speak with you, my fellow surgeons are working on his eye, which we need to remove then close off the socket. In a few days, we expect to fit him with a prostatic orb. I enthusiastically support his request for some unusual replacements, which I find remarkable for an individual his age, plus so horribly maimed. I strongly urge you to permit his requests. We think the remaining procedures may take several more hours, however they are far less complicated than the ones we completed. Do you have any questions for me at this time?"

"No, you explained everything perfectly. I am grateful for your update, please keep me informed of his progress. I have great confidence in your team. Let Debbie know, she holds my most valued treasure in her hands!"

The good medical man chuckled, as he shook my hand before heading back into the operating theater.

My nephew's face showed great relief at the news. I sent Bradley, Dylian, and Thorn a message updating them. All texted me back their thanks.

During the interim, Miles and I saw the two siblings grow closer together, as they discussed their pasts.

With my mind occupied on the welfare of my son, I ignored answering my calls, until the last one caught my attention.

It was from my auto broker, a person I needed to speak with. However, I couldn't reply with Even present, since it involved the boy's birthday gift. Stepping out of the room, I stated,

"Hello, Devon, please tell me you have good news!"

"Hey, Mr. Thomas, yes I do! This afternoon I plan to drop off the Ferrari and LM200 at your office. Can I expect you to take possession?"

"Wow, so you found the second one! Describe it."

"Well, it is the candy red, nineteen ninety-two model with a five speed manual v-twelve power train, and it only has twenty-two thousand miles on its odometer."

"That sounds great, now for how much?" I laughed, gritting my teeth, before I added, "Understand price is no object, as long as I get the perfect picture of Even, when he sees it!"

"Sir, you won't believe me!"

"Just spit it out and quit calling me Mr. Thomas, or Sir, my name is DREW!"

The man chuckled.

"I spoke to your son, Simon. He told me, whom the vehicle was for. He mentioned their tragic histories and the meaning of this gift to him. I pulled out all the stops to get it. I only want half of what I paid, as my contribution to these heroic youngsters. The owner, upon hearing their story, explained he lost a grandchild to an abusive step parent, so when I added why your kid wanted this truck, he cut me one hell of a deal. Tell me what's happening to your son."

I repeated what the good doctor had said, to which my caller added, "I am delighted with the news! Regarding the sum you owe me, the man dropped his price down to eighty thousand dollars, leaving your half at forty grand. I shall deliver the two vehicles to your office, which is both convenient for me and a safe place to leave Even's birthday gift."

"When you get there, ask for Sherry, my personal assistant. She will give you a cashier's check totaling one hundred ninety thousand. One hundred fifty for the Ferrari, the balance covers the LM200."

"Actually, I bargained the Ferrari down to one hundred thirty-two grand!"

"WOW, you are good! Finally, bill me for your expenses including the finder's fee. One other favor, please email me a picture of the LM200."

"Consider it done!"

"Thank you for all your efforts. Bye, my friend."

"My pleasure, see you soon."

After I hung up, I updated Sherry. She assured me it would be accomplished without a hitch. I am so grateful I found this young lady, she has worked out better than I ever expected.

Within minutes of ending my business, one of the attending nurses came to speak with me, explaining, "Sir, your boy was moved to the recovery room. You may sit with him, until he wakes up."

"Thank you, Even and I are on our way!"

"Sorry, Mr. Thomas, only immediate family members are allowed."

"Ma'am , not only is the young man my nephew but the son of Dr Edwards!"

Immediately, her attitude changed!

We went to see my child. He looked a lot better than I anticipated.

His boyfriend teared, the moment he looked at the unconscious teen.

At the same time, Miles and Dakota left to spend quality time together. My buddy also intended to surprise the girl, with the purchase of a double bass.

"Why did those thugs hurt him so badly, he never harmed anybody!" my nephew asked in agony.

I went over to hug and kissed him, letting him cry for a few minutes, then, explaining, "Simon was innocent of any wrong doing, unfortunately you two came under the influence of a monster. I must tell you, most people are good rather than evil. My young friend, our boy is very strong minded, he will make a full recovery, you can bank on it!"

"Thanks, Uncle Drew."

We waited an hour, before he began to stir. At that moment, I realized I forgot to bring his computer, so he could communicate with us. Suddenly, he surprised us by saying in a weak but clear voice,

"Hi...Dad,... hey....Even,....I ....am ....thirsty."

We looked at each other with shocked expressions. Tears of joy ran down our faces.

"Sweetie, don't try to talk right now. We will get you ice chips to suck on."

Even rushed off to fetch him some. In the interim, I wanted to see if my son could answer my questions about his voice.

"Son, I am so happy you can talk! When did it come back, and what kept you from telling us?"

My overwrought teen burst into tears. I tried my hardest to calm him, as Dr. Brett and Debbie entered, with both proclaiming, "Simon, you spoke!"


