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Chapter 21

After a few minutes of discussion, we determined who would go: Agents Jackson, McIntire (a woman), plus a third male officer led off. The second vehicle contained four more federal officials. Then came the Colonel. My Rolls Royce, with Bruce driving, Brian next to him and Greyson beside me, pulled up the rear. I fought to keep the boy behind, but Dylan convinced us to take him along, explaining; A little girl sees a large group of strangers come to her house. They use force to arrest her step dad and take her away. Those actions might traumatize her. Now if the brother were along, he could explain to his sister why, thus ease her concerns to leave.

Once everyone got into their appropriate vehicles, we headed out.

Our destination turned out to be nearby: A neglected looking residence, built on a portion of what had been a tobacco farm (The owner died back when I went away to college. The survivors sold the property to developers, who subdivided the land.).

I made the youngster stay in the car, along with Brian. I didn't want to take a chance, slim as it might be, of his getting hurt. Bruce and I went with the others to the entrance, however, we stayed in the background.

Captain Pierson, who appeared in his unbuttoned uniform shirt, boxers and with a Miller Lite longneck bottle in his right hand, opened the front door. The angry male displayed fear (On the way Greyson mentioned he needed to be on duty in about an hour.).

"Who the fuck are you, and what do you want?!" the man belligerently demanded.

"Are you Frank Pierson?" Agent Jackson asked.

"Yeah, so what's it to you?!"

Two of the FBI officials, whom I didn't know, rushed forward to grab him. They placed their captive face down, before he could react. Once they cuffed him and pulled him up, he started to scream, until he observed Colonel Mendez. Suddenly, all the color drained from his face.

"Frank Pierson, you are under arrest for three counts of first degree kidnapping, three of fraud, three of child neglect and at least one involving child endangerment. Other charges of child abuse, plus assault and battery on a minor, shall be added, once we determine the number."

Once read his Miranda rights, they hauled Frank off to a waiting car.

McIntire began to search for Greyson's sister, however Bruce stopped her by saying,

"Ma'am, I think I know where the girl is, please ask a fellow officer to accompany you and take a camera."

"Good idea, Sir. Give me a moment."

A short time later, the woman returned with a second official, she introduced as Agent Jones.

Agreeing with my lawyer, they searched the main floor of the house, before heading upstairs. As soon as they entered the second floor hallway, they felt the oppressive heat. Then, the lady noticed padlocks on the bedroom doors, two of which were unlocked. Approaching the secured one, she knocked.

Obtaining a very faint response, the woman replied,

"Nichole, this is Agent McIntire with the FBI. We are here to take you to your brother, Greyson, who awaits outside. We arrested your step father, so you have nothing to fear. Will you do me a favor?"

"I guess."

"Move away from the entrance, also find something to cover your head. We need to knock down the door."


Jones took plenty of pictures, including some of the padlocks, plus others of the poor condition of the children's rooms. Next, Agent McIntire broke into the room. The scene, upon entering shocked the rescuers: A pile of neatly stacked blankets, which constituted the girl's bed, lay in a corner. That item represented the sole furnishing.

Nichole cowered in the far corner, with a thin blanket draped over her whole body.

Slowly the woman walked over to the child. She knelt down in front of the girl, before she spoke.

"Sweetie, I am Agent McIntire with the FBI. Look at my credentials."

The scared youngster did as bidden, after which the woman continued,

"As you can see, we came to free you. Are you hurt in anyway?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Then, let's go down to your brother."

The lady gave Nichole her hand. It surprised her, when the child accepted it. The adult brought her charge to my vehicle, where she opened the back door.

Greyson shot out. He hugged his sister, then he kissed her on the cheek.

I told them to get back in the car.

The woman suggested I look in the kid's room. The sight deeply upset me (Had I seen the appalling conditions under which Simon lived, I would have gone berserk!).

I ran downstairs at breakneck speed. Once outside, I rushed to the car holding Frank. I opened the back door, yanked him out of the car in order to kick the monster between the legs with all my might. As he doubled, I kneed him in the face. This action caused blood to gush from his nose and mouth, in addition, it rendered him unconscious.

I walked away from the crumpled form, expecting to be arrested. However, each official present turned their back to avoid observing my attack (I'm certain I did, what they wished they could.).

I informed Jackson of my desire to take the kids home, plus petition the court for legal custody of all three. I requested he hand the youngsters' papers, including the mother's will over to me, after they retrieved it from the man's safe.

I asked Brian and Bruce to remain, so they might represent the minors' interests. The two gladly agreed (Even without proof, I felt the house, plus the land it sat on, belonged to them.).

After gathering their few possessions, I drove us home.

Upon our arrival, I observed Miles' Jag parked in the drive. I wondered the purpose of his visit.

He met me at the front door with Bradley. I asked my eldest to take the youths into the kitchen, for refreshments and to meet Patty.

My second-in-command said, "Drew, when I called the house to talk with you, Thorn filled me in. Anything new in the mean time?"

