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Chapter 32

Patty concurs, I should be there for Greyson, as well as for Nichole. Therefore, she agrees to meet us at the Dr. Yee's office.

I picked up my daughter from school. I am surprised to find her waiting in the office: At first, I think, 'Something must be wrong!'

So I ask, "Sweetie, why aren't you in class?"

"Aunt Patty sent a note today, which explained I had a doctor's appointment. They let me out early, so I could be ready, when you arrived. I have all my books, plus my assignments."

"I guess I should have thought about that, huh?"

"It's okay, I asked her at the last minute. Um, Daddy, where is Auntie, I thought she was coming with me?"

"Well, she is meeting us there. Something came up with Greyson, so I will leave, after I talk with the doctor. You can tell me what I miss, once I get home."

The rest of the way, we chat about school and other trivial matters. I have no idea how to relax my nervous daughter. I repeatedly assure her everything shall work out for the best. Then I ask her to tell me more details of her past, which I can use to fill out the necessary medical forms.

Unfortunately, our small talk does nothing to calm her. I hope my house manager will be more successful.

Pulling into the parking lot, I spot the lady in question.

By the time I complete the seemingly endless paperwork, we get called in. Dr. Yee puts us at ease right away.

It isn't long before the sonogram is administered. I am thrilled to hear the baby's heartbeat.

The physician explains my girl is four weeks pregnant and everything appears in good order. She prescribes prenatal vitamins, plus urges we watch her closely. She also recommends parenting classes. Finally, the woman suggests Nichole see a therapist prior to her eighth week.

At this point I take my leave. I hug my daughter, while I tell Patty, I shall see her at home.

On the way to the high school, I worry over what befell Greyson.

After parking, I find Mark, who is with my shaken boy. I hug my youngster to calm him. Then, I whisper, "Son, everything will be fine."

Next I turn to my lawyer asking, "Mark, what the hell occurred?"

"Sir, one of the older boys became jealous of Greyson's new car, so he keyed it. Several members of the football team saw the incident. They jumped in to stop the damage. Greyson was in no way involved. The damage is minor, however, the problem lies with Mr. DaBoure, the vice principal: He insists your son was involved, despite the claims of the eye witnesses."

The man begins to talk, however I deliberately cut him with the following query, "Mark, as my son's attorney, what do you recommend I do?"

"If Mr. DaBoure continues on his present course of action, I advise you sue the school for wrongful prosecution."

"Thank you, Mark: Now, Sir, what do you have to add?"

The man's face grows pale, while he remains appeared in thought. Finally, he declares, "Fine, I won't punish him for the fight, but he will not be allowed to drive to school during the remainder of the term."

His incredible answer, causes me to ask him in frustration, "You intend to punish him despite his innocence?!"

"Yes, it is standard policy the driver of any motor vehicle involved in an incident loses their right to park on school grounds."

"Suppose I intentionally damage your car, by your reasoning, you couldn't drive to work! Well, we will let the school board, and the courts, overturn your absurd decision: Mark, file the paperwork naming him, plus his employers."

As I leave with my son, Mr. DaBoure yells out, "They will side with me!"

When I turn to reply, I see a scowling superintendent of schools, Dr Wolf, step forward. The official declares, "No, Mr. DaBoure, they won't back you. The young man was not involved in the incident, therefore he cannot be punished for it."

With the issue resolved, I leave the office with Greyson While we walk to his classroom, I state, "There is nothing about a car, which can't be replaced or fixed. We shall take care of it in the morning."

With my child calmed down, I depart. I head home to find out how my daughter's appointment ended.

Discovering she has yet to return, I check up on my home schooled youngsters.

I find little Hanna seated with Adian.

Imagine my surprise to see my three-year-old little genius writing actual words, not simply letters!

"Lookie, Grampa, I am learning my words," my smiling imp proudly explains.

"Gramgirl, wow: You're doing great! Did Mr. Wilkins teach you?" She smiles broadly, while energetically nodding.

A concerned instructor jumps in, "Sir, I hope you don't mind, she wanted to study with the big boys. Since Even was with Simon, I had time to prepare her for pre-school. Your little one is very bright, in fact she could start kindergarten a year, or two, early!"

"Adian, I applaud your initiative, keep up the great work! Please tell me how the boys are doing."

"Sir, all are ahead of schedule, in this notebook I keep a daily summary of each student's progress." he explains, while he hands it to me.

At that very moment, Patty and Nichole enter the room.

"Daddy, Daddy!" my daughter exclaims, rushing over to me.

After she gives me a Bradley-like hug, she updates me on the portion of her appointment I missed. My girl concludes, "Aunt Patty made my next appointment. She put it on the family calendar so you won't forget."

"Are you pleased with your doctor or would you prefer another one?"

"Daddy, I like her. I wasn't sure to begin with, but by the end, I felt comfortable with her. She even introduced me to her partner, in case she couldn't be there during an upcoming visit. She never made an issue of my age, but she asked whether I am in a safe environment. I told her the truth about everything. She wants me to talk to a psychiatrist about the abuse I went through. I agreed, so she setup an after-class appointment. Speaking of school, what are we going to do about it: As soon as they find out I am pregnant, they are certain to kick me out!"

"You shall be home-schooled like the boys. I hired three great teachers, so it wouldn't be a big deal to add another student. Did Patty pick up your medicines?"

"Yes, which is why it took us so long to get home."

With that, my daughter runs off to her room.

I kiss Hanna on the top of her head, then I go to the kitchen to speak with Patty. As I am about to open my mouth, the phone rings.

"Hello, Thomas Residence, this is Patty speaking. How may I help you?"

"Simon, your dad is right here!"


"Dad, this is Simon." my boy says, in a clear but faint voice.

"Wow, Son, you sound great! What's up?"

"I am working on my voice exercises, so I decided to call you. Misha needs to see his big brother, Dad. You must find a way."

"I will ask Dr. Mick for permission, alright?"

"Thanks, Dad!"

We chat on, until I hear his voice begin to give out, so I state, "Goodnight, Simon, I hope you sleep well: I love you, kiss your boyfriend for me. And, I will see you in the morning."

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