The doctors looked at each other, with tears of joy running down their faces and broad smiles. Then, the surgeon explained, "My friends, it turns out the severed optical nerves, from the patient's left eye, pressed on the sector of his brain controlling his voice. Son, the vocal exercises your physical therapist, Marcy, shall help you with, will fully restore your ability to speak, once your larynx heals. However, in the interim continue to use your computer."

Nodding, my son gestured with his hand. He signaled the medical man to bend his head, so my child could whisper something in his ear. Once the man complied, his patient kissed him on his cheek. Next, my sweetie hoarsely stated loud enough for us to hear,

"Doc..., I... love... you!"

A deeply moved physician exited the room.

I was so proud of my son!

Later on, after things calmed and Simon had been moved back to his regular room, I asked Even to get me a soda. In the interim, I said, "Son, I need to take care of some business at the office, including that involving your boyfriend's birthday present. Remember how upset he became the last time I left during your surgery, can I count on your help to prevent it from happening again?"

{}Don't worry, Dad, I will take care of it.{}

At that moment, my nephew returned, so Simon asked,

{}Dad, would you mind leavening for a while? I want some one-on-one time with Ev.{}

"Sure, Dear, if you think you will be alright. Thorn will bring your little brother up to see you as soon as school lets out. I really do need to run some pressing errands, I shouldn't be gone long."

{}That's alright, once Dy and Nicky leave, I will be wiped out. Also, my meds are making me drowsy. Go home, rest, make sure Dakota is cared for.{}

Kissing both, I told them I loved them, before I left.

As I walked towards the elevator, I saw two boys waiting for it. I reached around the oldest one to push the up button. The older youngster seemed very impatient, while the younger one looked ghostly pale.

"Man, I wish this stupid thing would hurry up! I will be in so much trouble, if we are late again. I can't go without dinner again!" the boy mumbled to himself.

The comment greatly upset me, but, I chose not to act at that moment. However, I made a mental note for Debbie to look into their situation.

Arriving at my destination, I landed on the office roof. I pride myself on working in the same way I demand of my employees. Therefore, I bedded my copter rather than subordinating the task.

Finding Sherry, I spoke to her about the new newly delivered vehicles. She handed me the paperwork, plus the keys. Although I wanted to see my new car, and Even's truck, I needed to fill out the documents first.

Before starting, I phoned Miles to ask how he wanted the LM200 titled. We decided to place it in his and Even's name. Next, I called my insurance agent, he added both to my policy, before he faxed proof.

I put the paper work for my nephew's truck on my buddy's desk. Then, I left after informing my immediate staff.

Instead of flying home, I decided to drive my new baby. Man, what a rush to see her parked in the garage. Starting her, I listened to my baby purr, before I headed out.

About half way there, I noticed a late eighties Trans-Am on the side of the road, its hood up.

The weather had turned colder, in addition, it looked as if it might start storming at any second. Therefore, I stopped to help. When I got out of my car, I glanced back. I saw a teenager, he leaned on the nose of the vehicle with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. His body shook, I thought from the cold, then I realized he was crying.

"Hey, Son, my name is Drew Thomas. Is there anything I can do for you?"

The boy looked up for the first time. It shocked me to see it was the kid from in front of the elevator.

"My car died, Sir. I think it won't run again. Moments ago, I picked up my little brother, he is very sick. He shouldn't be out in these harsh elements! Is there any way you could take him to our house? I will walk from here."

I thought this was a strange request, why didn't he phone his parents or ask to use my cell? So I queried, "Wouldn't it be better for you to call your folks, instead of sending the youngster off with a stranger?"

"We only live with my step-father. If I bother him, he will beat me, when he arrives, then leave me here, anyway. That is, should he even come out."

The youngster's answer upset me. Between what he mumbled at the hospital, and his present reply, I decided to step in!

"As I mentioned, my name is Drew Thomas, would you tell me yours?"

"Oh, I am so sorry, Sir. I'm Greyson De'Angilo, while my little bro is Misha. He has leukemia. Sir, please won't you take him to our house?"

"Son, I am sorry but no."

The kid's face fell, as if I had slapped him.

"What I will do, is let you take him to MY HOUSE using MY CAR!"

"But, Sir, that is a Ferrari and it has temps on it!"

"Yes, you are right. Fact is, I got it today, but, it is only a vehicle not a person! I fear your brother might freak out, if a stranger drove him to my place. I will not allow you to go to your step-father's, until we have talked about how you are being treated. However, I think you are right with wanting to get the kid out of this cool damp air. My GPS is on the dash, just hit 'GO HOME'. I will call ahead to inform my staff of your arrival and have them send someone out to pick me up, as well as get your car taken care of."

Not giving the youth any time for thought, I went to the passenger side. I picked up the sleeping child; he couldn't weigh more than eighty pounds.

As I carried him over to my vehicle, he snuggled down into my chest. I didn't want to let him go, but I knew I had too.

After the two left, I called the house. I updated Patty.

She said not to fret; she would take care of the guests, plus send Greg to fetch me.

While waiting, I rang my mechanic to fetch the Greyson's Trans-Am. I told him to fix it as if it were mine and make it like new, fix everything.

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