I mentioned to him my adoption plans, then I phoned Mark. Next, I turned to my buddy, inquiring,

"Hey, Buddy, what did you want from me?"

"I know this might be off the wall, but you are Simon's father, so it is your decision. Would you mind if Even stayed with his boyfriend tonight?"

"No problem! I know they won't do anything inappropriate while there. Bruce placed a guard outside the room, so I feel safe about it."

"Great, let me phone Debbie. I am so thrilled to hear my nephew regained the use of his voice!"

As Miles talked, I planned the next steps I needed to take. Before my pal left, I requested he fetch Misha, so the two of us might get better acquainted.

The boy looked down at the floor, as he entered, asking in a very quiet voice,

"Sir, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Sweetie, please get comfortable."

Slowly, the young man walked over to my sofa, where he sat. The entire time he stared at the floor.

"Son, please look at me."

As he complied, I saw big tears forming in his cute little brown eyes.

Continuing, "I requested your presence, not because you are in trouble, but for your aid."

Controlling myself not to laugh at the shocked expression on the tiny tyke's face, I went on,

"I would love your help with a couple of things. May I count on it?"

He nodded.

"Good! Now first, do you think your brother would like a new car or his old one fixed?"

His eyes grew big.

"Oh, Sir, he loves his car so much. If it didn't cost so much I would suggest repairing it, so the car it runs like new."

"Done! Now, how are you feeling? I understand you are quite sick."

"I guess I'm 'k. I can't eat much, and my tummy hurts most of the time but not real badly."

"Would you let a very close friend of mine, our family physician, examine you? Aunt Debbie is also Uncle Miles' wife, as well as Donnie's, and Even's, mom."

"I guess it would be alright, but I have no money to pay her!"

The tears started, as he added, "Father says it costs too much to get me well, so why bother."

Grabbing the poor boy, I hugged and rocked him, until he calmed down.

"I tell you what, I shall pay for everything. As you see by my home, I have plenty of cash. Is that alright with you?"


"Okay, let me get the big kids squared away. Then, we shall go to the hospital, so Aunt Debbie can look at you."

I already arranged the meeting with her. Therefore, I headed over to the kitchen with Misha, where the fresh smell of her baking drove me nuts.

"Sweetie, I know your belly hurts, but I want you to try a cookie. I bet after eating one, it will feel better." my cook said.

"Okay, Ma'am, I will give it a try."

It was so cute. The instant he took a very small bite, his eyes lit up, as if someone plugged them into the wall.

After finishing the first, he asked for a second. Patty told him he could have one more, but that would be it, until after dinner.

About half way through, the little munchkin bolted upright, before he yelled, "HEY my tummy isn't hurting anymore! Ma'am your cookies are magic!"

Jumping down, he ran to the lady, so he could give her a huge hug. He thanked her over and over again.

"Sweetie, there is someone else you will need to say the same thing to, it is your new doctor."

"Yes, ma'am!"

My house manager, then added, "Drew, I hope you don't mind. I remembered this powder I used, when my husband battled his cancer. It is a drug, you mix in with food, it helps the stomach deal with the chemo. I asked Dr Edwards to send me some from the hospital, which she did. Most patients can't afford the high cost. I hope I didn't exceed my boundaries. "

"Patty, on the contrary, your initiative in this matter reinforces my belief hiring you to look out for us was an excellent decision. It is the little things, such as baking special cookies to help a scared little boy, which makes you a perfect member of our family!"

I gave her a huge hug, plus planted a kiss on her cheek, which caused her to burst out in tears of joy.

Now, I turned to his siblings. Needing help, I decided to enlist the aid of the older youngsters, including Thorn's daughter.

"Missy, Dakota, and Bradley, as you know, I am an old man!"

My comment caused everyone to laugh. After a pause, I continued, "Greyson, Nichole, and Misha all need new clothes. Lacking fashion sense, may I count on you to help them select new wardrobes?"

"Yeah!" the three replied in unison (Missy looked at her father for his approval, which he gave with a nod.).

"Okay, Bradley, do you mind driving your jeep?"

"Not at all, Dad, I got a full tank of gas. I'm ready to go as long as Aunt Patty will watch Hanna for me."

"You know you don't even have to ask that!" Patty said with a smile.

"Good! Son, take this credit card. Dakota, here is another one. I think for tonight, five thousand dollars should suffice. All three of you, also buy some outfits for yourselves. Think of them as a form of payment for your time, as well as efforts. Make sure your charges get one dress outfit for important occasions, that includes a sports coat and tie for the boys and a dress for Nicole. Have the clothing tailored, so it fits properly. Since I don't want to rush you, why don't you grab something to eat at the mall. Patty will have snacks ready, upon your return."

The helpers agreed with great enthusiasm, while the newest members of our family remained shell-shocked.

As the older youngsters left, Misha and I headed back to the hospital for our meeting with Debbie. The munchkin wanted me to drive the Ferrari 288, so who was I to deny him?

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