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Chapter 25

I told Nichole I would speak to her elder brother and make the other needed calls. The first went to FBI Agent Jim Jackson, who arrested the girl's step-father. After I updated him, I headed over to Bradley's cottage to talk with Greyson, away from the main house, so if he over reacted, nobody would hear him. I decided a drive in my luxurious Bentley provided us with the perfect atmosphere.

On the way over, I decided to buy my boy a new car with airbags to replace his less-than-safe wreck-on-wheels. Once on the road, I started the very unpleasant task, of telling my kid what happened to his little sister. I stalled for about twenty minutes, then I stated, "Let me begin by saying I'm so very proud of how you protect your siblings. However, they're situations out of our control, such as Misha's cancer. My boy, something happened to Nicole, which I must tell you, please try not to say anything until I finish, okay?"

"I will try, but I know part of it. That stupid bastard raped my baby sister, didn't he?"

WOW, his reply surprised me to say the very least. I figured he would go off the wall, want to hurt someone. So I stated, "I am afraid, you're right. She told me the abuse went on for about two years, but he only started to have intercourse in the last few months. Tragically, it was enough time for him to impregnate your sister."

"What!? THAT BASTARD, I WILL KILL HIM! What are we going to do, she is only fourteen, DAMNIT!"

"She intends to keep the baby! She has my complete support. Son, we must honor her choice. Please think hard and long about how you feel, then talk to a person you respect. She needs your support now more than ever!"

"No, Dad, I mean, Sir, I won't treat her any differently. I shall love her baby, as no uncle ever has! Please tell me he won't get off!"

"No, I already informed the authorities, plus our attorneys. I plan to get everything he owns for my daughter! Oh, I'm delighted to become a granddad again!"

"Really, you don't mind?"

"You bet!"

"Cool! Yeah, Dad, I am alright."


I pulled into my repair shop, a place from the outside, you would never guess housed one of the greatest mechanics. After I parked, I stated,

"Let's discuss your car."

"What about it, my poor baby died."

"Greyson, the day the three of you came out to live with us, I asked your little brother, what I should do about your auto. Misha begged me not to get rid of it. Because of how hard you worked to afford it, plus what that monster did to you, when you refused to register it in his name. I knew it meant a great deal to you, so I asked my man to restore it to mint condition."

With that said, we exited to look at his car. The Trans-Am was in pieces, but my boy smiled broadly, when he saw many of the replacement parts were new.

"Good day, Mr. Thomas, and you must be Greyson. Young Man, I need to thank you for how well you took care of this vehicle. It shows both your skill, and your love for it! In addition, your meticulous maintenance makes my restoration far easier. Sir, I'm sorry the one modification you requested isn't possible!"

"Dad, what change did you ask for?"

"Airbags. I wish to honor your little brother's wish, but since they can't be installed, I rather you drive a vehicle with all the latest safety features. It's not only for you, but also for your siblings. Under the circumstances, here is what I propose. Allow me to get you something with all the latest improvement. At the same time, we fix this one, then you make it the first item in of your very own collection. In reality, you have no choice, because my insurance requires it. So, what I suggest is for you to pick out a car, or a truck, which pleases you. Remember, though, I must agree, okay?"


"Well, you can ask for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but that does not mean, you will get it!" I joked.

"Oh no, Sir, I wouldn't feel comfy driving one. However, I saw a beauty, which I found totally neat. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it costs."

"What kind of wheels are you thinking of?"

"A sports car, made by Nissan, their GT-R. Its looks are neat. On the other, I would be happy with anything safe for my little bro, when I drive him around."

"Let's go check one out, but, Son, you won't be driving Misha back and forth. He will be in the hospital, until his treatment ends with his cure, which according to his new doctor should be in four weeks."

Greyson began crying, so I pulled over to comfort my son. His reaction confused me, I thought he might jump for joy, therefore, I asked, "Sweetie, why the waterworks? I expected you would be happy, hearing the good news."

"Of course! However, I worried about him for so long: To think he might have been cured ages ago, in the mean timed he almost died several times!"

"My Boy, I can't express how proud of you I am for the degree of care you showed both your siblings."

We arrived at the Nissan dealership a few moments later. Everything impressed me from the start, including the salesman, who rushed over to help us. I am sure he saw dollar signs right from the beginning, with my Bentley parked on the lot. The dealership had only one GTR on the lot. However, the model left me dissatisfied, especially for a sticker price of eighty six thousand dollars. Granted it had a four hundred eighty five horse power twin-turbo, v-six engine, but I couldn't see my son handling a dual clutch, six speed transmission.

The salesman refused to allow us to test drive the car. That angered me, so I said, "Do you really think I can't afford to buy the damn vehicle, is that why I'm not allowed to take it out for a spin?! What should I do, sign my Bentley over as collateral, in order to see if yours is good enough to buy for my son?!"

My loud angry reaction drew the man's boss. He explained, "Mr. Thomas, I'm the manager of this dealership. I couldn't help over hearing you. Please let me explain, company policy disallows test drives on our expensive models, to keep mileage to a minimum."

"Sir, I never buy a vehicle without first taking it out on the road. Do you know whom I am, I could buy not only your franchise, but the whole company without batting an eye! However, since you don't want my business, I shall go elsewhere to a place which does!"

During my heated exchange, Greyson found a new Mustang, which caught his eye.

"Hey Dad, now that I have seen the car, I changed my mind. Also, I hate the way they treated us. Let's go over to Ford, as you suggested."

So, that is where we ended up. Entering, I asked for Ryan Stanley. After ten minutes, he came running over. When he reached us, he explained, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Thomas, I just finished with another customer, who said you referred him to me, thank you! Sales over the last several months, because of you, have been through the roof! Now, how may I help you, today?"

"First, I want to test drive, then buy, the blue Raptor. In addition, please take care of my son."

"This isn't Simon, so which child are you?"

"I guess I am his newest, Greyson. It's nice to meet you."

"Greyson, I'm Ryan, first let me grab the keys to that vehicle, then I will look after you!"

"Dad, who is the car for?"

"Dakota, she turned sixteen a while ago. She never owned one. This is her dream auto, color and all. Since I planned to give her brother a very special truck for his birthday at the end of the month, we decided to purchase one for her now. Pushing her parents on this is my way of saying thanks for helping your sister."

After completing my deal for my niece and nephew, I asked my son, "My Boy, which vehicle interests you?"

He simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Greyson, I am buying you one, today: Either you pick it out, or I will. If Ford doesn't have what you want, then we will finish up here and go elsewhere."

"No, the wheels I would like to see is here, but I don't think it's in my price range."

"You have none! Now, out with it!

"A Mustang."

"Good choice, Son! Let's see what they offer."

We looked around at several different models. The one I kept coming back to wouldn't win me any responsible parent-of-the-year awards, but this boy deserved to be spoiled, so I said, "My Boy, this blue one catches my eye!"

"D.. D... DAD! That is a Shelby GT500r, which costs fifty grand!"

"Young Man, I told you price means nothing to me. Besides, it's very hot!"

"But, Sir, that has a five-point-four liter supercharged V-8 engine!"

"The only question I have for you, Son, is this the car you want?"

"Hell, yeah, are you serious?!"


I had Ryan draw up the paperwork on the Raptor and the Shelby. After taxes and tags, the check came to nearly one hundred three grand. I paid someone to drop off my niece's at my estate later that day. Then, I 'innocently' asked, "Greyson, do you want to drive your new baby home, or have it delivered?"

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