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Chapter 31

After Jaden calmed down, Simon said,

{}Dad, I need to go back to my room, so I can prepare for my meeting with Dr. Tippens and Matthew{}

"Son, I will check in on you, after I talk with Mr. White."

{}No problem, Dad, I understand Misha needs you more, than I do. Besides, you have to make sure the Koch's and Jaden hit it off.{}

Once my boy leaves, I send Bryan a text message. In it, I tell him to call now, since I would be busy later on. He immediately responds with a yes.

Having accomplished my task, I return to the room. As I enter, the phone rings.

"Hello?" "Oh, no, this is Jaden, Misha's roommate. Hang on, I will get him, who may I tell him is calling?, Please hold on, so I can tell him."

Jaden turns around, hands the phone to my son, while saying, "Misha, a Bryan White is on the line."

My son takes the phone, while he states, "Hello."

"What, no way!"

My boy turns to me excitedly, while he exclaims, "It can't be the same guy! Daddy, why has he phoned me: Am I in trouble, for singing his tunes?"

"Son, why don't you talk with him to find out."

I try not to laugh, but I see how scared he is. As he gathers up his courage, I put the receiver on speaker.

"Hi Bryan, this is Drew. Misha is here with me, he is afraid you might be mad at him for using your songs."

"Well now, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Young Man. I hope you understand the meaning of my statement. I can't wait to fly up, so we can meet. Hopefully, we will be able to perform a duet, or perhaps two, together, while I am there. In addition, I started a new project, which includes a role for a singer of your age. I still have not found the right person, if what your Dad said about you is true, you might possess the voice, I need."

"Then, you really aren't angry?"

"Not at all. I understand, I must wait until your doctor clears you. I suggest you do everything you're told, to get well soon."

"Yes, Sir, I will. Did you know a whole new family adopted me?! My brother met my new daddy, who saved us from our evil stepfather."

"You know, Misha, he mentioned it, and I couldn't be happier for you! It sounds as if you found one of God's children. It takes a unique type of person to have a heart the size of your parent. You must be very special, for him to think so highly of you, as well."

"Thank you, Sir, I can't wait to meet you: I hope you bring your two sons with you."

"I am sure they would love it, I will see what I can work out."

After terminating the call, I speak to Greg about how they handled Sara's illness. As we chat, my cell goes off. My caller ID shows it's from the high school. I naturally assume the worse.

"Hello, this is Drew Thomas. How may I help you?"

"Sir, I'm Eric Whitmore, a vice principal at the high school, your youngster, Greyson, attends. I'm contacting you in response to an incident, involving your boy. I request, you, as well as the other parents of the students involved, come in for a meeting at two this afternoon. Will you be able to make it, then?"

"Of course: May I ask, is my son alright?"

"Yes, no physical harm came to any pupil involved. But, for the time being, that is all I am at liberty to reveal."

The rest of the morning, all I think of, is what happened with Greyson. I believed the footballers, who I recruited to watch out for my youngsters, would be enough, but now I have my doubts. I call Bruce to discuss beefed up security for the boys. Then, I worry how the two will react to my actions. I set it aside for now, deciding to give the problem more attention in the next few days, as time allows.

When I check in on Simon, he immediately senses I am troubled, so he asks,

{}What is going on, Dad? I can tell, something is eating you.{}

"I received a call from your school, concerning an incident involving Greyson today. The vice principal refused to clarify what occurred, simply said there is a meeting at two this afternoon to discuss what happened. He did tell me no one was physically injured. Being left in the dark, troubles me."

Simon grabs his cell, he texts. Before long, he get a reply, then he types,

{}Courtney said that someone keyed Greyson's new car. The security guards called the cops, who accused him of stealing it, which upset my brother. A few minutes later, the vice principal stepped in, and he confirmed it was Greyson's vehicle, which calmed him down. Dad, my bro doesn't want the auto anymore. He told Bradley, the incident proves he can't ever have anything nice.{}

Another message flashes across his screen, so my boy adds,

{}Shelly works in the office: She overheard her boss talking with the school lawyers, about who is responsible for the damage, since it happened during teaching hours. They do not want to be held responsible for the vandalism.{}

"That explains why the vice principal refused to meet me, until two o'clock."

I grab my cell to phone my legal team.

"Mark, I need one of you to go to Greyson's school to help my boy with a little problem. I will be there shortly, make sure those responsible pay!"

{}Dad, if Shelly is right, I know the kid, who caused the damage. He always pushed me around. He thinks he can do whatever he wants, because his parents are wealthy (of course, they don't have your money.). I would love to show him up. Suppose we arrive at school in a fleet of Ferraris. I can see it now, I step out of my dark blue vehicle, Bradley exits his yellow auto, while Greyson emerges from in his red one!{}

"Well, that is something I can arrange. I recently looked at a pair of 308 GTS's, the first happened to be blue, the second red. I don't know about a yellow one, but I am sure Bradley wouldn't mind driving any of mine. This incident provides me the perfect opportunity with which to give him a sports car to drive along with his beloved Jeep. But now on to more important matters, what did Dr. Tippens and Matthew think of your drawings?"

{}They said they were really good, but I have my doubts.{}

Then, in his own voice, he rasps, "Dad, how do you know when someone is saying the truth, or they're simply attempting not to hurt you?"

By the end of his question, he was out of breath.

"Son, your voice has become much stronger since your operation! But, back to your question, there isn't a definitive answer. I believe the best you can do, is to follow your instincts. If they tell you the two seem to be protecting your feelings, then they probably are. But remember, you must have some trust in the people you associate with."

The time arrived to pick up Nichole, as well as Peggy, to take them to my daughter's appointment. I say my goodbyes to Simon, then while I drive, I phone my lawyer's office to find out whom they sent to the school.

Mark tells me Brian went. I call him, only to be shocked, after he picks, when I hear him yell at someone, before he says, "Hello, this is Brian Napier, how may I help you?"

"Hey, Brian, it's Drew. What is going on down there?"

"Hi, Sir, it appears we have a serious issue, which involved an act of vandalism. The responsible young man claims he damaged your son's vehicle, because your boy has a gay brother. Fortunately, some other students jumped in to stop the accused, before too much damage could be done to his car. Since the incident constitutes a hate crime, it must be reported, which I did over the vehement objections of the school administration. I explained I am acting in your behalf. I assure you, Mr. Thomas, this situation will be resolved quickly. The parents of the offending student shall be here at two o'clock. I recommend you come as well."

"Damn, what a mess, my poor boy! Alright, let me change my plans: I shall ask Patty to meet me at my daughter's doctor's office early. In the meantime, I shall pick her up, that way I can make it to you on time. Brian, please stay on top of this situation for me."

"Don't worry, Mr. Thomas, I will take care of things at this end, until you get here."

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