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Chapter 28

The instant I arrived home, before I even exited my new car, my niece attacked me, exclaiming, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Uncle Drew! I don't know how you found out, but this truck is my dream on wheels! Do you think Mom and Dad will let me keep it?"

"Since they paid for most of it, I can safely say yes."

"What, you mean they bought it, not you?!"

I heard someone pull up behind me, therefore I turned to see a new BMW X6 SUV. Imagine my shock, when my best friend stepped out.

Rushing to embrace her new father, the overjoyed girl, screamed, "I am forever indebted to you: It's what I always wanted, but thought I would never have. I shall take great care of it, plus drive very carefully!"

"It pleases me, you like it. I hope you understand, it's not a bribe for you to stay."

"Nope, I already decided to remain: May I move my things over today?"

"Of course, your mother wants the two of you to select your bedroom furnishings, in addition to a new wardrobe. She should be here shortly, she went to fetch Donnie from school. We intend to dine out, as a family tonight. That is, if we succeed in prying your other brother away from the hospital."

Next, another beauty drove in, with Debbie occupying the driver's seat. Therefore, I teasingly remarked, "What's the deal, I buy a few new cars today, so you both rush out to outdo me!"

"I decided I needed something bigger. With a double bass to haul around, my better half felt the same. I like the BMW, she the Audi. Thankfully, the same dealership carries each, so we arranged a discount on both. After driving hers, I almost bought that one, as well! By the way, nice car, Drew, however did you need yet another?"

"No, but when has that ever stopped me!"

"Dakota, get your truck, then you can show Mom and me, how she handles. Uncle Drew's description, left me cold!"

After hugging her mom and dad, Dakota and Donnie ran off in the direction of the garage. Before the door fully opened, she backed out. I smiled, thinking her baby wasn't here four hours, and she washed, plus waxed it.

I knew the Edwards had no clue the Ford Raptor was an off-road, full size pickup. I witnessed Donnie, making the situation worse, when he proclaimed, "Wow, this vehicle looks as if she could fly!"

"Over my dead body!" Debbie remarked in her best mother's voice, before she added, "Dear, please move your new truck, so we can get going. We have dinner reservations, giving us little time to pick up Even. Miles, you need to talk to Drew, before we leave."

"Yes, Dear! Buddy, may I speak with you for a moment?"

We walked over to an isolated corner, then my second-in-command began, "Drew, Tom called me today, he arranged for Even, and our daughter, to confront their biological father, as well as their uncle. I think you should go with them in my place: I know I won't be able to remain calm. Please take plenty of security. Personally I feel the meeting is a bad idea, but I was overruled, by the kids, my wife, in addition to my son's doctors. They believe their meeting may aid his healing process."

"Buddy, I shall do everything to insure their safety. I am not sold on this idea either, but the kids decided on this course of action, hence we need to back them. I intend to personally arrange the entire operation. I know it's pointless to tell you not to worry, so I won't!"

After the Edwards left for their family dinner, I went to speak with Bradley and Dylian, who were in the music studio, recording the song "I Stand Alone" for their brother, Misha.

Once done chatting with the two, I looked for my eleven-year-old's siblings to update them on their brother. I also wished to find out more, concerning the punishment the monster inflicted on them. That way, I might find the best people to help Misha. Arriving at my daughter's room, I asked, "Sweetheart, how was your day?"

"Fine, Dad, Brad drove me to school, where I met Tim. Must he always follow me around? None of the other kids have a bodyguard, why should I?"

"Sweetheart, I am afraid he stays, for now. Perhaps, I can find you a female security person. Nichole, because of my wealth, there are people, who may try to extort me through my family. I rather assign someone to insure your safety and welfare, than expose you to danger. I hope you understand."

"You're right, I never considered that possibility. I thought your action involved what we went through. I want you to know, I'm not complaining. When can I see Misha, I miss the little brat."

"Sorry, my Little One, but Dr. Mick wants to limit his contact with visitors, for health reasons. Therefore, it might be a month, before you are able to visit with him. The good news is, he has a new friend, his roommate, Jaden."

Just then, my other new son walked in, stating, "Hi, Dad, so tell us about the dude, Jaden. It sucks we can't see Misha, however may we call him?"

"Hello, Son, I didn't hear you come in. Yes, you may phone him anytime. I programmed his number into your new cell, which should be here already. Well, Jaden is a fourteen-year-old foster child, who grew up under difficult circumstances, with few creature comforts. He suffers from the same form of cancer as your brother. I bought Misha an XBox360. When I gave the kid the extra controller, he nearly died of a heart attack, he was so shocked. I also got both IPods, which revealed a problem I want to discuss with you. When I gave your brother his, he asked Simon for a tune."

"Let me guess, 'I stand alone', he loves it!" Nichole chuckled.

"Well, you are right. The problem is, he started singing, which I greatly enjoyed. However, when he realized I overheard him, he freaked out: He cowered, expecting me to beat him. I don't want him to ever react that way again. So, I need your help."

"Yeah, Dad, I think Nicole and I know what you mean. I forgot to tell you about Misha's love of singing, especially that particular tune. It would be awesome, if he could meet Brian White someday."

"Let me see, whether I am able to arrange it. For all I know, he might not still be active. Should he, I will buy a day of his time, perhaps even purchase the company he uses to record and distribute his music! I think it would do your little brother a world of good. In the mean time, I asked Dylian, Bradley, and Dakota to play it."

"Awesome! Oh, do you think they would do one other song? Maybe you could get them to learn the old Buddy Holly tune, 'Every Day'? That one always tugs at my heart."

"Your request, Young Lady, is my command. Has Misha ever sung it for you?"

"Yeah, I do, all the time." She blushingly replied.

"Okay, let's go look for them."

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