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Chapter 30

After talking with Mr. Bryan White for almost ninety minutes, we decide for him to phone Misha in the hospital the next day. He intends to tell my son, he shall see him, when he gets better.

The kid needs a goal, he is struggling to keep positive, I'm sure the singer's visit will provide him with one.

Since it is very late, I decide to retire for the night. As I open my office door, I find Dylian sound asleep in the hallway. I gently shake his shoulder. Opening his eyes, he says,

"Hi, Daddy, I had some questions, but I heard you on the phone, so I chose to wait. Sorry, before I knew it I dozed off."

"Fine, Little Prince. Now it's time for me to tuck you in, would you like that?"

"Yeah, Daddy, that sounds great."

"So, Son, why did you come visit me?" I ask, once he is under his covers.

"I wanted to ask you about Greyson, Nichole and Misha. Will they be staying here, like Simon and me"

"Dylian, this is your permanent home not simply a place for you to stay, Would you like them to live here as well?"

"Yeah, Daddy, I need a sister, and Nichole is pretty kewl. Will Misha be alright? Greyson said he was really sick. Is he going to get better? Can't Aunt Debbie help him heal?"

"Whoa there, slow down, Little Prince. Your brother will get better. But, you let your daddy fret about that: It's my job. Alright?"

"Okay, Daddy. I hate worrying, but I can't seem to stop. When will Simon come home?"

"Day after tomorrow. Have you learned the song for Misha?"

"Of course! I also memorized the Buddy Holly tune for Nichole. But, Bradley is having a hard time with the guitar parts, because he needs to play them with his violin. Daddy, I am tired. Love you!"

"Me too, sleep well: I'll talk to you in the morning, good night."

After I kiss my child, on the forehead, I head to bed. I anticipate tomorrow will be another long day.

Awakening, I go down to an interesting breakfast. Nichole has morning sickness, while Patty practically feeds her, to insure she gets proper nourishment. Simultaneously, Bradley and Hanna battle over her hair.

"Sweetie, how about I take over from your daddy?"


"Thanks, Sis, ever since Dakota braided her hair, she demands I do it. I just can't seem to get it right."

"Don't worry, Bro, it takes a great deal of time to learn how, especially on a three-year-old. I bet she won't even be easy for me." Nichole laughed, adding, "Hanna, if you want me to take care of your hair, you have to sit still!"

I laugh at the daggers my little imp throws at my daughter first, then her dad. Bradley bites his tongue to avoid yelling at his unruly child.

Once her aunt finishes, the tiny tyke jumps into her father's lap, saying, "Looky, Daddy, my hair is done!"

"Yep, you are beautiful now."

"Aunt Patty, you are still going to go to the doctor with me today, right?"

"Yes, Nichole, your Dad and I will pick you up at lunchtime. Dylian, Mrs. Smith wants to go over the program with you after school for the Dylian Project, so Thorn will bring you home, then give you your afternoon snack. Bradley, Helen shall watch your girl, while I'm gone. Finally, someone has an alphabet test today in school."

Hanna's eyes become enormous, then she quietly runs off the letters in proper order.

Bradley's chest swells with pride in response.

After I leave home, I drive directly to the hospital. I pop into Simon's room, but he isn't there. The duty nurse directs me to his younger brother. Way before I reach my destination, I hear laughter. My knock goes unheeded, because the noise level is deafening. Once I enter, I shout, "Hey, am I in the hospital, or have I stumbled into the local zoo!"

"Daddy, you scared me!" Misha says with a laugh.

{}Dad, not cool: I think I need to go change my pants now!{}

"Jaden, I was teasing you. You are not in trouble, see my smile." I explain, when I observe how frightened the poor youngster becomes.

{}Dad, the nurse came in to yell at them earlier today. She threatened to take their X-box away, if they continued to make a ruckus. I called Aunt Debbie to complain about the woman. In response. they removed her from the floor. I meant to send you a text about it, but I forgot. I had to calm Jaden, after I got here, she so upset him.{}

"Thanks for taking care of it for me. Jaden, let me ask Aunt Debbie to have Momma Powers assigned, as your nurse from here on out."

"That's alright, Sir, I don't need any special attention."

I open my mouth to argue with the boy, when I hear a knock. Answering the door, I find to my surprise Greg, with his wife, which leads me to say, "Hi, may I ask what brings you two down here: Misha's doctor forbade visitors right now."

"Simon called us." Greg replies, while Carol looks around me to take stock of the room. Stepping out into the hallway, I shut the door, which allows me to observe an animated Dr. Mick approach. As soon as he gets within earshot, he chirps, "Drew, I don't know what kind of youngsters you are raising, but I want a dozen more! Mr. and Mrs. Koch, my name is Dr. Halverson, but please call me Dr. Mick. I have no clue how this all came about, and I would love to find out, but it can wait for now. Jaden is responding fully to his new treatment, the cost of which, I'm told, has been covered by the S & E Fund."

"Doc, you don't know the half of it!"

"Drew, Carol and I went through this illness with Sara. A second go round with a new child, won't be that difficult. As you know, we added on to our house, thanks again to your generosity. So, we have space to adopt Jaden."

"My friend no need to convince me, I will continue to support you in every which way. Let me go introduce you to your new son, or well maybe it might be best to have my boy handle the formalities!" I state with a laugh.

"Simon, you have visitors, the ball is now in your court!"

{}Jaden, remember when I told you about the S & E fund, and how we would find you a great home, once you are out of the hospital? Well, I would like to introduce you to your new parents, Greg and Carol Koch. If you hit it off with them, and they with you, the next step will be to meet their two children, Nicky and Sara. With their approval, which I'm certain of, you shall have a complete, loving family.{}

Jaden responds by starting to cry.

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