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Chapter 33

After a day occupied with my children's issues, I realize I can't balance all my personal and business obligations without help.

Miles is a great second-in-command, he handles the daily running of my company whenever I'm out, therefore I decide to step down as president. I can remain in the background, retaining overall control as chief executive officer. I shall ask my lawyers to draw up documents to legalize the new arrangement.

Calling their office after hours, I am surprised to hear Bradley answer.

"Hi, Son, is one of your bosses free to speak with me?"

"Please hold for a moment, Sir, I will see."

Within minutes, Mark comes on the line.

"Drew, what may I do for you?"

"Buddy, I want to run an idea by you, before I make my final decision."

After explaining, he tells me the documents, making Miles president, shall be ready to sign within days. Next, I phone my friend at home.


"Hi, Donnie, may I speak with your Dad?"

"Hey, Uncle, let me get him, he just came in."

After the phone hits the kitchen counter, I hear my nephew scream for his father.


"Miles, do you have time tomorrow to meet me for lunch?"

"Yes, at noon. Let's eat at that nice steak house around the corner from us. I will reserve a table, what's this about?"

"I want you to update me, on everything I missed, since I have been out. Also, with my personal life radically changed, I think we need to discuss some changes at work."

After hanging up, I call the hospital to chat with Dr. Mick. A few minutes pass, before I hear, "This is Dr. Mick, how may I help you?"

I explain the need of my son Misha to see his siblings. The good physician replies, "I agree: I planned on bringing this up with you, when we next meet. I think their visit will shorten his recovery. Now, I will leave instructions at the nurses' station for your son to have his siblings added. Remember to tell them, they need to wear sterile coverings, and they must limit their time with my patient. Are those terms acceptable to you?"

"Oh, yes. Is this evening okay?"

"Of course. However, I won't say anything to Misha, I want this to be a surprise for him."

After thanking the fine doctor, I tell Patty about my plans. I explain, I intend to take Dylian, so he can spend time with Simon, while the others see their younger brother.

I phone my bedridden youngster. I hear his excited yelps, as well as his boyfriend's, at my news. I ask them to keep the visit a secret from Misha.

While chatting, Nichole comes into the kitchen. Her reaction, upon overhearing my conversation, surprises me.

After I calm her, I find out why, when she explains, "Dad, Misha thinks I don't like him, because I distanced myself, after the abuse started. So, it might be better for me not to go, however Greyson must!"

"Absolutely not: When he hears what happened, he will support you, as we all do. You shall come along tonight, is that clear, Young Lady!"

I add a bear hug to my response.

An hour later, my exhausted youngster arrives home. Having eaten, we wait for Greyson to finish. While he dines, I mistakenly tell him the news, which causes him to jump up, ready to spring out of the door. I force him to continue, which is good, since the food restores his energy.

Once he finishes, we leave. It only takes me thirty minutes to drive to the hospital (since I put my foot to the pedal of my new Bentley). I drop Dylian off at Simon's room, while I take the others to their brother.

Before we are allowed to enter, we are told to shower, then don protective clothing. Nurse Nancy takes my daughter, while Greyson and I go to an empty room.

I don't understand why we needed to bathe, since it wasn't necessary during my earlier visits, so I ask upon my return, "Nurse Nancy, please explain why this time I have to shower, when every other time I didn't?"

"Because of your children: They're far more likely to carry germs or viruses. Sir, please forgive me, if I am out of line. But, I noticed your daughter shows signs of pregnancy, and she appears to be uncomfortable with her present condition." I'm shocked to see her burst out in tears, so I reply,

"I agree you are, however your observation is right on the mark: Nichole is in her fourth month."

"Sir, when I was thirteen, an uncle raped me. It led me to give birth to a son, who is now fourteen: He is the love of my life. I am so sorry for overstepping my bounds, but your girl worried me."

"Ma'am, you have nothing to apologize for. Nichole was raped by her stepfather, so she finds herself in the same boat. She desperately needs to talk with a professional, but maybe it would do her more good to speak with you, should you agree. I think hearing your story, might help her more."

"If Nichole would like to sit down with me I am more than willing!"

"What story, Ma'am?" My girl asks, as she walks up in her scrubs.

"That I am very much like you. Maybe, after you see your little brother, you can come out here, and we will get a cup of hot cocoa."

"Okay, if Daddy agrees."

"I do!"

Giving my little girl a hug, plus a kiss, I hear Greyson run up. I take my children to Misha's room, and then I give them some final instructions. Once I get their assurances, I take them in to see their brother.

Misha isn't expecting me, let alone his siblings. So when he sees Greyson, he shouts with excitement. I think, 'I may need to have him sedated!'

At first, Nichole holds back, but soon joins in.

Now, all three burst out in tears.

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