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Chapter 24

I wasn't sure what happened, but I felt the matter involved my son, hence I asked,

"Does this concern Dylian's accidentally overhearing a chat between you and Nichole?"

"I didn't know he had, however yes, it's about our conversation. Uncle Drew, I fear she will run away, unless you speak with her immediately! You might want to invite Agent Jim out to the house. That is all I'm ready to say, come on, Dylian, let's go make a root beer float!"

With the departure of the two, I headed upstairs to Nichole's sleeping quarters.

Pausing outside her room, I detected muffled cries. I knocked, no reply was forth coming, hence I said, "Dear, it is Drew. May I please enter?"

"Yeah." she whispered.

Easing the door open, I noticed she lay face down. Therefore, I asked,

"Sweetie, may I talk to you?"

"I guess." she sniffed.

"Dakota and Dylian said you want to leave, are you unhappy?"

"Oh no, Sir, I love it here! You treat my brothers and me great. It's just that, well,... never mind."

"That won't do! Please explain why you feel badly, so we can fix it. But, before you reply, I must tell you something. Nichole, would you please look at me?"

I waited for her to turn, then I went on.

"Thank you. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. I need to mention how you three stole my heart within hours of our first meeting! You are safe here, there isn't a single thing you could ever do, which would cause me to throw you out! I understand it may take you time to trust me. Alright, the floor is now yours."

"Well, Sir..."

"Okay, let's stop for a moment. I suggest you call me AH, or Drew, or perhaps "You Jerk", anything but Sir! Please!"

"Umm, what does AH mean?"

"Ass hole. You are welcome to call me that, if it will make you feel better. I know of more than a few people, who referred to me as such over the years!" I chuckled in reply.

Nichole turned bright red, at the same time she giggled. However, she remained ill-at-ease. Therefore, I buzzed Dakota, inviting her to come up. Once she arrived, I turned to my young companion, stating,

"Sweetheart, I asked my niece to join us, in the hope she can make you feel more comfortable talking to me. I need to know what upset you. If it is me, then we will find a caring home to place all of you in. However, I want to adopt you three."

As soon as I finished, the poor darling broke into heartbreaking sobs. I thought I took the wrong approach, until she jumped up and embraced me, using all her might. She sobbed several moments, before she exclaimed,

"NO! I...I love it here...with you. Please...p...please don't make me leave!!"

I held her tightly, whispering everything would be alright. After a few moments, I carefully pulled back from her, in order to observe her tear-stained face.

"Nichole, Sweetheart, what upsets you to this point, you feel I might send you away? It won't ever happen! Please tell me, so I can help fix things."

Breathing deeply, the tiny munchkin wiped her eyes, after which she added, "I wish I could, but I know you will throw me out , and maybe my brothers: There is no way you would want me to be your daughter!"

She again began to cry uncontrollably.

I didn't want to take this route, but I had no choice. I pulled my niece into the hall, explaining,

"Dakota, I must try a different approach to pry the information out of her. I'm sure you don't know, otherwise you would have told me. I refuse to put you in the position, where you might violate the trust of someone you just met, who hopefully will become a great friend. Please understand, I intend using a form of tough love to get her to open up. So hang in there with me. I request you yell at me in response to my harsh suggestion. Don't get alarmed when my reply will be equally vociferous. I think this interaction might be a way for her to see me as a regular person rather than some unreachable authority figure. May I count on your cooperation?"

"Yeah, Uncle Drew, however don't go too hard on her."

"Trust me, Sweetie, I won't. Let's get this show on the road!"

We returned to Nichole's bedroom, where we found her seated on her bed with her still in tears. My niece put an arm around the distraught girl's shoulders to comfort her.

"My Dear, how may I make you feel safe enough to explain what happened?"

"I don't know."

"Well, then, I guess you aren't leaving me much choice. Nichole, if you can't reveal what occurred, I shall request you and your bothers be placed elsewhere. You may stay as long as you need, but I plan to find you a new home, one where you can feel secure."

On cue, Evan's sister ripped into me, "That is totally unfair, Uncle Drew, you shouldn't expect her to trust you right off the bat, not after all she's been through!"

"Dakota, I agree with you. I mustn't force her to tell me what is wrong. At the same time, I don't want this poor girl to remain, if my presence scares her, or she feels unsafe. This leaves me no alternative except to find her, plus her siblings, another home."

It surprised me to find myself crying.

"I am s...s...so, s...s...s...sorry, Sir. Let me explain: My step father raped me! I'm two months pregnant!

With that, the poor child ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Needless to say, her dramatic revelation shocked me. Once I recovered my senses, I realized my soon-to-be daughter locked herself, in the bathroom, fearing the worst from me.

I ran to there, knocked lightly, then said, "Nichole, Sweetheart, we will solve this problem, together. Please let me in, so I can talk with you. I need to know you are alright!"

I waited a couple of minutes, until I heard the lock click. I opened the door and took the frightened little girl into my arms, while we cried (Much later, I realized my niece left us to work things out.).

"My Dear, this changes nothing. I stand behind you, whatever you decide. We shall get you the best available care, should you choose to keep the baby. You remain blameless; I will never look down upon you nor your child! However, I swear the man responsible for your dilemma will get the severest punishment under the law!"

After a few more moments of hugging, plus rocking back and forth, I asked, "Sweetie, how shall we proceed?"

"I know this might be hard, but I don't want to kill my baby. My child is innocent of any wrong doing. I'm ready to give my kid up for adoption, but I prefer to raise the little one as my own."

"Good, you make me a proud grandpa, once again!"

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