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Chapter 29

After dinner with my with my children, I enter my study to make some calls. Using my business contacts, I trace down Bryan White's recording label. The president of that company is a client of DJ Enterprises, Bill Bennett. So, I phone, "Hello, the Bennett residents, how may I help you?"

"This is Drew Thomas, is the man of the house at home?"

"One moment, Sir."

A short time later, I hear, "Drew, would you believe I was just thinking of you."

"You're kidding! The reason I called, Bill, I need a favor."

I fill him in on background, before I explain, "I want to fly Brian White out here for a day, so he can give a concert for my youngster, Misha. Can you arrange it?"

"I need some time to make it happen, since he is no longer under contract. Of course you are aware, it won't come cheap."

"When you get this done, I will send you two cases of my best scotch. You have my private number, please give it to Mr. White, but make sure no one else gets it."

"Drew, there may be one fly in the ointment. A few years ago, Bryan found God. Since then he has done a great deal of Christian music. I don't know how he is going to react to your gay children."

"Well, we must play that one by ear. As a last resort, have him call me. I'm much obliged to you for your aid."

"No problem, Drew, leave the rest to me."

The promise of a visit from his favorite artist after he recovers, should boost my boy's spirit. I hope, sufficiently, to overcome any depression, which may arise out of the necessary isolation from his siblings.

While deep in thought, I hear a knock. Looking up, I see Nicole.

"Hi, Sweetheart, come on in. I want you to know the same thing holds for you, as for all my other children: Unless my door is closed, you may enter without permission, no matter how busy I am. So, what can I do for you?"

In reply, the little darling walks around my desk. She hugs me, before she plants a kiss on my cheek.

"I wanted to say thanks for everything and tell you goodnight. I am going to read, take a shower then go to bed. I am very tired for some reason."

"Okay, Nicole: Remember, tomorrow you have a medical appointment with Dr Yee at one thirty, so I will pick you up at lunch time. Aunt Debbie says she is the best OB-GYN in the city."

"Umm, what is an OB-GYN?"

"The term refers to an obstetrics and gynecology physician. Simply put, she is your female doctor; you know for your women parts."

I blush, while I explain. However, I couldn't let my daughter down.

"We shall meet her together; afterwards I'll leave, unless you want me to stay. In the future, if you rather Aunt Debbie, Dakota or Patty take you, I'm sure they shall gladly agree."

"Really, you wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all. You are a girl, while I am a boy, a gay one at that. I know little or nothing about women, or their needs. I understand there are times, when a male can help you, and others a female. My job, as your father, will be to insure you have everything you require, including matronly guidance."

My daughter hugs me, then she kisses me.

"Dad, you're the best! Thanks again for everything! I shall chat with Patty on my way to bed. Would it be alright, if she came with us to the doctor tomorrow?"

"Sure, I will run it by her, after I leave."

"No, please let me. Nite, Dad, I love you!"

"Sweet dream, Nicole. Back at you!"

Next, Greyson appears at my door. I sense what he wants to discuss, so I preempt him by inquiring, "Hello, Greyson, good to see you, is there something I can help you with?"

"May I ask you a couple of questions?"

"Of course, I'm all ears."

"First, will you let me keep my job?"

"Yes, if you adhere to certain conditions. As you know, I met with your boss. I left feeling he has your best interests at heart. I told him my demands, which he accepted. First you need to set aside enough time to spend with your family, have fun and participate in school activities, therefore you can only work part time. Second, one of my security people will watch you. Not just at work, but everywhere you go outside of our home, for reasons you already know. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Dad, I understand your concerns."

To seal our compact, my boy hugs me. He applies such strength I have a hard time breathing. With that settled, my boy asks, "Dad, may I drive my new car to school tomorrow? I need to show proof of insurance, plus my temporary registration. But, I'm worried they won't allow me to park such an expensive vehicle on account of liability concerns."

About that time, the phone rings.

"Just a moment, Son, let me get rid of whoever is on the line. Hello? Hi, Son, yes, he is right here. One minute: Greyson, it is Bradley for you." I say, handing the phone over.

"Hey, I don't know. I just asked him, hang on. Dad, may I drive my bro to school tomorrow, I'm not working, nor is he?"

I put the phone on speaker, then repeat to my eldest what Greyson asked me, he replies, "No obstacle, Dad, all they will do is issue him a new sticker, for which he needs to pay twenty-five dollars. As to his new vehicle, hell yeah! There are going to be a lot of jealous jocks," he ends with a laugh.

"Well, then, I think it makes sense for you to bum a ride with him in the morning. Are you planning on taking Nichole?"


"Dad, the reason I called, Hunter Jackson phoned me a while ago and asked whether..."

I quickly disconnect the speaker, before my sixteen-year-old can hear the question.

"...he needed to assign players to look after Greyson. Now, own up to me, are they watching out for me as well?"


I then repeat to him what I explained to his sister earlier. My eldest replies, "Okay, but I wish you told me. I will relay your answer, however you know you're sneaky!"

I'm very happy he hadn't become upset, I must be getting old, since I forgot to tell Hunter, not to let him know. Well, I can't undo what happened.

After getting off the phone with Bradley, I say good night to Greyson. Next, I go up to tuck Dylian into bed, only to find my son already asleep. Experience taught me, if I don't keep an eye on him, he will stay up late into the night, while he plays his cello.

Returning to my office work, I just sit down, when my cell rings. This time I'm annoyed, because of the late hour. Nevertheless, I answer,


"Mr. Thomas? My name is Bryan White, Mr. Bennett asked me to call you."

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