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Chapter 20

What with the frigid air and the car not starting, Greg's appearance made me happier than a mouse discovering a room full of mice! As soon as I got into my rescuer's truck, he floored it, which shocked me. He is normally a great driver.

"What gives, Greg?"

"What do you mean, Drew?"

"Where is the fire? I have never known you to handle a vehicle so poorly."

"You have a freaked out child at your house! I do not know what is going on, but something scared him."

"Great! Now what did I get myself into!"

"Bradley is there with them. It seems your son knows the older boy from school. Maybe he will be able to help."

With the speed Greg drove, we quickly arrived.

I saw my Ferrari parked in front, plus the outline of a person pacing back and forth in front of the big picture window.

As soon as I walked in the door, the teen said,

"Mr. Thomas, thank you for letting me take Misha to a warm place, but we have to get home right now!"

"Son, what is the rush? Call your house, tell them what happened. Explain you are at a friend's, and they will bring you in a while."

"NO, Sir, I have to return immediately! You don't understand!"

"Fill me in! I recall a beating awaits you, in addition to being sent to bed without a meal. So, explain to me, I might be able to help."

"No one can! I must go this very moment because my little sister is still there. If I don't show up, he will hurt her!"

"Has he, before?"

The boy looked at the floor without answering. Instead, his little brother stated,

"He does all the time. When Bubby (Greyson) bought his car, he didn't get to drive it for two months. Father broke both his arms."

"Grey, you said to us at school, you fell off of a ladder! What the hell, Man, why didn't you tell us the truth?!"

By this time, the adolescent began to cry inconsolably,

"Because no one can touch him. Furthermore, he threatened to put us in different foster homes spread across the country, if I dared say a word to anybody! I promised Mom the day she died, I would keep the three of us together, at all costs!"

"Okay, Sweetie, I understand the reason you acted in the manner you have. Now, please explain to me, what makes your step father above the law?"

"He is a state police captain."

"I see, well let me pull in some bigger guns! However, first we must get your sister out of that house, I'll be right back."

"Hello, Jackson residence, how may I help you?"

"Hi, Young Man, I'm Drew Thomas. Is your dad there?"

"Just a moment, Sir." Covering the mouth piece, the boy yelled for his father, before he stated,

"He will be right with you. Is Simon okay?"

"Yes, he came though his surgeries with no problems. In fact, he should be home by the end of the week."

"Great, nice talking to you, bye."


"Agent Jackson, this is Drew Thomas. I need you at my country estate twenty minutes ago! In my home are two children in danger from their step father, a state cop."

"I am on my way! I will have several other agents meet me out on the main road at the entrance to your estate."

Next, I contacted Tom.

"Hey Bro, you won't believe this, but I have fallen in love again. This time with three kids, who need saving from a captain in your police force. He rules his step children with an iron fist, which includes physically and verbally abusing them!"

"Damn it, Drew, why always bad news?! I will call Colonel Benjamin Mendez, I shall in trust him to meet you at your house."

"Tell him to rush over here. Agent Jackson of the FBI is already on his way. I have two of the children, but a little girl remains at the man's home."

"He will be there first!"

I went back out to the living room, where the boys were waiting. On the way I had another bright idea, so I contacted Bruce.

"Hey, Buddy, glad to see you know how to answer the phone!"

"Yes, Boss, I have to, when all the slaves are gone! What's up?"

I explained the unfolding events, with which he replied,

"Say no more, see you in ten minutes!"

"Okay, I have called in the big guns. Soon, we will be overrun with people, who shall rescue you from the horrors you two and your sister have endured!"

I went on to explain, whom I asked to help, after which the teen queried in a daze,

"H.., h.., how did you get all of them to come so fast?"

"Well, the FBI and our family have a very close working relationship. As for Bruce, he works for me as my head of security. The colonel, a stranger to me, has his orders from his boss."

"But, isn't he the top dog?"

"Indeed, however who heads the state?"

"The Governor?"

"That's right. Now, Bradley, how do you refer to him?"

"Well, I heard some of the names you call him, but my brothers and I use Uncle Tom." he chuckled in reply.

"You see, Greyson, the man is my brother-in-law {readers, see the list of characters}"

"WOW, Frank will shit in his pants, when he see everyone at the house!"

At that instant, we heard a major commotion at the back door, heralding the arrival of the twin holly terrors.

I yelled for Dylian to fetch Thorn, before he left.

"You needed to see me, Boss?"

I explained what was about to unfold. I requested my security man join the action. He replied,

"Sure, I can stay for a while. However, I want to be home by six, since I hate leaving my daughter alone too long."

"Let Patty pick her up, that way she can be here with all of us. I would love to meet her, besides I honestly have no idea how much time this rescue shall take."

"Good idea!"

I arranged the pickup of the young lady with my house manager, while her dad informed his child.

He also suggested I phone Mark and Brian to invite them to attend as well, which I immediately did.

Then, I gave a detailed account of the events leading up to my man's arrival. Once filled in, he turned to the teen, saying,

"Greyson, please answer a few questions. First, how long ago did your mother succumb?"

"Four years."

"So, you were around twelve."

"I turned twelve in May, Mom died in July, why?"

"Now, this is very important. After her death, did you see a lawyer?"


"A judge?"


"Was a will mentioned?"

"Umm, yeah. She indicated we would be taken care of, as spelled out in that document."

Thorn turned to me with a huge smile on his face.

"Boss, we have him big time! In this state, it is kidnapping, when a step parent does not inform CPS about an absent legal parent. With Greyson's mother leaving a will and her son past his twelfth birthday, by law, he needed to be present at its reading. Furthermore, his desires, as to where he and his siblings want to live, should be taken account in their placement. I think the step father raided the funds. This is why I told you to add Mark and Brian."

"They are on their way. Greyson, do you have any idea, where the will might be?"

"I think in Frank's safe. It is in his bedroom closet."

The arrival of most of the requested law enforcement forces interrupted our discussion.

Thorn explained to Agent Jackson what he told me. Then, he added, since the perpetrator was a state cop, the omission constituted a federal offense, hence under the FBI's jurisdiction.

The two walked over to Colonel Mendez to explain the situation. They added their invitation of him was a professional courtesy.

All three hoped his presence would make the man's arrest much smoother. At the same time, they secretly desired the step father might resist, so they could take him with force.

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