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Chapter 23

While Misha and I saw Debbie, the older youngsters had a blast at the mall. Dakota helped Missy pick out a couple of outfits over her objections (She didn't think I meant it.) Nichole fought the girls the whole way in getting what I had asked stating over and over 'I am not going to be there that long'.

Evan's sister told me the girl was overwhelmed by their selections.

At the same time, a similar situation played out with her older brother. Bradley and Greyson bumped into Jackson Hunter, while he awaited his girlfriend, Holly Miller. The young man, who had great taste in threads, was a huge help to the boys.

Once Holly arrived, she joined the girls. After making all their purchases, the group went for some food. It was at this point, Miller's daughter noticed Nichole hadn't eaten. She decided the teen felt uneasy over the upheaval in her life, as well as being the only middle school kid in the group.

I spent most of the evening getting Misha settled into his room. I wanted him placed with Simon. Unfortunately, the boy's schedule of treatment precluded it.

I expected to be kicked out shortly, but I stayed to meet the new doctor.

At around nine, the physician appeared with a flourish. And, my friend hadn't exaggerated, the man was nuts! He literally fell into the room wearing a Mickey Mouse costume. His act convinced the boy, who laughed so hard tears streamed down his face.

"Why hello there, you must be Edward Philips Price. My name is Donald Duck!"

"No, I am Misha De'Angilo, and you are Mickey Mouse!"

"Indubitably, however call me Doc Mick. I came to examine you, may I?"

The man waited until the youngster nodded his approval.

"Great, this won't take long. Then, we will cure you pronto! How about you take off that gown, I shall find you some pajamas instead.

I thought the boy might be embarrassed to undress in front of a stranger, but he wasn't. Once the surgeon saw the child's bruises, he bellowed lilah tov, shalom,


Before he could verbally attack me, Debbie arrived. Grabbing his arm, she explained,

"Mick, this is Drew Thomas. He is acting as Misha's guardian, until the courts sort things out. He is NOT, I repeat NOT responsible for the youngster's wounds. The boy's step father caused them. Do not take your anger out on him, he does more good for this hospital than anyone else, however, should he ever hurt any child, I would be the first in line to surgically remove his testicles without the use of anesthesia!"

"Thank you, Dr. Edwards, I was about to rip into him! Now that you are here, please tell me why this poor fellow never received proper treatment?"

"Again, the result of a despicable cretin. We shall now take over his care."

"Sounds like a great plan, so who is going to be his primary physician?"

"You are!!"

"Yes, I transfer complete control over to you. Treat this young man as a member of Dr. Edwards' family, which he will become shortly."

"My friend, explain that last statement!"

"Simon adopted him, together with his elder two siblings. After all, since Even has a new sister, he needed one, too!"

They all laughed.

Dr. Halverson went back into the room to examine my newest son. After a couple of minutes, Deb and I joined them. We heard the mad doctor explain to his newest "victim", how he planned to cure him. He ended by saying,

"May I count on my little Donald Duck to give me his full effort?"

"Why would that matter? I mean, I try all the time, but it never helps!"

"If you are not willing to give your all, then we shall continue the same treatment. But, should you consent, you must fully devote yourself for us to succeed.... May I count on it?"


"Misha's two siblings will contribute, as well as all of his new family, especially his father, who happens to be me. I pledge to spend whatever it takes, and then some! Nothing is too good for any of my children!"

"Mr. Thomas, I know we are going to get along just fine!"

"Oh, crap! Drew would you pass a message on to Bradley for me? Tell him Hanna's tests came back, there were no signs of infection. Add the words 'keep up the great job you're doing!'."

"Gladly! So, Dr. Halverson, what is our first step to get my son healthy?"

Before the medical man could answer, Misha asked,

"Why do you keep calling me your son?"

"Because I'm your foster dad, but I intend to adopt the three of you, if you want. For now, let's worry about what Dr Crazy's plans."

Suddenly, a flying eleven-year-old attacked me! He latched on to my neck, he refused to let go. I felt tears hitting my shoulder.

"First, my little patient shall receive a strong dose of chemotherapy, concurrently with a new type of drug."

"When can I see him?"

"Not before tomorrow afternoon. Dr. Edwards shall inform you, as soon as we know, however I must limit his visitors to you, plus the brother who is here with him. We can't chance his catching an illness from others."

I figured this restriction would displease the three siblings.

As soon as my child received his medication, he fell asleep, which I found equally true of Simon and Even, when I returned to my youngster's room. I proudly observed the two in separate beds. I knew my nephew worried about his boyfriend's recovery, so I assumed he suggested it.

I arrived home much later than all the others.

I insisted everyone stay for the night.

Early the next morning, Dylian came to speak with me. On the way, he inadvertently heard Nichole say to Dakota,

"Should he find out, he will ask me to leave! Greyson shall go with me, taking my younger brother as well. I can't do that to him, now that he has a good chance to get healthy! I must work out a way for me to end this, without anyone discovering my secret."

"Nichole, I know..."

Upon the conclusion of their conversation, my nine-year-old ran to my office, where he found me on my cell.

When I saw my boy, I interrupted my conversation with the words,

"Governor, let me call you back. My youngest son walked in, he needs me."

"I am sorry you feel that way, but I never make my kids wait, while I chat on the phone. They are in front of me, you're not! Good day, Sir!"

Hanging up, I turned to my boy, asking,

"What's up, my little prince?"

"I am sorry to bother you, was that Uncle Tom? Daddy, I need your help!"

"No, that was the governor of Iowa. I have told you before, I don't care whom I'm with, if you need me, I stop. Now, what happened?"

"Daddy, I know something concerning a person here in our home, who is really scared. I found this out by accident, and I don't know if I should say anything or not. Either way, that person will suffer"

"Sweetie, you have a tough choice to make. But since you promised nothing, you are free to tell me, especially if it makes said party feel better."

"Okay, well I overheard a conversation between Dakota and Nichole. My new sis thinks you are going to kick her out for something that happened."

At that instant, Even's sister entered. Without looking around, she stated,

"Uncle Drew, we have to talk!"

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