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Chapter 22

Upon arriving at the hospital, Misha and I headed for Simon's room. I forgot Even was there, until I heard laughter.

Knocking I waited for a reply,

"Come in."

{}Oh hi, Dad, who is the cute kid with you? Hey, have you ever seen Jeff Dunham, what a comedian!{}

Misha's eyes grew wide, either from the way my son communicated or seeing the two teens together in bed. Then again, it might be from my youngster's reference to his looks.

 When I heard the unmistakable voice of Walter saying his famous line, 'Welcome to Wal-Mart, get your shit and get out!' it dawned on me why my child chuckled.

"Yes, Son, I recognize his work, he's quite good. Next time he plays in town, we will get tickets, because he performs even better in person. This cutie is Misha. His brother, sister, as well as himself, are joining our family for a bit. I want this young man to see your mom, Even. Misha, please stay here, while I complete arrangements for you and your siblings."

Very shyly the eleven-year-old agreed. Then, my nephew said,

"Hi, Misha, I'm Even, Mom will be your doctor, she is great! Meet Simon, he communicates through his computer right now, because his voice was damaged. But, it is getting better. Did you see Donnie when you were at Uncle Drew's house?"

 The boy nodded shyly.

"He is my little bro, Dakota, my big sis." the teen continued.

{}Dad said you have some as well, are they older, younger, or green?{}

The remark caused the young boy to giggle.

"Hey Little Dude, how about I lift you up here, so you can lay between us. What do you say?"

The more relaxed youngster nodded, so my nephew hopped down to pick him up, then placed the tiny fellow beside his friend.

 Since there wasn't room for all three, he pulled a chair over to sit near the two.

"So, tell us about your brother and sister."

"I'm the youngest, Greyson is the eldest and Nichole is the middle one."

{}I knew a Greyson, when I want to public school. What is your last name?{}


{}We used to be friends, then he drifted away. He started out as a cool guy, then he stopped talking to me, became a loner.{}

"HEY! You would, too, if both your parents died. And, you were left with an evil step father!"

{}Calm down little guy, I didn't mean anything bad. Look, I lost my mom, too, and only have had a Dad for a few months now. He rescued Ev and me from evil people. I hope you stay with us forever!"

"Yeah, your dad had him errested."

"You mean arrested, right?"

"Yeah, sorry. Mr. Even, you said your momma is a good doctor."

"Yeah, the best, she helps run this hospital."

At this point, Nurse Powers entered the room to take Simon's vitals. The woman saw the little kid, so she said,

 "SIMON! You know you can't go over to the younger side and steal a kid! You need to return him, before you get us both in trouble!"

Simon felt the eleven-year-old begin to freak out, so he said,

{}Oh hush, Momma Powers! This is my new little bro, he came to see me and Aunt Debbie. Misha, meet my nurse, her son, is one of the doctors that treat me. Better be nice to my friend, remember what happened to Nurse Anderson, when she tried to take on Dad!{}

"Yes, I couldn't be more happy about it, either! Now then, Sweetie, please put this gown on in the bathroom. The opening goes to the back, do you need help with that?"

The youngster nodded, he pointed at Simon. My child explained he was bedridden, instead he suggested his boyfriend. In response, the smiling tyke aimed his arms towards Even. My nephew took them with tears in his eyes.

The adolescent carried the little boy there, where he helped his charge change. Once the eleven-year-old disrobed, the adolescent saw the bruised condition of the kid's body, so he asked,

 "Little guy, how did you get so many bruises?"

"From my step Father's beatings."

"I need to tell Mom!"

The poor youth started to cry uncontrollably. Once he calmed down, he pleaded,

"Please don't, he will hit me, again!"

"Uncle Drew isn't going to let you go back to him!"

"He shall find a way!"

Debbie and I arrived as the two returned.

"Hi, Sweetie, you look so cute in your gown. This is your auntie."

Before he could answer, Even hugged his mother to whisper in her ear. He told her about the munchkin's abuse.

"Misha, please show me your back."

Throwing daggers at the teen, he turned around. Both she and I gasped, when we saw the multiple injuries.

"Dear, where did you get those bruises?"

Whimpering, he mumbled,

 "My step-father gave them to me for breaking a glass."

"Okay, Sweetie, I intend to take some pictures of your injuries. Then a nice police official will speak with you. Those photos, plus your statement are evidence of a serious crime, which insures his imprisonment for many years!"

The boy nodded shyly, however I sensed he remained unconvinced.

"Misha, in the meantime would you please tell me about yourself?"

"I guess. I was born in Lyubuchany, Russia. It's a small town about forty miles south of Moscow. My birth mother was very young, she died while having me. I had no one else, so I ended up in an orphanage, until two Americans adopted me: They brought me here to live. Dad, being a marine, went to Iraq, where he got killed in the war. Mom married Frank after a while. Then I became sick, Mom died in a car crash. That's my life."

"Sweetie, who is your doctor?"

"Dr. Adams, I hate him!"

Debbie had the physician paged. The disgruntled man showed up.

"What's the meaning of this, why is my patient here?! He had his treatment and was sent home to recuperate at his father's instructions. How dare you summon me like a school boy!"

"Sir, if I were you, I'd watch my tone! Misha has a new guardian, who wants me to look after him. I have questions about his current care. Why on earth were you treating a child with leukemia as an outpatient?"

"That was at the request of his parent. He felt the child could recover from the chemotherapy better at home with his loving family."

"LOVING FAMILY? Have you seen your patient's body lately? He is covered with bruises which scream abuse!! Why the hell wasn't his condition reported to the proper authorities?"

"I had no reason to examine his physique!"

"Dr. Adams, as of this moment you are suspended, pending an investigation into your practices! Security will escort you from the property. You are to leave without touching anything in your office. All your patients are hereby transferred to other medical personnel!"

At this point, Debbie appeared ready to ripe the man's head off. Fortunately for the man, two uniformed officers arrived to escort the culprit from the building.

 Turning to us, she explained,

"Sweetie, your cancer is curable. In fact, the success rate exceeds ninety-two percent! Had you received the proper therapy, you might now be cured, or at the very least in remission. I intend to pursue charges of neglect and abuse against your dismissed physician. Now, on with the new treatment. Sweetie, I want to bring in a friend of mine, who is one of the best oncologists around. His name is Dr. Mick Halvorson. However, I warn you he is crazy!"

 Her face took on an enormous grin!

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